Gajim - 2018-12-01

  1. Maranda lovetox: for MAM messages it's not necessary afair, it's not in any example in the xep either
  2. Tschaeggaer Heya. I hope someone can help me here, I'm on Arch. When trying to start Gajim at first it doesn't start at all. I just see an error for a very brief moment. At the second start the passwords for my accounts are not there anymore (have to re-enter). 'gajim --loglevel=20' gives me this for the first "not-start": I reinstalled all the packages with no success and now I have no idea what to do. Any hints?
  3. lovetox try installing this
  4. lovetox im not sure on what OS you are
  5. lovetox and what package you installed
  6. lovetox Tschaeggaer,
  7. Tschaeggaer Arch Linux, package 'gajim'.
  8. zuglufttier Gajim might try to access your keyring. Do you have seahorse installed?
  9. lovetox still weird dont you have any password manager installed?
  10. zuglufttier Possibly not. But I used Gajim with a password manager some time ago and that was no problem at all. It should save the passwords directly in the config files then.
  11. Tschaeggaer It worked until a week or two ago, so I guess this is not a problem of gajim, not sure tho.
  12. Tschaeggaer no seahorse installed. i have keepassxc installed and working flawlessly.
  13. zuglufttier Try to setup the password stuff.
  14. lovetox it seems there is no keyring backend installed on your system
  15. lovetox and this raises an error that we dont catch
  16. lovetox the mentioned pypi package should not help you
  17. zuglufttier
  18. lovetox its mostly for windows
  19. lovetox you need something like libsecret
  20. lovetox installed on the system
  21. Tschaeggaer libsecret is installed
  22. lovetox then its a problem with the keyring package
  23. lovetox you should report a bug
  24. lovetox
  25. lovetox i could catch that error
  26. lovetox but that would you also leave without passwords
  27. Tschaeggaer zuglufttier, Usually that package should not be needed!?
  28. zuglufttier Which one? Seahorse? No. That's just a gui for the keyring.
  29. Tschaeggaer lovetox, OK, I will report the bug there.
  30. Tschaeggaer gnome-keyring
  31. zuglufttier I don't think so.
  32. lovetox Tschaeggaer, it seems the keyring package has a cli
  33. lovetox keyring --list-backends
  34. lovetox shows this for me
  35. lovetox (priority: 0) keyring.backends.Windows.WinVaultKeyring (priority: 5)
  36. lovetox you could check if this recognizes gnome-keyring
  37. Tschaeggaer keyring.backends.chainer.ChainerBackend (priority: 0) (priority: 0)
  38. lovetox not sure what the ChainerBackend does have to read up on it
  39. zuglufttier I'd install gnome-keyring, it's also marked as an optional dependency of gajim.
  40. zuglufttier "gajim optionally requires gnome-keyring: store passwords encrypted in GNOME Keyring"
  41. zuglufttier And: libsecret optionally requires gnome-keyring: key storage service (or use any other service implementing org.freedesktop.secrets)
  42. lovetox no we only require libsecret
  43. lovetox and he already said its installed
  44. zuglufttier libsecret alone will not provide a backend, I think.
  45. lovetox ah true, its only the api to the store
  46. lovetox so yeah you need a backend
  47. zuglufttier Tschaeggaer, if you however do not want to save any passwords in the system and use keepass all the time, you could try to remove libsecret ;)
  48. zuglufttier Gajim then should always ask for the password.
  49. lovetox so this is a case where someone has installed libsecret but does not have a backend
  50. zuglufttier Yes, and doesn't use a big desktop environment like Gnome, KDE or something like that. Because they will provide these things.
  51. Tschaeggaer I installed gnome-keyring and it seems to work now. Big thanks. The thing is: It worked until two weeks ago or so. And I'm sure I didn't have gnome-keyring installed then. Did you change the way the passwords are stored?
  52. lovetox normally we fall back to plain text storage
  53. lovetox but it could be that the keyring package now throws an exception it prev did not
  54. lovetox so it might be triggerd through a keyring package update
  55. Tschaeggaer That might be the case here, there have been updates of the keyring package.
  56. Tschaeggaer Another thing while we are still gathered: The tooltips in windows are pretty nice. Is there a way to get those working in arch?
  57. zuglufttier What exactly do you mean? Screenshot?
  58. zuglufttier Notifications?
  59. Tschaeggaer E.g.: Hover with mouse over a nickname of the channel roster --> tooltip with bigger avatar and other info.
  60. lovetox do you mean on the OS Windows?
  61. lovetox or a tooltip in a window
  62. Tschaeggaer yes
  63. Tschaeggaer tooltips generally in gajim on the Windows OS.
  64. lovetox you probably use a older Gajim version on linux
  65. Tschaeggaer i have 1.1.0, they worked pre-1.0 on windows.
  66. lovetox are saying you see no tooltips at all on linux?
  67. Tschaeggaer yep.
  68. lovetox yeah thats your system configuration probably, we dont hide tooltips on linux
  69. Tschaeggaer So I guess this one's on xfce.
  70. lovetox yeah ask for help there, probably some config option somewhere
  71. Tschaeggaer Tooltips work on other programs, tho.
  72. lovetox tooltips work fine on my ubuntu
  73. lovetox as i said we dont do anything specific for any OS with tooltips
  74. lovetox so it has to be either a problem with GTK on your desktop or some config option
  75. Tschaeggaer Right, could be GTK either. Thanks.
  76. mimi89999 Any ETA for merging the `messagewindow` branch?
  77. lovetox no
  78. mimi89999 😟
  79. lovetox sometime before Gajim 1.2
  80. bot thoastbrot created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9466: < html format parsing error crashes gajim >
  81. rom1dep lovetox: about that, don't know if you have noticed but there is a glitch when hovering a tab
  82. Tschaeggaer Solution to problem discussed earlier today: It's an already reported issue in gtk3 3.24. Downgrading gtk3 to 3.22 resolves the issue.
  83. Tschaeggaer ...bringing back tooltips.
  84. nico Is is possible to refetch omemo keys after I deleted them from the omemo key plugin?
  85. lovetox yeah, restart gajim
  86. lovetox and write a message to the contact
  87. lovetox nico
  88. nico ahh ok sweet thank you 🙂
  89. nico I button would be really nice for that. something to quickly refetch keys but if restarting does essentially the same might be unnecessary
  90. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9466: < html format parsing error crashes gajim >
  91. mimi89999 I think that Gajim should automatically kick a member when I set his affiliation to none in a private MUC.
  92. lovetox how do you set it to None?
  93. lovetox also per standard affiliation = none is fine
  94. lovetox no reason to kick someone
  95. lovetox you have affiliation = none in this chat room, should i kick you now?
  96. lovetox oh you mean in a members only muc
  97. lovetox shoud this not do the server?
  98. lovetox mimi89999,
  99. lovetox server must do that
  100. lovetox not client
  101. mimi89999 Ah. OK
  102. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *432a4edb* < > Use custom dict for additional data This makes it easier to retrive and store values *3f2e3c6b* < > Better handle not available keyring backends
  103. hannibal Hi, should nbxmpp/ work without GLib? Because since it doesn't and HAVE_GLIB is still there.