Gajim - 2018-10-23

  1. patsaya_topat hi
  2. patsaya_topat how are you
  3. patsaya_topat whare are you
  4. mmf Is gajim working properly in regards to offline messages?
  5. mmf I seem to miss some messages in gajim, but not in dino
  6. mmf Is this a known problem?
  7. Daniel asterix, when do the changes I proposed for the website become visible?
  8. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9202: < No context menu on MUC's tab >
  9. lovetox no mmf, depends on many factors, was the message encrypted, was it a muc, does the muc have MAM
  10. lovetox etc
  11. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9164: < Color of tab as "typing" indicator get's lost on focus >
  12. mmf But lovetox, that would be the same using dino, right?
  13. mmf If they appear on dino but not on gajim, it's a problem on gajim's end, right?
  14. mmf but yes, it was encrypted. Sometimes i notice that gajim starts "downloading" messages but then stops
  15. mmf if I log out and log in, I get more messages, until it stops again
  16. lovetox messages are encrypted per device
  17. lovetox so the message could be encrypted for dino, but not for gajim
  18. mmf ah
  19. mmf I doubt that's that though, because I receive messages that came from the same device as those that I do not receive
  20. lovetox what are you talking about, a muc or 1:1?
  21. mmf 1:1
  22. mmf It is my experience that this happens when there are many messages, for example, a day's talk..
  23. mmf Just for a few messages, it works as expected
  24. lovetox are you aware of the history window? CTRL + H
  25. lovetox dino has somekind of endless scrolling for history
  26. lovetox Gajim does not have that, history is visible in the history window, except for the last X messages which is configurable
  27. lovetox history beeing messages that you already received on other devices
  28. mmf I was not aware of ctrl+h, no. Either way, I did not do a comprehensive testing, I was just wondering if this was a known "bug"
  29. mmf If it is not, it's probably something on my end.. I will do more tests
  30. mmf and let you know
  31. lovetox not much to test, open the history window and compare with dino history
  32. lovetox but encryption is mostly the problem
  33. mmf right
  34. mmf If it is an encryption problem, should there be some kind of messages? "Client did not encrypt to this device" or something like that?
  35. mmf Or it just fails silently?
  36. lovetox depends on the decryption error, but mostly silent, which may change in the future
  37. mmf alright
  38. lovetox i guess in your case its just that we only show the last X messages, and dino shows more in the chatwindow, which makes you think you miss messages
  39. mmf No, it is not that. I think there are no missing messages in dino-gajim, so you are right..
  40. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9075: < Error when trying to report a traceback >
  41. mmf but gajim is slower in dowloading messages
  42. mmf I am missing one message in both gajim/dino, which is in my android (conversations)
  43. mmf so it's probably an encryption problem
  44. lovetox yes that could well be the case, i never made comparisons
  45. mmf Ya, sometimes I need to logout/login to be able to resume downloading in gajim
  46. lovetox its also much faster on linux then on windows
  47. mmf Initially I thought that it could be some kind of server-side bandwidth limit
  48. mmf but it seems to work ok on dino
  49. lovetox but how do you know if gajim is downloading?
  50. mmf Well, I open the chat and I see messages appearing (or not)
  51. mmf When they stop appearing and there are still missing messages, I close/open gajim and sure enough, more messages appear
  52. lovetox and how many mucs do you have on autojoin?
  53. mmf This is on a 1:1 convo
  54. mmf but I have 2 groups
  55. mmf It could be that I don't see messages appearing because it's updating the MUCs
  56. mmf Oh btw, this is not a gajim question, more of a xmpp one, but I will ask:
  57. mmf Is there some kind of "dissapearing messages" available or in the works?
  58. asterix Daniel: hen I'll copy it. But given the low translation % in most languages, I wonder if we should keep them online
  59. asterix Only 3 have > 50%
  60. asterix Setuptools installed in my build env. For tomorow's daily
  61. Daniel ah I thought this was an automated process! no that's ok, I was just wondering
  62. asterix It's not so we can commit things that's not published. There is, which is the git version
  63. lovetox mmf, yeah this feature was discussed
  64. lovetox but its problematic in xmpp, because its not a centralized server where everyone is on
  65. lovetox so you can not delete messages in other users clients
  66. lovetox you can just do a "hey please delete this message"
  67. lovetox and hope the other client does it
  68. lovetox so this is not that useful
  69. mmf Ya, it's harder to implement
  70. lovetox hm no its downright impossible, you dont have control of other users servers and also not of the client, you cant force them to delete anything
  71. lovetox so its more like a fun feature
  72. lovetox maybe its deleted maybe not
  73. lovetox thats something that can be achieved a lot easier by Whatsapp, because they control servers and clients
  74. zuglufttier It's never possible, in WhatsApp you just hope that the client behaves correctly.
  75. zuglufttier Since they control client and server software, it's possible.
  76. zuglufttier It's not a useful feature, it's mainly cosmetics. Even in WhatsApp, I doubt that the message gets deleted on your phone then, it's propably only hidden from your view.
  77. Holger Actually I think it is useful, just like message correction is. If I send a message to the wrong group, I might want to delete it to avoid confusion. It's just not a security/privacy mechanism.
  78. Holger It's being used quite a lot in the WhatsApp groups I'm in these days, so I think it's turning into a feature people kinda expect. (Though in WhatsApp it's sometimes just used as a workaround for the missing message correction.)
  79. zuglufttier As I said, it can be used for cosmetic reasons ;)
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  83. Hi. I am using gajim from debian stable (0.16.6). When starting gajim I always get the message “gajim is already running”. I did not find a logfile or something and could not find out why it thinks it is running.
  84. lockfile, sorry
  85. mmf ps aux | grep gajim
  86. mmf Is it running?
  87. mmf Also, gajim in debian stable is incredibly old
  88. it is now (as i am using it), but then it wasn't (i get the message even after a reboot)
  89. ok, I'd try to upgrade from stretch-backports
  90. mimi89999 23/10/2018 19:55:27 (E) gajim.plugin_system.omemo ERROR:
  91. mimi89999 Hmmm
  92. Link Mauve asterix, your certificate is expired, check your cronjob.
  93. asterix Oups, I will, thanks
  94. debacle Where again could I set the font in Gajim? (beta2)
  95. debacle People send me ASCII art and tables. Need to see it in full beauty.
  96. lovetox preference -> style
  97. lovetox debacle
  98. glidelaxz newbie :/
  99. bot Philipp Hörist created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9401: < Let User copy the full info from the ServerInfo Window >
  100. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9401: < Let User copy the full info from the ServerInfo Window >
  101. lovetox Thanks Daniel for all the MRs, i will take a closer look tomorrow, but i would prefer them not beeing merged into 1.1 anymore. Except of the the appdata.xml one.
  102. lovetox Reason is that they break again strings, which is fine by me, but we have to make it stop at one point so translators can finish their work and we get 1.1 out
  103. debacle lovetox, I go to Gajim -> Preferences -> Style, but I can't see how to change the font. Via "Themes" maybe?
  104. lovetox yes
  105. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8968: < Win7 Pro / Gajim 1.0.0 - the procedure entry "inflateValidate" was not found in DLL "zlib1.dll" >
  106. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  107. debacle OK, I see. It's not very intuitive (to me), but powerful. Nice!
  108. Daniel lovetox, I didn't expect any of these MRs to be in 1.1
  109. thanks, upgrading helped!
  110. Daniel I'm happy to see them eventually :)