Gajim - 2018-09-08

  1. okidoki123 Here is my problem: im using gajim 1.1.0 which i installed on Tails together with the omemo plugin 2.6.0. Im connecting thru Tor and everything goes well (chat+omemo). But when i try to do a file transfer it fails saying "errno 111 connection refused". Does someone knows where is the problem ? is Tails blockink the socket or something like that ? Thanks a lot
  2. okidoki123 Here is my problem: im using gajim 1.1.0 which i installed on Tails together with the omemo plugin 2.6.0. Im connecting thru Tor and everything goes well (chat+omemo). But when i try to do a file transfer it fails saying "errno 111 connection refused" or sometimes also "errno 101". Does someone knows where is the problem ? is Tails blockink the socket or something like that ? Thanks a lot
  3. mrDoctorWho Hi there! Have there been any changes regarding bookmarks support?
  4. mrDoctorWho I know bookmarks are saved on the server, but it seems Gajim doesn't pick them up, or they just disappeared from the server :/
  5. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9324: < No menus/dialogs on Win7 (Russian) >
  6. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *52e09cf5* < > Windows: Fix translation Fixes #9324
  7. lovetox marmistrz, you can clear your device list
  8. lovetox in the omemo plugin config dialog
  9. lovetox but you should only do this if all your active devices are online
  10. lovetox okidoki123: depends how you do the filetransfer
  11. lovetox if its a "direct" then clients negotiate a port, and if this port is not useable because of your tails config it will not work
  12. lovetox mrDoctorWho, depends on what version of Gajim you use
  13. mrDoctorWho lovetox, the latest master I presume
  14. mrDoctorWho commit c8b31dffbbc4ebe716ded2a47d01102089e6bce4 if to be exact
  15. lovetox you can activate logging with -l gajim.c.m.bookmarks=DEBUG
  16. lovetox and see whats up
  17. mrDoctorWho ok, sure
  18. concerto lovetox: any idea re: image preview failing?
  19. lovetox i need debug logs from the preview plugin
  20. lovetox you posted one from the omemo plugin
  21. lovetox gajim.plugin_system.preview=DEBUG
  22. mrDoctorWho lovetox, well, it shows a couple of bookmarks, totally not all I had before
  23. lovetox thats what we get from the server
  24. lovetox dont know where the rest is
  25. lovetox did you install some bookmark mods?
  26. concerto lovetox: I was running `gajim -l DEBUG`
  27. concerto lovetox: doesn't that include all plugins?
  28. mrDoctorWho lovetox, no, I didn't
  29. lovetox concerto yes, but its too verbose you will never find what we search for
  30. lovetox mrDoctorWho, does the log say something about "Received Bookmarks (PubSub)"
  31. mrDoctorWho lovetox, yes
  32. lovetox or better does the Server Info show
  33. lovetox #publish options available?
  34. concerto lovetox: all lines containing 'urlimagepreviewplugin' -
  35. lovetox concerto, just start gajim with the logging command i gave you
  36. lovetox copy the link paste it into some chat
  37. lovetox look at the log
  38. mrDoctorWho lovetox, false alarm, it seems my bookmarks were somehow deleted from the server
  39. lovetox mrDoctorWho, if your server supports PubSub bookmarks but no persistent pubsub (does not save your data across restarts)
  40. lovetox that can happen
  41. lovetox because gajim only checks for publish options
  42. lovetox not if the server has persistent storage
  43. mrDoctorWho lovetox, it never happened before
  44. lovetox i should probably change that
  45. concerto lovetox: is copying an image link and sending it treated the same as sending an image?
  46. concerto (I thought they were handled differently)
  47. lovetox depends, there is a option in config dialog to show all URLs or only ones that were send with httpupload
  48. lovetox but you can just open the history window
  49. lovetox and browse to the day were you received the link
  50. lovetox its the same as receiving it again
  51. concerto oh, that's good to know. Makes testing this a lot easier :D
  52. concerto lovetox:
  53. concerto wait, is it because HTTPS? o.O
  54. concerto wait, is it because no HTTPS? o.O
  55. lovetox yes
  56. Daniel concerto, this is for you then:
  57. concerto That's nuts, should be fixed by the admin, not the client.
