Gajim - 2018-11-10

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *7c09a5c8* < > Fix short names of various plugins The short_name attr must be equal the folder name of the plugin, otherwise get_active_plugin() in PluginManager fails
  2. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *4a7006be* < > [hamster] Fix short name
  3. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 16 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  4. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #360: < Installing omemo update on ubuntu 18.04 >
  5. asterix I build latest stable in our repos in the same time I publish release. But debacle do a way better job than me on debian packages, and bublish the release very fast. It was not the case in the past, that's why I published them on our repos
  6. bot André created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9437: < Plugin manager: disable or hide "Install plugin from zip" when running as flatpak >
  7. marmistrz I'm trying to create a public list of public e-mail providers. XMPP looks quite federeted with small servers making up the majority of the network. With e-mail it's mostly corporate privacy-raping providers.
  8. marmistrz
  9. marmistrz ‎Please add any providers you know to the wiki. Thanks! (the wiki should be publicly editable)
  10. Sotneo There are thousands email providers. What the point?
  11. Sotneo email most widely used federated thing
  12. marmistrz Sotneo, no one knows about any but four-five
  13. marmistrz especially when it comes to free providers, most people only know about gmail, outlook, yandex and (maybe apple mail)
  14. Sotneo Most of them don't care about it. Who cares, Don't need the list.
  15. marmistrz This 1%, who
  16. marmistrz This 1%, who'd like to move away from the coprorate providers but don't know where to move
  17. marmistrz I moved to zoho, I'm not perfectly satisfied with that but it's still better than all the mess gmail was doing
  18. Sotneo I have gmail,, and my own mail server :D
  19. test12345 Hello, how do I disable Preferences-->Advanced-->Allow client / OS information to be sent & Allow local system time information to be sent correctly? If I have added no accounts, unchecking these options does not save the setting
  20. asterix It's a per account setting. You can disable if you have no account
  21. asterix Can't
  22. test12345 I see, thanks
  23. mdosch What is the "sync threshold" in groupchats? The time frame for messages synced from MAM?
  24. asterix How long in the past you want to get old messages
  25. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #361: < [pgp] Show Icon for encrypted messages in chat >
  26. profp30 Hello, running on Gajim v1.1.0 since yesterday on Ubuntu 18.10 Today Gajim raises following error on OMEMO plugin: Warning: You are missing Python-Axolotol or use an outdated version.
  27. profp30 Any ideas?
  28. profp30 sudo apt install python-axolotl brings: already running on latest version (0.1.42-1
  29. profp30 lovetux what can I do?
  30. asterix Python3-...
  31. profp30 got gajim the version from here:
  32. lovetox profp30, how did you install omemo?
  33. asterix Install python3-axolotl
  34. lovetox no asterix
  35. lovetox Ubuntu has a omemo package, and he should use that
  36. lovetox instead of trying to install various deps himself
  37. profp30 lovetox, I believe I installed it from Gajim via the shipped PlugIn Installer Plugin
  38. asterix He uses our repos. So he use plugin installer
  39. profp30 yes, plugin installer
  40. lovetox please install omemo from ubuntu repos
  41. profp30 ok, trying...
  42. lovetox but from backports
  43. profp30
  44. profp30
  45. profp30 I haven't figured out how to install OMEMO plugin from the Ubuntu Repos. So I have downladed the latest gajim-nightly from here:
  46. profp30
  47. profp30 rror still occurred; so I have updated the package from the error message:
  48. profp30 sudo apt install python-axolotl
  49. profp30 no succes. then I have updated the same package but for python3:
  50. profp30 sudo apt install python3-axolotl
  51. profp30 OMEMO is working now.
  52. profp30 Thanks for all of your support
  53. profp30 is happy again.
  54. lovetox .... you should really familiarize yourself with how to access the software Ubuntu repositorys provide for you
  55. profp30 sure, but the gajim provided here is to old. I want to have the latest (stable) version. that's why I've got the DEB-version from your FTP.
  56. profp30 APT-Sources: cosmic/universe amd64 Packages brings gajim 1.1.0~beta1-1
  57. profp30 anyway, all is good now.
  58. lovetox profp30,
  59. lovetox actually dont install that
  60. lovetox seems ubuntu is lagging behind debian
  61. lovetox i never noticed because i always use debian repos
  62. profp30 Okay! Thank you, lovetox.
  63. profp30 I'd use flatpak, but I want to have more plugins than the provided 3 in the flatpak repo.
  64. profp30 Maybe I will replace Ubuntu w. Manjaro anyway soon...
  65. lovetox yes, but gajim plugin installer cant install dependencys, so you always have to check the deps the plugin needs and install themself
  66. profp30 Okay; the error message will tell me so...
