Gajim - 2018-11-26

  1. bot nico created an issue in _python-nbxmpp_ < >: #60: < Python2 build error with >
  2. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _python-nbxmpp_ < >: #60: < Python2 build error with >
  3. nico ok I will report that to the aur maintainer to remove the lines for python2 from the PKGBUILD
  4. lovetox thanks
  5. lovetox Maranda, i want to add scram-256 to nbxmpp
  6. lovetox but this means no user will be able to log into his account anymore..
  7. Maranda Uh? Why?
  8. lovetox hm i remember you saying the server needs to store the pass again or something
  9. lovetox if the user was before on sha1
  10. Maranda Yes, but I'm not sure how's that an issue
  11. lovetox oh wait forget it
  12. lovetox had a typo, works
  13. Maranda And they can change password oob too
  14. Maranda 🙂
  15. Maranda ☺️☺️☺️
  16. lovetox Maranda, can you explain to me why PLUS mechs not available on BOSH?
  17. Hiker Hi - flatpak installation of gajim 1.1.0: Plugins menu not working
  18. lovetox Hiker
  19. MattJ lovetox, PLUS would break on BOSH if the server used any kind of reverse proxy, which is common
  20. MattJ Apart from that, it seems a bit weird but would probably work
  21. Link Mauve Couldn’t there be a side channel through which the reverse proxy could share the channel binding information to the XMPP server?
  22. lovetox thanks MattJ
  23. MattJ Link Mauve, in theory
  24. debacle Which style parameter changes the font of the history manager search result text? I need a non-proportional font for all the ASCII/Unicode art :—)
  25. lovetox nothing, you should not use the history manager to search stuff
  26. lovetox use the history window
  27. lovetox CTRL + H
  28. debacle lovetox, in most cases I use the history window. But sometimes I need a "global search". This is only in history manager, right?
  29. debacle But no problem with the font. It's a very minor glitch for me.
  30. lovetox yes, nevertheless it was not made for that
  31. lovetox so there is no styling there
  32. debacle fine with me :)
  33. lovetox i see we have to provide global search in the normal window
  34. lovetox and probably hide the history manager more
  35. lovetox or get rid of it and transfer every functionality into one window
  36. debacle nice idea
  37. debacle anyway, I find the history and search functions already "good enough" for me
  38. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9457: < Add global search in History window >
  39. unclechu does someone here know how to contact to maintainer of this package?
  40. bot André proposed a new merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ < >: Replace ustr() by str()
  41. lovetox unclechu,
  42. lovetox maybe if you open his profile, but needs login
  43. unclechu i've been on that page, but haven't found anything about how i could contact him. so, you're saying that maybe if i login i could get extra functionality possibly including PM?
  44. lovetox maybe
  45. unclechu i'm urged to give my phone number on page to use my account. i'm not gonna do it.
  46. unclechu i'm just taking it as there's no clear way to contact maintainer of that repo
  47. unclechu i just found a way to cheat that by signing in from this domain instead of fedora-project and obtained some randomly generated email
  48. lovetox haha
  49. lovetox nice :)
  50. lovetox you could also report a bug against copr
  51. lovetox they seem to have a bug tracker here
  52. lovetox
  53. lovetox or join #fedora-buildsys on freenode