  58. lovetox Daniel, thats for httpupload, has nothing to do with previewing images
  59. concerto I'll ask the contact to fix their server.
  60. Daniel lovetox, I see!
  61. marmistrz lovetox, thanks!
  62. marmistrz I assume that even with BTBV coming in 1.1.0 it will still be possible to use have it disabled, right?
  63. lovetox blind trust before verification?
  64. marmistrz yep
  65. marmistrz I'd like to implement gajim-plugins#233, especially that I'm totally against BTBV myself (I understand that there are users who'll be better off with BTBV, I know such folks but I'm not one of them)
  66. lovetox this is omemo, has nothing to do with Gajim versions
  67. marmistrz lovetox, so is BTBV already in 2.6.0?
  68. lovetox no
  69. lovetox i dont know where you get the idea from that this will be available soon
  70. marmistrz in
  71. marmistrz > This becomes obsolete with #310.
  72. lovetox yeah and 310 is a open ticket
  73. lovetox ..
  74. marmistrz aaa, right :PPP
  75. marmistrz and where in the sources of OMEMO plugin is the padlock set to be show to indicate the encryption?
  76. lovetox the plugin does not set icons
  77. lovetox it just tells gajim if the message was encrypted or not
  78. lovetox so first the omemo plugin has to make the info available to gajim, then gajim can choose an icon
  79. marmistrz lovetox, if you don't plan having BTBV ready before the middle of Oct, then I can implement #233 on my own, you'll have less work doing BTBV :)
  80. marmistrz thanks for explaining the architecture, can you point me where in code it is?
  81. marmistrz (middle of Oct is a pessimistic ETA :P)
  82. marmistrz (the middle of Oct is a pessimistic ETA :P)
  83. concerto Has there been any progress on the message correcting background color field and the file chooser 'file not found' error?
  84. lovetox converto the gajim-nightly is broken
  85. lovetox you can try gajim-default-nightly
  86. concerto lovetox: that's what I'm using
  87. lovetox marmistrz, i add the icons in gajim now myself, this is not hard to do, btbv is a lot more work :)
  88. lovetox so how does the background look?
  89. marmistrz Yeah, I know, that's why I thought about it as a first PR :)) You usually start with something easy to get to know the architecture of a project :)
  90. lovetox when you have time, im sure i find lots of easy things to do for you :)
  91. marmistrz I'll actually never use BTBV myself, if #233 is fixed, I'd rather go for #319
  92. concerto lovetox: the correction background is still a pale yellow
  93. concerto and it remains very hard to read the white text (in dark theme) above that ;)
  94. concerto and it remains very hard to read the white text (= dark theme) above that ;)
  95. concerto and the old correcting background color variable has disappeared, so no more workaround.
  96. lovetox then you are on a old gajim-master-default
  97. lovetox concerto,
  98. concerto v1.0.99+a4a136566 / gajim-default-nightly, 20180905-1
  99. lovetox are we talking about dark theme?
  100. concerto yeah
  101. lovetox
  102. lovetox this is the color the background has
  103. concerto specifically message correcting background color in dark theme
  104. lovetox except you have configured something different in the theming window
  105. lovetox or the file has not been installed
  106. lovetox can you look into gajim/data/style
  107. lovetox if there is a default-dark.css?
  108. concerto ``` dpkg -L gajim-default-nightly | grep css /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/common/ /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/data/style/default-dark.css /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/data/style/default.css /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/data/style/gajim-dark.css /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/data/style/gajim.css ```
  109. lovetox then open the css and see what color it defines for background msg correcting
  110. concerto wat. It's empty. All it has is "/* Gajim Dark Application CSS File */"
  111. lovetox then its also a package problem
  112. lovetox because its not empty in source
  113. concerto ._.
