Gajim - 2018-11-12

  1. userrrrrrr hi! how do i enable dark theme?
  2. userrrrrrr hello
  3. Nothing4You preferences > style?
  4. userrrrrrr hi
  5. userrrrrrr how can I enable the dark theme?
  6. userrrrrrr ??
  7. userrrrrrr and btw, i want to install gajim-git. How do I migrate my omemo fingerprints so I don't have to authorize everything again?
  8. Nothing4You i'm pretty sure you don't have to migrate that by hand
  9. Nothing4You Write a message…
  10. Nothing4You oops
  11. Nothing4You let me check if that's fixed on latest master
  12. Nothing4You doesn't look like it
  13. bot Richard Schwab created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9440: < "Write a message…" not removed on focus >
  14. mrDoctorWho Hi there
  15. mrDoctorWho So there is an account I have in Gajim which has 2 rooms that are members-only and I'm not a member of any of those
  16. mrDoctorWho And there's another chat which my server has no s2s with
  17. mrDoctorWho And when Gajim connects to this account, I get an error that I can't join this chat and also I get a "service unavailable" and "you are not in the member list of this groupchat" errors
  18. mrDoctorWho Everything was fine, until a network outage I had
  19. mrDoctorWho When the network appeared again, Gajim connected to this account and started flooding the screen with "service unavailable" errors
  20. mrDoctorWho Literally, my whole screen was filled with these errors
  21. mrDoctorWho And they were appearing again and again so I should have killed Gajim
  22. lovetox Thats bad, probably some kind of inifinite join loop
  23. mrDoctorWho Is there anything you need me to provide?
  24. mrDoctorWho Is there any more information you need me to provide?
  25. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9431: < ascii codec can't encode characters in position 57-65: ordinal not in range in range (128) >
  26. lovetox xml would have been interesting, but i guess its not easy to reproduce
  27. mrDoctorWho I'll try sometime later
  28. mrDoctorWho lovetox, can I have xml logs in the terminal?
  29. lovetox yes, gajim -v
  30. mrDoctorWho and it would be great if there was an option to enable it for a specific jid
  31. mrDoctorWho although people already invented grep
  32. lovetox but i would redirect output to a file
  33. lovetox and if a error happens you can go back to the file
  34. lovetox instead of running it from console and hoping it happens
  35. mrDoctorWho okay, sure, thanks lovetox
  36. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9440: < "Write a message…" not removed on focus >
  37. bot KMSG created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9441: < Can't enable spellcheck on Windows >
  38. bot rdng modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9223: < No roster notification on new message when ChatControl is open >
  39. Zash Does Gajim support nickname registration? I can't seem to find any way to invoke it on individual rooms, only the MUC domain itself, but there it does not work.
  40. Zash As in, registration with indivdiual rooms
  41. Holger Does seem to work for me on the MUC domain, FWIW ...
  42. lovetox no
  43. lovetox But what it does support is registering the nickname through an admin via groupchat config dialog
  44. lovetox but a user cant query the register form and register itself, but i saw MattJ added that
  45. Zash Ah, there
  46. lovetox and i wanted to add it later
  47. Zash I use the i3 window manager, with focus follows mouse. If I click the input field "Write a message…" goes away. If I focus a different window that placeholder goes away, but if I return focus, it does not. So if I type something, "Write a message…" is still there.
  48. Zash Much fun
  49. Zash GTK bug or Gajim bug?
  50. zuglufttier Zash, I have exactly the same problem right now :D
  51. zuglufttier Switched to i3 some days ago.
  52. lovetox No we changed the logic recently seems we made it worse
  53. lovetox but its ridiculous how much time we have to invest in such things, with everyone using their favorite window manager and all work differently ..
  54. zuglufttier Make gajim command line only :D
  55. zuglufttier But the main problem is: If you use the mouse to click into the input field, it will work all the time, I think.
  56. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  57. lovetox zuglufttier, it is a problem that it works?
  58. zuglufttier No, not at all :D
  59. zuglufttier But if you test it with your mouse, you think that everything is fine.
  60. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9440: < "Write a message…" not removed on focus >
  61. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *9c5de3bf* < > Correctly remove placeholder on focus in This is a regression from e281fb68 Fixes #9440
  62. zuglufttier lovetox, is it possible to disable the connection if plugins are not working correctly?
  63. lovetox what connection?
  64. zuglufttier This is a real dealbreaker if you are using OMEMO. If you use OMEMO and have offline messages or from MAM and the plugin does not work, these messages will be never be decrypted.
  65. zuglufttier Gajim knows which plugins are enabled and will output errors on the console. So, if there's a broken plugin, for whatever reason, I'd like gajim to stop and not connect to the server.
  66. lovetox and then what? Gajim is unusable until the user removes the plugins?
  67. lovetox for that he has to know where they are stored, which means for many user they cant use Gajim anymore until someone comes and helps them
  68. zuglufttier For me, it would be enough if there was a window which says: "Plugin XY seems to be broken, continue?"
  69. lovetox and how would we know that a plugin is "broken"?
  70. zuglufttier I may try to fix that problem or make an update of gajim/OS.
  71. zuglufttier But if I connect, then my OMEMO messages will be lost.
  72. zuglufttier And it's a bit weird to say: "Hey, I didn't get those encrypted messages, can you send them again?"
