Gajim - 2018-11-14

  1. bot Nikolay Nehajchik created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9444: < Gajim recieve already recieved messages >
  2. test12345 How can I improve the appearance of the timestamp in a chat window?
  3. lovetox you can adjust the format
  4. lovetox not the appearance
  5. lovetox you can choose another font for the whole chat window
  6. lovetox but not only for the timestamp
  7. lovetox look in advanced config editor for "time_stamp"
  8. lovetox and under Preferences -> style -> theme manager for font settings
  9. test12345 Thanks, I'll experiment with it
  10. zuglufttier lovetox, gajim has problems connecting to my xmpp server. I have srv records for xmpp-client on port 5222 (tls) and xmpps-client on port 443 (ssl).
  11. lovetox yeah start gajim with -v and look what the problem is
  12. zuglufttier If I set hostname and port manually, everything works. But if port 5222 is blocked, there will never be a connection. With debugging enabled gajim reports that it found the correct settings but will try to connect to 5222 every time.
  13. zuglufttier The dreadful pidgin works :D
  14. lovetox i need logs
  15. lovetox its connects to the entry that is calculated from srv weights
  16. zuglufttier
  17. lovetox yeah seems to 443 no connection is possible
  18. lovetox log with a higher debug level
  19. lovetox then we might see the reason
  20. lovetox .nbxmpp=DEBUG
  21. zuglufttier Connection "by hand" is possible though, will add nbxmpp...
  22. zuglufttier This time with .nbxmpp:
  23. zuglufttier
  24. zuglufttier lovetox, "While looping over DNS A records: Error during connect to"
  25. zuglufttier What does that mean?
  26. lovetox you can look at server logs
  27. lovetox but i suspect a server setup problem
  28. lovetox what is a strong hint for that is that no port / ip / protocol combination works
  29. lovetox or your machine has no access to that ip
  30. lovetox firewall rules etc
  31. zuglufttier Hm... But it will connect if set hostname and port manually. Even if port 5222 is blocked by a firewall on the client.
  32. lovetox hm have to test then when im home
  33. lovetox but setting a hostname port manually means we dont use XEP0368
  34. lovetox which mandates things like ALPN
  35. lovetox if you can get me a test acc on that server i will try to check whats up
  36. test12345 How would I remove the "0" from %I timestamp?
  37. zuglufttier lovetox, pidgin connects via bosh! So, yes, something going on with ALPN or something...
  38. zuglufttier The problems were caused by wrong settings in the firewall on the server! If I use sslh to redirect port 443 everything works.
  39. zuglufttier I lack some iptables magic for this :D
  40. lovetox test12345:
  41. lovetox whats in this table is possible
  42. lovetox seems there is no format option to remove the 0
  43. lovetox for hours
  44. bronko is there a way to remove the "Yesterday / 2 days ago" text before the timestamp? (My timestamp now always includes the date :-) )
  45. lovetox dont know would have to look into the code
  46. w4rl0rd1337 Hello.
  47. w4rl0rd1337 How can i add a Tor XMPP server?
  48. bot Gustav Ganz created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9445: < Can not install on Debian stretch >
  49. debacle Gustav Ganz needs to install the two packages from Debian backports. (Then again, they could also install Gajim from backports, if they like.)
  50. w4rl0rd1337 Where is the connect server option
  51. w4rl0rd1337 ?
  52. w4rl0rd1337 Like Pidgin?
  53. bot Gustav Ganz created an issue in _website_ < >: #17: < Add Backports hint to the Debian Download section. >
  54. asterix I should probably remove Gajim from our repos as it nows goes in debian repos very fast
  55. asterix And keep only daily packages
  56. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9445: < Can not install on Debian stretch >
  57. w4rl0rd1337 Thanks
  58. lovetox w4rl0rd1337, Gajim -> Accounts
  59. w4rl0rd1337 lovetox its not there
  60. bot Andriy Kushnir created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9446: < Strange KeyError in MUC conversation >
  61. bot Andriy Kushnir closed a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Slightly refactored passphrase verification
  62. lovetox whats not there?
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