Gajim - 2018-09-29

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  2. Daniel lovetox, this is really strange.. I followed your suggestion to run on its own, and got translations to work. but when starting gajim it doesn't
  3. Daniel installing gajim 1.0.3 via package manager lead to working translations. running afterwards upgraded to latest master, but translations were gone again
  4. Daniel also, running via leads to no translations
  5. Daniel another thing: I've got PluginsTranslations plugin installed, and it correctly translates for example plugin descriptions of PluginInstaller to my locale
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  8. Maranda lovetox, where do I enable security labels in Gajim?
  9. lovetox hm have to look, but im quite sure it does not work, does your server support it?
  10. Maranda lovetox, yes made an implementation based on the one on prosody-modules and also implemented some ACDFs to actually make 'em useful sorta.
  11. Maranda (so I'd like to test 'em somehow :P)
  12. lovetox k let me see
  13. lovetox
  14. lovetox yeah i see this Maranda
  15. lovetox start gajim with -l gajim.c.m.security_labels=DEBUG
  16. lovetox after connecting to the server, if you open a conversation, we request the catalog
  17. lovetox and thats about how far i tested this ever ^^
  18. Maranda lovetox, I think to is to request the catalog to a different entity
  19. Maranda *I think*
  20. Maranda else it should match the one of the host you're requesting or be omitted?
  21. Maranda (I do also retrieve catalogs from other servers)
  22. Maranda lovetox, checking ACDF now it's not working :P
  23. lovetox what is ACDF?
  24. Maranda Access Control Decision Function
  25. lovetox so you mean i should provide the host in the to
  26. Maranda or omit it completely if I understood the xep correctly
  27. lovetox what do i get then, the security labels on my host
  28. Maranda if the server provides a from with your jid in the reply it means it's a custom catalog provided for you.
  29. Maranda lovetox, yes or if you provide another host name the server should query the catalog from another server
  30. Maranda (in the to attribute)
  31. lovetox Maranda, i have it now working
  32. lovetox question is though, i always set the host
  33. lovetox now as to
  34. lovetox but what about groupchats
  35. lovetox can not every groupchat have their own labels?
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  37. Maranda lovetox, they could if they provide a catalog
  38. lovetox yeah but then its wrong to request from the host
  39. Maranda lovetox, rather the MUC component could I mean, it's not very clear to me what entities can provide catalogs honestly
  40. Maranda from what I understood it's hosts only
  41. Maranda lovetox, added some more default ones for you to play with btw
  42. lovetox so with, the to should be
  43. lovetox or
  44. Maranda yes I suppose
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  47. lovetox So Maranda, should work now, you can play with it yourself now
  48. lovetox just one thing, we request the catalog only when a chat is opened
  49. lovetox so to refresh, just close and open again
  50. Maranda Ok :)
  51. Maranda lovetox, windows build looked broken by the way
  52. Maranda -> yeah they are
  53. P-User Hello Asterix. Thank you for the info yesterday. I am using GAJIM v1.0.3 for WinOS and I am getting an error message, "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk7\DR7."
  54. P-User This issue occurs when I try to upload a picture. Can you assist me with this issue?
  55. lovetox Test if this issue still is present with the beta from here
  56. lovetox
  57. G-User Ok. I will download and install it now. I will provide feedback in a few minutes.
  58. G-User Hello Lovetox, I installed v1.1.0 64 Bit. I still get the error message and I have to select "Cancel" about 4-5 times, before the pop-up closes. However, after that I can navigate to the drive I want.
  59. G-User I think the error is referring to my Multi-Media Card Reader in my PC. Each of the 4 or 6 slots are empty are I guess GAJIM is looking for media in the Reader.
  60. G-User Using GAJIM v1.0.3 would not allow me to select a drive / partition that I want to navigate to. It restricted navigation only to the "Libraries" Folder.