  114. bot Parstion created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9336: < Update \ rework toast notifications >
  115. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9336: < Update \ rework toast notifications >
  116. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9336: < Enhancements for notifications >
  117. Zash Is `gajim/common/modules/` used by anything atm?
  118. marmistrz lovetox, so have you finally done something with the icons? if not, I have a while today, so I can do it
  119. lovetox Zash yes it downloads the avater
  120. marmistrz (what I mentioned in #233)
  121. Zash I don't see anything loading it?
  122. marmistrz (I'm talking about what I mentioned in #233)
  123. Zash Is something automagically loading stuff?
  124. lovetox its not self evident what that does
  125. lovetox because its a pep module
  126. lovetox _notification_received is called by everytime we receive a 0084 notification
  127. lovetox you can see in that callback that we call get_pubsub_avatar() if we dont know the hash
  128. lovetox Zash if you tell me what you are looking for i maybe can help you
  129. Zash lovetox: I'm looking at their access status, whether it'd be difficult to have them made public (access_model=open) possibly with some advanced user setting somewhere
  130. lovetox Gajim does not publish its avatar via 0084
  131. lovetox this is only receiving
  132. Zash Maybe one day
  133. lovetox i dont see any gain, only work
  134. Zash OMEMO would have the same access issue, so I could look at how that works too
  135. lovetox omemo currently does not use publish options
  136. lovetox it just publishes to a node with whatever default config the server offers
  137. Zash User(s) are reporting problems that would explained by that.
  138. Zash Not entirely sure how and where to solve this
  139. lovetox what problem?
  140. Zash OMEMO with non-contacts I guess
  141. lovetox yeah not supported in gajim yet
  142. Zash like in MUCs
  143. bot Marcin modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9334: < Joining huge MUCs takes very long >
  144. bot Parstion modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9336: < Enhancements for notifications >
  145. gerald am I dumb or can't avatars be shown in a muc's participants list?
  146. lovetox i see avatars
  147. gerald ah, my bad. they're visible if you enable avatars in roster. I didn't know that the MUC participants list is treated as roster.
  148. Zash MattJ: Poke ↑
  149. a.l Hey, where is the plugin-menu in the ubuntu-build supposed to be found? I want to activate OMEMO but i fail already finding the plugins-menu. I'm also missing the Gajim menu entry as in here:
  150. lovetox its in your global menu
  151. lovetox but you probably dont use default ubuntu gnome
  152. lovetox so you dont see it anymore
  153. lovetox whatever non default UI mod you installed check with them how you can show global menus
  154. bot Marcin proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Show an icon if a message is not encrypted.
  155. bot Marcin updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Show an icon if a message is not encrypted.
  156. bot Marcin updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Show an icon if a message is not encrypted.
  157. marmistrz ^ that's my first PR for Gajim :))
  158. a.l cool, thx lovetox. i'll check that
  159. a.l ok i changed back to default (Adawaita) on 18.04 and hat a reboot. no change. any thoughts?
  160. concerto marmistrz: congratulations :D
  161. lovetox a.l, it has nothing to do with the theme
  162. lovetox are you using unity?
  163. a.l i'd have to check. i just upgraded to 18.04
  164. a.l printf 'Desktop: %s\nSession: %s\n' "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP" "$GDMSESSION" Desktop: ubuntu:GNOME Session: ubuntu
  165. a.l looks like a normal gnome
  166. lovetox
  167. lovetox a.l,
  168. a.l oh waoh, that easy?!
  169. a.l thanks! i already tried to change = True in the config file
  170. a.l :)
  171. _3am_ I need OTR !'
  172. lovetox i think pidgin has a OTR plugin
  173. a.l wohoo works like a charm, thanks!
  174. marmistrz It looks like the pipelines got stuck: - there are no logs in this pipeline
  175. marmistrz It looks like my pipeline got stuck: - there are no logs in this pipeline. Should I simply retry?
  176. lovetox no
  177. lovetox i have to give permission to use the pipeline
  178. a.l question: is it possible to sync the message archive (with encrypted messages) across devices?
