Gajim - 2018-10-08

  1. debacle I see messages duplicated in some MUCs after reconnect. I.e. I'm in a MUC, computer goes to sleep, messages in MUC arrive, computer wakes up again, messages received meanwhile are duplicated. (1.1.0 beta 1)
  2. Maranda debacle: that's room history
  3. Maranda debacle: is the text light grey?
  4. Maranda AFAIR lovetox said there's no way around it beside disabling history fetching completely (for example on rooms with MAM enabled)
  5. debacle Marando, no, to me both appear the same.
  6. Maranda 🤔
  7. Maranda debacle: have a screen? I reported this issue a lot in the past maybe I can figure if it's the same
  8. debacle Textual copy from the MUC: ‎[18:59:08] ‎participant‎: ist aber arg OT - sorry^^ ‎[18:59:08] ‎participant‎: ist aber arg OT - sorry^^ ‎[19:12:40] ‎doczkal‎: participant: ja, stimmt... ‎[19:12:40] ‎doczkal‎: participant: ja, stimmt... ‎[19:13:04] ‎doczkal‎: In diesem Sinne. Ich verabschiede mich. Einen schönen Abend. ‎[19:13:04] ‎doczkal‎: In diesem Sinne. Ich verabschiede mich. Einen schönen Abend.
  9. debacle No colour differences between first and second duplicate.
  10. Maranda debacle: does the room subject duplicates also?
  11. Maranda (aka the subject duplicated several times at the lower end of the backlog)
  12. debacle No.
  13. Maranda Ok then maybe it's not the same issue
  14. debacle Maranda, how would I do that: "disabling history fetching completely"?
  15. debacle Just to try out, whether it helps.
  16. Maranda debacle: huhu good question I guess there could be something in ACE but I'm not sure
  17. Maranda I'm out so I can't check either
  18. debacle Can't find anything that looks like it, at least no option with either "history" or "muc" in the option name.
  19. Maranda 🤷‍♂️
  20. Maranda That was a proposed solution to the problem
  21. Maranda Tbh
  22. Maranda That's how Converse.js does it afair sort of
  23. lovetox debacle on every MUC?
  24. lovetox I think this might be a prosody server with a broken mam mod
  25. debacle I'm not sure, lovetox. I saw it multiple times on different MUCs, but not necessarily on all. It seems to me, that it only happens if messages arrive while I'm disconnected from my account.
  26. lovetox would be interesting if the console prints errors while this happens
  27. debacle This was on
  28. lovetox previously i implemented steps to work around these broken modules, but then prosody fixed the issue, so i removed it
  29. lovetox ok have to check when im at home
  30. debacle ‎HAL‎: debacle: is running Prosody version 0.10.2 on Linux
  31. debacle lovetox, pretty recent prosody!
  32. lovetox prosody version does not matter
  33. lovetox its about the mam mod
  34. lovetox its easier to look at the console and look for errors
  35. lovetox debacle if its the issue i refer to there should be a message in the console on each GC message
  36. lovetox '%s announces mam:2 without stanza-id'
  37. Daniel lovetox, I saw a 'esession_info_window' in the ./data/gui folder. That one could be removed, right?
  38. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Polish Change Status Dialog
  39. lovetox yes Daniel
  40. debacle lovetox, is there a "logging level" I can activate in Gajim which logs XML to a file?
  41. debacle because I always activate the XML console when it's already too late.
  42. Daniel debacle, there is an issue open about something like "history in xml console" :D
  43. lovetox debacle you dont need the xml console
  44. lovetox i talk about logging in console
  45. lovetox and its an error so you dont have to define a logging level, because errors are always shown
  46. debacle Ah, good, so it's enough not to run from menu, but from terminal. Very good!
  47. Bellatrix Hi there, is there any info about stable release
  48. Bellatrix
  49. Bellatrix Oh, sorry for the second message. Eventually posted...
  50. Daniel Bellatrix, what do you mean by 'stable release' ? Current stable is 1.0.3
  51. Daniel For your questions in russian: you can use a single window for chat windows and roster, there is an option for that in preferences
  52. Bellatrix I mean release date of the next version 1.1.0
  53. Daniel First there is Beta2 (very soon it seems)
  54. Bellatrix OK, thank you.
  55. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9371: < File picker error - 'File does not exist' >
  56. Bellatrix Do you plan to implement opening chat window just with one click on a contact from the roster without horizontal tabs?
  57. Daniel If I remember correctly there is a plugin enabling one click for opening chat windows (was it Roster Tweaks?)
  58. lovetox you want every chat in a single window?
  59. lovetox i feel i dont understand your question because with what mouse click a chat is opened has nothing to do with how its displayed (horizontal tabs)
  60. Bellatrix No, in one common window with switching functionality by clicking only once. Thank you Daniel. I'll have a look.
