Gajim - 2018-11-05

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  3. genofire A question, is it possible to disable tabs in detached window modus? And use the roster for it
  4. daniel I think there is no option for this. you can try to put the tabs to one side (left for example). what you're asking for might be implemented in a later gajim version (a roster-like sidebar where all conversations are displayed)
  5. bot Lucas Treffenstädt created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9420: < Advertise openpgp key such that conversations can detect and use it >
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  7. ben How do I pick kwallet instead of GNOME keyring on startup? My laptop seems to use kwallet, desktop GNOME. On Arch.
  8. ben I want to use kwallet because it supports a gpg key
  9. testeGajim hello, I'm new to Gajim and actually using 1.0.99 (which is gajim-portable-1.1.0-beta1). As I found nothing in your wiki or FAQ how to update, I hope you can help me here how to update a portable Gajim? which folders do I have to keep to keep my accounts, contacts and conversations or can i just ,move a newer version over the older one?
  10. lovetox testeGajim, go to the portable folder, add a "old" folder
  11. lovetox move everything in there except the UserData Folder
  12. lovetox Start the installer and install into the portable folder
  13. testeGajim ok, IÄll try it (and therefor will close Gajim), thanks for your advice :)
  14. testeGajim ok, I'll try it (and therefor will close Gajim), thanks for your advice :)
  15. lovetox ben, hard to say, we use python-keyring it chooses automatically a backend
  16. testeGajim thanks lovetox, that worked as it seems .. so I guess, I can delete the "old" folder now?
  17. lovetox yes, but i leave it always until the next update
  18. lovetox especially with betas
  19. lovetox you might encounter a issue that you can not live with in daily operation
  20. lovetox and want to go back
  21. testeGajim ok, thanks :)
  22. testeGajim now I have a practical question concerning the usage of Gajim
  23. testeGajim I'm also using another XMPP client on my SmartPhone (Conversations) which works pretty well so far
  24. testeGajim there my chats are synchronizing automatically, so everything I type in a chat here in Gajim appears also there in Conversations, but not vice versa, meaning: in Gajim only appear text messages I also typed in Gajim, but not messages I typed in Conversations. Also no messages are displayed in Gajim which were send to me while Gajim was offline. Is there any option I have to set so that my chats also synchronize in Gajim?
  25. lovetox are you tallking about an encrypted chat?
  26. testeGajim no, encryption is disabled, as her client doesn't have OMEMO
  27. lovetox are you aware of the History window? Go to a chat and press CTRL + H
  28. lovetox do you see the messages there?
  29. testeGajim yes, I already searched in History, but the messages aren't there
  30. testeGajim e.g. I have a contact with whom I wrote some text messages in Gajim, inbetween she answered something, which I answered not in Gajim, but in my SmartPhone client, but all those messages won't appear in Gajim at all
  31. testeGajim with other contacts I don't have recognized this problem, but those contacts are usually online, but the concerning contact (where messages received while Gajim was offline aren't displayed) is mostly offline
  32. lovetox go to accounts -> advanced -> server info
  33. lovetox and check if Message Archive is available
  34. testeGajim XEP-0313 Message Archive Management is available
  35. testeGajim server SW is prosody 0.10.2
  36. testeGajim my XMPP client on my SmartPhone receives the messages (but maybe that my SmartPhone was mostly online during the last days)
  37. testeGajim it seems to be that Gajim doesn't receive messages from contacts that are offline while I'm online and vice versa, but shouldn't do the server send / synchronize the messages?
  38. testeGajim I just had a chat in another channel and it seems to be that for that contact my Accounts --> Advanced --> Archiving Preferences. were set to "never" instead of "contacts" (which is the standard for my other XMPP account)
  39. testeGajim I hope that's been the problem, but I wonder how that setting was standardly set to "never", as I never changed that setting (and never would have found it)
  40. testeGajim I'll have a look at it and hope that this was the problem, thanks for your help so far :)
  41. zuglufttier That setting comes from the server.
  42. zuglufttier Due to privacy reasons in some cases.
  43. testeGajim ok, maybe that they changed it inbetween, I have 2 accounts on that server and the first was set to "contacts", the second was set to "never"
  44. testeGajim it's a pity that such important options are so well hidden and even seem to be "never" by default (on some servers), not conducive to newcomers like me ;)
  45. testeGajim I just found the option after a longer chat with others trying to help me, perhaps that option should be ,more prominent located to see/access it more easily?
  46. testeGajim I was also irritated by these "advanced-archive-settings", that there's neither MAM mentioned nor a jabber-ID listed, so I'd rather assume, as a naïve user, it doesn't affect anything, because there's no account listed there anyway ... just my 2 cents as a new Gajim user :)
  47. zuglufttier Understandable! Maybe something to report to the user, the first time he connects to a certain user?
  48. zuglufttier Understandable! Maybe something to report to the user, the first time he connects to a certain server?
  49. bot nico created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9421: < History Manager AttributeError with a NoneType >
  50. lovetox testeGajim, thats a value set by the Server
  51. lovetox The Server admin either didnt know about the setting, or activly decides that users register to the server should not use the archive by default
  52. lovetox I see the problem, but Server Admins also have a duty to provide sane defaults that give users a good experience
  53. nico testeGajim, which server are your accounts registered on?
