Gajim - 2018-09-01

  1. lovetox Link Mauve, i have a problem with your muc avatar spec
  2. lovetox the room_info should always be present
  3. lovetox and it should have a empty string or whatever if there is no avatar
  4. Link Mauve Why?
  5. Link Mauve Also, it may not even be supported by the service so you can’t count on it anyway.
  6. lovetox comp with current behavior, if i request the config, i would delete the avatar on not finding a string, but the muc maybe used presences for the avatar
  7. lovetox i guess we could live with it because config changes dont happen often
  8. lovetox and hope all server migrate soon?
  9. Link Mauve So basically you’d prefer the second business rule to be removed?
  10. lovetox yes, otherwise i cant implement both behaviors beside each other
  11. lovetox not finding the info means then room doesnt support avatar via roominfo
  12. lovetox so i dont delete anything
  13. lovetox but i dont know if you want to add something to be comp with a behavior that isnt even a xep
  14. lovetox and its also not long around
  15. lovetox i can live with the avatar gets deleted on config change, if other servers implement this xep in the future
  16. lovetox maybe you should submit it to get a glimpse if others are willing to switch to this
  17. lovetox empty value should be possible though
  18. lovetox this is a filed in a form, otherwise client would not know to draw the filed
  19. Maranda waits on ejabberd as he already stated.
  20. lovetox Link Mauve i found a way to support both with less downsides
  21. lovetox i will remove the avatar only if there is a empty value in the room info, this means worst case, server does not implement empty value, user sees the deletion after a restart
  22. sophie subscription=both but still ask=subscribe, did anyone had issues with this before?
  23. lovetox in what context
  24. sophie I'm working on changing subscriptions via the contact dialog and for some contacts it's behaving really strange
  25. sophie and they have exactly this configuration
  26. sophie others have subscription=both but still ask=None and everything seems to be okay
  27. sophie not sure if this is a prosody issue
  28. sophie but get_module('Presence').subscribed() does not make the ask=subscribe status go away
  29. mrDoctorWho
  30. mrDoctorWho is that a known issue?
  31. lovetox no you can report it
  32. lovetox and deactivate gajim-remote
  33. lovetox in ACE
  34. mrDoctorWho ok, thanks
  35. lovetox sophie, you can look into the presence module what we do on receiving subscriptions
  36. lovetox also log with gajim.c.m.presence=DEBUG
  37. lovetox to follow the subscribe workflows and debug
  38. sophie yeah, just thought someone already heard about it
  39. mrDoctorWho I also don't see the tray icon with recent master
  40. lovetox ask=subscribe, sounds weird though
  41. lovetox dont know what that should mean
  42. sophie thats the only value for ask ^^
  43. sophie that's fine
  44. sophie however, following RFC 3921 ask=subscribe should only occur with subscription=from or none
  45. sophie so it's probably worth tracing this problem
  46. lovetox ah this value comes from the server roster
  47. lovetox problem is we have ask also on the contact object
  48. lovetox so this could be a sync issue in gajim
  49. lovetox where do you get the value from? the contact object or the roster?
  50. sophie contact
  51. lovetox would be worth looking what the roster says at the same time
  52. sophie okay, thanks
  53. Link Mauve lovetox, we can still change the XEP’s business rule, don’t worry.
  54. lovetox Link Mauve, where i can i test this module?
  55. Maranda sophie: you're following the wrong one btw you need 6121 now
  56. Maranda Just saying
  57. Link Mauve lovetox, I don’t think it’s written yet.
  58. lovetox ....
  59. lovetox then write it
  60. lovetox i push the changes to a branch of my repo
  61. lovetox then you can test later
  62. Link Mauve MattJ, do you have something testable yet?
  63. MattJ Link Mauve, sorry, semi-here... for what?
  64. lovetox distributing avatar hash via muc#roominfo
  65. lovetox i have added support in gajim for that in a branch
  66. lovetox and would want to test it
  67. lovetox either way i have it in this branch here
  68. lovetox so once someone impl this you can test it
  69. lovetox or tell me then i do it :)
  70. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *7d723d7b* < > Fix contact not beeing found after room destroy
  71. marek Hi, I am on Ubuntu 18.04 with the unstable repository
  72. marek Upgraded some packages (incl. Python3) this morning, since then gajim does not startup. Is this kno
  73. lovetox depends what do you see in the console?
  74. marek *known or should I file a bug report?
  75. marek Modulenotfounderror: gajim.gtk.filechoosers
  76. lovetox yes the package is broken
  77. lovetox can you try uninstalling it, and installing instead gajim-default-nightly
  78. lovetox from our repos
  79. lovetox and see if you have the same problem
  80. marek Works like a charm, thank you
  81. lovetox Link Mauve, what was the second thing with the bookmarks?
