Gajim - 2018-10-10

  1. mrDoctorWho Does anybody know whether Gajim is supposed to work on Windows XP?
  2. marmistrz
  3. lovetox marmistrz, weird site
  4. lovetox what did they expect, flatpak beeing the first software world wide without bugs and exploits?
  5. lovetox also with what access applications are configured is surley not a problem of the distribution system
  6. lovetox its saying, android is at fault because some app developer requests access to the camera
  7. Daniel asterix, in the subject there is a trailing slash missing for the room logs url.
  8. Daniel It gives me a 404 otherwise
  9. asterix It is in topic
  10. Daniel What do you think of adding a link to as well?
  11. Daniel Maybe there are people passing by ;)
  12. asterix Yes good idea
  13. bot heapifyman created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #352: < Plugin Installer update to 0.20.5 fails >
  14. Muelli how does XMPP want me to send a, say, location to a subset of people in my roster? PEP (XEP-0163) seems to assume that I am fine with sending stuff to my whole roster. Am I supposed to do PubSub (XEP-0060)? Like.. create a new node, somehow set up a whitelist which contains the JID of the contacts I want to send my location to, then tell them the address of my pubsub node, hope they have pulled the info in time before I delete the node? Is that roughly the protocol XMPP envisions me to follow?
  15. bot muelli updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: set location: Show dependencies in the manifest and the plugin's configuration
  16. Link Mauve Muelli, no, PEP doesn’t assume anything like that, this is the default configuration of PEP nodes but you can configure them further.
  17. Link Mauve In your case, you would set a whitelist access model.
  18. Muelli Link Mauve: hm. okay. Do you happen to have a reference or an example of how that would work?
  19. Link Mauve Muelli, describes how to use this access model to make a node fully private, you then make the list of contacts which should have access to it subscribers.
  20. Link Mauve Muelli, describes how to use this access model to make a node fully private, you then make the list of contacts which should have access to it members.
  21. Link Mauve See for how to change affiliations.
  22. Link Mauve And finally, XEP-0080 describes what to send as a payload.
  23. Zash Also the `roster` access model allows restrictions based on roster group
  24. asterix Hehe easy, just 3 XEP including the easiest one, 0060
  25. Link Mauve asterix, users should generally not have to care about that, clients should provide them easy to use knobs if they want to allow this kind of feature.
  26. Muelli Link Mauve: so ... would you say my initial description of the protocol to send a location to a subset of my roster is wrong? It seems to me as if it matches quite well.
  27. asterix It's not wrong, Gajim just don't provide a UI for that, so you have to deal with 3 XEP to manualy do it
  28. Muelli right. Is there a simpler way to achieve that, in terms of procotol usage? Because to me, as an XMPP newbie, it seems quite involved having to care so much about pubsub for what appears to me as a relatively mundane task.
  29. Muelli currently, sending normal messages with a "geo:" body seems to be used. But that has several drawbacks.
  30. debacle lovetox, OK, ich sehe es jetzt direkt im Zusammenhang: Der MUC zeigt dupes in Gajim und auf der Konsole kommt: gajim.c.connection_handlers announces mam:2 without stanza-id
  31. Link Mauve Muelli, I’ve seen clients send 0080 payloads directly in a message, bypassing the actual PubSub.
  32. Link Mauve If this is your usecase, this works.
  33. Link Mauve I thought you wanted to share it with multiple people from your roster, but using access rights to avoid sending it to all.
  34. Muelli Link Mauve: hm. okay. I guess that could work well for 1:1.
  35. Muelli Link Mauve: yeah, that would be a use-case indeed.
  36. Zash Did Gajim have a 'send to group' thing?
  37. Muelli Link Mauve: and I have the feeling your references match up with what I (intended to) have written in my initial message.
  38. Link Mauve Muelli, maybe, but by “Like.. create a new node,” I assumed you meant use an external PubSub service, rather than your existing PEP service.
  39. Muelli ah. hm. in fact, I don't know terminology so well there, yet.
  40. Link Mauve The only difference is you don’t have to create a node with PEP.
  41. Link Mauve Nor to send it to your contacts, they will receive the notification if they opted-in for it.
  42. Muelli Link Mauve: yeah, but that's the point I'm trying to make: I only want to send my location to one or more specific users, not my whole roster.