  61. G-User Hope the feedback helps. Thanks for the assistance. Take care. 🙂
  62. lovetox i know the problem, but its a GTK problem, in the new beta we use the windows native filedialog
  63. lovetox if you say it also happens there, i think we cant do anything about it
  64. G-User OIC. Well, as I mentioned, my Multi-Media Card Reader is probably the issue. I removed it from within my PC, the issue may not occur at all, unless I had all of the Card Slots filled with a Card.
  65. G-User Oops... If I removed it from within my PC ...
  66. G-User Thanks again. I appreciate your assistance. 🙂
  67. marmistrz lovetox, btw. about !320. Don't you think that the non-GUI code from should eventually be moved from
  68. lovetox to what non-gui code are you refering
  69. marmistrz I don't think gajim.common.helpers is a good place - the functionality fairly groupchat-specific and the module already has ~1500 lines
  70. marmistrz lovetox, I mean the generate_suggestions fun
  71. marmistrz you said you don't like
  72. marmistrz but clearly mixes gui and non-gui code
  73. lovetox all that method does is sort two lists and fuse them
  74. lovetox its to me a classic helper function the way you want to do it
  75. lovetox also we dont need it anywhere else than in
  76. lovetox so putting it into helpers is already a stretch, we only put things there we use more than once in the codebase
  77. lovetox but you wrote tests for it so thats my suggestion that they work
  78. lovetox i dont want to start a non-gui-groupchat module if thats your question
  79. lovetox at least not until you find more potential stuff to put into such a module
  80. lovetox just for your info, everything in common is non-gui
  81. Maranda .
  82. lovetox oh how i love fixing windows builds..
  83. Maranda hehe
  84. Maranda lovetox, so any luck with windows builds?
  85. lovetox yes
  86. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *24e77126* < > Fix Windows build
  87. lovetox Maranda, : if you cant wait till tomorrow
  88. lovetox
  89. Maranda danke :)
  90. nico sweet any chance for the windows 1.1.0 release in the near future?
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  92. lovetox we do a beta2 first
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  94. nico lovetox, sweet thank you 🙂 just wondering will the gajim windows package be signed again? Windows 7 and up complain about the application
  95. Maranda lovetox, where're the label controls?
  96. lovetox not sure with what i should sign it, and the installer doesnt complain on my windows 7
  97. lovetox Maranda, what do you mean, where?
  98. lovetox right in the chatwindow
  99. Maranda Ohhh lol the installer dumped it in c:\Users
  100. Maranda Haha didn't notice
  101. Maranda lovetox, not working for MUCs yet perhaps?
  102. lovetox should work, as i said we request the muc jid
  103. lovetox rather muc domain
  104. lovetox ah moment
  105. lovetox something is wrong :)
  106. lovetox no seems you dont have labels on
  107. nico are there some docs about security labels in xmpp? something one could educate oneself with.
  108. lovetox
  109. lovetox you can attach a security label to each message
  110. lovetox and the server makes sure only people can see the message that have clearance
  111. lovetox can be useful in companys or goverment institutions
  112. nico I really like the idea
  113. nico given that people are actually aware if this 😀
  114. lovetox you really have to think hard though to find a use case in private communications
  115. lovetox Maranda, Clients SHOULD discover label feature and information on a per room basis.
  116. lovetox so this will not work if i query the host
  117. Zash Don't you always send the query to your own host, but with some 'to' flag no it?
  118. Zash like that
  119. lovetox we are talking about the to flag
  120. lovetox the xep gives only one example where it sets to=host
  121. Maranda Indeed lovetox but you always send to your host
  122. lovetox but this will obviously not work if all groupchats have their own cataloug
  123. Maranda > A client can request a catalog for a particular JID by sending a catalog discovery request to the client's server. Where the JID is hosted by some other server, the client's server is expected to produce a suitable catalog (or fail the request). The client's server may, as needed, query catalogs from other servers in order to fulfill the client's request.
