Gajim - 2018-10-28

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >: *d86f7806* < > Flatpak: remove modules provided by the runtime
  2. marmistrz lovetox, the crash problem is an issue with the URL image preview plugin
  3. marmistrz the history for 7th Oct has a OMEMO-encrypted HTTP-upload
  4. marmistrz It points to a gif image (non-animated)
  5. marmistrz
  6. marmistrz It's a similar kind of gif but uploaded from Conversations and probably compressed
  7. marmistrz (it's not exactly this one gif, because I'm not sure if my contact wants his own schedule to be uploaded elsewhere :))
  8. marmistrz Here's the backtrace from the file above:
  9. marmistrz Exception in thread Thread-1:
  10. lovetox please dont post gifs that crash gajim into a muc
  11. lovetox ..
  12. lep fastest way to get it fixed))
  13. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  14. mrDoctorWho Traceback (most recent call last):
  15. mrDoctorWho this is interesting
  16. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  17. lovetox should be fixed marmistrz
  18. gerald >please dont post gifs that crash gajim into a muc yeah, almost had a heart attack when the error message popped up out of the blue ;)
  19. marmistrz lovetox: sorry
  20. marmistrz thanks
  21. marmistrz I actually thought that this one doesn't but I didn't realize I still had the plugin turned off
  22. lovetox mrDoctorWho, do you have some kind of second language on the keyboard
  23. mrDoctorWho lovetox, yes
  24. lovetox or anything special regarding keyboard layout/mode
  25. mrDoctorWho yes
  26. lovetox yes what exactly?
  27. lovetox can you run a small python script for me
  28. lovetox
  29. lovetox i guess you use a language where there is not letter C
  30. lovetox on such a keyboard layout, how would you copy paste stuff?
  31. marmistrz lovetox, the plugin installer doesn't show any updates of url image preview. is this intended?
  32. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  33. mrDoctorWho lovetox, sorry I missed your messages
  34. mrDoctorWho lovetox, the thing is I got an old weird laptop recently and it has some keyboard layout issues with the software I use (Fedora, KDE)
  35. lovetox i can fix that it does not fail, but copy paste will most likely not work
  36. mrDoctorWho Yeah it doesn't work
  37. mrDoctorWho lovetox, I use two layouts, ru and us, and when I let KDE switch the layout to ru, part of the keyboard doesn't work. I found a solution to enable them via "setkxbmap ru" (manually setting layout in X), but hotkeys don't work with this method
  38. mrDoctorWho lovetox, the script you sent doesn't have any ouptut with russian layout
  39. mrDoctorWho I haven't yet found a proper solution for my issue and I'm not sure there is
  40. lovetox k then i will just add that Gajim doesnt crash
  41. mrDoctorWho that would be great
  42. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 8 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  43. marmistrz lovetox, 1.0.3+c02685320b71 on Arch Linux
  44. lovetox yeah i didnt port it yet to 1.0.3
  45. lovetox will do later
  46. userrrrrrr Hi guys! Is there a plugin for quoting selected text with a hotkey?
  47. userrrrrrr I'd really like it as it is more useful for me than ctrl+shift+arrow...
  48. lovetox so you just want to change the hotkey?
  49. userrrrrrr lovetox, there is no hotkey for what I want.
  50. lovetox ah i see
  51. userrrrrrr right now I can only quote *selected* text using the right mouse menu
  52. lovetox and i guess right click with mouse and clicking quote is also not an option?
  53. userrrrrrr in Psi + they have a hotkey for that, C+s
  54. userrrrrrr too many mouse movements.
  55. userrrrrrr the hand stays too long on the mouse
  56. lovetox Hm i see this can be useful
  57. userrrrrrr i'd prefer to just press ctrl+s when having selected what I wanna quote.
  58. Zash Have you tried middle-click?
  59. lovetox does not work Zash
  60. Zash What?
  61. userrrrrrr Zash, what for?
  62. Zash userrrrrrr: Pasting the selection
  63. userrrrrrr have I tried using mouse so that I don't have to use mouse?
  64. userrrrrrr i don't need to *paste* the selection, i need to *quote it*
  65. Zash Could do some trickery to check if the selection is from the log and insert a quote marker
  66. lovetox Zash, we have a simple quote method, he just asks to trigger it via hotkey and selection
  67. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Setup: move configuration to setup.cfg to improve readability
  68. userrrrrrr lovetox, yep.
  69. userrrrrrr was pretty convenient in Psi + with ctrl+sa
  70. userrrrrrr *ctrl+s
  71. lovetox any other suggestion, because ctrl+s is already used
  72. userrrrrrr lovetox, left alt+s?
