Gajim - 2018-09-14

  1. opal 40 days of message history when i join, nice
  2. concerto lmao
  3. concerto I want that in my MUC, how do I set it up?
  4. concerto Actually more like "all history ever"
  5. concerto (e.g. when someone new joins)
  6. opal how come i have restore_muc_lines=10 and restore_muc_timeout=1440 but i still get 40 days of history in here
  7. opal i came in here to ask about whether i could update user tune (xep-0118) via gajim-remote
  8. opal there isnt much documentation on it
  9. opal or, if there's a better way to update user tune
  10. lovetox depends on your Gajim Version Opal
  11. lovetox and on the music player you want to use
  12. lovetox most musicplayers have a mpris plugin
  13. lovetox that would tell Gajim automatically when you listen to a tune, and gajim would update that info
  14. opal thanks, i see mpDris for mpd
  15. r00tobo Hi. I have a question. regarding the app menu in gnome
  16. r00tobo I think you know that in gnome 3.30 and 3.32 they are planning on retire app menus
  17. r00tobo what is your take on this situation ?
  18. opal hm, i have mpDris2 0.7 running and user tune enabled on my xmpp account, but i see no visible difference. im on gajim 1.0.3
  19. opal my xmpp server claims to support it
  20. lovetox is mpd your musicplayer?
  21. lovetox r00tobo, this just mean the appmenu is displayed in the application rather then on the desktop
  22. stp
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  25. lovetox stp, you cant switch language right now, workaround would be to rename the german language files, i could tell you how to do it
  26. lovetox it falls back to english if it cant find the german translation
  27. lovetox Preferences -> Style, there is dialog where you can add all kind of styling options
  28. lovetox one of them is Conversation Font
  29. stp lovetox‎, Thanks! I'll come back if I need further help regarding language. My "Style"-window is very empty compared to previous versions, I can only switch the Theme (only one theme called "default" is available though), manage themes, change the status iconset and enable/disable use of transport-icons. Nothing more!
  30. lovetox yeah you have to add one
  31. stp lovetox‎, add a theme?
  32. lovetox there is a + in the bottom left corner
  33. lovetox click it
  34. lovetox damn, really have to add some hints there
  35. stp lovetox‎, Ah, I now changed the font size :-) Yeah some hints are needed in that area I'd say. Otherwise it's good but I don't like the small list appearing when pressing the "+"-button in the lower right corner because of all the scrolling needed to find the option you want.
  36. stp lovetox‎, Do you understand German language?
  37. lovetox yes
  38. stp lovetox‎, Ok, then last question which German GUI-naming. What exactly does the feature found under "Konten"->"Erweitert"->"Unterhaltungsverlauf synchronisieren" do?
  39. lovetox you can request old history from your server
  40. Flatpak error. gajim with OMEMO does not open the picture, because the image viewer is not included in the pack.
  41. lovetox yes known should be fixed in the next version
  42. stp lovetox‎, Ok, but will that overwrite the local history with the data from the server or will Gajim combine both so that nothing is lost?
  43. lovetox gajim never deltes or overwrites your history
  44. lovetox gajim never deletes or overwrites your history
  45. stp lovetox‎, Just to make it 100% clear to me: Gajim doesn't even overwrite it's own local history data? Gajim had occasionally missed some messages, so that using that history sync feature would fill those gaps in the history?
  46. lovetox no, if you are missing messages this button will not help you
  47. lovetox if you are missing messages its not because gajim forgot to download them
  48. lovetox reason number 1 is encryption failed
  49. Zash Can I blame time? :)
  50. stp, Messages are pumped from the server every time you log in if MAM enable to server
  51. stp, I've never seen the messages disappear at all, if the archive is on
  52. stp‎, I just checked that but the messages are still missing, so they did not get fetched from the server despite multiple logons over time.
  53. stp in this case the missing messages even were unencrypted!
  54. lovetox then make sure MAM actually works on your server
  55. lovetox or if you talk about a MUC, make sure the MUC has MAM enabled
  56. stp lovetox‎, I'm only missing messages in Gajim history from 1:1 chats. I'm on and Conversations has the complete history. So it must be Gajim's fault I'd say. Not a deal breaker, I just use the Conversations log for archiving. I just thought Gajim's history sync feature could fill the gaps, otherwise I don't get what the function is for since Gajim fetches the history on logon anyway.
  57. lovetox if you setup Gajim on a new computer
  58. lovetox Gajim doesnt fetch all your history
  59. lovetox there could be millions of messages in your archvie
  60. lovetox thats what the button is for
  61. stp lovetox‎, Oh ok, got it!
  62. lovetox look under advanced -> servinfo
  63. lovetox what it shows for mam
  64. stp lovetox‎, XEP-0313 has a green checkmark. I mean it generally works, but with some contacts it misses messages.
