Gajim - 2018-10-03

  1. LordVan hi
  2. LordVan does anyone else also have a problem, where gajim won't automatically connect to chatrooms anymore lately?
  3. lovetox what do you mean, on start?
  4. mrDoctorWho "show must be a string"
  5. mrDoctorWho Traceback (most recent call last):
  6. mrDoctorWho Gajim is all great in linux, but in windows it's pretty much unusable
  7. lovetox why? i use it primarily on windows
  8. mrDoctorWho I run into a lot of message appearing glitches
  9. mrDoctorWho Like, you have a conversation tab open and get a message from that contact, the message might not appear
  10. mrDoctorWho It might appear before the history log (which might be because of wrong timezone settings in windows compared to linux)
  11. lovetox so how is that a Gajim problem?
  12. lovetox im not sure what you mean with "wrong" timezone
  13. lovetox but i suggest you fix it
  14. mrDoctorWho I don't know how Gajim handles incoming messages, but couldn't it still show the ones that were just received?
  15. lovetox no, we sort after timestamp
  16. mrDoctorWho But only offline messages have timestamps
  17. mrDoctorWho Or do you mean the time it was actually received?
  18. lovetox both
  19. mrDoctorWho Hmm, ok, I'll see what I can do with time settings
  20. lovetox and yes therfor if either your server or your computer differ in time, it will cause problems
  21. lovetox and also other users can add delay timestamps
  22. lovetox Gajim honors them also
  23. lovetox so messages you receive are not displayed in your local time?
  24. mrDoctorWho They might be not displayed at all
  25. lovetox but if they are displayed
  26. mrDoctorWho I have to reopen the tab to see them
  27. mrDoctorWho Yes, they are not, but it's not a bug and I know that
  28. lovetox so you have set a different timezone on your computer on purpose
  29. lovetox ?
  30. mrDoctorWho No, this is some windows vs linux timezone settings war. I'm too lazy to fix it
  31. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *ef3cc504* < > Pass correct show state
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  36. LordVan hi
  37. LordVan just wondering .. am i the only one where auto-join of conferences doesn't work in current gajim?
  38. lovetox what does the bookmark window say for the room gajim doesnt join
  39. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9364: < Gajim doesn't get missing messages after reconnect >
  40. LordVan lovetox, that is the thing .. it seems to "forget" the autojoin was set
  41. lovetox do you use another client?
  42. LordVan actually let me test something .. brb
  43. LordVan (yes xabber on my phone and that joins)
  44. lovetox try setting the autojoin flag on gajim, then restart gajim and see if it joins
  45. lovetox it could be a problem that xabber saves the autojoin flag in a different storage
  46. lovetox then gajim uses
  47. LordVan interesting
  48. LordVan it seesm to work now .. maybe it really is something about gajim setting it different from xabber, and them changing stuff so it doesn't work on the other or so
  49. LordVan i shall see if i can figure out what it is (since i am running my own server that should be easy)
  50. lovetox look in the serverinfo window if publish options are available on your server
  51. Link Mauve lovetox, did you implement bookmarks-conversion:0 btw?
  52. lovetox no
  53. LordVan lovetox, I wrote a module to query the private XML data (bookmarks,.) for prosody a couple of years ago and that shows me nicely that autojoin is set to 1 on the bookmakrs
  54. lovetox yeah but xabber maybe stores bookmarks in pep
  55. LordVan lovetox, yeah i will check that later to see if it overwrites it maybe
  56. Link Mauve LordVan, if you are running Prosody, try mod_bookmarks from prosody-modules.
  57. Link Mauve I’ve heard Ejabberd people say they want to implement it once it has been accepted as a proper XEP.
  58. LordVan Link Mauve, i shall have a look. thanks
  59. lovetox this will only work if your server supports publish options
  60. lovetox otherwise this will lead to chaos
  61. Link Mauve bookmarks-conversion:0 requires that.
  62. Link Mauve My module won’t load unless you are running Prosody trunk.
  63. LordVan reads
  64. LordVan Link Mauve, i am running trunk, but i guess i should update it again soon - been a few months ^^
  65. Link Mauve Indeed, this module requires Prosody from ~August at the earliest.
  66. Link Mauve Because there have been some fixes to PEP when I wrote it. :)
  67. LordVan Link Mauve, sounds like a good reason to upgrade again (i only upgrade when I have a good reason since using trunk could be risky ^^)
  68. Link Mauve Could it be?
  69. LordVan (i have to add it is just my small private server with like 3 active users lol)
  70. rom1dep polling 250 messages at a time seems to help a lot with MAM
  71. lovetox helping how?
  72. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *8b7aae56* < > MUC: Set active chatstate on messages
  73. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *e6641858* < > Add debug commandline options To easier simulate connectivity loss
  74. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *46a40cf6* < > StreamManagement: Reset IN counter after enabled
  75. im Situation: - Sender has more than one device. - Sending an OMEMO encrypted message to a contact with Gajim 1.1 (windows) is working. Message will arrive. Problem: - the message ist not be delivered to the other (own) device. OMEMO-keys are trusted, unencrypted messages are delivered. Frage: Is this a known bug or is there a workaround?