  43. Link Mauve With the whitelist access model that’s done for you.
  44. Muelli hm. okay. *thinking* Would it be fair to say then that, strictly speaking, PEP as per 0163 is not sufficient? Because you'd still need the whole access control stuff from PubSub.
  45. asterix lovetox, Daniel: do we really know in which case reloading the module doesn't work when upgrading plugins?
  46. Muelli Link Mauve: reg. sending XEP-0080 in a message, do you remember which clients you have seen? I'm wondering now what the stanzas would look like. Would they have the geoloc element inside the body or no body at all and the geoloc element instead?
  47. Daniel asterix, I can't really remember.. but looking at the commit-reverse date plus looking up that date in gajim's muc log might yield an answer
  48. asterix I have the new plugin download thing working. But it only works with the new Gajim version ... So we have to think how to use it ...
  49. Daniel because it was reversed quite quickly and the discussion went on that night
  50. Daniel yeah I thought about that yesterday, but didn't get further than maintaining code for both gajim versions in parallel ..
  51. asterix it's what we currently do. we have a plugin branch for 0.16, another one for 1.0
  52. Daniel because you are right, we might want to update the "old" plugin for security reasons sometime
  53. asterix we can make a new one for 1.1
  54. asterix I create a MR for both gajim and gajim-plugins as soon as CI has run
  55. bot Yann Leboulanger proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Ability to update plugins on startup from a download folder
  56. asterix other solution, we handle both versions in gajim-plugins ....
  57. asterix other solution, we handle both versions in plugin_installer ....
  58. asterix it depends on if there are a lot of API changes between 1.0 and 1.1
  59. asterix if we have to handle both Gajim version in only plugin installer, we can. If we have to do that in 90% of the plugins we'd better create a new plugins branch
  60. Daniel I see. let's wait and see what lovetox thinks
  61. Link Mauve Muelli, you can’t add any payload in a body, this is defined as pure text.
  62. Link Mauve Have a look at Jappix maybe.
  63. Wiktor Hello, is there anything blocking stable 1.1.0? RC1 was released on 19th of Aug, I used that on Windows and it worked very well, unfortunately it's not that easy to run beta on Arch and I miss Http Upload :0, thank you for info in advance!
  64. Link Mauve Or maybe Movim.
  65. Link Mauve Wiktor, on ArchLinux you can run gajim-git from AUR.
  66. Link Mauve It won’t be beta, but the latest commit from the future 1.1 branch.
  67. Wiktor doesn't gajim git follow master? Beta/RC on have been quite stable for me but is master usable too?
  68. Zash Wait, website says RC1 and topic says beta1. Which one is outdated?
  69. Wiktor ah, okay
  70. Link Mauve Wiktor, beta is just a snapshot of master at some point.
  71. Link Mauve The idea is to continue to fix things until the release.
  72. Wiktor okay, does OMEMO plugin work with it? there are some old comments on AUR about it not being compatible...
  73. Link Mauve Sure.
  74. Link Mauve It’s literally what is going to be 1.1.
  75. Wiktor okay, got it, thanks a lot for your time and explanation! :)
  76. Link Mauve People would have complained if it didn’t work with beta1, I’m sure.
  77. Daniel It does work with 1.1! release tag says beta1, website says RC1
  78. Muelli
  79. bot Yann Leboulanger proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: WIP: use new way to update a plugin on next restart.
  80. lovetox Muelli i think it looks complicated to you, but it is actually not
  81. Daniel lovetox, I am thinking about the fingerprint window. In groupchats, you just see fingerprints, no jids, no names. We could attach names to the right (in bold, grey) and hide these names in single chats (as it would be one and the same name for all FPs). And we could display the jid as a tooltip.