  65. stp lovetox‎, I couldn't find a pattern yet though.
  66. lovetox then they use encryption
  67. lovetox you can also look into advanced -> archive preferences
  68. lovetox if for some reason jids are added there
  69. Zash Is there any debug logging one can look at for decryption failures?
  70. lovetox yes of course, depend on what plugin you use you can enable debugging for that plugin
  71. lovetox patternless randomly missing messages from some contacts
  72. lovetox seems very unlikely
  73. stp lovetox‎, Oh wow you're right, Conversations shows the lock-symbols on those messages, but Gajim does not on the four history lines shown in the chat-window. I've got no entries in advanced -> archive preferences. I'll observe the problem more.
  74. lovetox gajim does generally dont show the encryption status on historic messages
  75. lovetox only on ones that you just received
  76. lovetox in this session
  77. stp Yeah and that confused me. Now I know.
  78. lovetox believe me its always a encryption problem if you are missing messages
  79. stp lovetox‎, I believe you but nothing looks wrong regarding fingerprints etc. and the contacts receive all my encrypted messages fine not matter wether I send them from Conversations or Gajim.
  80. lovetox yes but they also have to trust the Gajim fingerprint
  81. lovetox otherwise i need logs to debug this
  82. lovetox it has nothing to do with MAM though
  83. stp lovetox‎, they must've trusted my fingerprints since they can receive my messages (?). I'll try to get logs once I communicate with those contacts again.
  84. mdosch
  85. lovetox has nothing to do with openssl
  86. lovetox gajim doesnt support tls 1.3
  87. Zash Wouldn't that be a Python or xmpp library thing?
  88. mdosch Didn't know that gajim needs to support this at all. I assumed this is done in a lib outside of gajim, like prosody does with luasec
  89. lovetox with gajim i mean nbxmpp
  90. lovetox and yes some adaptions have to be made
  91. lovetox because of security the lib controls which versions of openssl is allowed
  92. mdosch Ok, I guess it's quite early to expect tls 1.3 being supported. ^^
  93. mdosch But I can't help, I'm still curious to try the newest ~shit~ stuff
  94. mdosch But, Zash have you seen: Seems like luasec already supports tls 1.3 :)
  95. lovetox mdosch, try to set the ssl version
  96. lovetox in advanced config to 1.3
  97. Zash mdosch: ?
  98. Zash Doesn't look like a lot of changes
  99. mdosch lovetox, will try later... or tomorrow :) play time is over ;-)
  100. Zash I guess you can't disable TLS 1.3 or create TLS 1.3-only contexts without that change
  101. mdosch >‎[17:55:48] ‎Zash‎: Doesn't look like a lot of changes Would have needed more effort without me sacrificing the goat. :D
  102. Zash That goes without saying
  103. lovetox i see no reason nbxmpp would not support 1.3 other then gajim telling it via config to use 1.2
  104. Zash depends on how thaw works underneath, since OpenSSL is configured by etiher allowing only a single version or allowing all versions except the ones disabled
  105. Zash So if it says TLS 1.2 only then that's that
  106. lovetox Zash the version is not communicated in stream features is it?
  107. Zash nope
  108. Zash It's communicated super-awkwardly trough the TLS handshake
  109. lovetox then i dont know what the problem is here
  110. lovetox mdosch, a gajim log would be helpful
  111. lovetox it says no stream features to offer ..
  112. mdosch I wonder why it connected with TLS1.3 at all as TLS1.2 is still activated 🧐
  113. Zash OpenSSL
  114. mdosch Zash: you mean what openssl does under the hood is a big mystery?
  115. Zash mdosch: "big mystery" doesn't even begin to describe the total madness that goes on there
  116. lovetox im not conveinced this is a gajim problem
  117. lovetox but cant say without logs
  118. mdosch Will have look
  119. mdosch But let me start iron maiden - can I play with madness first
  120. mdosch lovetox, you should have received a debug log in pm
  121. lovetox <error xmlns=""><policy-violation xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams" /><text xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams">TLS cipher 'TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384' not acceptable</text></error>
  122. lovetox Zash, mdosch
  123. mdosch lovetox, that was without changing tls setting in gajim
  124. lovetox yes you dont have to change it
  125. lovetox you have to activated this cipher on your server though
  126. lovetox you have to activate this cipher on your server though
  127. mdosch I never touched prosodys cipher settings as Zash suggested to not do so.
  128. mdosch Maybe it needs to explicitely be activated when compiling ssl
  129. lovetox but you will have to if you want to support 1.3 :)
  130. mdosch doesn't want to visit the eyes burning prosody documentation about ssl config
  131. mdosch ^^
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