  76. lovetox client of the other own device?
  77. im Conversations.
  78. lovetox go to the plugin config, delete the fingerprint of the other own device (double check if its the correct fingerprint) then restart gajim
  79. im ver. 2.2.9 / fcr
  80. lovetox and send a message to any contact
  81. lovetox then look at the fingerprint window, the same fingerprint should show up again, and you trust it again
  82. lovetox afterwards send another message to test
  83. im ok i'll try
  84. im Fingerprint deleted, restarted, send a message, window to trust/revoke fingerprint appeared ... (but the fingerprint appeared twice ...?) ... trusted the first of the double fingerprint, the other (same) fingerprint changed emidiatly to green too ... sending an encrypted message works now.
  85. im Problem is solved. Thanks! Do you know a reason for this?
  86. lovetox yeah i fear, but it should not be a problem, to remove it i fear you have to use something like
  87. im Never did something like this. But I can try if it will help you to solve a general problem. Just tell me what to do.
  88. lovetox no it will not help me
  89. lovetox just if you are annoyed by the 2 fingerprints
  90. im That's no problem for me - I can live with that. "Danke" for helping me so fast!
  91. stp Hi@all,
  92. lovetox do you have gajim often suspended?
  93. lovetox or rrather your computer where gajim runs on
  94. lovetox my question is, did you really launch gajim today
  95. lovetox or just opened the laptop and gajim was already running
  96. stp PC was without power, it's a desktop that's never suspended.
  97. stp I found several entries saying "I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that. " in regards to that contact, however much more entries than messages sent yesterday. I miss 7 sent messages from yesterday evening, but I already found 37 entries with that OMEMO error message & I'm still counting.
  98. stp Since those entries have no timestamp apart from when I got written to the log I wonder if those messages are partly from Gajim trying to fetch much older messages that it missed in the past. Is that the case?
  99. lovetox post me such a message
  100. lovetox the full stanza
  101. stp directly here into the chat?
  102. lovetox yes
  103. lovetox or as pm
  104. stp lovetox‎, I sent pm
  105. lovetox there is a timestamp in each of these messages
  106. lovetox <delay from='' stamp='2018-10-02T16:53:53.752720Z'
  107. lovetox so maybe you find the 7 with the timestamp
  108. lovetox and then we can look after that stanza in the debug logs
  109. stp Oh yes in that case there was a stamp and *despite* the error message that message appears in Gajim just fine. I don't get it! I think there is no stamp on messages which did not appear in Gajim. I'll look for one.
  110. lovetox stp: if you start gajim we do a mam catchup
  111. lovetox you can see it if that is in the message
  112. lovetox urn:xmpp:mam:2
  113. lovetox im interested in the first mam catchup after you started the computer
  114. lovetox mam catchup is always chronological
  115. lovetox so this message was from 16:53
  116. lovetox so you have to go a bit more down
  117. stp very first line where urn:xmpp:mam:2 appears is this, but I don't think you meant that: var='urn:xmpp:blocking'/><feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'/><feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:0'/><feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:1'/><feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:2'/><feature
  118. stp I'll look further
  119. lovetox yeah thats the start
  120. lovetox and then messages appear with that string in it
  121. lovetox just search for that string and click further
  122. lovetox and always look at the stamp
  123. stp The stamp of the log write or that stamp= thing?
  124. lovetox no the stamp in the stanza
  125. lovetox not the log
  126. lovetox thats the time where the message was sent
  127. lovetox to the server
  128. lovetox so you search for something around the time you miss messages
  129. stp Sadly no entry. Lots of entries from MUCs, but no corresponding entries in those hours where the 1:1 chat was going on.
  130. lovetox but you said you go other messages from that day
  131. stp what do you mean?
  132. lovetox the 7 messages all with the same contact?
  133. stp lovetox‎, yes, those 7 messages all with the same contact. I had the same problem with other contacts in the past though, but have no logs from the past.
  134. lovetox and it was not a muc pm conversation?
  135. stp This is the first time the problem occured since I enabled the Gajim debug log
  136. stp no, it was standard 1:1 chat
  137. stp both accounts on
  138. stp I'n not 100% percent sure but I just thought about it and I think the problem only occured with contacts but I'm not 100% sure as I said.
  139. lovetox i dont think it has something to do with the other contact
  140. lovetox its a message you sent
  141. lovetox it does not matter if it arrives the contact, it should be stored in the archive
  142. lovetox and we should be able to download it from there
  143. lovetox are you using the new debug log function in Gajim?
  144. lovetox that i added?
  145. stp ok. Yes, the nightly with the debug switch in the GUI
  146. lovetox search in teh log from that day for
  147. lovetox "End of MAM query"
  148. lovetox and send me th emessage stanza that is right before
  149. lovetox or rather tell me the stamp
  150. stp While doing that I think I found out that there is a two hours difference between local time and the timestamps. Are the stamps given in UTC?
