Gajim - 2018-09-28

  1. TheFelin hi
  2. TheFelin i ave a litle prb with the kubuntu and gajim
  3. TheFelin
  4. TheFelin icon is too big
  5. asterix TheFelin: it's because Gajim is more important 😉
  6. asterix Seriously, is it really bigger?
  7. asterix 1or2 pixels maybe?
  8. TheFelin yes 1 or 2
  9. TheFelin i's kde
  10. lovetox yes Link Mauve, good first step
  11. lovetox if you want to contribute this i would take this on its own
  12. asterix TheFelin: how height are your other icons?
  13. TheFelin i think the kde is problem
  14. TheFelin other icon no prb
  15. TheFelin not seriously
  16. TheFelin just for my eyes
  17. TheFelin gajim is very complete, we only use him
  18. asterix Gajim 16x16 is probably used here. How heigh are your other icons?
  19. TheFelin i look
  20. Link Mauve lovetox, sure, you can `git am` these two patches.
  21. Link Mauve I’ll do more later.
  22. Daniel There are text strings using 'Emoji' but also 'Emoticon'. Should we unify these strings to one of both terms?
  23. Daniel Another question for german speakers: How should the term 'Theme' be translated?
  24. lovetox Yes unify them to Emoji or Emojis
  25. lovetox Theme could maybe translated as Design
  26. lovetox haha ok also a englisch word
  27. lovetox maybe Motiv
  28. lovetox or maybe someone uses gnome on german and can look into some kind of theme manager and tell us what they use
  29. lovetox I think they call it Design
  30. Daniel I saw "Thema" in other applications, as well as "Schema", but "Design" doesn't sound so "sperrig" ;)
  31. stp Daniel: Design or Aussehen or Gestaltung. It got translated to Thema in many projects for a long time, but that was never the right term.
  32. stp Daniel: Optik would be another fitting word.
  33. Daniel Thanks for the suggestions, stp !
  34. stp Daniel‎, no problem, you're welcome
  35. marmistrz lovetox, how about using a code formatter for gajim code (ignoring for the time being that it would litter git blame)?
  36. marmistrz I'm getting over 100 C0330 violations from pylint at, at the point my IDE gives up displaying more
  37. marmistrz I know that I could increase the limit but it's still amount of warnings you can hardly grasp
  38. marmistrz (if not for gajim, then maybe for some of the new plugins?)
  39. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Fix some strings
  40. bot azrdev created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9360: < Allow disabling keyboard shorcut ctrl+L (clear chat window) >
  41. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9360: < Allow disabling keyboard shorcut ctrl+L (clear chat window) >
  42. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9359: < Error on going online >
  43. lovetox im not sure about what plugins you are talking
  44. lovetox but we dont run CI for plugins
  45. lovetox so whatever you do you cant ensure that it stays that way
  46. lovetox i rather not want to run code formatters, if someone refators a module he/she can fix formatting issues
  47. jh hello, how to turn on autostart at ubuntu 18.04?
  48. lovetox google how to autostart an application in ubuntu 18.04
  49. jh i don't have a google
  50. jh I'm looking again
  51. jh how we added it is known to me, but you need the paths
  52. lovetox and how should i know in what path you installed Gajim on your system?
  53. jh How should I know?
  54. lovetox but there is also a file search on your system, im sure if you put gajim in it tells you where its installed
  55. lovetox because you are the one that installed it
  56. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Fix some strings
  57. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Fix some strings
  58. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Fix some strings
  59. Chobbes If I suspend my laptop, and then resume later, does gajim know to fetch "missed" messages via mam?
  60. Chobbes I ask because I don't seem to be getting messages in this scenario. If I restart gajim I get messages.
  61. Chobbes They're omemo messages, if that matters.
  62. lovetox Gajim Version?
  63. Chobbes lovetox, 1.0.3
  64. lovetox should work
  65. lovetox test it unencrypted
  66. lovetox suspend, send a message from your phone to a contact, and end suspend
  67. Chobbes I'll try that when I can. Alas, my phone is broken :(.
  68. Daniel I've installed Gajim from latest master, but somehow it doesn't switch to my locale (de). Is there a way to debug why this is?
  69. asterix Daniel: you have to make install and then run from path I think
  70. asterix Make install -> python3 xxx
  71. asterix xxx in install or something like that
  72. lovetox yes Daniel, how did you install Gajim?
  73. Daniel by issuing "./ install --root=/"
  74. Daniel directly from my local fork. it worked so far, but now it doesn't (reinstalled OS)
  75. Daniel I checked, there is also a in /usr/share/locale
  76. lovetox open a python console
  77. lovetox import locale
  78. lovetox locale.getdefaultlocale()[0]
  79. Daniel 'de_DE'
  80. lovetox and
  81. lovetox import gettext
  82. lovetox gettext.find('gajim')
  83. Daniel '/usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/'
  84. lovetox then im not sure what is going wrong
  85. lovetox start from console and see if there is a error at the start
  86. Daniel I did, there was nothing special. I will investigate further tomorrow. thank you for helping!
  87. lovetox you can basically run the outside of Gajim
  88. lovetox and try to translate a string
  89. Daniel I will try to do that
  90. G-User Hello to all. I am using GAJIM for WinOS and a Prosody Server for Debian LinuxOS. When selecting a picture from the File Manager and drag & drop it into a GAJIM Chat Window to send, I get the following error message, "Unsecure. Server returned unsecure transport (http)". Can anyone assist with this issue?
  91. asterix You have http upload module in your server? But via http instead of https?
  92. G-User Yes. I have the "mod_http_upload" module installed in Prosody. I am not sure about the http vs https issue. In my "prosody.cfg.lua" file, I have 2 ports setup for Http Ports & Interfaces.
  93. G-User BTW, I have both http & http_upload module(s) activated.
  94. lovetox G-User, please ask in the prosody support channel for help to configure https for the httpupload module
  95. lovetox the problem is Gajim asks for a upload URL, and your server returns HTTP instead of HTTPS
  96. lovetox
  97. lovetox
  98. G-User OIC. Ok. Thank for the info & referral. Take care. ;-)