Gajim - 2018-11-18

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  2. userrrrrrr ok guys, so I was stupid\inexpirienced enough to install a client from an outdated repository, and omemo plugin from aur
  3. userrrrrrr now I would like to install gajim-git from Aur, but I would hate to add the account and authenticate the OMEMO fingerprints again. How do I migrate my user data including OMEMO sessions?
  4. mpan Hi. In Gajim 1.1, how do I set font for the chat window? It set itself to something else and the option to change it is no longer where it used to be.
  5. daniel mpan, in preferences > themes
  6. mpan No font option there.
  7. mpan The theme option is “default”. The “Manage” button opens a window with some empty lists, no options at all. Nowhere anything about fonts.
  8. mpan This is what I see in preferences: <>. This is what I see if I click “Manage”: <>.
  9. daniel Yes, click plus, then add options on the right
  10. daniel We really should put the values of 'default' in there
  11. mpan daniel: thanks, worked. :) Not very intuitive, tho. :/
  12. userrrrrrr daniel, any idea on migrating my user data?
  13. userrrrrrr including omemo sessions
  14. userrrrrrr would just "cp -a" suffice?
  15. userrrrrrr Link Mauve, your AUR gajim-git doesn't build because no python-precis-i18n
  16. userrrrrrr
  17. userrrrrrr it's marked red.
  18. userrrrrrr and also
  19. userrrrrrr I can't copy anything from Gajim History Logs Manager
  20. userrrrrrr only exporting works
  21. asterix userrrrrrr: your user data (fingerprint, logs) won't be lost when you upgrade Gajim. They are in your home
  22. Link Mauve userrrrrrr, ugh, it’s been renamed python-precis_i18n when imported to community…
  23. Link Mauve And of course they didn’t put any replace flag in it, that’s bad packaging. :/
  24. zuglufttier Oh wow, that's really awful.
  25. zuglufttier I guess that AUR-packages don't appear in "required by" in the main packages.
  26. Link Mauve
  27. Link Mauve Alright, time to wake up and to go (get my breakfast and) back to the Chaosdorf for the second day of the XMPP Sprint!
  28. zuglufttier Yeah, go for it! Are you working on poezio? Would love to see OMEMO there :D
  29. beadspriter Guten Sonntag, kann man hier auch auf deutsch was fragen? 🙂
  30. lovetox send me a PM
  31. lovetox the channel is englisch
  32. debacle Link Mauve, what? there is an XMPP sprint? cool!
  33. zuglufttier
  34. debacle thnx
  35. mrDoctorWho Does Gajim enable itself as a xmpp link handler?
  36. mrDoctorWho I just wonder whether it's kde-related or Gajim just doesn't do that (like transmission does for magnet links)
  37. zuglufttier I think it does or should at least.
  38. lovetox depends from where you open the link
  39. lovetox yes Gajim does that
  40. lovetox but another application might ignore that
  41. lovetox for example firefox
  42. mrDoctorWho Chrome seem to handle magnet links, but it totally ignores xmpp links
  43. zuglufttier It works for me in firefox.
  44. lovetox we add our protocol to our .desktop file
  45. lovetox i dont see how we can do more
  46. mrDoctorWho This should be kde related, then, thanks lovetox
  47. Link Mauve debacle, damn, we should have advertised it more if you’re not aware of it!
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  49. lovetox nice if maybe i attend the next one
  50. lovetox would have to get a laptop first though
  51. Link Mauve Next one will be at 35c3.
  52. Link Mauve After that the Summit.
  53. Link Mauve And I’ll try to organise one near Paris after that, maybe in March or so.
  54. lovetox and then we sit all together and just program?
  55. Link Mauve Generally we also discuss.
  56. Link Mauve Yesterday was pretty protocol-focused.
  57. lovetox could be nice to spend 2 days without my girlfriend nagging me
  58. lovetox lovetox_,
  59. Link Mauve :D
  60. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  61. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  62. debacle Link Mauve, maybe I'll ask the Berlin XMPP-Meetup (second Wednesday of every month), if we like to organize and host such an event here, too...