  73. lovetox i understand the problem but im not seeing a graceful way to solve this, until one day omemo is integrated in Gajim
  74. zuglufttier Oh, you do output errors on the console if there's some Python stuff missing etc.
  75. zuglufttier I had to install precis-i18n today and didn't know about that.
  76. zuglufttier So, my Gajim started without my plugins enabled and I lost those messages.
  77. zuglufttier And the backlog on one machine.
  78. zuglufttier And using the version from git.
  79. zuglufttier I'm using the version from git.
  80. lovetox yeah i think thats the problem here, you use not stable software and want me to make it more stable ^^
  81. lovetox just use a stable release for your everyday useage
  82. zuglufttier But plugins will get updated, too.
  83. zuglufttier With possible new requirements.
  84. lovetox yeah and your package maintainer should check that they work before he publishes them
  85. lovetox what you can do is before you update set gajim to not connect on start
  86. lovetox but i generally would just not advice to use git master as your main Gajim client
  87. lovetox every next commit could make it so you get no mam messages at all
  88. zuglufttier Well, it get's a proper test this way ;)
  89. lovetox yes i know that, and thats nice, i think about if we can easily do something to make this a bit more secure
  90. zuglufttier Apart from this issue, Gajim never broke anything for me.
  91. lovetox yeah plugins are a pain
  92. lovetox but a bit part of that was that plugins had to work for multiple versions of Gajim
  93. lovetox now we made the move to have separate plugins per gajim version
  94. lovetox so i hope this takes away a big percentage of broken code
  95. zuglufttier Yes, and you can release stable versions of the plugins.
  96. lovetox yes
  97. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *70de8004* < > Harden parser against xml vulnerabilities
  98. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  99. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  100. marmistrz lovetox, how should I pass a set to the %-style logging?
  101. marmistrz it's definitely not a string
  102. marmistrz That's the only thing that fails the CI for now :P
  103. lovetox use %s
  104. lovetox and pass the sets as argument
  105. lovetox logging.error(%s, set())
  106. lovetox and it doesnt have to be a string, it just needs a __str__ method
  107. lovetox and set has that
  108. marmistrz lovetox, this was actually a bug in my code that it misbehaved if all contacts in the room have spoken
  109. marmistrz Write a message…oh, and I got hit by the tab handler not being typed :P
  110. Nothing4You that's fixed in master
  111. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  112. marmistrz lovetox, !330 seems to be fixed
  113. marmistrz Write a message…Btw. highlighting_for_message has broken types, `highlight` should certainly be a bool
  114. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improve the MUC autocompletion.
  115. marmistrz re: plugins: I'm currently running 1.0.3, because the Arch maintainers have not packaged 1.1.0 yet. I'd like to run the git master with my changes to test it more thoroughly but then gajim refuses to load the plugins
  116. Nothing4You marmistrz, you'll need a newer version of the plugin manager
  117. Nothing4You marmistrz,
  118. lovetox marmistrz, look at the branches in the plugins repo
  119. lovetox every gajim version has its own plugin repo now
  120. Nothing4You wtf
  121. Nothing4You did my link just not get through?
  122. lovetox it did
  123. Nothing4You weird
  124. lovetox i see it :)
  125. Nothing4You somehow it didn't arrive on my other client
  126. Nothing4You my other messages did though
  127. marmistrz If I install the gajim dev plugin, will the plugins work if I switch back to 1.0.3 (for whichever reason)
  128. Nothing4You and stikll do
  129. marmistrz ^ this message failed due to "the room is overactive"
  130. Nothing4You i didnd't get that message in this client
  131. Nothing4You as in no "room overactive" error
  132. lovetox marmistrz, everytime you switch gajim version you also have to switch plugins
  133. lovetox but you can run gajim with a profile -p and -s
  134. marmistrz ok, that looks like what I want
  135. lovetox then you can install both plugins and switch between profiles
  136. lovetox but actually you cant go back to 1.0 without deleting your logs.db
  137. lovetox once its upgraded its incompatible with the older version
  138. Nothing4You does this message get delivered?
  139. lovetox xes
  140. Nothing4You i think i just found another bug, not sure if already reported
  141. Nothing4You i just restarted my xmpp server and gajim doesn't show muc participants after reconnect
  142. Nothing4You only lists myself
  143. lovetox thats a prosody bug
  144. lovetox the server should announce that it restarts
  145. Nothing4You how is that a prosody bug if it shows them when i restart gajim?
  146. lovetox and should close the room
  147. lovetox or kick everyone
  148. lovetox you did not say anything about Gajim beeing restarted
  149. Nothing4You i'm talking about this room
  150. lovetox so it was not restarted
  151. Nothing4You when i restart prosody (actually whole machine) without gajim restart
  152. Nothing4You then i can see only myself (and now a few others appeared) in this room
  153. Nothing4You if i restart gajim afterwards i see everyone again
  154. lovetox yes, because prosody doesnt tell (or to late) that it restarts
  155. lovetox ah moment, you start your server but you talk about this muc
  156. Nothing4You yes
  157. lovetox hm yes could be a gajim bug, maybe it doesnt do a full join in that situation
  158. lovetox but hard to debug, as i have no server
  159. Nothing4You is there something i can do to help debug?
  160. lovetox hm i think about it tomorrow, have to go
  161. Nothing4You i'll see if there's a reported bug already, if not i'll create one
  162. bot Richard Schwab created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9442: < Muc members missing after server restart >