  82. lovetox oh yes you are right this is missing in general, i have to add that it shows the jid
  83. Daniel
  84. lovetox and no we cant hide it in single
  85. lovetox because your own and contacts are mixed, you have to show which is which
  86. lovetox Muelli, publishing is one command in gajim, creating a node does the server automatically, and with publish you can pass config options
  87. Muelli lovetox: what's the XMPP mechanism for signalling the availability of a PEP node?
  88. lovetox its one command for publishing, and a second for setting the whitelist to a list of jids
  89. lovetox thats it
  90. lovetox there is none muelli
  91. Muelli sure, but how do I let my contact know?
  92. Muelli hm :/
  93. lovetox its a standard muelli, location sharing
  94. Muelli but if I "send my location" I would want to let the other party (or parties) know about it
  95. lovetox XEP-0080
  96. lovetox a client that supports that will look at that node
  97. Muelli sure. But I don't always share my location and not to all my contacts.
  98. lovetox a client who does not support it will not
  99. lovetox point is you dont have to tell him
  100. lovetox if a client supports location sharing he will look at the node
  101. Muelli hrm.
  102. Zash Muelli: By including a `+notify` entry in their own disco#item thing, magic will happen and they'll get notified
  103. Muelli ah. hm. okay. *thinking*
  104. lovetox also Gajim supports that already
  105. lovetox right click your account row and activate location sharing
  106. Muelli right. Except that it enables all the contacts to read that location.
  107. Muelli and I cannot send "one location" to a client.
  108. Muelli s/client/contact/
  109. Muelli and I cannot, yet, share my location for the next, say, 15 minutes or so.
  110. Muelli and it cannot encrypted, obviously :-\
  111. Muelli and it cannot be encrypted, obviously :-\
  112. MattJ FWIW Conversations and possibly others support locations in direct messages
  113. MattJ I think it's a useful feature (more often than wanting to share your location with all contacts)
  114. Zash `geo:` URI messages were mentioned earlier fwiw
  115. Muelli yeah, I think that a simple text message with a certain prefix is a bit of a weird mechanism.
  116. testeGajim hello there, I'm new to Gajim (and also a bit new to XMPP), and have some questions about Gajim, am I right here in this chat?
  117. lovetox yes
  118. lovetox Muelli its not hard to add this to Gajim that you can choose with which clients you share location
  119. testeGajim ok, at first: I'm using Gajim Portable 1.0.3 (seems to be the newest) and as I'm from Germany I tried to install the "Plugins translations", but after a restart I'm not able to find an option where to change the language, does somebody know where?
  120. lovetox plugin translations is just to download translations for plugins
  121. lovetox 1.0.3 has a bug that it does not translate the UI
  122. lovetox on is a beta published
  123. testeGajim ah ok ... then I have to live with it, at least now I know, that I'm not that stupid not to find those option, thx :)
  124. lovetox it should have working translations
  125. testeGajim ok, so I have to use Gajim in English for now, that's ok for me (not for most of my contacts, but that's another problem ^^)
  126. testeGajim then I come to the next problem I'm encountering using Gajim: today I added a contact to my roster (added in a new category), but every time I restart Gajim, my contacts are gone
  127. Daniel testeGajim, install the beta, it works quite well
  128. testeGajim is this the normal behaviour for Gajim? I tested, that the contacts reappear after a while or after some actions done (e.g. if I change the display of my contact list in the options, it sometimes happens, that the contacts reappear)
  129. testeGajim 1.1.0-beta1? is it possible to import my contacts from 1.0.3?
  130. testeGajim and history etc?
  131. testeGajim downloading it ...
  132. testeGajim can I just install it over the old version or how do I update Gajim?
  133. asterix testeGajim, contacts are on server, so yes they will still be there after upgrade. History and so on too.
  134. asterix testeGajim, if yo uuse portable, you should completly delete everything except the UserData (or something like that) folder that you have to copy to the new Gajim portable folder
  135. testeGajim Okay, but it seems i have to add my Accounts again?
  136. testeGajim I unzipped IT to a new folder ...
  137. asterix copy the user data folder and all should be there
  138. testeGajim ok, thx for the info for the next time ... this time I just newly added my 2 accounts, as I didn't have that much changes in the options, it's been okay for me
  139. testeGajim how does an update work, if I would use the installed version, is an update from within Gajim possible there and I don't have to manage the folder copy or newly adding my account data?
  140. testeGajim what seemed to be buggy in Gajim 1.0.3. and also in this beta (1.1.0?): every time I restart Gajim, the Plugin Installer wants to be updated, every time from 0.20.4 to 0.20.5
  141. asterix if you use the installer, it will propose you to uninstalle before install, that's all. data folder is in your system, not in the same portable folder, so no problem. You don't have to copy it
  142. asterix we have an issue opened for that
  143. testeGajim thanks for the info, concerning the bug I just wanted to let you know :)
  144. testeGajim at least the beta works with the localization, that's great for persuading also older users to change from Skype, Google, facebook, etc to XMPP, though it's still not easy to convince them ...