  63. debacle Not before Summit/FOSDEM
  64. fiete who will attend 35c3?
  65. Link Mauve fiete, o/
  66. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  67. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *8be5562b* < > Dont fail when IconTheme is not available This is needed for tests to work
  68. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  69. mpan
  70. lovetox obviously not
  71. lovetox i guess this chat has images ?
  72. mpan So how can I approach the issue?
  73. mpan No, I use pure text. The only images present there are padlocks that has been inserted there by — I guess — the GPG plugin (this is another problem I have, but let’s solve one problem at a time).
  74. mpan Also: thanks for delivering us Gajim. :)
  75. lovetox so does it happen with every chat?
  76. lovetox this sounds not like a gpg issue
  77. mpan Hard to tell. I have only one person with whom I have long enough chat history to check. For empty or short history: no, it seems to be bearable (<3s to open the window).
  78. lovetox gpg has nothing to do when you open a chat
  79. lovetox opening a window should be instant
  80. lovetox so even 1 second is too long
  81. lovetox how much history do you display in the chat?
  82. mpan Since the switch to that new look it never was.
  83. mpan Max 2000 entries (restore_lines = 2000)
  84. lovetox yeah than thats the problem
  85. lovetox there is a reason the default is 10
  86. lovetox if there were no drawbacks we would have no limit at all
  87. lovetox also it makes not a lot of sense
  88. lovetox you can search text in the chatwindow
  89. lovetox so what use are 2000 messages?
  90. lovetox do you scroll and search with your eyes through 2000 messages
  91. lovetox *cant search
  92. mpan Binary search with time is not that hard with eyes. And on intensive discussions I tend to need to have the messages available at hand. 2000 of them is not many.
  93. mpan So, for now, the only option is to decrease restore_lines and use history window instead?
  94. lovetox then use the history window CTRL + H
  95. lovetox yes
  96. lovetox what is a binary search?
  97. lovetox you searching a sentence in 2000 lines
  98. mpan Eee… a search algorithm with O(lgn) time? :>
  99. lovetox i bet in any cenario im faster with using search in the history window
  100. lovetox anyway, i work with something like 50
  101. lovetox is almost instant
  102. mpan You need to know what you are searching for in the first place to use the search feature. Unless Gajim’s going to go with the fad and have builtin AI that can find portion of discussion that matches some visual cues… I guess my eyes are still better. ;)
  103. mpan Anyway, thanks for help.
  104. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  105. marmistrz lovetox, if you try to autocomplete `/(` in gajim 1.1.0, it'll fail as well
  106. marmistrz so it's an existing bug that got uncovered by my change
  107. lovetox hm ok then leave it
  108. lovetox i know why
  109. lovetox because we have commands with /
  110. marmistrz exactly. the other bug has just been fixed
  111. 1lya Hello Can I increase the font size in the chat window? It's very small print.
  112. lovetox preferences -> style -> theme -> theme manger
  113. marmistrz lovetox, gajim 1.1.0 crashes when disabling an account:
  114. marmistrz
  115. marmistrz I have first gone offline, then disabled the account via "manage account"
  116. lovetox yeah this assert should be removed
  117. lovetox and it should exit silently
  118. lovetox i change that later
  119. marmistrz ok
  120. Qapaq ctrl + M now works in gajim
  121. Qapaq It was a problem with the plugins
  122. Qapaq banner tweaks, especially
  123. bot Philipp Hörist closed a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Refactor Iconsets and improvements for HiDPI
  124. SouL Guys, where can one change font size in the latest version of Gajim?
  125. lovetox preference -> style -> theme -> mange theme
  126. js lovetox: Asterix tells me I should talk to you ;)
  127. lovetox yes please show me the traceback you get
  128. lovetox its likely you miss a dependency
  129. js Cannot set property of type void
  130. js let me change it back so that I get it again
  131. js lovetox: I think it's because I don't run Gtk+3/X11, but Gtk+3/Quartz
  132. lovetox did you install Gajim via brew?
