Gajim - 2018-09-13

  1. bluemoon lol what happened to the 2 months worth of backlog :(
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  5. Daniel @lovetox will the new pgp plugin replace the old one in the future or will there be two different ones?
  6. lovetox we will keep the old one until most clients support the new one
  7. lovetox both is pgp, but different xmpp protocol wise
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  9. Daniel Okay! So also different wiki pages per plugin.
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  18. marmistrz lovetox, I'd like to let you know that if I don't finish the unencrypted marking change on Saturday, then I'll be available until 22nd Sep
  19. marmistrz and I'm blocked by the "serialization of encrypted state" change
  20. marmistrz actually, I only have Saturday evening before 22nd Sep
  21. lovetox actually that you bugged me about mypy really hurt the MR :D
  22. lovetox i was kind of hooked and worked all day on mypy fixes
  23. lovetox i look at the MR tomorrow, i have time in the afternoon
  24. marmistrz :DDDDDD
  25. marmistrz lovetox, then we can simply finish it after 22nd Sep, provided that it'll go into 1.1.0 final
  26. lovetox yeah dont worry, i think i can finish this tomorrow
  27. marmistrz lovetox, Saturday evening is the day after tomorrow xD
  28. marmistrz :)))
  29. marmistrz and how does one check the looks under the dark theme (someone mentioned that in the MR)?
  30. marmistrz the Theme option keeps us within light themes
  31. lovetox you have to activate dark theme through your desktop
  32. marmistrz a, ok
  33. lovetox probably a gsettings switch
  34. marmistrz yeah, I found it
  35. lovetox yeah the way we use that icon is bad in dark theme
  36. lovetox you can try and add in gtk a css class with a color to the icon
  37. lovetox im not sure this works for the custom icons we supply
  38. lovetox it works for gtk inbuild icons
  39. Daniel And there's no padlock icon in gtk?
  40. lovetox it is from gtk
  41. lovetox but we cropped it
  42. Daniel I see
  43. lovetox our font size is really small
  44. lovetox the smallest gtk icon is 16 px
  45. lovetox thats way higher then our font
  46. lovetox there are nice symbols in gtk for example
  47. lovetox channel-insecure-symbolic
  48. Zash 🔒 This message was encrypted. Trust me, there's a padlock and everything!
  49. Daniel Whoa, Zash managed to encrypt messages in thus room! Look at the lock!
  50. Zash 🔒 Finally there is Safe and Secure group encryption that Just Works!!! ;)
  51. Zash 🔒 We can get rid of OMEMO, OTR and PGP now.
  52. concerto shoots Zash
  53. Daniel marmistrz, having a different coloring for that icon in dark theme would be nice.
  54. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9344: < Error on activating preferences menu >
  55. marmistrz Daniel: yeah, but Gajim looks bad in the dark theme anyway
  56. Daniel Well, starting with a better padlock icon would probably make it better :D
  57. Daniel Since you're adding a crossed padlock, why not make it propper?
  58. lovetox what do you mean with proper?
  59. Daniel A good looking one I mean
  60. lovetox do you see Zashs icon, thats about how big the normal gtk one would be
  61. lovetox now look at lines that dont have an icon
  62. lovetox we have the same issue with smilies
  63. Daniel Yes, I was about to say that I like reading small fonts better, so bigger icons would be no choice for me personally
  64. lovetox i mean Gajim leaves no space between lines
  65. lovetox maybe we dont have to up the font, and rather leave a bit more space between lines
  66. marmistrz Daniel: I'm just carrying over existing issues. I have no idea how to design an icon that would look well under a dark theme, I don't use any, I'm not so good at graphics design.
  67. marmistrz I think at one point someone good at designing should just take a go at that and revamp the UI wholesalely
  68. Daniel lovetox, let's try and see? I'd imagine it would be too much spacing between lines to hide that
  69. lovetox you dont ahve to design an icon
  70. lovetox you just choose a different color for the existing one
  71. lovetox thats not the problem
  72. Daniel lovetox, actually I'm on Conversations right now, there the emoticons are centered vertically, so it's not interfering with line height. But I know what you mean
  73. lovetox yes i already played with that, you can lower the icon
  74. lovetox i will try again and see if we can use the uncropped one
  75. Daniel Does it have any drawbacks?
  76. lovetox yes, the offset is absolute
  77. Daniel Argh
  78. lovetox so it already looks different between windows and linux
  79. lovetox because of different default font size
  80. lovetox hmm
  81. Daniel All this work just for yellow faces
  82. Daniel Would it be an option to lower emoticons depending on the font size? Don't slap me please
  83. lovetox yeah ... i would want something less complex
  84. lovetox but yeah, in the end i think this is the only solution
  85. Daniel Could this be done differently with the conversation view redesign?
  86. lovetox no, you always have that problem
  87. Daniel Hm
  88. lovetox you only dont have that problem if you use Emojis as symbols
  89. lovetox like the emoji lock
  90. lovetox then its font and scales
  91. lovetox but you cant color these items differently
  92. lovetox its also hard to show hide them dynamically because you always have to fiddle with the text, instead ob widgets
  93. lovetox i guess we could just not care
  94. lovetox most apps dont allow to change the font size
  95. Daniel Being able to choose font size is a feature worth to keep I think. But maybe just without perfect emoticon placement
  96. marmistrz I may give it a try if I have time left.
  97. marmistrz (dark padloxk)
  98. lovetox marmistrz, if you want to make this right
  99. lovetox you can add a Image widget to the text, instead of inserting a pixbuf as we do now
  100. lovetox look at textview child anchor docs
  101. lovetox its pretty easy
  102. lovetox on the Gtk image then we can load anyicon, and attach a css class to the image widget, and set any color we like there
  103. lovetox with get_style_context().add_class('bla')
  104. lovetox and bla is then defined in data/styles/gajim.css
  105. marmistrz I'll take a look, but it depends on how time I'll have
  106. Daniel Would this also fix this issue?
  107. Daniel The 'copy along with message' part?
  108. lovetox yes, we can set on the child anchor a plaintext attr
  109. lovetox and gajim will then copy the plaintext instead of the icon
  110. lovetox plaintext could be the lock emoji for example
  111. lovetox or just [encrypted]
  112. Daniel Or just '' nothing?
  113. Daniel 'Dark theme support' was the first checkbox checked on #9060 (Message/conversation appearance) :)
  114. Daniel That lock icon would be another two checkboxes :)
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