  73. userrrrrrr lovetox, or ctrl+x
  74. userrrrrrr anyway, I don't need the functionality bound to ctrl+s now, so I would like to tailor it so I can quote with ctrl+s
  75. userrrrrrr while not imposing my choice on others
  76. userrrrrrr hrm, in conversations I see "lovetox is writing"
  77. lovetox yeah this would mean we have to implement a shortcut manager, where you can change all shortcuts
  78. userrrrrrr and in gajim I see nothing of the sort...
  79. lovetox rather unrealistic right now
  80. lovetox we dont display chatstates in MUCs
  81. userrrrrrr okay, I would settle for ctrl+x or left alt + s 😉
  82. userrrrrrr I see.
  83. Link Mauve ^X is usually used for cutting items (such as text from the input) in graphical programs.
  84. Link Mauve And ^S for saving things.
  85. userrrrrrr Link Mauve, not when you've selected a text in the chat window, where you are clearly not in the text editing mode.
  86. userrrrrrr Link Mauve, ^s is already reserved for a rather superflous feature
  87. userrrrrrr status update
  88. userrrrrrr Link Mauve, it's perfectly possible to have ctrl+x behave like quoting when you've selected some text from your backlog, while still preserving it as a cutting hotkey for text editing mode.
  89. Nothing4You only in the buddylist window tho
  90. Nothing4You ^s that is
  91. Link Mauve userrrrrrr, modal shortcuts are pretty much impossible for most users to reason about.
  92. Link Mauve I’d strongly object to that.
  93. Zash Link Mauve: vim users are not most users? :P
  94. Link Mauve Zash, at least in Vim you’re taught these from the beginning. :p
  95. Nothing4You what needs to happen for plugins to be compatible with gajim-git? do they get auto-built or manually?
  96. Nothing4You i already updated this instance to the plugin installer for gajim-dev from the wiki page
  97. lovetox yeah then just install the plugins
  98. Nothing4You plugins still don't like my gajim being 1.1.91 > 1.0.90
  99. lovetox you have to reinstall them
  100. Nothing4You i tried, let my try again
  101. lovetox afterwards you have to restart
  102. Nothing4You yeah, i think i may have forgotten the install button
  103. Nothing4You give me a sec
  104. Nothing4You ah that was it
  105. userrrrrrr Link Mauve, that's better than not having such a useful shortcut
  106. Nothing4You it's still trying to load gotr though which still wants 0.15.9
  107. Nothing4You where can i remove that?
  108. Nothing4You just remove the folder in ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins?
  109. userrrrrrr ok, how about an option you can check in options: ctrl+s behaviour: *quote selected* or *update status*
  110. userrrrrrr and btw, if we go a bit modal, we can have ctrl+s both updating status (when no text selected) and quoting selected txt.
  111. lovetox i rather look into what we have to do to have somekind of shortcut config file where users can adjust hotkeys
  112. lovetox i feel we need this more often in the future
  113. lovetox so its worth investigating
  114. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s usually much better to not have configuration for that, and instead to have sane defaults, so users can help each other without having to guess what has been changed.
  115. userrrrrrr lovetox, and also please please look into how to decrease the size of your contact name while in chat with him!
  116. Link Mauve Everytime you introduce an option, you’ve lost.
  117. userrrrrrr what we have now is terribly disproportionate
  118. lovetox but it spares me discussion like that :D
  119. userrrrrrr my eyes are almost bleeding seeing this:
  120. Zash What about a small popover when you select text with a button that lets you quote the textq
  121. Nothing4You the httpupload plugin is now a core feature, isn't it?
  122. lovetox yes Nothing4You
  123. Nothing4You gotta clean up a few old plugins from my installed plugins that don't show up in gajim anymore anyways
  124. lovetox i dont understand what you mean userrrrrrr , decrease the size of the contact name? where?
  125. userrrrrrr i'll show u right away
  126. userrrrrrr
  127. userrrrrrr it's terribly disproportionate
  128. lovetox hm, not in my opinion, normally you dont have such small window sizes
  129. userrrrrrr what?
  130. lovetox and there is no saving space, the icon will not get smaller
  131. userrrrrrr the size of the window doesn't have anything to do with it
  132. lovetox it only looks so big because you have such a small window
  133. userrrrrrr no
  134. userrrrrrr it looks so big because I have reasonably sized fonts in chat
  135. userrrrrrr and menu bar
  136. userrrrrrr and roster
  137. userrrrrrr it's ridiculously big, you are just used to it
  138. userrrrrrr and I hope you don't imply gajim is only meant to be used in 4k resolution on a 27" screen
  139. userrrrrrr ...