  145. hannibal asterix: is the number of projects one can fork in gitlab limited? I can't create a third one
  146. asterix hannibal, yes, what's your login, I'll raise it
  147. asterix hannibal, yes, what's your login, I'll increase it
  148. Daniel Is there a helper function to get a users Nickname (how it is displayed in roster) from a contact or JID? I'm thinking about this for the omemo fingerprints dialog
  149. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Work around missing translations problem on flatpak
  150. bullgard4 I wonder if Gajim 0.16 supports OMEMO?
  151. lovetox Daniel thats not good
  152. lovetox the user can change its nick its not unique and not fit to identify something important as a key
  153. lovetox yes bullgard4
  154. bullgard4 lovetox, Ok. Let me see if I can install and run it. - Thank you.
  155. lovetox if you are talking about gajim 0.169
  156. lovetox if you are talking about gajim 0.16.9
  157. bullgard4 lovetox, It says: Gajim 0.16 (on this computer)
  158. lovetox are you on a old linux version?
  159. bullgard4 lovetox, yes. I am on Debian 8.11. Thats oldstable.
  160. lovetox you can look in backports maybe there is a newer version of gajim
  161. lovetox there is also a omemo package
  162. lovetox
  163. bullgard4 lovetox, I will go the opposite road. I due time (a wook or so) I will dist-upgrade to Debian 9.5.
  164. bullgard4 s/I/In/
  165. bullgard4 s/wook/week/
  166. bullgard4 Debian 9.5 is dubbed »stable«.
  167. Daniel lovetox, displaying the jid makes the window very wide. Any ideas?
  168. bullgard4 lovetox, I have got other laptops using higher Debian releases and there I am using Gajim with OMEMO productively.
  169. lovetox nice to hear bullgard4
  170. lovetox Daniel, you can add it above the fingerprint
  171. bullgard4 :-)
  172. Daniel Good idea, I'll try that
  173. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *caf72836* < > [plugin_installer] Revert last version update
  174. asterix ha it's the _
  175. asterix so now plugin installer don't have _ anymore?
  176. Daniel lovetox, jid above fibgerprint looks pretty nice actually.
  177. Daniel Should the fingerprints tab be completely removed from plugin config or should we leave it there for a while?
  178. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #352: < Plugin Installer update to 0.20.5 fails >
  179. asterix anther user in a french room complains that when we receive a OMEMO encrypted that we can't decrypt is not warned. A proposition is to keep the message, but instead of showing 175 times "message could not be decrypted", we could show "175 messages could not be decrypted" once
  180. Zash 175 popups with "175 messages could not be decrypted" you say?
  181. asterix no, one message only
  182. Daniel Don't feed him :D
  183. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [omemo] Polish GUI
  184. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [omemo] Polish GUI
  185. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *bae95858* < > Dont overwrite user plugins with base plugins - Dont load plugins without short_name - Check with the short_name if a plugin is already loaded
  186. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 0 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  187. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 0 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  188. lovetox Daniel, delete it from config window
  189. bot villeneuve created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9378: < Error message popped up after authorizing new contact >
  190. Muelli lovetox: oh, how do I choose the client to send my location to?
  191. lovetox i said its easy to add, not that it exists already
  192. lovetox but what is your usecase?
  193. lovetox you want to send one location at one point in time?
  194. lovetox because i think realtime tracking with Gajim a Desktop client is not really useful
  195. lovetox and to send one location at one point in time
  196. lovetox we just have to get the current location and just send a message with a geo: link