  151. Zash Yes
  152. lovetox yes
  153. lovetox sorry i did not remeber that
  154. Zash If there's a 'Z' at the end. Otherwise it's some more obvious +-hh:mm thing
  155. stp Oh ok, I didn't know that. Should I still search for "end of mam query" or go back to search for logs with OMEMO error messages from messages that Gajim didn't receive?
  156. stp Zash‎, Yes, there is a Z behind the stamps
  157. lovetox stp the end of the mam query gives you also the last message
  158. lovetox i think its better to work from the back
  159. lovetox and it tells you that after End of MAM you dont have to look
  160. stp Searching for the last stanza before "end of MAM query" I found out that Gajim missed a message with another contact from midday today. What do I need to post from right before "end of MAM query"? I ask because the log contains decrypted messages in clear text
  161. lovetox did you find the message from the time you missed one
  162. lovetox ?
  163. lovetox the question is, are the missed messages under the messages you received
  164. lovetox if the are not there, then the server didnt send it to us
  165. lovetox my best bet is that its a decryption error, so that means we have received the message and its in the log
  166. stp Yes I found entries from missed messages since I started searching with the UTC time. I'll sent you pm with that log
  167. lovetox i received something from you at around 18:25
  168. stp lovetox‎, I now sent a new log
  169. lovetox 03.10.2018 17:35:23 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: OMEMO message does not contain our device key
  170. stp lovetox‎, yeah I saw that, but how is it possible then that it's working sometimes?
  171. lovetox so the message was not encrypted for that gajim device
  172. lovetox can you tell me your device id
  173. lovetox its in plugin config omemo
  174. lovetox first site
  175. stp lovetox‎ Gajim "Own Device ID": 601998201
  176. lovetox yeah so its really not in there
  177. lovetox why does conversations suddenly stop to encrypt to your device ..
  178. stp lovetox‎, Interesting. So it hints towards a bug in Conversations? Between the last message sent yesterday that appears in Gajim and the first that doesn't appear I changed location, so one message was sent from WLAN, next via 3G.
  179. lovetox go in the plugin config
  180. lovetox to the clear devices tab
  181. lovetox but dont press any buttons there
  182. lovetox just tell me if your device id is listed there
  183. lovetox and also the one from conversations
  184. lovetox you dont know the one from conversations but i guess there are only 2 listed
  185. lovetox but yeah seems to me like a bug in conversations, seems it forgets the device list for a certain time
  186. lovetox or the devicelist on the server was buggy at that time
  187. lovetox but this should be only a one time thing and not continously
  188. lovetox you could try to test it and change from 3g to WLAN at home, and send messages right after
  189. stp Device ID from Gajim is listed and another one, however I don't know how to find out if that's the one from Conversations.
  190. lovetox its ok
  191. stp I'll test the behaviour with changing connections after a meal :-)
  192. lovetox yeah only idea i have is that you test this theory out with network changes
  193. lovetox you can keep gajim running while testing
  194. lovetox this has nothing to do with MAM
  195. lovetox you should see it fail also if gajim is running
  196. iiro hello
  197. iiro i have gajim installed via flatpak
  198. iiro when i try to open a picture encrypted with omemo, only thing that happens is that "Failed to call portal: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such method 'OpenFile'" is printed on the console
  199. iiro no encryption software should be this buggy
  200. Zash yet...
  201. Link Mauve Doesn’t sound like an encryption issue.
  202. Link Mauve More like a flatpak issue.
  203. lovetox flatpak is a month out of beta
  204. lovetox also its not a encryption software
  205. lovetox Gajim is a xmpp messenger that has a plugin that adds encryption
  206. lovetox :)
  207. lovetox regarding your problem, not much we can do right now, i hope it will go away once we release Gajim 1.1 and do a new flatpak build
  208. lovetox you can switch to your distribution though, maybe they have a current Gajim version
  209. marmistrz lovetox, do you think that we get any benefit by keeping the attention list?
  210. marmistrz I think about just sorting by last-posted
  211. marmistrz because usually it'll be the same
  212. marmistrz it comes to my mind that it may even be preferred (a mention a long time ago vs a recent post by two different people)
  213. lovetox we can do both, i would cycle only the attention list, if you just press tab without specifing a letter
  214. lovetox because the attention list in one muc will be small
  215. lovetox probably on the first hit you get who you want otherwise on the second
  216. lovetox and if you specify a name we could do last posted
  217. marmistrz +1, then we don't have to keep attention_list and sender_list disjoint
  218. lovetox but with last posted, does that mean we can not get certain people anymore?
  219. marmistrz no, why?
  220. lovetox or do you only record the say the last 10 people that posted
  221. lovetox and afterwards alphabetical
  222. lovetox i guess you sort the member list alphabetical, but then move the ones to top that posted recently?
  223. marmistrz yes, something like that
  224. lovetox yeah sounds good
  225. marmistrz we have to somehow sort those who haven't posted at all
  226. lovetox but what do you mean you dont have to keep the attentionlist?
  227. lovetox if we do this with just tab without letter, you need the list
  228. marmistrz I don't need to keep those two disjoint
  229. lovetox ok, just do what you think and i test it then
  230. lovetox but sounds good, last posted then alphabetical