Gajim - 2018-12-06

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  3. mrDoctorWho I'm curious
  4. mrDoctorWho Suppose I have Gajim at work
  5. mrDoctorWho And Gajim at home
  6. mrDoctorWho While I'm using Gajim at work, the home Gajim is offline
  7. mrDoctorWho I'm using OMEMO where all fingerprints are trusted at both sides
  8. mrDoctorWho When I join from home Gajim, I see messages syncrhonized, but only the ones I received, not ones I sent
  9. mrDoctorWho Why?
  10. lovetox probably because your session is broken for some reason to this device
  11. lovetox delete the fingerprint from your home device at work, restart gajim, write a message, you will get the fingerprint again, trust it, write anohter message
  12. mrDoctorWho Will try, thank you lovetox
  13. lovetox and yes this process could happen automatically, i implement this sometime
  14. daniel Wasn't this 'automatic omemo healing' just implemented in conversations (some recent commit)? Wanted to ask if Gajim could behave like this some day :)
  15. daniel That one:
  16. lovetox yes
  17. daniel That would improve UX indeed :)
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  24. lash im trying to add plugins (pgp, openpgp, omemo) to gajim. pgp and opengpg show up in the "installed" afterwards, but when I try to click them it says they don't exist
  25. lash Also, there are no "save" or "close" buttons on any of the windows. to get out of plugins I have to alt-f4
  26. lash is that normal?
  27. lash using 1.1.0 on archlinux 4.19.4
  28. lovetox you can close the window with ESC
  29. lovetox it seems you have a theme or windowmanager that has no close, minimize buttons etc in the top
  30. lovetox how do you install the plugins?
  31. lovetox with the packaged plugin installer?
  32. lovetox What does the message exactly say? can you provide a screenshot
  33. lash lovetox: plugins -> available -> check boxes -> click the install-ish icon under the list
  34. lash lovetox:
  35. lash log:
  36. lash pics comping up
  37. lash
  38. lash
  39. lash
  40. lash thats it
  41. lovetox and where does it now say the plugin does not exist?
  42. lovetox its clearly there shown as installed, and has a big fat blue warning sign that tells you whats wrong
  43. lovetox Plugins have dependencys, that gajim cant install because its not a package manager
  44. lovetox if you click now the homepage link, it guides you to a wiki that tells you which package must be installed
  45. lash
  46. lash "no wiki pages"
  47. lash what kind of module are we talking about heere?
  48. lovetox yeah choose the other pgp plugin
  49. lash so gajim has modules AND plugins, or?
  50. lovetox this one is a experimantal plugin
  51. lovetox that no one supports
  52. lovetox so you will not have fun with that
  53. lovetox it means python modules
  54. lash ahhh
  55. lash lovetox: thanks
  56. lovetox its not extra mentioned, but if it tells you to install some module
  57. lovetox always get the python3 variant of the python module
  58. lovetox Gajim is a python3 application
  59. lash I put both in to be safe
  60. lash well, not safe. lazy
  61. lovetox and some plugins have packages like omemo
  62. lovetox
  63. lovetox if you fancy that more
  64. lash lovetox: actually im trying out combination of xmpp messengers to see how they interact with OMEMO,PGP,OTR
  65. lash pretty dismal experience so far
  66. lovetox i can spare you some time
  67. lash "just use gajim" ?
  68. lovetox otr is basically dead in the xmpp community
  69. lash :)
  70. lash well yes
  71. lash problem is
  72. lovetox pgp is not very userfriendly at least in Gajim
  73. lovetox you will have the best results with omemo
  74. lash actually
  75. lovetox if you combine with clients like conversations or dino
  76. lash Myself I prefer clis
  77. lash so I've tried irssi, weechat, profanity, bitlebee
  78. lash trying to see what works with them
  79. lovetox i dont think any of them has omemo support
  80. lash OTR is the only thing I've gotten to work
  81. lash profanity allegedly has, but it doesn't seem to work
  82. lash I've tried with Pidgin for GUI
  83. lash gajim killed OTR right?
  84. lash it's noe even available
  85. lovetox yes
  86. lash *not
  87. lash I'm a bit puzzled, because this development basically seems to have split up the XMPP community (if there ever was one, I'm new to this).
  88. lovetox good other clients for desktop you can try are, dino and poezio (console client)
  89. lash poezio
  90. lash OMEMO?
  91. lash I didn't try that one yet
  92. lovetox there is active development on an omemo module for poezio
  93. lovetox maybe join their channel and ask if you can test
  94. lash does it work with gajim?
  95. lash ah
  96. lash so that's why I'm puzzled, I guess
  97. lash why several higher profile clients just have killed OTR before the majority of clients are up and running on OMEMO
  98. lash it seems very strange
  99. lash and divisive. What's the reason you think?
  100. lovetox OTR has really bad characteristics for what people expect
  101. lovetox it does not support multidevice
  102. lovetox it does not support offline messages
  103. lovetox its bascially a no go today
  104. lovetox there are multiple clients who support omemo
  105. lovetox moblie Conversations (Android), Chatsecure (iOS)
  106. lash support but do they work together?
  107. lovetox Web (converse.js)
  108. lash for example, I wasn't able to get pidgin and gajim
  109. lash to talk
  110. lovetox Deskotp Gajim, and Dino
  111. lovetox lash yes they all work togther
  112. lovetox omemo is a standard
  113. lash lovetox: well did you actually try with pigdin? I can't get it to work.
  114. lash So Dino let's see
  115. lash I'll try it
  116. lash And you say gajim will work with conversations and chatsecure?
  117. lovetox yes
  118. lovetox pidgin is a very old not actively developed client
  119. lovetox some guy made a plugin for omemo
  120. lovetox if it does not work, report a bug
  121. lovetox before you try out chatsecure on ios
  122. lovetox give monal a chance
  123. lovetox
  124. lash a friend of mine tried monal, didn't figure out. I don't have ios myself. But yeah, I like the idealist profile of monal project.
  125. lash is there a channel/forum/list/room where the xmpp community hangs out?
  126. lovetox yes many rooms
  127. lovetox are you german?
  128. lash im not german
  129. lovetox
  130. lovetox then of course every client has his own support channel
  131. lash maybe I need to find the dino one because I can't start an OMEMO session with the account in the gajim
  132. lash how do I join this room with gajim?
  133. bot Benoit Grégoire created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9484: < Non-fatal tracebacks at startup (5 of them) >
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  139. lovetox lash CTRL + J
  140. lovetox for omemo to work you need a proper server also
  141. lovetox if you have problems with Gajim i can help you to debug it
  142. lovetox but tomorrow
  143. lovetox senya, plugin is released but only if you are on master branch
  144. lovetox i also pushed a fix to gajim master that makes forms more pretty if you have only one field
  145. lash lovetox: thanks that'll be all the nagging from me today
  146. lash appreciate your time
  147. lovetox np, omemo should be relatively painless so im curious to find out whats the problem for you
  148. lash dino has a bug
  149. lash it's a "restart and maybe it works" kind of bug
  150. lash pgp didn't work between them
  151. lash them being gajim and dino
  152. lash anyway, ultimately im after a constellation of desktop to cli to handhelds.
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  155. lovetox lets talk tomorrow
  156. lovetox night
  157. senya lovetox: thanks, I'll take a look tomorrow