  133. js no
  134. js it's not in brew
  135. lovetox then thats the prblem
  136. js I installed it via pkgsrc (after patching pango and gtk)
  137. js lovetox: homebrew does not support Gajim
  138. lovetox hm? why do you think that
  139. lovetox
  140. lovetox im sorry you seem to invested much time into getting it running, but we have a pretty easy manual for getting it running with brew
  141. lovetox ignore the part about the Info.plist
  142. lovetox it does not work and we have no mac dev to fix it
  143. js wow, this just almost crashed my macine
  144. js lovetox: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/pkg/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/", line 112, in cell_data_func avatar_cell_data_func(column, renderer, model, iter_, has_parent) File "/opt/pkg/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/", line 123, in avatar_cell_data_func renderer.set_property('surface', None) NotImplementedError: Setting properties of type 'void' is not implemented
  145. js lovetox: Well, homebrew has no package for Gajim
  146. js pkgsrc *does*
  147. js of the deps listed there, I have all those via pkgsrc (they have proper package declaring the dependencies, after all)
  148. js also, I *do* have it working as an .app - but that did not came via pkgsrc. I might add that there soon, though
  149. lovetox i cannot really help you with pkgsrc, it was not made by anyone on the gajim dev team
  150. js it's based on the ancient app that I did in the macos branch of Gajim when it was still in hg
  151. js lovetox: there's no problem with pkgsrc here
  152. lovetox it seems there is
  153. js I have all the dependencies listed on that page
  154. js this is Gajim 1.1.0
  155. lovetox that does not mean they are correctly packaged
  156. js the same package works on *BSD and Linux (pkgsrc is not limited to mac)
  157. lovetox but how gtk is compiled is different
  158. js yes, because it is using Quartz instead of X11
  159. js so that you get a *native* version
  160. lovetox but maybe thats exactly the problem, maybe they make no difference for mac
  161. lovetox hence you seeing this error
  162. js no, they build with quartz and without X11
  163. js
  164. js I see no surface there either
  165. js is this not a GtkCellRenderer?
  166. lovetox yes it is
  167. js ah, GtkCellRendererPixbuf has it
  168. lovetox you will see that this works on linux and windows fine
  169. js so I'm guessing renderer is for whatever reason not the right renderer.
  170. lovetox it also works on mac, if you install via brew
  171. lovetox i just suspect there is missing something from GTK to make this work
  172. lovetox solutions are: you go to gnome gtk IRC and ask what is missing so this shows up as NotImplemented
  173. lovetox or you install via brew
  174. lovetox actually this seems to be a pygobject issue
  175. lovetox what version do you have installed?
  176. js lovetox: *that* is weird. I don't have pygtk installed. How is that possible? oO
  177. lovetox im not talking about pygtk
  178. lovetox thats is an old name for gtk2 python bindings
  179. js ah
  180. js py37-gobject3-3.28.3nb1 Python bindings for glib2 gobject
  181. lovetox yes
  182. lovetox seem reasonable current
  183. js hm, homebrew has slightly newer
  184. lovetox i dont think that version is the issue
  185. lovetox i would try with homebrew, otherwise you could ask in the IRC channel
  186. lovetox generally we would need some mac person who maybe could make a brew package or some package somewhere else, to make it easier for people to install
  187. lovetox so contributions welcome :)
  188. js lovetox: I did the old macOS branch of Gajim that did not find a lot of love, so please forgive me that I'm not too enthusiastic ;)
  189. lovetox no problem, yeah its also my feeling there are not to many mac people out there who use software that is not in the mac store
  190. js yeah. I guess those few mac users are fine with "install via pkgsrc". That's still better than following that webpage ;).
  191. js that's what I'm currently working on. because then I can install Gajim + OMEMO easily on any system supported by pkgsrc.
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