  67. userrrrrrr Sotneo: many large providers restrict smaller servers from sending mail
  68. userrrrrrr Mail ru Google etc
  69. Sotneo userrrrrrr‎, I have company mail server and my own. If all properly configurated, it is ok.
  70. Nothing4You and it shouldn't be in known dialup ranges
  71. Nothing4You that also helps
  72. userrrrrrr Sotneo: I used a medium sized server
  73. userrrrrrr Long established
  74. userrrrrrr But I often got "returned to sender" messages
  75. userrrrrrr From mail ru
  76. userrrrrrr Other major mail providers do the same
  77. Nothing4You i only ever had issues wiith mail delivery when there was a config issue on my end
  78. userrrrrrr It's not 100% reliable to have a mailbox anywhere but Google and 4 _ 5 others
  79. Sotneo DMARC configurated? like it
  80. Nothing4You my mailserver is not on a dialup ip and it's correctly configured rdns spf dkim dmarc etc so if some random mailserver blocks it it isn't worth it for me imo
  81. Nothing4You if they block for no reason when my side is configured correctly people using those providers should be leaving them or live with not receiving emails from me
  82. Sotneo userrrrrrr‎, you can get some statistic about your mails from your domain via
  83. userrrrrrr Sotneo: yes
  84. userrrrrrr Sotneo: thx
  85. meaz I'm on debian stretch, latest gajim. When I try to download/install a plugin, I have "all selected plugins downloaded" but then nothing happens, the plugins doesn't appear in the "Enabled" window
  86. userrrrrrr meaz: looks like you saved yourself a lot of time and trouble
  87. meaz also, when I go on gajim to know the version I have, it says "" but if I do apt-cache policy I get "1.1.0~beta2-1~bpo9+1 100"
  88. userrrrrrr Why don't you try telegram?
  89. Nothing4You meaz, dpkg -l | grep gajim
  90. Nothing4You also, did you restart gajim after installing the plugins?
  91. meaz Nothing4You, I get 1.1.0~beta2-1~bpo9+1
  92. meaz And yes I did restart gajim
  93. Nothing4You i guess the version displayed inside gajim is incorrect then
  94. Nothing4You you can try launching gajim in a terminal
  95. Nothing4You it might give you some logging explaining why it can't load a certain plugin
  96. meaz ok I'll try that then. Thanks a lot...
  97. meaz FYI here is what I get "Plugin clickable_nicknames not loaded, plugin incompatible with current version of gajim: > 1.0.90"
  98. Nothing4You where did you get the beta build from?
  99. meaz debian stretch backports
  100. meaz I have that for some other plugins like Omemo or image preview
  101. meaz I have that for some other plugins too like Omemo or image preview
  102. Nothing4You i wonder whether it's actually 1.1 or 1.0
  103. Nothing4You meaz, can you try removing it from ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/ and reinstall?
  104. Nothing4You i think it may be internally because it's a 1.1 beta
  105. Nothing4You in the 1.0 plugin manager it downloads the plugin with max_gajim_version: 1.0.90
  106. Nothing4You i guess you could try installing the 1.1 plugin manager
  107. meaz I installed it from debian strectch backport package too: gajim-plugininstaller 1.1.2-1~bpo9+1
  108. Nothing4You hm
  109. Nothing4You no idea then :/
  110. Nothing4You i don't use it on debian myself
  111. Nothing4You lovetox, are you still available?
  112. meaz ok thanks anyway Nothing4You
  113. meaz Nothing4You, i removed the plugin installer and reinstalled it from gajim1.1 as you suggested. Then I remove the clickable_nicknames from ther terminal, restarted gajim and reinstall the clickable_nicknames plugin from the plugin installer. It worked. So thanks
  114. meaz Nothing4You, i removed the plugin installer and reinstalled it from gajim1.1 as you suggested. Then I removed the clickable_nicknames from ther terminal, restarted gajim and reinstall the clickable_nicknames plugin from the plugin installer. It worked. So thanks
  115. meaz Nothing4You, i removed the plugin installer and reinstalled it from gajim1.1 as you suggested. Then I remove the clickable_nicknames from ther terminal, restarted gajim and reinstalled the clickable_nicknames plugin from the plugin installer. It worked. So
  116. Nothing4You it's odd though that the 1.1 plugininstaller from repos doesn't work
  117. lovetox yes seems the problem was a old plugin_installer that pulled plugins not for that version
  118. lovetox to not have this problem anymore, all plugins have now a max and min version
  119. lovetox so only plugins can be loaded that are correct for that gajim version, but older plugins still work and dont have that max version set
  120. lovetox so from 1.1 on it should be less trouble
  121. lovetox and the debian package is fine, its just that user installed plugins always trumps the debian installed plugins
  122. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  123. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 7 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
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