  197. lovetox conversations will show this as a map as does Gajim
  198. lovetox so a simple button in the chatwindow or menu
  199. lovetox share location, then we get the current location and send the link
  200. asterix Hard to get the current location. Desktop don't have a GPS
  201. Zash You can do some rough guessing based on GEO-IP and wifi networks you can see
  202. Zash Didn't Gnome have stuff for this already? Geoclue or whatever
  203. lovetox yes Geoclue
  204. lovetox we use this
  205. lovetox and it knows your location even without GPS
  206. Zash It can probably use GPS too if you connect one
  207. Muelli and via GSM. And WiFi
  208. Muelli so it's quite good.
  209. Muelli and a use case is to send the location for the next, say, 15 minutes to one or more people.
  210. Daniel So a use case could be you sitting in some public wifi, sharing location with your two friends for ten minutes until they found you
  211. Zash That does sound kinda useful
  212. Zash Altho if you're sitting there then it's not going to change much, so
  213. Zash Them sharing how far away they are otoh
  214. Muelli well. I'm quite mobile with my laptop. I'm in buses or trains. Possibily connected through my mobile phone.
  215. Muelli it's not been too long ago when I was on a boat.
  216. lovetox Ok, but comeon, if you are moving, you probably dont run with your laptop open and transmitting your location
  217. Muelli O-o
  218. Muelli how else do you take trains?
  219. Daniel :D
  220. lovetox only because you CAN do something with a desktop it not necessarily is the best tool for it
  221. lovetox you have one that is way better in your pocket
  222. lovetox so why not use it
  223. Zash Nobdoy has desktops anymore tho
  224. Zash Nobody has desktops anymore tho
  225. lovetox desktop/laptop
  226. Muelli I use my laptop quite often when I'm being physically moved...
  227. lovetox same for me, something where you have to sit somewhere to work on
  228. Muelli But it doesn't matter much, because it's conceivable that we start running regular GNU/Linux desktop apps on smaller form factors. Even if we won't, we would probably still benefit from a clean protocol which clients with a higher mobility implement. Then being able to do the interop nicely, would be good.
  229. Zash Muelli: I only use my laptops while being moved. By the Earth, spinning around in space!
  230. Muelli there you go!
  231. Zash Trains are nice
  232. Muelli and thinking of Conversations in particular, sending a normal "geo:" prefixed message every minute for 15 minutes is kinda weird.
  233. lovetox yes message is only for one time
  234. Zash Send corrections!
  235. Muelli so yeah, I started off asking what the XMPP answer to that problem is. Not whether Gajim would be nice fit. I appreciate that this might not be the right channel.
  236. lovetox Gajim already transmitts your location through pubsub, its just about a button that says "Share Location with Contact" and if you click it we add the jid to the whitelist
  237. lovetox thats really not much work, can be added to the set_location plugin
  238. lovetox yeah nice little project :)
  239. Muelli you'd probably want to make it more discoverable on the receiving end, still. But yeah, I can see how that might work with a reasonable level of work.
  240. Muelli it comes with the problems I mentioned earlier.
  241. lovetox it does not need to be discoverable, thats not how pep works. PEP works like this: i tell my server im interested in all updates from all my contacts on Node "location"
  242. lovetox i dont care if your client supports that or not
  243. lovetox if he does not support location sharing then there is simply no update on that node and i never receive a notification
  244. lovetox if some contact supports it i receive the notification and display it
  245. Muelli I appreciate how it works on the protocol side of things. To make it a nice UX, though, you'd probably want to the intended recepient to actually notice.
  246. lovetox means, if you turn it on, i instantly receive notifications, if you turn it off they stop
  247. lovetox Muelli, just send a message
  248. lovetox "Muelli shared his location with you"
  249. Muelli Sure. But even then in the current form you'd need to navigate to the map which is buried somewhere in the menu.
  250. Muelli so there is some polish to be done.
  251. lovetox oh hm no the current map is only for setting
  252. Muelli it's not!
  253. lovetox but yes you are right
  254. Muelli it does show other contacts
  255. lovetox really? nice
  256. lovetox didnt know that :D
  257. Muelli it is!
  258. Muelli but it is awkward still.
  259. Muelli and I've seen people people using this weird Russian Telegram thing. It does it very nicely IMHO. And it's a bit sad to see that there is no XMPP equivalent.
  260. lovetox yeah of course, you can add to the plugin, that if it receives a location, it popsup and asks the user "X shared his location do you want to display?"
  261. lovetox i guess if you say xmpp you mean a client didnt do the gui work
  262. Muelli no. the protocol
  263. lovetox if you receive a notification you know someone shared a location
  264. lovetox the client can act on it
  265. lovetox you dont need to send more then publish your location
  266. Daniel Shared location via set_location plugin was also displayed in chat banner (at least in 0.16)
  267. Muelli How would I encrypt that?
  268. lovetox i think we have protocol everything to make that really nice
  269. lovetox i dont see that something is missing
  270. lovetox Muelli, you cant encrypt that
  271. lovetox you have to trust your server in that regards
  272. lovetox with "cant" i mean there is no standard that defines encrypted stuff for pubsub
  273. Daniel Zash you always make me giggle
  274. Muelli do other contacts who are not allowed to see my location always get an empty response or something rather than a permission error? otherwise they can infer that I don't share with them.
