Gajim - 2018-11-15

  1. meaz is that normal that the plugin "Clients icons" doesn't display ChatSecure icons for ChatSecure users? I mean, is that a known issue?
  2. Zash Does it have an icon for ChatSecure?
  3. meaz well it does: a diamond with a question mark
  4. daniel I think there is an icon, so this might be a bug ;)
  5. lovetox dont know about but, we have to identify a client by his client string
  6. lovetox if chatsecure changed it for whatever reason it has to be added to the plugin
  7. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *7f1dfe5a* < > New DataFormWidget: Add Captcha support
  8. test12345 Could someone walk me through creating a persistent group chat with omemo enabled?
  9. Nothing4You you'll need to have a public memberlist for that to work
  10. Nothing4You and members only
  11. Nothing4You by public member list i mean no anonymous members
  12. Nothing4You like everyone has to be able to see all other jids
  13. test12345 What options exactly need to be set?
  14. test12345 Make room persistent - On Make room public searchable - ? Make participants list public - On Make room password protected - ?
  15. Nothing4You
  16. Nothing4You i think that should do it
  17. test12345 I'll try it, thank you
  18. test12345 Yeah that works. I had to restart after making the room to enable encryption. Thanks for the help
  19. lovetox yeah thats a little bug, restart is not necessary but rejoining the room
  20. test12345 I see. Is that true for a normal chat also? I could just close the tab instead of restarting?
  21. lovetox what do you mean for a normal chat?
  22. lovetox its just related to muc, because omemo plugin does not recognize that the room config has changed
  23. test12345 2 person, single/private chat, however you call it
  24. lovetox no if it does not work in single chat, there is another problem, restart will not help
  25. test12345 I think the problem is that the friend's composing status etc disappears, a restart fixes that
  26. lovetox because you lose the information
  27. lovetox but that could also a problem of the other client
  28. lovetox simply not telling us if the composing stopped
  29. test12345 I think the problem is a rare use case, I've been reinstalling regularly while configuring settings