  140. Nothing4You i don't think it's that bad for me
  141. userrrrrrr Nothing4You, because you are used to it.
  142. Nothing4You no i think it's smaller on my screen
  143. Nothing4You relatively
  144. userrrrrrr ok, when I increase the window this disproportionate POS doesn't change
  145. lovetox what gajim version are you using userrrrrrr ?
  146. userrrrrrr 1.0.3
  147. lovetox you can look into prefereces -> themes or style manager
  148. userrrrrrr another fonts question: while in chat, the backlog font is 1.5x smaller than the font of your recent messages
  149. lovetox there should be something about banner font
  150. Nothing4You
  151. userrrrrrr still disproportionate
  152. userrrrrrr lovetox, don't have such option
  153. userrrrrrr can only configure chat message font
  154. lovetox yes you have
  155. lovetox there is a dropdown in the theme manager
  156. Nothing4You compared to the size of the tab text it's not that big
  157. mathieui W 2
  158. userrrrrrr lovetox, that's better, thank you
  159. userrrrrrr another question:
  160. userrrrrrr the backlog font size is different than what i'm writing atm
  161. userrrrrrr is that a feature?
  162. Nothing4You on my system it's same size
  163. userrrrrrr i'll show you mine
  164. lovetox userrrrrrr, you dont need to show it
  165. userrrrrrr lovetox, got two problems with personal chat mode.
  166. userrrrrrr first, the banner is too big, bigger than with conversations tabs
  167. userrrrrrr second, different font sizes
  168. lovetox look under preference -> advanced -> editor
  169. lovetox for restored_messages_small
  170. lovetox and set it to False
  171. Nothing4You oh that stuff
  172. Nothing4You i don't see any backlog at all
  173. Nothing4You i mixed it with history view
  174. userrrrrrr
  175. userrrrrrr lovetox, ok, and what about the banner that is 1.5x bigger than conversations banners?
  176. lovetox it holds the avatar, and also informations like, status, chatstates notifications etc
  177. lovetox i dont see a way to make it smaller than 2 lines of text
  178. userrrrrrr my contact has no avatar.
  179. userrrrrrr and the green circle indicating his online status is like 1/4 the height of the banner
  180. userrrrrrr 1/3 at best
  181. lovetox still need 2 lines
  182. lovetox to answer your question, no you can not adjust the height
  183. userrrrrrr i say it's wasted space
  184. userrrrrrr i have the info who i'm talking to in the tab bar
  185. userrrrrrr and even if I did need to have this information doubled, then not so overly big
  186. userrrrrrr in short, a way to hide it would be cool.
  187. userrrrrrr >i have the info who i'm talking to in the tab bar
  188. userrrrrrr and their online status, too
  189. userrrrrrr that's in the tab bar
  190. userrrrrrr moreover, now I only have 3 tabs, but their tab panel representations are too small
  191. lovetox The chatwindow will probably be get a redesign in 1.2
  192. userrrrrrr we could scale them to width
  193. userrrrrrr no need to shrink it! there is 50% of free space left on the tab bar
  194. lovetox you might want to move the tabs to the left or right side
  195. lovetox there is a config setting tab_position
  196. lovetox in ACE
  197. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  198. userrrrrrr lovetox, I hope for the redesign.
  199. userrrrrrr lovetox, cause it's still pretty bad as it is.
  200. userrrrrrr and probably the only reason people use and develop dino
  201. userrrrrrr lovetox, and btw, would be nice to be able to shrink the conference member list further than we can now.
  202. lovetox you can hide it, is that not enough?
  203. userrrrrrr and user avatars in that list seem out of place
  204. userrrrrrr oh
  205. userrrrrrr right, ty
  206. userrrrrrr still, the avatars in that list look out of place.
  207. userrrrrrr you should probably round them
  208. userrrrrrr or insert dummy avatars for those without them...
  209. userrrrrrr *and
  210. userrrrrrr or let users have text only MUC user list
  211. userrrrrrr (as a possible solution)
  212. userrrrrrr image preview alignment is also not exactly perfect.
  213. userrrrrrr other desktop messengers and Conversations seem to solve this problem in a more elegant way
  214. userrrrrrr embedding the image previews so that they feel as though they are really on their place
  215. userrrrrrr it's more or less okay as it is now, though...
  216. lovetox userrrrrrr, Gajim is a 15 year old Messenger, compared to projects like Dino/Conversations which are 1-2 years old
  217. lovetox Thats why it looks that way, and because there are not enough contributors to do a redesign of every single thing
  218. userrrrrrr pidgin is also pretty old
  219. userrrrrrr but arguably less ugly
  220. userrrrrrr lovetox, didn't know gajim was so old though...
