Gajim - 2018-12-11

  1. Link Mauve lovetox,
  2. OMEMO_fanboi I wonder why nickname changes are permanent in some MUC but not in others. wonder, why...
  3. Link Mauve OMEMO_fanboi, update the one stored in your bookmark to make it permanent.
  4. OMEMO_fanboi Ah thanks ! yes ...
  5. OMEMO_fanboi done !
  6. OMEMO_fanboi btw. there was some spamming going on in the Gajim dev gitlab. complaints were filed.
  7. OMEMO-fanboi drinks hot chocolate
  8. OMEMO-fanboi 🌍 needs better icons : 🎽 is not a yellow vest , like is needed in France now 🇫🇷
  9. lovetox asterix, if you have time gitlab complains about update asap
  10. asterix Ok, asap then 😉
  11. asterix In progress ...
  12. asterix Done
  13. Holger Somehow Gajim 1.1.0 keeps displaying my nick lower-cased in the bookmarks list.
  14. Holger It's *not* submitted lower-cased to the server though.
  15. Holger I klick on a bookmark, first time it's displayed as "Holger", klick on another one, then back to the first, now it's displayed as "holger". Weirdo.
  16. Holger Does 1.1.0 support PEP bookmarks?
  17. Link Mauve Holger, it’s been like ten years since I implemented PEP bookmarks in Gajim.
  18. Link Mauve In 1.1.0 it still tried to do the synchronisation between both stores all the time, even if bookmarks-conversion:0 was exposed.
  19. Link Mauve Since yesterday in master, it doesn’t anymore.
  20. OMEMO-fanboi I run from master sources. smooth transition . very nice ...
  21. OMEMO-fanboi Gajim 1.1.91
  22. OMEMO-fanboi latest master nice to work with.
  23. OMEMO-fanboi worth smoking one over this
  24. Holger Link Mauve: I seemed to remember you mentioning the implmenentation but I was unsure whether it's actually enabled. So Gajim wrote bookmarks to both stores whenever both PEP and private storage were available?
  25. Link Mauve Yes.
  26. Holger Hmmm, I don't remember seeing the bookmarks node when looking at the list of my PEP nodes in the past. But maybe I just didn't use the Gajim UI regularly enough.
  27. Holger Wasn't that hairy because servers didn't necessarily support access_models / publish options?
  28. Link Mauve Yeah, it was trying with publish-options, and didn’t use PEP at all without it.
  29. OMEMO-fanboi some years ago I was exactly impressed by the yaxim jabber IM on Android gingerbread. I am now.
  30. OMEMO-fanboi ... was not ...
  31. Holger Link Mauve: Ah, thanks, makes sense then.
  32. bot Fabrizio Testa created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9492: < crash >
  33. OMEMO-fanboi I run the master sources. how to reproduce it ? bot‎: Fabrizio Testa
  34. lovetox are you talking to a bot?
  35. lovetox i mean i never tried, but i would expect he will not answer
  36. OMEMO-fanboi could have been a devel in disguise.
  37. OMEMO-fanboi anyway the report is hard to reproduce without further info
  38. Holger, good joke 😀 👍 >Matrix clients can't be abandoned, it's a monolithic protocol, no fragmentation, all clients support all features!
  40. OMEMO-fanboi >lovetox‎ isser noch da ?
  41. OMEMO-fanboi hey guys, I found a few places where the wording is less than ideal in Gajim. like even the term "circle around" in the room descr. is not too idiomatic. want proofreaders with push access or sth. ?
  42. zuglufttier Make a pull request ;)
  43. zuglufttier Get an account on
  44. zuglufttier Or at least I think that's the best way.
  45. bot si created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9493: < move "accounts" entry into menu "accounts" >
  46. bot si modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9493: < move "accounts" entry into menu "accounts" >
  47. OMEMO-fanboi 🤢 < move "accounts" entry into menu "accounts" > 🤮 dude that makes a ton of sense to me. how can people overlook this ghastly flaw ?! 👹
  48. OMEMO-fanboi zuglufttier‎, I guess I figured that much
  49. OMEMO-fanboi 🙈 menu issue 🙊 OMG ! what a menu !
  50. lovetox didnt you create that issue?
  51. lovetox are you commenting your own issues ^^
  52. OMEMO-fanboi hallo Philipp
  53. OMEMO-fanboi Phillip könntest du bitte das Menü koriigieren? so geht das nicht.
  54. OMEMO-fanboi I run current Gajim master sources. I just notices that the icons to use in postings are no longer "tabbed". there used to be like 5 thematic tabs : nature , smileys , sports , etc. Now all 100 icons are in a single tab. this is not good ! searching is more tedious !
  55. bot si created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9494: < bring back thematic tabs for the posting icons >
  56. OMEMO-fanboi 🤩 🤗 🙉 🕺 💪 👌 bring em back !
  57. lovetox Just so you know i cant write private message on my device, please message me in the evening
  58. OMEMO-fanboi ok
  59. lovetox OMEMO-fanboi, please dont post into tickets if you have nothing useful to contribute
  60. lovetox Telling people to join some random muc to search for help because of a bug in Gajim, is not really the goal we try to achieve with the issue tracker
  61. OMEMO-fanboi its not a random muc
  62. OMEMO-fanboi but ure menus are cobbled together at random , I might add 🤐
  63. OMEMO-fanboi in that muc people got help quicker than in this muc , I know , you dont believe it
  64. OMEMO-fanboi also rather than doing questionable censoring you may also ḱeep bona fide spam out of the repo, which seems to take a while
  65. OMEMO-fanboi looks like Gajim will be forked again ...
  66. lovetox If we go by tickets per day, the top spammer today is you
  67. lovetox The goal of a software issue tracker is to provide information that devs can fix the problem
  68. lovetox Telling people to find help in a muc is nice, doesnt help to solve the problem in the application at all though
  69. yak300 no lovetox the top spammer is the Asian hair shop guy that spammed his crap into the repo for ages
  70. lovetox where?
  71. yak300 in the repo
  72. yak300 see "all projects"
  73. lovetox yeah im on that page i dont find the project that contains spam, maybe you can share the link
  74. yak300 if its gone s.o. removed it after complaints
  75. lovetox good, i remove spam once a week
  76. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9492: < crash >
  77. lovetox hm need some opinions
  78. lovetox what if we remove the autojoin flag from the bookmark if we leave a groupchat
  79. lovetox do people often leave groupchats for a short time and expect to autojoin on next start?
  80. lovetox or is it more like, i leave this groupchat i dont want that it pops up again, but later maybe i join again then i still have it in my bookmarks
  81. Holger The latter, IMO.
  82. Holger If I explicitly leave a groupchat, I don't want to be auto-rejoined.
  83. lovetox ok but what follows for me from that is, that there does not need to be a auto-join switch in the bookmarks window
  84. lovetox because if you dont want it on autojoin, you leave
  85. lovetox and if you want it, you stay joined
  86. lovetox is there really a third case, where a dedicated auto-join switch is useful
  87. lovetox ?
  88. Holger I think you're right, i.e. the answer is "no" :-) (Except that I'm always a bit unsure when it comes to Gajim, because you have power-users and I'm never sure what weird things they might be doing.)
  89. lovetox haha, yeah thats exactly what im thinking
  90. lovetox if i remove that someone comes out of the woodwork: I use Gajim for 20 years and i always use that swtich so i can do X
  91. lovetox you destroyed my life
  92. Holger Exactly.
  93. lovetox though i have a solution for that
  94. debacle lovetox, you should only hide the switch and add another one to unhide it :)
  95. oli exactly what i thought
  96. lovetox i have a option, "Ask to remove autojoin on leave"
  97. lovetox if the user activates that, on every leave it asks you if you want to remove autjoin
  98. lovetox Could be like "Join this Group Chat on next start again?"
  99. lovetox then there is really no need for that button
  100. oli i dont want any quedtions asked
  101. oli it's like clippy
  102. lovetox then dont activate that option
  103. oli ok
  104. Link Mauve lovetox, I think the most expected workflow would be: you press the x button, it removes the autojoin but keeps the bookmark; you join a MUC it adds the autojoin back; you get a autojoin change in a PEP notification you either leave or join the bookmark.
  105. lovetox yeah Link Mauve i want to do that, but this behaviour only works if you dont have a auto-join switch
  106. lovetox because if you have such a switch, and someone just changes the switch, you get a pep notification, and leave the channel
  107. lovetox so the switch becomes implicit a leave/join thing
  108. oli i would remove it. i found autojoin really frustrating. until i found the autojoin flag
  109. Link Mauve lovetox, exactly.
  110. lovetox exactly oli
  111. lovetox had 3 people in the last days, that asked for that switch because they just wanted to END a conversation
  112. lovetox and expected it to be ended if they leave