Gajim - 2018-10-02

  1. loidt Hallo, I want to have Gajim Frontend in German language and followed description in the faq for configuration, however Gajim is still in English. Do I have missed something?
  2. loidt I use Gajim on Windows.
  3. asterix loidt: which version?
  4. loidt 1.0.3
  5. hannibal loidt: problem is fixed in the current nightly and will be in the upcoming 1.1 release
  6. bot Johannes Rohr created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9365: < Can't enter chatroom >
  7. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9365: < Can't enter chatroom >
  8. loidt hannibal: OK thanks for the info. I will try again with 1.1 as soon as it is available.
  9. concerto Feature request - when searching in history - 1. either also look in sender names, or 2. add a from: keyword, so we can restrict messages to specific senders.
  10. lovetox you can restrict to senders
  11. lovetox just open the history window from the conversation of the sender
  12. concerto lovetox: oh, I meant in MUCs
  13. concerto Also, does everyone like the oldest-message-first order of results? I've personally never once had an occasion where I didn't want the opposite (newest first).
  14. concerto Another one - what if Gajim stops highlighting people when they're mentioned in a quote? o.O
  15. concerto (I like that it highlights the whole line when you're quoted, unlike Conversations...but when that happens in a quote it's just annoying, because the message wasn't actually addressed to you.)
  16. Daniel Restricting history search in mucs to specific persons seems a bit too much to me ;) but sorting to newest message first is a valid concern
  17. lovetox but including the name into the search seems useful
  18. lovetox i guess this is the same as filtering for a name
  19. lovetox in reality we would need some syntax that allows us to do some stuff like
  20. lovetox !user:lovetox searchterm
  21. marmistrz lovetox: !332 should be ready for merging
  22. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Pylint CI improvements
  23. marmistrz lovetox: can I replace the sort algorithm or should I add an option to select one?
  24. marmistrz i.e. do I have to keep alphabetic-only sort
  25. lovetox whats the alternative?
  26. marmistrz last-wrote-come-first
  27. marmistrz alternatively last-mention-come-first followed by last-wrote-come-first
  28. marmistrz lovetox, which variable will hold the history (including senders)? self.receive_history seems to contain only string with the message body
  29. marmistrz btw. now it takes for me really long until the sent message is displayed by the convtextview, it would be nice to somehow indicate that it awaits sending
  30. marmistrz (that was probably poor connectivity to blame, I'm on the bus)
  31. lovetox so now you exactly want to do what i suggested, where you answered "its too much"
  32. lovetox you give the algo all kinds of information, last message sender, last attention etc
  33. lovetox and the algo does calculate depending on settings
  34. marmistrz lovetox: I think we misunderstood each other. The way I see it: you wanted me to make it a kind of iterator, return one next match at a time, etc.
  35. marmistrz I want the algo to return a list of nicks for the suggestions code to handle
  36. marmistrz But it will get all the needed info itself, just return a list of all matches instead of giving them one by one
  37. marmistrz But I still want to achieve that sorting order, that's the whole point of the change
  38. lovetox then start with changing the MR back to version 1, i suggested to store all informations attentionlist, lastsender etc in the suggestion class, but if you dont want to do that and keep the lists in anyway, then a own class makes not much sense. make it a simple helper function that we pass all the lists to.
  39. lovetox and for last sender you have to add another list and save that
  40. marmistrz lovetox: i'll do a poc and we'll think about style when it's complete, ok?
  41. marmistrz which list in GroupchatControl stores the senders? receive_history seems not to
  42. lovetox and for last sender you have to add another list and save that
  43. lovetox and it would be great to find some sensible way that everybody can live with
  44. lovetox regarding sorting
  45. lovetox it seems to me not planable when i want last sender, and when i want alphabetical
  46. lovetox maybe if the last senderlist holds only the last 3, its ok to always use last sender then go on to alphabetical
  47. marmistrz lovetox, do I understand correctly that currently the groupchatcontrol/convtextview doesn't store the list of senders at all?
  48. marmistrz only prints it and forgets it?
  49. lovetox yes, there is no need to save it
  50. lovetox until now
  51. Daniel lovetox, where do I see the certificate?
  52. Daniel ah damn, he's not here
  53. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #6096: < Connection info, crypto etc >
  54. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9364: < Gajim doesn't get missing messages after reconnect >
  55. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9364: < Gajim doesn't get missing messages after reconnect >
  56. gajim Is it possible to let gajim send a message to as soon as a contact in my list appears or disappears?
  57. lovetox no not right now
  58. lovetox it would be trivial to write a plugin for it though
  59. cosi @lovetox Thank you for your quick answer. I've not written a plugin yet. If it's trivial I should be able to do it :-) Can you suggest me a link where to start/find a tutorial? Or an existing plugin from which I can crib/learn?
  60. Link Mauve Hi, does Gajim handle some form of groupchat when using Avahi?
  61. lovetox no Link Mauve and i also dont know how that would work
  62. lovetox i cant remember reading that in the standard
  63. lovetox cosi,
  64. lovetox look at that plugin, it sends messages out
  65. lovetox so quite similar to what you want