  179. Zash With Gajim or?
  180. lovetox depends what you mean by that and what encryption you are using
  181. Zash Nothing in the protocol says one client can't query another client.
  182. Zash But then, do you want Skype levels of sync madness?
  183. lovetox if you are using omemo, you cant get old history with a new device
  184. Zash lovetox: If you download them from another client (which might have them in plain text in its database)
  185. a.l it's omemo now, conversations@android & gajim@ubuntu, archive is activated on server
  186. Zash If you use OMEMO then you do not have an archive on the server, you have garbage.
  187. lovetox Zash the question was about what is possible with Gajim, not what could be possible given someone invents something that makes it possible
  188. a.l ah i get it - should unencrypted messages appear in gajim when i write them in conversations?
  189. Zash Then sure, Carbons and MAM?
  190. lovetox a.l, also encrypted ones should appear on both devices
  191. a.l hmm they don't... do i need to activate anything apart from archive on server?
  192. lovetox you have to trust your own fingerprint in the omemo fingerprint window
  193. a.l i did that
  194. lovetox are both devices online?
  195. a.l yes
  196. lovetox and do you see the gajim fingerprint in conversations?
  197. a.l yes
  198. a.l now the conversation appeared, maybe it's good to wait sometimes a little :) and the omemo messages are readable, too?!
  199. a.l only thing missing it the group conversation, but maybe that's too much for today :)
  200. lovetox its best to create groupchats with conversations if you want to
  201. lovetox then join with gajim
  202. lovetox groupchats work good if only people in your contact list are joined
  203. lovetox with contacts not in your roster, its not supported by gajim right now
  204. a.l ah ok, now i get why i don't see this group :)
  205. lovetox encrypting public chats will not work :)
  206. a.l but unencrypted like this one?
  207. lovetox i dont know what you mean by "i dont see it"
  208. a.l i don't see this group ( in conversations
  209. a.l one more thing: (maybe OT, i won't be offended if no one wants to answer :)): is there any plan to have a audio/video call and voice message functionality implemented in gajim and/or conversations?
  210. a.l thank you very much so far!
  211. lovetox conversations has a voice recorder plugin i think
  212. lovetox and you can send the recording to gajim and listen to it
  213. lovetox video/audio call will not happen in the near future
  214. a.l okay
  215. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9335: < Joining the MUCs makes the UI lag >
  216. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9334: < Joining huge MUCs takes very long >
  217. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  218. lovetox marmistrz, try joining a irc channel now
  219. lovetox it should load in under 4 seconds
  220. Zash
  221. Zash short version: ImportError: No module named 'gajim.common.pubsub'
  222. Zash missing '.modules' ?
  223. lovetox i launch gajim all day, i would not know why it needs pubsub to load
  224. lovetox oh no
  225. lovetox maybe this does not work on py3.5 again
  226. lovetox but this is not very new, i think it worked last week Zash?
  227. Zash Pretty sure it worked earlier today
  228. lovetox but i did not change anything regarding that
  229. marmistrz geeez, that was complexity n^2 log n, no wonder it was so slow, thanks lovetox, I'll try it in a while, There's a question in my PR #324 (_Is it simply not stored in the DB?_), it would be great if someone had a while to answer that, thanks :)
  230. lovetox no we dont store it yet
  231. lovetox but its possible to store
  232. lovetox to be correct, the plugin does not store it yet
  233. marmistrz lovetox, would it be hard to make the plugin store it?
  234. marmistrz I'll add it if it doesn't require completely redesigning the plugin
  235. lovetox no its just 2 lines, but this still needs some thought
  236. lovetox 1. i dont want to see a unencrypted symbol if i have no encryption activated
  237. lovetox so thats one further condition you should check for
  238. marmistrz lovetox, you mean _if I have no encryption plugin_?
  239. lovetox no i mean if the encryption is deactivated
  240. lovetox not everyone uses encryption, and i see no reason to show them a warning on every message
  241. marmistrz Still, one may have disabled the encryption by mistake
  242. marmistrz or disabled and forgot to re-enable
  243. lovetox yeah but then you are missing the encryption symbol
  244. Zash Okay, now no revision works? I nuked the config too
  245. lovetox e2e is not the norm, its not like https
  246. lovetox the problem seems to be something differenz Zash, not the gajim repo
  247. marmistrz hmm, ok, fine then
  248. Zash rm -rf * && git checkout -- .
  249. lovetox marmistrz, i add the thing that omemo stores the encryption state
  250. marmistrz I think I'd move the padlock to the left, as here, it looks much better IMO:
  251. Zash There, the hammer of DOOM applied
  252. marmistrz
  253. lovetox if you see that commit you will know how to get it in gajim
  254. marmistrz lovetox, ok thanks
  255. bot Marcin updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Show an icon if a message is not encrypted.