  54. testeGajim nico, on ... but I just tested, if my own messages arrive now in Gajim, while Gajim has been offline, and it seems to work now, just the setting had to be changed
  55. testeGajim as I hadn't this problem with another account I registered there and wasn't aware that it's a server setting, they possibly changed in that week inbetween I registered my 2 accounts there, that's perhaps the reason why the settings were different for my 2 accounts
  56. lovetox Could also be that another client changed it
  57. lovetox for some reason
  58. lovetox what i will do is make this problem visible in the server info window
  59. lovetox so its sooner discovered that MAM is not active
  60. testeGajim now I'm just wondering, why the person I'm chatting with, where I couldn't see my own offline messages in Gajim, why she sees my offline messages, although she's been offline, too (but she uses Thunderbird), as she should have the same settings, as her account was registered at the same time as mine
  61. testeGajim such a change could be very helpful :)
  62. lovetox Maybe its not the servers fault, actually we had these reports quite often with conversations users
  63. bot nico closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9421: < History Manager AttributeError with a NoneType >
  64. testeGajim hm, in conversations I can't even find such an option, as there are no account specific options as it seems
  65. lovetox yes there are
  66. lovetox its a bit hidden, you have to go to the screen where you can disable your account
  67. lovetox and then click on the account row
  68. testeGajim I found it, thanks again :)
  69. testeGajim but I've never been to that options, so no idea, where and why it changed, but it seems to be that the default setting for archiving on server on seems to be set to "never"
  70. testeGajim but still it worked in the past, at least in conversations, until I now encountered the problem with my second account
  71. testeGajim don't know why the settings differed for the 2 accounts, but at least now I know where to check and set it and can tell it others, too :)
  72. lovetox actually it cant be different
  73. lovetox this is an account setting not a per device setting
  74. lovetox you just cant notice it if you only using one device
  75. lovetox MAM problems are really noticed if you have a second device
  76. marmistrz lovetox: are there any chances to get !330 merged before 1.1.0 release?
  77. lovetox no
  78. lovetox 1.1 should be released since a week, im only waiting on asterix
  79. lovetox and i dont add new never tested code now
  80. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >: *1e5e62a7* < > Update ChangeLog
  81. hannibal lovetox: don't forget to add the new release to
  82. lovetox there is no release yet, i just prepared the changelog
  83. lovetox but tomorrow hopefully it will
  84. pvoigt Could anybody please explain briefly the difference between gajim nightly and default-nightly?
  85. asterix pvoigt: gajim nightly is 1.1 branch. Default-nightly is master branch
  86. pvoigt asterix, hm, so default-nightly is bleeding edge and less stable, right? I ask because my nightly currently throws lots of runtime errors but I have no time to carefully create a bug report.
  87. lovetox if you post them maybe we can solve them
  88. pvoigt 20+ lines should I paste here or better use pastbin?
  89. lovetox pastebin
  90. pvoigt lovetox,
  91. lovetox there are lines missing
  92. lovetox the interesting ones :D
  93. pvoigt lovetox, oh, sorry, wait a second...
  94. pvoigt lovetox, here's the full output of the runtime error message window:
  95. lovetox this is a python3-gnupg bug
  96. lovetox i think its fixed in its most recent version
  97. lovetox hm no its only fixed in master
  98. lovetox
  99. lovetox you can also solve this with looking into your keyring
  100. lovetox there is a key with that fingerprint
  101. lovetox twice in there
  102. lovetox delete it once
  103. lovetox and the error should be gone
  104. pvoigt lovetox, you mean gnome keyring?
  105. lovetox no your pgp keyring
  106. lovetox you use pgp with Gajim?
  107. pvoigt lovetox, sorry, yes, long ago I played with GPG and OTR under Gajim before I changed to omemo.
  108. pvoigt lovetox, I will grep my keyring right now for that fingerprint...
  109. lovetox yeah you cant disable gpg it seem in Gajim, other solutions are only to deinstall python-gnupg
  110. pvoigt lovetox, hm, it looks like a duplicate subkey of Werner Kochs key ;-)
  111. lovetox :D
  112. pvoigt I am afraid, I cannot delete that subkey, but I am not sure.
  113. lovetox if its twice in there why not
  114. pvoigt Maybe I am wrong, but the duplicate subkey cannot be deleted without deleting the entire public main key.
  115. pvoigt Wait a second, I will look up the key on a keyserver
  116. pvoigt Sorry, keyservers timing out.
  117. pvoigt Can I delete the key from Gajim configuration, its not needed there anymore?
  118. pvoigt Hm, I am afraid, the general keyring check of Gajim fails, so no use to change the Gajim configuration. I will just delete Werners entire key including all subkeys which hopefully makes Gajim happy.
  119. pvoigt lovetox, I have deleted the public key in question including the the duplicate subkeys. The error is gone. Can I disable the usage of GPG entirely because I usually use Omemo only?
  120. pvoigt Subsequently re-imported Werner's key, now without duplicate subkeys. Maybe the duplicates have once been caused during incomplete keyring migration along the whole version changes of GPG - I am using GPG since 1995 ;-)
  121. lovetox no at the moment you cant disable pgp
  122. pvoigt lovetox, OK thanks.
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  126. daniel It's happening? :)
  127. lovetox i hope so
  128. daniel Yeah! :) good luck!
  129. asterix I prepare ... too late to do it this evening
  130. lovetox i think we can wait a day :D
  131. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ < >: *683409ec* < > prepare website for 1.1.0
  132. asterix Translators ...
  133. asterix Ho the appdata has changed since string freeze ...
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