  221. Zash Uglyness is subjective
  222. bot BaumGuard created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9407: < Bug in Gajim >
  223. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9407: < Bug in Gajim >
  224. marmistrz when is 1.1.0 expected?
  225. mmf soon^{tm}
  226. Zash Always Soon™
  227. Maranda When you least expect it ®️
  228. Nothing4You in the future
  229. Nothing4You certainly not in the past
  230. lovetox Its ready
  231. lovetox just asterix is on holiday until next weekend
  232. lovetox so no release until then
  233. mimi89999 Who choose that green for status messages? That color attracts more attention than the black of arriving messages. Couldn't you make it gray? Yes, I know that I can change it. Just complaining about the defaults.
  234. daniel yes, grey might be a better default
  235. bot Philipp Hörist closed a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Replace adhoc command window with GtkAssistant
  236. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Setup: move configuration to setup.cfg to improve readability
  237. daniel lovetox, I try to quickly resolve the conflicts in !346
  238. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Scroll history window to bottom when day changed or selected
  239. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9408: < Add Gajim version info to Flathub >
  240. mimi89999 Is there any progress on #8822 ?
  241. daniel spell checker cpu usage? I don't think so
  242. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9408: < Add Gajim version info to Flathub >
  243. mimi89999 RAM usage.
  244. mimi89999 Maybe the text input could be destroyed when switching tabs and then recreated?
  245. lovetox my plan is to just use one speller instance
  246. lovetox that i attach to textview that is currently active
  247. daniel could also be used for status message input field then, couldn't it?
  248. lovetox yes
  249. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 13 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  250. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *0e3b74da* < > Fix pylint errors
  251. SaltyBones Is it possible to turn off the beginning-of-line-backspace chime?
  252. SaltyBones I have sounds-on deactivated but gajim still goes "donkdonkdonkdonk" when I hold backspace. :)
  253. lovetox I think its a GTK setting
  254. lovetox gtk-error-bell = 0
  255. lovetox try that
  256. lovetox but this is probably also used in other places
  257. SaltyBones Thanks, I could indeed turn it off in the sound settings.
  258. bot Jelmer Vernooij created an issue in _python-nbxmpp_ < >: #58: < OMEMO usage for non-gajim nbxmpp clients >
  259. userrrrrrr is there any plugin to highlight quotations
  260. userrrrrrr marked with >
  261. userrrrrrr as in Conversations
  262. lovetox no
  263. userrrrrrr :(
  264. SaltyBones lovetox, I just turned on encryption in gajim
  265. SaltyBones but it displays an open red lock and says unencrypted
  266. lovetox on older messages?
  267. lovetox or on ones that you write
  268. SaltyBones on ones I write
  269. lovetox then i guess its not encrypted
  270. SaltyBones Well...but I turned on encryption! :)
  271. lovetox does the console throw errors?
  272. SaltyBones no
  273. SaltyBones and according to my contact conversations says the messages are encrypted
  274. lovetox ah
  275. lovetox you have to update the plugins
  276. lovetox the plugin is old and does not tell Gajim the encryption state, so Gajim assumes the worst
  277. SaltyBones hm..didn't they do that automatically? :)
  278. lovetox i dont know what version are you running?
  279. SaltyBones trunk
  280. lovetox no i mean of the plugin
  281. SaltyBones master
  282. SaltyBones 2.6.0
  283. lovetox yeah you need something newer
  284. SaltyBones maybe I installed it locally because I do indeed not seem to have a plugin manager
  285. SaltyBones although I distinctly remember it updating automatically
  286. SaltyBones did something change? is my plugin installer maybe not compatible anyomer?
  287. lovetox yes could be, we split plugins into different branches
  288. lovetox gajim1.1 branch plugins dont work for master
  289. lovetox etc
  290. lovetox but you probably have some inbetween version of omemo that works for both
  291. lovetox either way update the plugins from master branch
  292. lovetox or download from here
  293. SaltyBones how do I get a loadable zip from the git checkout?
  294. lovetox you dont
  295. lovetox if you clone, then just copy the folder into your plugin dir
  296. lovetox if you want zips just download from ftp
  297. SaltyBones hm...plugin dir...that is ...~/.local/somewhere?
  298. lovetox ./local/share/gajim/plugins
  299. SaltyBones brb
  300. SaltyBones ah...wrong folder
  301. SaltyBones that s more like it
  302. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 5 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: