Gajim - 2018-12-10

  1. mrDoctorWho got this log today
  2. mrDoctorWho Traceback (most recent call last):
  3. lovetox mrDoctorWho, are you on latest master?
  4. lovetox i think i fixed the cause of this yesterday
  5. mrDoctorWho lovetox, no, not the latest
  6. mrDoctorWho I think last time I pulled was a few days ago
  7. mrDoctorWho Ok, then, thanks anyways
  8. lash I'm trying to permanently leave a chat room but Gajim auto-joins it every time connection is reset. How can I get it to stop, please?
  9. lovetox lash, Gajim -> Bookmarks
  10. lash thanks lovetox
  11. lash maybe it should be a choice on right click too
  12. lash ?
  13. bot si proposed a new merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ < >: fix dead link of nice example
  14. OMEMO_fanboi bot‎, cool
  15. OMEMO_fanboi 🤗 🛵
  16. OMEMO_fanboi 😘 yeah
  17. OMEMO_fanboi, What it?
  18. OMEMO_fanboi just dabbling and goofing around with all em feature which got me confused ... 😜
  19. OMEMO_fanboi it nice CLI for sending IM without warnings of depreceation
  20. OMEMO_fanboi
  21. OMEMO_fanboi 🏁
  22. OMEMO_fanboi hey why did they forget to put a clickable ENTER-button into the editing field in Gajim ?
  23. OMEMO_fanboi no one of the programmers ever uses a mouse ? 🎃
  24. oli you dont want to use the keyboard? just emojis?
  25. SouL L/w va
  26. OMEMO_fanboi oli‎, exactly
  27. oli i installed the hacker's keyboard on android and it only provides ascii emoticons
  28. OMEMO_fanboi I already hounded KDE over a missing clickfield in KDE KRunner ... 🐶 🐩 🦀
  29. OMEMO_fanboi oli‎, maybe they get converted later
  30. OMEMO_fanboi given they added vim stuff they actually might never use a mouse
  31. OMEMO_fanboi SouL‎, what ?
  32. OMEMO_fanboi also I cannot use Whiteboard --- "Shows a whiteboard in chat. python-pygoocanvas is required. " even tho that py lib is installed !
  33. OMEMO_fanboi it keeps saying it is missing . just a py error tho - must be easy to fix
  34. lovetox if says its missing you seem to not have the right lib
  35. lovetox python package must be python3
  36. OMEMO_fanboi well I installed using that name
  37. OMEMO_fanboi yes py3 OK
  38. OMEMO_fanboi the usual py horror
  39. OMEMO_fanboi lovetox‎, in Manajro the package name differs from Ubu being pygoocanvas , could well be it
  40. OMEMO_fanboi no python- prefix to packg name
  41. lovetox yeah, we cannot find out the package name of 105 distributions
  42. OMEMO_fanboi true enough
  43. oli switch to freebsd
  44. OMEMO_fanboi Gajim clearly is leading the world of free IMs
  45. OMEMO_fanboi no kidding
  46. OMEMO_fanboi in Linux
  47. oli are there any sane alternatives?
  48. OMEMO_fanboi not really. Pidgin has nice SIP features but its OMEMO is missing a GUI for everything
  49. OMEMO_fanboi but OMEMO kinda works in Pidgin after manual interaction
  50. OMEMO_fanboi so if OMEMO is a requirement, Gajim is pretty much the only choice at all among freewarez
  51. oli somrtimes its good ehen their are not too much choices
  52. OMEMO_fanboi also Pidgin has libJingle as a secu vuln by leaking DNS by design.
  53. OMEMO_fanboi poor OpSec with Pidgin though leaner, safer builds are avail and ship with TAILS distro asf.
  54. oli is this different from sip?
  55. OMEMO_fanboi have not evaluated that oli
  56. oli you cannot create p2p connections without ip being "leaked"
  57. OMEMO_fanboi Pidgin just suffers from having too little py3 in it like Gajim has 🌴 🌹 🐠 🐸
  58. OMEMO_fanboi oli - but Zeronet over tor manages to stay safe , I hear
  59. OMEMO_fanboi MUC OMEMO chatroom "" ... ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES ! 🐠 🐠
  60. sound_scriber Hi.
  61. sound_scriber Testing?
  62. OMEMO_fanboi read u
  63. sound_scriber hi. So I'm totally blind and I use a screen reader to use my computer. It appears your software is not accessible. Is it possible to make it that way?
  64. OMEMO_fanboi what exactly do you try to achieve , Sir ?
  65. unclechu sound_scriber: you could try to upscale interface by running it like that: env GDK_SCALE=2 gajim where 2 means 2x zoom for interface
  66. unclechu sound_scriber: but fractional number isn't supported, keep that in mind
  67. lovetox unclechu, what does that help him "Im totally blind"
  68. lovetox sound_scriber, i dont think we have resources to do that, sorry
  69. unclechu lovetox: maybe i misunderstood him, i thought he has limitation so he is zooming everything or something like that
  70. unclechu now i'm getting that he is using speech synthesizer to listen what on the screen
  71. lovetox i dont even know how a application can make it easier for a screen reader
  72. OMEMO_fanboi I use the OMEMO debug screen extensively
  73. OMEMO_fanboi Gajin acts a little erratically t times using omeMO
  74. OMEMO_fanboi any py3 wizard in here ?
  75. lovetox just ask what you want to ask
  76. OMEMO_fanboi I was debugging OMEMO got several py exceptions. the fingerprints only showed up in plugin GUI after Gajin-restart. Every Fiprint ought to be visible in plugin GUI immediately
  77. OMEMO_fanboi after Gajin stop start all lokked fine.
  78. OMEMO_fanboi unhandles py exception means that some unhandled case was found
  79. lovetox its not an unhandled exception if you only see it in the debug log
  80. lovetox we print exceptions even if they are handled
  81. OMEMO_fanboi I ran gajim -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  82. lovetox unhandled exception generate a popup in the application
  83. OMEMO_fanboi
  84. OMEMO_fanboi File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/axolotl/ecc/", line 34, in decodePoint index error -- ok exception kinda caught
  85. OMEMO_fanboi lovetox‎, yeah saw that popup too , OK
  86. OMEMO_fanboi but rarely ...
  87. lovetox yeah the lib throws in some cases some exceptions, didnt had time to investigate when exactly that happens
  88. lovetox but usually there is no problem
  89. lovetox or do you experience one?
  90. OMEMO_fanboi well I have a guy from Lviv in room 404 his keys kinda no workie
  91. OMEMO_fanboi I myself had very little probs
  92. OMEMO_fanboi I'd say
  93. OMEMO_fanboi
  94. lovetox do have him in your roster as contact?
  95. OMEMO_fanboi yes i can send omeom OK but he cannot send omeomo
  96. OMEMO_fanboi he already forced STOP of his IM app
  97. lovetox so look in the debug log what is written when he sends you a message
  98. OMEMO_fanboi no errors any more still no workie tho on his side#
  99. lovetox so what you dont see his messages?
  100. OMEMO_fanboi I see no ERROR all is green
  101. OMEMO_fanboi used to be red errors
  102. OMEMO_fanboi there
  103. lovetox it doesnt need to be an error
  104. OMEMO_fanboi true
  105. lovetox if we receive a message there is either some info printed about it or its simply not encrypted
  106. OMEMO_fanboi yes
  107. OMEMO_fanboi it tells u about encryption success
  108. OMEMO_fanboi the guy takes long breaks tho ...
  109. OMEMO_fanboi well
  110. OMEMO_fanboi I mean the guy's key was auto-created by "Converstion" app so it ought to be a compatible key
  111. OMEMO_fanboi right ?
  112. OMEMO_fanboi but compatible keys don't create exceptions
  113. OMEMO_fanboi like index error
  114. OMEMO_fanboi the "404" is still a badass cypherpunk MUC room
  115. oli
  116. bot bla closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9489: < MUC messages of 1 person do not arrive anymore >
  117. OMEMO_fanboi bot‎, interessant
  118. OMEMO_fanboi provoke renewed fingerprint transfer
  119. Link Mauve “19:19:25 lovetox> i dont even know how a application can make it easier for a screen reader”, often, it’s just a matter of adding tooltips to interface elements to describe their usage, and of making it easy to tab through it.
  120. Link Mauve Of course, there are a lot of other things you can do, but the best is to get users to test and report what’s going wrong.
  121. Link Mauve oli, Gajim is written in GTK+, not in Qt.
  122. oli Link Mauve: yeah right, qt was jabbercat
  123. oli too many clients ... ;)
  124. Link Mauve Don’t worry, many of them get abandonned too. :p
  125. OMEMO_fanboi and too few are KDE apps
  126. OMEMO_fanboi like "Profanity" IM app , CLI only , no GUI whatsoever. any Java or python script is far superior to that confusionware
  127. oli profanity = confusionware?
  128. OMEMO_fanboi its crap tbh
  129. OMEMO_fanboi not even fully scriptable . worst of all worlds
  130. oli I checked Matrix clients yesterday... too many ... nearly all have been abandoned
  131. Link Mauve OMEMO_fanboi, try poezio, it’s a much better console client. :)
  132. Holger Matrix clients can't be abandoned, it's a monolithic protocol, no fragmentation, all clients support all features!
  133. oli All clients are alpha
  134. Eduard > Matrix clients can't be abandoned, it's a monolithic protocol, no fragmentation, all clients support all features! Synapse sucks
  135. Link Mauve Someone tried to sell it to me again yesterday.
  136. Eduard With dendrite I tought that will be better... but the developing time is very long...
  137. Link Mauve By telling me the IRC gateway is configured better than biboumi by default.
  138. Eduard Riot promises things and do not meet...
  139. Eduard The resources consumption are unaceptables
  140. Eduard And federation have a lot of bugs
  141. Eduard Also basics things and checks were omited by design
  142. Eduard Like it:
  143. OMEMO_fanboi Link Mauve‎, poezia is kinda acceptable . "profanity" is wrongheadedware
  144. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  145. lovetox Link Mauve, bookmarks conversion is now honored by Gajim and it acts correctly
  146. Link Mauve Yay!
  147. lovetox just because you seemed interested in that
  148. Link Mauve I just wrote the XEP and first implementation. :p
  149. lovetox why does it say then that daniel is the author?
  150. Link Mauve Sorry, I wrote the first version* of the XEP.
  151. Link Mauve Daniel wrote another one, and was faster at publishing it.