  124. Maranda so you just change the to attribute on the catalog element
  125. Maranda You always send the iq to your own host
  126. lovetox that was always clear
  127. lovetox its not clear what the to attribute should hold
  128. Maranda Here says a room
  129. Maranda here says room***
  130. Maranda i'll just make a caveat where it returns always the server catalog if it's an internal muc component
  131. lovetox then make it so that the server returns the catalogue also if i request to a bare jid
  132. Maranda lovetox, yes doing that now, it won't care if it's host or bare
  133. lovetox you mean as a fallback
  134. lovetox if barejid has not defined its own cat, fallback to host
  135. lovetox when im thinking about it im not sure this is good
  136. lovetox one groupchat might want to use it, another one dont
  137. lovetox either way, gajim will request to the barejid
  138. lovetox do with that what you think is best
  139. Maranda lovetox, no I mean that if it's an internal muc component it'll never query for the catalog and return the server one, I also removed that check for bare jid so you can request to any entity now
  140. Maranda
  141. Maranda lovetox, there you go.
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  143. Maranda lovetox, doesn't work standby
  144. Maranda lovetox, nm it does
  145. Maranda :P
  146. lovetox for gorupchat, but if i query your barejid
  147. Maranda yet muc doesn't show in the groupchat
  148. lovetox i dont get anything
  149. Maranda
  150. Maranda lovetox, ?
  151. Maranda
  152. lovetox if i query maranda@...
  153. lovetox i dont get a cat
  154. Maranda You aren't supposed to do that for users?
  155. Maranda just rooms?
  156. Maranda well nm I can add that too
  157. Maranda :P
  158. Maranda stand by
  159. Maranda it doesn't matter for me
  160. nico Maranda, as far as I get the xep it should work with users too.
  161. lovetox Maranda, thats what i talk the whole time
  162. lovetox the xeps says nowhere to query the host
  163. lovetox it just talks about domains
  164. lovetox it just talks about jids
  165. Maranda lovetox, I have the bad habit to look also at the examples...
  166. lovetox and it only gives away in once sentence that different mucs have different cats so its obvious that we cant query the host
  167. Maranda a terrible habit apparently
  168. lovetox it does not say different users can have different cats
  169. lovetox but why not
  170. lovetox its better i request to the barejid, and you convert it to the host
  171. lovetox because then you can later add a per user cat if that ever comes up
  172. Maranda -> done try now
  173. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *a8c0567b* < > Request security catalog from the barejid - Some Code/UI cleanup
  174. Maranda I wonder if I should save labels in MAM
  175. lovetox otherwise you cant follow the xep
  176. lovetox you should not deliver messages to users that dont have clearance
  177. lovetox if you lose this information in mam ..
  178. Maranda lovetox, that's not a problem
  179. Maranda because mod_sec_labels hooks above MAM
  180. Maranda err
  181. Maranda mod_acdf I mean
  182. Maranda so in case a message gets denied it won't be stored
  183. Maranda but what about messages allowed through?
  184. lovetox what
  185. lovetox the server can store all messages
  186. lovetox but if a new user joins the muc
  187. lovetox and requests a day back mam, you only should deliver what he is allowed to see
  188. lovetox and for that you need the info stored what the messages label is
  189. Maranda lovetox, and that's not a problem I said
  190. Maranda (for now)
  191. Maranda when mod_acdf denies a message it won't be saved ever
  192. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *bdd243d0* < > Remove unused import
  193. lovetox why would your mod deny a message to a muc?
  194. Maranda for the kind of policies it can enforce
  195. lovetox the policys are about who you deliver the message to
  196. lovetox not about storing
  197. lovetox if i send a secret message to mam, i expect that MAM saves it
  198. lovetox if i send a secret message to the muc, i expect that MAM saves it
  199. lovetox and i expect everyone that joins should not get this message
  200. lovetox except he is allowed to see secret messages
  201. Maranda yes but when it just doesn't allow deliver, it won't allow MAM to store either. Meaning that for now there isn't a per-user policy that may be broken in MUCs.
  202. lovetox ok im going to bed
  203. Maranda I'll have to work on it a bit though for host policies.