Gajim - 2018-12-02

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  4. lovetox yes hannibal, on windows we dont use GLib
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  8. Hex Hey, guys
  9. Hex I have a strange problem. If I restart prosody when Gajim is still trying to connect, it connects. But if I try to connect to an already running prosody server, I can't.
  10. Hex This seems to be the relevant message: 2.12.2018 15:40:56 (E) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Invalid XML received from server. Forcing disconnect.
  11. Hex Don't have a problem connecting using Conversations.
  12. lovetox gajim version?
  13. Hex lovetox, 1.0.1 on Ubuntu repository and now 1.1.0.
  14. lovetox then run Gajim with -v
  15. lovetox and we hopefully see before that error what the invalid xml is we receive
  16. Hex What do you want to see
  17. Hex Aha
  18. Hex Okay
  19. Hex Is it possible that I have this problem because of special characters in messages?
  20. Hex While it's loading the history from the server?
  21. asterix Should not
  22. Hex When I run gajim -v I see a blob of xml and then no errors until 2.12.2018 16:37:51 (E) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Invalid XML received from server. Forcing disconnect.
  23. Hex The xml is history from the server, from what I understand
  24. lovetox Hex, its hard to help if you dont share the log
  25. lovetox ..
  26. lovetox are you expecting us to guess?
  27. Hex lovetox, Sorry, was worried there might be private data there
  28. Hex From what I can see there are some messages between users?
  29. lovetox i dont need the full log, the last 10 lines before the error
  30. lovetox and some lines after the error
  31. Hex
  32. Hex lovetox, ^
  33. Hex The error without -v is " 2.12.2018 16:37:51 (E) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Invalid XML received from server. Forcing disconnect."
  34. lovetox start with .nbxmpp=gajim=DEBUG
  35. lovetox start with "-l .nbxmpp=gajim=DEBUG"
  36. Hex brb
  37. Hex
  38. Hex lovetox, ^
  39. Hex lovetox, any idea?
  40. lovetox yes, last stanza i cut off
  41. lovetox and it seems this is not handled correctly
  42. lovetox still weird, i connect to prosody servers everyday, and this is never a problem
  43. lovetox it seems the data that is put into one send is huge
  44. lovetox normally its one or two stanzas, but here we receive like 10 in one go
  45. Hex Never had a problem before that... I have recently enabled two additional modules, one is e2e_policy, which requires clients to use omemo and the other is mod_post_msg, to send messages to users, using web requests
  46. Hex I tried disabling and enabling them, but the problem is the same
  47. Hex Some of the messages I recieve contain ascii code... but I doubt that's the issue
  48. lovetox no the issue is that your server sends very much data in one go
  49. lovetox so i asked prosody stuff if there is a setting to tone that down
  50. Hex lovetox: Hm. Not sure I've seen any such setting...
  51. lovetox they say there isnt ..
  52. lovetox hm weird
  53. Hex I'm a newbie programmer, so I'm not of much help at all...
  54. lovetox Hex, im not sure i can fix that for you in short time
  55. Hex lovetox: No problem, what matters is that you are aware of the issue. It's strange that only I'm having this problem.
  56. lovetox i think i found the problem
  57. lovetox Hex
  58. lovetox its indeed some special char
  59. Hex lovetox, my server is sending me weather information every morning with ascii to show clouds, sun, etc. - I thought this may be the issue
  60. lovetox it is
  61. Hex Alternatively, some cyrillic symbol, but I doubt that.
  62. Hex So what next? :)
  63. lovetox hm i have to analyse it more
  64. lovetox not clear why this fails
  65. Hex I suppose I can send myself text only data, but I guess it's also a bug to fix.
  66. Hex The data is provided by the ansiweather program
  67. Hex But I'm also using "fortune"
  68. Hex So the culprit should be either one of these
  69. lovetox hm i cant reproduce the problem on my computer
  70. lovetox i know it cant handle the char on your computer why ever this is
  71. lovetox could you place a debug line in the nbxmpp package when i tell you where?