  275. lovetox they get nothing
  276. Muelli can it time out on the server? i.e. a last will? Like if I haven't been seen for more than, say, 10 minutes, it deletes my location?
  277. lovetox only the whitelist jids get a notification
  278. lovetox No Muelli, client has to delete your last location
  279. lovetox yes some timeout would be nice, but im not aware of such a feature
  280. Zash It exists in XEP-0060, like everything else under the sun
  281. lovetox really?
  282. lovetox nice
  283. Zash unless I'm confusing it with something else
  284. Muelli how would I send different locations to different clients? because I want to tell each one where to meet next day or so?
  285. lovetox Muelli, i think i misunderstood you, yes contacts get a error when they access your node and are not allowed
  286. lovetox but they also get a access error for all other nodes
  287. Muelli lovetox: yeah, that's a leak that might not be appreciated :-/
  288. lovetox why?
  289. lovetox whats the problem with not sharing your location
  290. lovetox i mean he can infer that from not seeing your location
  291. Zash Muelli: Have you understood "publish-subscribe" ?
  292. lovetox he does not have to query the node
  293. Zash Muelli: PEP allows you to broadcast stuff to all your contacts. The notifications are then filtered per client, so only clients that advertise that they want some kind of data get it.
  294. Muelli Zash: that part I understand.
  295. Zash This was invented to off-load stuff like current song and such that people were stuffing in normal presence
  296. Zash Muelli: So PEP mostly makes sense for personal details of the now.
  297. lovetox Zash im not seeing that feature, what he wants is a published item that destroys it self after a timeout
  298. Muelli lovetox: an error code carries different semantics from an empty response (obviously). So not receiving anything is fine. Receiving an error might not be, because I might not want to disclose the fact that I am sharing my location right now with other people.
  299. lovetox Muelli, you dont, the node is not only there when you share the location
  300. Muelli k
  301. lovetox its always there since the first day you did it once
  302. Zash lovetox: Hm, there's an `item_expire` in some examples and schema, but I see no text about it.
  303. lovetox so all they can infer is, that muelli hat once a client that once shared a location
  304. lovetox you are right
  305. lovetox nice
  306. Zash <field var='pubsub#item_expire' type='text-single' label='Time after which to automatically purge items'>
  307. Muelli sweet :)
  308. lovetox yeah, i mean that probably needs no further clarification
  309. lovetox and its obviously optional
  310. lovetox so server has to provide it in the node conifg
  311. lovetox im sure prosody supports that ^^
  312. Zash .
  313. Muelli well.. is it seconds? a fixed point in time? how is that datum actually serialised to bytes? so many things you could still clarify ;-)
  314. Zash <field var='pubsub#item_expire' type='text-single' label='Number of seconds after which to automatically purge items'/>
  315. lovetox i wonder if a purge triggers a notification
  316. lovetox probably a retract one
  317. lovetox and retract is bad
  318. Zash Hm, but "purge" in the context of pubsub means to delete all items.
  319. lovetox yeah thats actually not what we want in this case
  320. Zash So "Number of seconds after" *what*?
  321. Zash I assume you meant each item would have a time to live
  322. lovetox there is only one item with location sharing
  323. lovetox and i dont want it purged, a purge would not trigger an empty location notification i think
  324. lovetox if it triggers anything, probably a retract
  325. lovetox retract is a onetime thing, if the client is not online to receive it
  326. lovetox he will not get a notification when he comes online
  327. lovetox the node is empty, no last item, no notification
  328. lovetox but i think this is not really a dealbreaker
  329. lovetox so what your device timesout and doesnt send the location any more
  330. lovetox this can be detected by other clients, if i dont receive a new loc for 30 seconds, the other device has obviously stopped transmitting
  331. Zash One thing that would be relatively easy to implement (for me, server dev) would be to empty nodes when you become offline.
  332. Muelli for more than a certain threshold due to flaky connections and all.
  333. Muelli for longer than a certain threshold due to flaky connections and all.
  334. Zash Something something 198
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