Gajim - 2018-09-11

  1. luweitest How do I create a room? Is this function reserved to server admin so users could only join?
  2. concerto luweitest: Accounts -> Join group chat -> Join group chat
  3. concerto just type in the name you want, if it's available and doesn't exist, you'll join it and become the creator.
  4. concerto just type in the name you want and join - if it doesn't exist, it'll be created and you'll be made the owner.
  5. luweitest really that simple? I thought it's only for joining.
  6. luweitest there should be some hints...
  7. luweitest yes! thank you concerto.
  8. luweitest I am in a room and only me. Now it shows omemo is disabled. how could I turn it on?
  9. concerto luweitest: install OMEMO plugin + any dependencies, activate it, then click the lock button
  10. luweitest omemo works good in private chat
  11. luweitest where is the lock button? OMEMO button is a fish.
  12. concerto oh
  13. concerto It might be that you're on a different version. No idea, in that case.
  14. luweitest another feature not implemented in 0.16 ?
  15. luweitest OK...
  16. concerto luweitest: it probably is
  17. concerto I just don't know what steps are involved on that version.
  18. luweitest I played with "configure room" for some time, and find that, only when the room is configured "persistent" and "Anyone can see JID", the OMEMO fish button will show up.
  19. luweitest But after I activated omemo, still no message could be sent, error message "To send an encrypted message, you have to first trust the fingerprint of your contact!"
  20. luweitest But I can send OMEMO message to that room in Conversations. Cannot go further, maybe still version problem.
  21. luweitest anyway, thanks concerto
  22. lovetox luweitest, you can only encrypt a message if someone is joined the room
  23. lovetox you have to add the contact in the room config to the memberlist
  24. lovetox also this contact must be in your roster
  25. luweitest All right, that's good to know, lovetox
  26. lovetox in general its easier to create the rooms with conversation
  27. lovetox it configures everything automatically for omemo use
  28. lovetox then join with the gajim client
  29. luweitest Yes I also tried with conversations. It creates room more easily than gajim, but less configuration options.
  30. luweitest and it cannot browse room list.
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  37. SouL Hey guys, does Gajim has any support for video calls?
  38. concerto I think it does or did, the question is whether they still work with any client (including itself) :D
  39. SouL It did, many years ago at least. But not sure if it does now.
  40. lovetox SouL no does not work currently
  41. SouL Thank you lovetox, do you know if is there anyone planning on doing some work on it?
  42. lovetox no there is no one
  43. SouL Thank you, lovetox .
  44. marmistrz lovetox, and what if we just added `from gettext import gettext as _` to the beginning of all the affected files? Basically I could write a script to do that automatically
  45. marmistrz I continued the discussion on the mypy gitter, nevertheless
  46. lovetox _ has to be initialized with certain properties, its not a problem i can do this in the i18n module, then we import _ from there
  47. lovetox it seems there is no other way to circumvent the error
  48. marmistrz lovetox, what should I exactly do to log with gajim.interface=DEBUG ?
  49. marmistrz I guess I should use the latest git master for that, right?
  50. lovetox yes
  51. lovetox start gajim, go to standby
  52. lovetox come out, and see if the log says something about network state cahnge
  53. marmistrz but how do enable debug logging for gajim.interface? I guess some command-line parameter, but which one?
  54. marmistrz `./ gajim.interface=DEBUG` ?
  55. lovetox -l
  56. lovetox also -h for help
  57. marmistrz lovetox, no traces of this 'network monitor' in the logs on 6ac31ba5b
  58. marmistrz $ ./ -l gajim.interface=DEBUG Logger gajim.interface level set to 10 09/11/2018 14:37:07 (I) gajim.interface Creating zeroconf account 09/11/2018 14:37:09 (W) gajim.c.m.pubsub Error: service-unavailable 09/11/2018 14:37:45 (W) gajim.c.m.pubsub Error: service-unavailable
  59. marmistrz Should I retry on full debug logging?
