Gajim - 2018-12-15

  1. mrDoctorWho lovetox: sure! Thanks
  2. Lude --
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  7. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9497: < launch failed -10810 LSOpenURLsWithRole() >
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  10. SABer lovetox: i need to have an active big public group on mute - but my workgroup with sound and notification - is it possible? i can't find a way to do that (gajim v1.1.0)
  11. lovetox all groups are on mute, only if someone mentions you by name there is a sound
  12. lovetox but if you even mute that, no there is no possibility at the moment
  13. lovetox if the groupchat has MAM, you can always leave the chat until you are ready to deal with it again
  14. SABer i get a ping on every message in groups even though it is not set in preferences or in the group window
  15. SABer 🤨 🤔
  16. lovetox look at the groupchat menu
  17. lovetox there is a option to get notified on every message
  18. lovetox maybe you prev activated that
  19. SABer not set
  20. SABer sure
  21. lovetox the look in preferences under sounds
  22. lovetox there seems to be a sound for groupchat message received
  23. lovetox yeah that must be it
  24. lovetox its a bit weird, it seems the button in groupchat menu activates system notifications per muc if you want
  25. SABer ok true removed - but i need the pings from my workgroup so i set in the groupchat notification for all messages, right?
  26. lovetox no seems that does not work
  27. lovetox you can set the sound per muc
  28. lovetox only a system notification/popup, and the tab becomes Blue
  29. lovetox you cant*
  30. SABer maybe you could fix that in a future release
  31. SABer important feature for me
  32. lovetox yeah definitly not intended
  33. lovetox maybe you could add a issue so i remember
  34. SABer yeah ok i would have done that if you would track issues on github but i i'll make an new account soon 👍
  35. SABer thank you very much for your time !
  36. daniel SABer you can just login with you github account on gajim's gitlab
  37. SABer ahh ok thanks :)
  38. SABer ‎lovetox‎: has any MacOS dev contacted you team in the meantime?
  39. lovetox no
  40. SABer :(
  41. SABer i'll bump some theads again
  42. lovetox SABer, what gajim version are you using?
  43. lovetox 1.1.0 or git master?
  44. SABer 1.1.0 debian stretch-backports
  45. lovetox ah k, you dont need to create an issue, i fix this just now, and backport it then to the 1.1 branch
  46. lovetox i think we release in a week or so 1.1.1
  47. lovetox it will be in it then
  48. lovetox just so you know the button in the groupchat menu triggers then that you get a system notification (popup or whatever your system uses) + sound
  49. lovetox so if you uncheck that box then, you will only get a sound if you are directly mentioned
  50. SABer THX 🤗 sounds good :* i'm looking forward for this update :) then the sound comes via gajim not via the popup, right? atm i disabled the system-popup in the gajim preferences and get the blue gajim tray icon ...
  51. lovetox depends, maybe the system allows to generate a sound per system notification
  52. lovetox but thats beyond gajim
  53. SABer i'm not sure if i understood. if possible i would prefer to have it via gajim. no need for the sound via system notification ... and no need to hurry ... but an important feature for me ;) big thx again for being so motivated and within reach !
  54. zaak lovetox, hello, have you seen my pastebin from yesterday?
  55. lovetox hm there where no pastebins from you since yesterday
  56. lovetox a guy called zipole posted something
  57. zaak yep
  58. zaak that one
  59. lovetox the first seems to be some invalid encrypted message
  60. lovetox wonder where you got this from
  61. zaak what you mean? i all got hose from my console (i start gajim from command line to see them)
  62. lovetox ok lets start from the beginning
  63. zaak ok
  64. lovetox what is the problem you experience
  65. zaak was about to say thank to aterix after migration my gajim to 1.10 (from 1.16), but omemo wasn't working ..
  66. zaak and he suggested to report my problem here
  67. lovetox what was not working? you didnt see the plugin activated? you couldnt chat with a specific contact? you could not chat with any contact?
  68. zaak first omemo could not be activated, but after an other install, i could activate it, then when trying to send a message to asterix, got the error i send you in the links
  69. lovetox and did you try with other contacts?
  70. zaak i don't have that much on my rooster, asterix was the only online ...
  71. zaak so to be clear, no i haven't tried with other contacts
  72. lovetox ok lets try
  73. lovetox can you add my test acc
  74. zaak i need to re-install plugin first
  75. zaak brb
  76. zaak lovetox, i am back, added you
  77. zaak lovetox, got a positive answer from asterix
  78. lovetox thats fine, i also found the reason for the errors
  79. lovetox will fix it in the next version, but it doesnt affect your chatting
  80. zaak great! :)
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