  256. marmistrz and what do you think about the padlock on the left?
  257. lovetox i will try it, but from a quick look it looks ok
  258. lovetox does it work now Zash?
  259. Zash lovetox: yes
  260. lovetox very weird
  261. marmistrz lovetox, great, so I'll keep it in my MR. I'll meld back tomorrow when I've improved the MR
  262. Zash python bytecode cache or some untracked file I did something in?
  263. lovetox yes and i try to add the storage in omemo today
  264. Zash buuuut having deleted everyting, we may never know. it is a mystery
  265. bot Marcin updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Show an icon if a message is not encrypted.
  266. marmistrz lovetox, the IRC loads in about 4 seconds, thanks a lot!! I'll close the issue
  267. marmistrz aaa, it's already closed ;P
  268. Zash And why doesn't Gajim get any response to the Profile set query?
  269. Zash Oh, because the full thing isn't sent
  270. Zash *That* issue
  271. Zash Only seen it on a localhost server before
  272. lovetox Zash?
  273. lovetox we dont get a response to vcard-set?
  274. lovetox this is news to me
  275. Zash lovetox: Because it only sent half the query
  276. lovetox ah yeah i can remember
  277. lovetox but we could only reproduce it on your localhost
  278. Zash Now it seems to happen with my main account as well
  279. lovetox does it really only send half of it, or does the server only receive half of it?
  280. lovetox maybe it has something to do with stanza size
  281. Zash In the XML console, the stanza ends in the middle of the avatar BINVAL
  282. Zash I don't have sufficently verbose debug logs on my producetion server but elsewhere it gets a 16KiB packet and then it sits there a while
  283. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9060: < Meta: Message/conversation appearance >
  284. bot Parstion modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9315: < Support for Stickers >
  285. concerto !!!
  286. lovetox and i guess no errors in the console?, could you try and log with -l .nbxmpp=DEBUG
  287. Zash
  288. Zash followed by a headline message in response to the PEP Nickname change it did before sending the vcard
  289. Zash Eventually it continues with the vcard+avatar
  290. Zash Smells like socket event handling weirdness
  291. lovetox so its not lost, just it decides to do something different in between
  292. Zash How much of low-level network handling is done by Gajim vs nbxmpp vs Python?
  293. lovetox Gajim does not handle any socket/tls stuff, it just calls nbxmpp send() and nbxmpp uses pyopenssl and python sockets for connection
  294. marmistrz Btw. lovetox, will you share some screenshots of the revamped message window (!310) when you have a while? :))
  295. lovetox there is a MR open
  296. lovetox just check out the branch
  297. marmistrz ok :)
  298. debacle There is a Debian bug report: The user experiences many error dialogues and in the end cannot quit Gajim. 1.1.0-beta1
  299. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *0a20cb59* < > Fix fallback for bookmark name
  300. lovetox this should fix that debacle ^
  301. debacle thanks, lovetox
  302. debacle will there be a new beta (or final release) soon™?
  303. lovetox yes
  304. debacle OK, then I'll wait for that
  305. debacle I wonder why you didn't write return self.bookmarks[jid].get("name", jid.split('@')[0]) ?
  306. lovetox because it would not work
  307. lovetox the fallback for get() is only returned if the key "name" is missing from the dict
  308. debacle ah, OK, not if it's an empty string... I see
  309. lovetox the key will never be missing, the problem was that name can be None
  310. debacle or None or any kind of Python False
  311. lovetox yes
  312. debacle return self.bookmarks[jid].get("name", "") or jid.split('@')[0]
  313. debacle would work, right?
  314. lovetox yes if there is a chance that the key name is missing from the dict
  315. lovetox actually no
  316. lovetox that does the same like you posted above
  317. debacle oh, I see