  60. marmistrz
  61. marmistrz that's the full debug log of the suspend (14:41:37) and awake (14:41:44) ^
  62. marmistrz Oh, and lovetox, if you want mypy in CI, those scripts ( and may be useful to you: <- this is my initial work <- this was further maintained by my colleagues, I don't know the state of it now
  63. marmistrz Basically the idea was to fail about new issues only but there were false positives due to line numbers changing. I don't know if they have found a way to get rid of false positives.
  64. lovetox we already have pylint in CI
  65. lovetox but we check only critical python errors, not if some whitespace is too much
  66. lovetox my plan is to first start mypy on the common/modules module
  67. lovetox i already made it so mypy runs without error for that module
  68. lovetox then we can add annotations to the sub modules of that step by step, and if it is complete we can activate that mypy checks in the future that every method is annoated
  69. lovetox but i have to write stubs for the nbxmpp package, half of all operations are on nbxmpp objects
  70. marmistrz lovetox, see
  71. marmistrz in particular: > Packages can include a marker file named py.typed to indicate that they have inline annotations
  72. marmistrz I'm not sure what do you have to do so that inline annotations just work, but maybe you don't need separate stubs
  73. lovetox no it works with inline
  74. lovetox but nbxmpp is python2 and python3 which makes things much more complicated because we cant use new python3 features
  75. lovetox so defining the annotations in a separate file in the package seems the way to go
  76. marmistrz Oh, if you want to maintain py2 compat, then yeah
  77. marmistrz It's just 1 year 3 months, though :))
  78. marmistrz (until the py2 eol)
  79. Link Mauve lovetox, I’d suggest making 0.7 (or 1.0 if you prefer) python3-only.
  80. marmistrz Especially that nothing in the Arch repos and AUR seems to depend on python2-nbxmpp, so I'm wondering if there's still anyone using python2-nbxmpp
  81. marmistrz Which pylint version is used by the CI? On 2.1.1 gajim doesn't pass the lint
  82. marmistrz ************* Module gajim.command_system.framework gajim/command_system/ E1111: Assigning to function call which doesn't return (assignment-from-no-return) ************* Module gajim.command_system.dispatcher gajim/command_system/ E1120: No value for argument 'self' in unbound method call (no-value-for-parameter)
  83. marmistrz Btw. it'd be nice if the rcfile got updated to reflect what is actually tested in the CI and used instead of a long, long param list in the .gitlab-ci.yml - so that a dev can run the lint himself
  84. lovetox the ci is less strict then the default lint config
  85. lovetox so if you work with that you are doing it right
  86. marmistrz ok
  87. marmistrz still, the e1111 and e1120 happen on the latest pylint with the CI lint-suite, just letting you know
  88. lovetox hm doesnt show up in my editor, have to check the version
  89. lovetox hm k pycodestyle doesnt show that error
  90. lovetox only pylint
  91. lovetox hm these 2 errors are specifically enabled in our CI
  92. lovetox so something is not working here
  93. concerto o/
  94. concerto Now that I've joined big IRC rooms from Gajim...really, really would like that smarter completion behaviour.
  95. concerto (Give priority to the last nick who spoke, or last person who highlighted you.)
  96. lovetox hm seems easy to impl if its just that
  97. lovetox last nick that you spoke or that highlightet you
  98. concerto that'd be really nice, lovetox
  99. Daniel concerto,
  100. concerto thanks ^^
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  103. marmistrz lovetox: did you find anything interesting in the logs for the no-reconnect-after-suspend?
  104. lovetox yes it seems you dont have a networkmanager installed that we can access
  105. lovetox at least i think, you can debug with gajim.interface=DEBUG, and just disable you rnetwork for 5 seconds, and see if the log prints something
  106. marmistrz lovetox: I'm using NetworkManager, it was installed as a dependency of cinnamon (Arch Linux). Maybe I don't have some NM bindings there
  107. lovetox i dont think you need one
  108. lovetox as i said, just disable your network and look at the console, debuging with gajim.interface=DEBUG
  109. lovetox you can also add prints in that method network_status_changed
  110. marmistrz nothing either, I'll add the prints tomorow
  111. marmistrz nothing either, I'll add the prints tomorrow
  112. marmistrz thanks
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