Gajim - 2018-11-22

  1. zuglufttier There's one little thing I'd like to have changed in Gajim: If I open it, all my tabs will get restored and that's just fine. But I have two accounts, if the first one is connected, the focus will jump to the last chat tab of account 1.
  2. zuglufttier And if the second account connected, the focus will jump again to the last chat tab of account 2.
  3. zuglufttier So I have "read" two chat tabs only by opening gajim.
  4. zuglufttier Is it possible to make gajim not focus any chat tab at all if it starts?
  5. zuglufttier And how would I build a new status icon set?
  6. lovetox zuglufttier, i see the problem with focus, i will account for it in the new chatlist that comes with 1.2
  7. lovetox for statusiconset, if you use latest master, you can add a folder in .local/share/gajim/iconset/yoursetname
  8. lovetox and add 16px images into it
  9. lovetox the names have to be iconsetname-status
  10. lovetox look here
  11. lovetox
  12. lovetox then you have to choose the iconset in preferences
  13. zuglufttier Thanks! What about higher resolutions? Are they supported at all? SVG would be the best option then, I guess.
  14. lovetox yes look at the folder structure i posted you
  15. lovetox you can do the same then it should work
  16. daniel Congratulations to all prosody developers present in this room! This release really looks promising :)
  17. Zash :)
  18. pmenzel Hi. Our users asked of thread support in instant messengers. Would Gajim support that XMPP (ejabberd)?
  19. rom1dep pmenzel: ask your users to define threads and how they should work, then watch them argue endlessly. Popcorn is a nice addition.
  20. pmenzel rom1dep: It is supposed to work like in Slack.
  21. rom1dep pmenzel: zulipchat doesn't agree with this statement, so do many slack users hating slack threads, and many slack alternatives.
  22. rom1dep Thing is, not two clients do it the same, and it's almost universally considered terrible
  23. pmenzel rom1dep: What does zulipchat have to do with that?
  24. pmenzel For us to get traction for XMPP here, it’d be nice to tell the group, that threading is supported.
  25. pmenzel Is there some plugin/extension?
  26. pmenzel I guess it also depends for what you use the chat. At for some people, the Slack way seems to work fine.
  27. pmenzel does not have something with *thread* in it.
  28. lovetox there is no plugin, and gajim does not support it the way you would like it
  29. lovetox you cant replace a dedicated client for work collaboration like slack, with Gajim
  30. lovetox if that would be the case no one would use slack and Gajim devs would be millionairs
  31. pitfd hi everybody, can 0.16 and 1.1 be run parallel on the same machine?
  32. lovetox not easily
  33. lovetox i really doubt it
  34. rom1dep > rom1dep: What does zulipchat have to do with that? pmenzel: zulip pretends to have done threading right, and antagonises slack, which, for many had turned into a freak show after they introduced threads.
  35. jjrh Threading is a hard problem to solve.
  36. rom1dep pmenzel: my point is that there is no common agreement on anything but it to be broken everywhere
  37. jjrh How threading works in a chat room with 4 people has to be different than a chat room with 500.
  38. jjrh thanks for the feedback lovetox - i'll look it over and get back to you.
  39. rom1dep Perhaps it's not necessary for a room of 4, and is doomed for a room of 500
  40. lovetox rom1dep, i had an idea for the chatlist
  41. lovetox what if i dont show only open conversations there
  42. lovetox also all contacts that you could have a conversation with
  43. lovetox so basically a roster
  44. lovetox but sorted so that active conversations are on top
  45. lovetox then we would not need to use the start chat window
  46. lovetox and just can search for contacts in the chatlist
  47. jjrh It might be useful to have a xep that lets one 'reference' a message so it's clear the context. Would be useful for cases where a lot of time or number of messages passes.
  48. jjrh Really though if you have enough different topics being discussed that it's hard to follow context you should just make more specific rooms.
  49. rom1dep lovetox: I don't use the roster much these days, I do everything through Ctrl+N
  50. lovetox yeah but i mean in the messagewindow branch, you can search through your chatlist
  51. lovetox what if in this chatlist is your whole roster and you can search through it
  52. lovetox so you dont even have to press ctrl + n
  53. rom1dep lovetox: it'd be very messy and not so convenient in my case, I don't consider myself as a heavy XMPP user, but the amount of tabs shown would easily overload the viewport size. That'd be extra noise with no benefit at that point. But maybe a hybrid mechanism where the displayed tabs are the faved+promoted ones, with a "see more" button that would react to received messages elsewhere (condensed list with unread count), that's something I could get behind.
  54. debacle jjrh, XEP-0367: Message Attaching ?
  55. jjrh debacle, damn someone already did it :)
  56. debacle I heard rumours, that somebody is working on an implementation for a well-known mobile client, jjrh
  57. debacle if they succeed, it makes sense to have it in Gajim, too
  58. jjrh I'm guessing this is really about emoji reactions which is cool :)
  59. genofire hi, is there a way to fetch omemo keys manuelle ? - i have one delete (which i need now)