Gajim - 2018-11-29

  1. bot cuc created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #367: < url image preview not showing as installed on debian jessie >
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  3. debacle I have twenty messages from twenty different unknown users (spam). They show up unter "Not in Roster". I'm not interested in reading the messages and just want to get rid of them in Gajim, also in the notification. It doesn't make sense to block them, because spammers only send one or two messages anyway. Ideally, I would want to mark everything under "Not in Roster" and remove it somehow. What is the best way in Gajim?
  4. rom1dep is it planned at some point to have dynamic history loading? (typ. by scrolling-up when at the top of the log viewport) I feel that currently, I either have too much log (like currently, ±21days) or not enough (after I restart gajim, no history at all). It would seem more natural to have the buffer always filled + on demand when requesting more.
  5. giper Hello, how to post image with xml console?
  6. daniel rom1dep, dynamic history loading by simply scrolling to the top is on the list of things to do, there even is an issue for it ;)
  7. rom1dep Great 🙂
  8. moul Hi, how can I connect with Gajim to a chat room using a HTTP proxy?
  9. rom1dep moul: go to the accounts settings (Ctrl+shift+A), there should be some knobs for that
  10. rom1dep moul: you might want to configure a global proxy as well, from somewhere in the general settings
  11. moul Thanks
  12. giper How to send picture (http adress) with xml console?
  13. Zash Something like in
  14. giper Zash‎, it is real in groupchat?
  15. Zash "real"?
  16. Zash The <message> would have type="groupchat" if sent to a groupchat, but otherwise it's the same
  17. Zash Some client might not like it if there's a <body> part
  18. giper Zash, Ok, but gajim is not render a image
  19. giper How to send and render a image to groupchat from url in gajim?
  20. lovetox Gajim doest render images
  21. lovetox on the url_image_preview plugin does that
  22. lovetox and there you can configure to render evey URL if you like
  23. giper Ok, new stable gajim works correctly in Windows with localizations and captcha?
  24. nicoco hey guys, how do I get gajim to display a muc name instead of JID in the window's top bar ?
  25. nicoco this is particularly annoying for MUCs created by Conversations, which have a random name…
  26. lovetox give the muc a name in the bookmark window
  27. lovetox works only for tabs
  28. lovetox the top bar will always show the full jid
  29. lovetox at the moment, but yes this should be improved in upcoming versions
  30. nicoco lovetox: thanks for the answer, I'll stop looking for the unexisting config option then :) I'll just wait, this is a minor issue obv
  31. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9461: < Error when configuring a Tor proxy >
  32. bot rcpa0 created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9464: < idle crash >
  33. Sven heya. I just updated to 1.1.91 and a lot has changed. My font is next to unreadable and there doesn't seem to be a setting to change it
  34. Sven also the plugins list is empty
  35. lovetox your font is unreadable, could you provide a screenshot?
  36. lovetox Gajim uses your default system font
  37. lovetox so its hard to believe its unreadable
  38. lovetox for plugins you have to install them from the coresponding branch
  39. Sven weren't they fetched automatically before?
  40. lovetox in your case master
  41. lovetox i dont know where you installed gajim from
  42. lovetox seems to me like you cloned from git
  43. Sven hum, ok, I need to recheck the installation
  44. Sven yeah, kinda from git
  45. Sven sec
  46. lovetox and no we dont download plugins automatically
  47. Sven not any more? I mean it did before
  48. lovetox if you install from a package source, we ship the plugin installer
  49. lovetox and you can chose to update
  50. lovetox if you clone from git, then there is no plugin installer
  51. lovetox so no way to download plugins
  52. Sven there was before, I guess.
  53. lovetox must be a long time ago
  54. lovetox the pluigin installer is a plugin itself
  55. lovetox so not part of gajim
  56. Sven I honestly did not pay attention to the update but for the last year or so I used the plugin installer. 3 days ago I ran a system update and gajim stopped working alltogether. After pulling in some dependencies I got it working again
  57. Sven so I guess my package is not well maintained, but the way it installs gajim has not changed
  58. Sven ok, but I can fix it myself then, thanks
  59. lovetox why are you using gajim master?
  60. lovetox use a stable release
  61. lovetox from your distribution
  62. lovetox there is essentially nothing in git master that is worth using it over the latest release
  63. Sven the newest I can get from my distribution is 0.16.9
  64. Sven which had/has a lot of problems I could not live with
  65. Sven I switched to a package maintained by some dude on the internet which gets the newest git version.. so that might be a problem
  66. Sven ok, I'll probably pin it to an earlier/stable release
  67. Sven one last question: which font settings does gajim use? It seems to be at least 2 or 4 sizes smaller than the one applications like firefox use
  68. lovetox what ever is set as default on your system, but you can change it
  69. lovetox preferences -> styles -> manage
  70. lovetox click the + button
  71. lovetox add a theme, click the other + button to add a font
  72. Sven oh. You can scroll that window
  73. Sven I was there 3 times in the last 15 minutes and didn't realize the tiny thing is a scroll bar... -.-
  74. Sven Thanks for your help
  75. lovetox
  76. lovetox here download the correct plugin installer from there
  77. lovetox then you can download plugins in gajim again
  78. Sven yeah, I know, thanks
  79. lovetox but if you switch to stable you need another plugin installer again
  80. lovetox and you have to manage the deps of the plugins yourself
  81. Sven I'll do the switch first, probably
  82. Sven monday after work or something like that
  83. Sven yeah, stuff like up to date versions of axolotl are hard to get on most distributions
  84. senya lovetox: hello!
  85. lovetox hey
  86. nifker I want to allow upload over a non TLS http server - can I do so?
  87. nifker its for a testing purpose
  88. nifker not?
  89. daniel nifker,
  90. Nothing4You am i still here?
  91. Nothing4You Am I still in here?
  92. Link Mauve Nothing4You, if you can see your message, then most likely.
  93. lovetox
  94. lovetox senya, here a first draft
  95. lovetox the inline button looks shit for now, but it opens the form and you can submit it
  96. lovetox but would be interested if this works for you, i can make it more pretty later
  97. Nothing4You why can i not save my nickname in a muc bookmark with uppercase characters?
  98. Nothing4You if i put uppercase letters there it just changes them to lowercase when i save and reopen
  99. lovetox hm must be a bug
  100. lovetox yeah seems to be a bug
  101. lovetox please open a bug report so i can look into it later
  102. Nothing4You i'm too tired, i'm going to bed now
  103. Nothing4You i hope i remember it tomorrow
  104. Nothing4You night
  105. asterix String prep probably?
  106. senya lovetox: thanks, I'll check it out tomorrow
  107. lovetox senya will only work with Gajim 1.1
  108. lovetox or master
  109. senya then I'll have to update. but it's okay
  110. lovetox do you use linux?
  111. senya yes, I use ubuntu
  112. senya I tried installing a flatpak version of gajim on it today, but it didn't work
  113. lovetox if you have important history, backup ./local/share/Gajim
  114. senya currently I'm using Gajim from official repos, its 1.0.1
  115. lovetox because if you go back from 1.1 to an older version you have to delete your history db
  116. lovetox what ubuntu version?
  117. senya 18.04
  118. lovetox debian-stretch-backports has a current version, but im not sure you can add that repo to ubuntu
  119. senya usually it works, but there might be some tricks with python
  120. senya anyway I'll figure it out
  121. senya it time for sleep now
  122. lovetox good night
  123. senya I'll check your plugin tomorrow
  124. senya thanks :)