Gajim - 2018-11-30

  1. Sven uh, how can I leave a group chat?
  2. bot Richard Schwab created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9465: < muc nick is always saved lowercase >
  3. lovetox if its bookmarked?
  4. lovetox you have to remove the bookmark or autojoin flag in the bookmark window
  5. lovetox otherwise the groupchat menu and disconnect
  6. senya lovetox: your plugin works for me:
  7. lovetox hm the dataform should not look that shitty though
  8. senya I would use the form title for the button text, and I would also put the button at the very bottom, after the message text
  9. lovetox not sure why it does for you
  10. lovetox no we make this different
  11. senya I have some issues with QT scaling, that's possible why
  12. lovetox you can add fields to the form type=hidden
  13. lovetox one of these fileds we call button-text
  14. lovetox then you can use the instruction text for real instruction
  15. senya sounds good to me
  16. lovetox ok i will look over the weekend that i clean this up and make it bit more pretty
  17. lovetox and publish the plugin for easier updating
  18. senya yeah, I'd love to see this at git repository
  19. lovetox Maranda, would be good if your server would add the from attr
  20. lovetox on delay stanzas
  21. lovetox otherwise i cant differentiate between a user supplied timestamp and one from the server
  22. lovetox also your server should check that no user adds a faked from attr
  23. lovetox you seem to do it for offline messages
  24. lovetox but not for MAM messages
  25. lovetox not sure if this is necessary though