  61. lovetox you can move the tabs to the left, then you have a list of chats
  62. lovetox but no single click on roster we dont have yet, maybe the roster tweak plugin does that but not sure
  63. Bellatrix Well, Roster Tweaks is not the case. It seems that hot switching it not implemented yet.
  64. lovetox Usually you have your most used 20 conversations open
  65. lovetox you dont need to switch to the chat with clicking on the roster
  66. lovetox you use the tabs
  67. Bellatrix My boss wants switching like this according to contemporary layout construction :)
  68. Daniel Bellatrix, what you suggest will be implemented in a future version. There is a branch ('messagewindow') which has a sidebar where you can switch between open conversations with a single click. But this can also be acclomplished by using the tabs
  69. Bellatrix As for me I don't mind but this extra clicks to open a chat window seems to be unnecessary. And switching from one conversation to another without tabs really makes sense. His opinion is an example of the ordinary user experience.
  70. lovetox no i want to select roster entrys without opening a chat, there is a context menu, i want to execute some actions on a contact in a roster
  71. lovetox opening a chat is just one thing that a user could possibly want when clicking on a contact
  72. lovetox but yes something like that is probably nice as an extension
  73. Bellatrix For now nothing happens when we click on a contact with left mouse button, so this click can be considered as a lost action. When we open chat window with just a click we make UI more convenient and can get rid of tabs at all. Also, it doesn't affect context menu functionality. I'm looking forward to see this simple functionality in the future. Thank you for your time, guys!
  74. bot mark mark created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9375: < Removing JID >
  75. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9375: < Removing JID >
  76. unclechu lovetox, that bug with 'url image preview' and cyrillic symbols happens again
  77. unclechu проверка
  78. unclechu can you see it?
  79. unclechu
  80. lovetox i cant remember what is the problem?
  81. lovetox i see 2 pictures and some cyrilic symbols
  82. lovetox ah that its recognized as link?
  83. lovetox i dont think it has something to do with url preview, its just that Gajims URL detection is not good
  84. unclechu lovetox‎, it's a link to a picture and just some cyrillic text on another line
  85. unclechu but for some reason both of this lines are merged into single link
  86. unclechu i just remember it was earlier
  87. unclechu проверка
  88. unclechu yep, just disabled that plugin
  89. unclechu
  90. unclechu and now it works fine
  91. unclechu it looks like regression, because i clearly remember it was fixed (i guess by you) and tested by me
  92. lovetox ok thanks look at it later
  93. mrDoctorWho so I'm now on windows
  94. mrDoctorWho I hear the sound of message arriving, I see the notification, but I don't see the message in the chat log
  95. mrDoctorWho actually I don't see the message I sent here either :/
  96. Maranda :O?
  97. Maranda mrDoctorWho, sounds like Gajim traced somewhere
  98. Daniel lovetox, I updated the plugin_installer plugin's GUI so it has a similar layout to gajim's plugin gui. some widget's names changed. wasn't that the problem last time?
  99. lovetox problem, why we could not update it?
  100. Daniel yes
  101. lovetox i dont see a problem if you change a widget name, if no code from outside of plugin installer depends on that widgetname
  102. lovetox i dont know do a MR then i can look at it
  103. Daniel but last time it didn't reload the .ui file and the called? something like that.
  104. Daniel I will, one moment
  105. lovetox ah yeah, because the update mechansim doesnt work
  106. Daniel how do we avoid that?
  107. lovetox i mean lets try, you can test updating it via zip functionality
  108. Daniel good idea, I test that first
  109. lovetox im really in favor in the long term to get rid of reloading stuff
  110. lovetox updating plugins should just need a restart
  111. Daniel yes, I think that's the way. but I didn't want to reimplement the update mechanism for a GUI update :D
  112. lovetox yeah no, i didnt meant for you to do that
  113. lovetox not so important
  114. Daniel Just joking :) small steps!
  115. Daniel Hm, when trying to update via zip I get an 'already exists' error. So testing a plugin update from old to new gui is not so easy to test. Removing the old one and then installing via zip works good. Having the new one installed and then trick the updater (by lowering the local version number) into updating to the server provided old version works as well.
  116. lovetox what you should not change is callback names
  117. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [plugin_installer] Update GUI
  118. lovetox but we did some changes to update code, so maybe its fixed now
  119. Daniel regarding plugin_installer: what about a toolbar button in the bottom to check for updates manually
  120. lovetox what for? updates are checked if you open the dialog
  121. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [omemo] Polish GUI
  122. debacle Is there an easy way to send a photo to someone which I just received from someone else? Ideally keyboard shortcut, but drag-and-drop would do, too.
  123. Daniel Oh, I thought that was only on activation..