Gajim - 2018-10-30

  1. hannibal lovetox: in the window title: groupchat -> group chat
  2. lovetox k thanks
  3. meaz I can get the whole history of a MUC in a text file by using the "History Manager". Is there a way to get that from a command line? or where is it saved on the computer (I'm using debian stretch)?
  4. lovetox its in a sqlite db
  5. lovetox ./local/share/gajim/logs.db
  6. lovetox so you have to write yourself a db script
  7. lovetox what do you want to do?
  8. meaz thanks lovetox . I am a teacher with an 7 European schools one-year project. I set a prosody server so that pupils from these different schools can easily talk to each other. Us teachers would like to be to save the logs so that we can format them in a nice way and give that to the kids as a souvenir of their project (they have topics to talk about each month)
  9. lovetox why dont you use the prosody server extension that we use here in the gajim channel to display the logs?
  10. lovetox
  11. meaz is that you guys that set it so that we see the calendar first, or is it part of the module?
  12. lovetox no its part of the module
  13. lovetox so what is the problem you want to solve with commandline?
  14. lovetox you dont want to click all chats?
  15. meaz At the moment, if I use the History Manager in gajim, I have to click one muc, and export it. I like what I get, but as I have 30 mucs, I need to do that 30 times. I was wondering if I could get the 30 files in only one command line...
  16. lovetox is it not possible to select more than one?
  17. lovetox if not i can add that to the history manager, should not be hard
  18. meaz well you can select multiple muc, but then you get one file with all the discussions of each muc in only one file. What I would like is 30 selected mucs give 30 files, one per muc.
  19. lovetox yes i see, so no at the moment there is no commandline option for that, but i will add that it creates multiple files instead of one
  20. lovetox i think one file is probably not useful
  21. meaz that would be awesome!
  22. meaz how can I know when that is done? No hurry, I'm not being pushy, I just want to be able to know when it works so that I can use it.
  23. lovetox meaz, i will tell you 🙂
  24. meaz cool! Thanks a lot lovetox !
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  31. asterix lovetox: several chats in one file could be isefull to merge logs from several account. Like metacontacts.
  32. lovetox k thanks asterix, then we need both options, in one file and in separate
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