  72. lovetox Hex, could you run this python script
  73. lovetox
  74. lovetox and tell me if it outputs an error
  75. Hex Sure - is that python2 or 3
  76. Hex lovetox,
  77. lovetox python3
  78. Hex lovetox, python3 gives no output
  79. lovetox k
  80. lovetox can you add a debug output to nbxmpp?
  81. Hex if you tell me how?
  82. lovetox search for this file on your computer
  83. lovetox
  84. lovetox open it with a text editor
  85. lovetox search for this line "log.error('Invalid XML received from server. Forcing disconnect.') "
  86. lovetox add below it with the same intendation
  87. lovetox log.error(error)
  88. lovetox save, and restart gajim and try to connect
  89. lovetox now there should be more info about this error
  90. lovetox or no, add log.exception("")
  91. Hex start with gajim -v ?
  92. Hex lovetox,
  93. lovetox not needed
  94. Hex kk, brb
  95. lovetox the exception should show up in the loig
  96. Hex Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 233, in ProcessNonBlocking self.Stream.Parse(data) xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 20128
  97. Hex lovetox,
  98. lovetox hm
  99. Hex You'll probably end up finding a bug in a python library :))
  100. lovetox no i think this is a bug in the xml parser
  101. lovetox what OS are you on?
  102. Hex lovetox, Ubuntu... something... let me check
  103. Hex 18.04
  104. lovetox Hex, seems i cannot reproduce the problem
  105. tyler Is it possible to have GAJIM trust new OMEMO keys by default?
  106. lovetox no
  107. lovetox Hex only way to make Gajim connect is to clear those messages from the archive
  108. lovetox and stop using the weather service, and see if the problem still exists
  109. Hex lovetox, I figured as much. How do I clear all history from the server?
  110. Hex So it doesn't get downloaded again
  111. lovetox you have to do this via console on the server
  112. lovetox you cant do it from the client
  113. Hex lovetox, I understand, thank you for all the efforts today, I appreciate it!
  114. Hex Btw, Gajim is great for desktop, really like it! :)
  115. lovetox it could be a bug in the parser lib, but its shipped with python so i dont think there is a way to update it
  116. Hex lovetox, So I was right, it'll be a problem with some python library
  117. Hex lol :)
  118. Nothing4You are there beta / nightly builds for windows?
  119. daniel
  120. Nothing4You thanks
  121. Nothing4You i think that + plugin update afterwards fixed my crash issue when trying to search in my roster
  122. Nothing4You nvm, still crashes
  123. Nothing4You just took a few more attempts
  124. Nothing4You starting gajim-debug.exe shows 02.12.2018 21:11:09 (W) gajim.plugin_system: Plugin plugin_installer not loaded, plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: 1.1.91 > 1.1.90 yet plugin installer is still loaded and active
  125. Nothing4You what are "meta contacts"?
  126. Nothing4You is that when you merge multiple contacts?
  127. lovetox yes
  128. lovetox its another plugin_installer, we ship one and you have one in your user dir
  129. lovetox please deactivate all plugins that effect the roster
  130. Nothing4You i don't think any of them does
  131. Nothing4You clickable nicks, omemo, url image preview
  132. lovetox do you have meta contacts set up?
  133. Nothing4You i believe so
  134. lovetox you can also use the start chat dialog to start a chat
  135. lovetox ctrl + n
  136. lovetox should work better and faster
  137. Nothing4You just checked, i do have at least one meta contact
  138. Nothing4You the plugin installer in %appdata%\Gajim\Plugins is the bad one, right?
  139. lovetox yes
  140. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9467: < MUCs appear to be disconnected after successful session restore >
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  144. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9468: < Emoji-Chooser is missing the recent emojis section when opened via the button >
  145. Nothing4You lovetox, didn't you recently try to fix the bug where it wouldn't clear the "Write a message..."?
  146. Nothing4You i still found a way to trigger that to stay
  147. Nothing4You i just found a way to still trigger that to stay
  148. Nothing4You at least on osx, can't repro on win10
  149. Nothing4You no linux at hand right now
  150. Nothing4You actually couldn't repro on my linux anyways due to disabled dead keys