  82. lovetox nah it was also something with avatars
  83. Link Mauve urn:xmpp:bookmarks-conversion:0 as a feature.
  84. Link Mauve Hmm, second thing?
  85. lovetox i should not send avatar presence
  86. Link Mauve I still haven’t finished the XEP for bookmarks conversion.
  87. lovetox if some feature is detected
  88. Link Mauve Ah, that’s XEP-0398.
  89. lovetox so i just dont include it ever, if i detect this feature
  90. lovetox but i still have to resend presence on avatar update
  91. Link Mauve No, why?
  92. Link Mauve The server will update the presence for you in that case.
  93. Link Mauve It will broadcast it to all of your contacts and directed presences.
  94. lovetox what, since when does a server send out a presence for me if i update my vcard
  95. Link Mauve It isn’t the case?
  96. Link Mauve Does 0398 not say that?
  97. Link Mauve It should be updated if not.
  98. lovetox i dont see that it says that
  99. lovetox but i also would not expect to send presence fro me
  100. lovetox that makes things complicated im sure in some cases
  101. Link Mauve Why?
  102. lovetox because we add other stuff to presences like idle
  103. Link Mauve It’s always the server’s role to broadcast your presence when it changes, and an avatar change is something that will be broadcasted.
  104. lovetox you want the server to keep track of all these elements?
  105. lovetox but that was never like that
  106. lovetox this has nothing to do with conversion
  107. Link Mauve Idle (as of 0319) is the datetime at which you went idle, it’s not a number of seconds like before.
  108. lovetox if i upload a avatar to vcard, my presence is not broadcasted
  109. Link Mauve Are you sure?
  110. lovetox yes lol
  111. lovetox a client that supports 0153 has to do this on his own
  112. Link Mauve Yeah, because before servers didn’t support that.
  113. Link Mauve 0398 just moved 0153 support from the client to the server, that’s all.
  114. Link Mauve It should be worded better though.
  115. lovetox omitting the idle attr means im back on my device
  116. lovetox i just dont know another example where the server would send a presence for me, without me initiatingit
  117. Link Mauve Yup, in which case you send it to the server, which proceeds to (add it a 0153 tag and) broadcast this presence to all of your contacts and directed presences.
  118. lovetox except of unavailable if i disconnect
  119. lovetox Link Mauve, you say the server sends a presence without me knowing
  120. lovetox if i upload a vcard
  121. lovetox so how can he know my idle state?
  122. lovetox he will not add a idle attr
  123. lovetox which leads to desynced idle state
  124. Link Mauve Err, what does idle state have to do with that?
  125. Link Mauve The server just broadcasts the presence it already stored from you.
  126. lovetox you mean the last?
  127. Link Mauve If your last presence included an idle tag it will carry it, otherwise it won’t.
  128. Link Mauve Yes.
  129. lovetox so it doesnt craft a new presence
  130. Link Mauve Of course not.
  131. lovetox thats of course something different
  132. Link Mauve Servers already need to store your last presence in order to send it to your contacts’ presence probes.
  133. Link Mauve For instance if one of your contacts comes online.
  134. lovetox kk yeah this should work, the xep doesnt mention it thought, and xep 0153 says to resend presence
  135. Link Mauve 0398 basically means, ignore 0153 on the sending client.
  136. lovetox i will write to the list about it
  137. Link Mauve But true, a section should be added about that.
  138. Link Mauve Thanks for noticing. :)
  139. lovetox if the XEP dont mention it a server developer will probably miss it
  140. Link Mauve Indeed.
  141. lovetox hm
  142. lovetox no the xep mentions something different
  143. lovetox Services will inject the hash in directed presences automatically but will not resend the presence if the avatar gets updated. Thus clients MAY resend directed available presence to all Multi-User Chats after receiving a 'urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata' update notification. The service will then inject an updated version of the hash. To avoid sending unnecassary presence updates, resending should only occur if the service annouces the 'urn:xmpp:pep-vcard-conversion:0' feature.
  144. Link Mauve Ugh, why…
  145. Link Mauve That’s useless presence from every single connected resource.
  146. Link Mauve Although I guess avatar update is rare enough it’s not worth it much to optimise that case.
  147. Link Mauve Anyway, it’s time to go watch anime with some comrades, see you later. \o_
  148. lovetox later
  149. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #4215: < Better display of who receives custom statuses >
  150. debacle Is python3-cssutils really needed in version 1.0.2 and 1.0 is not sufficient? It would need a backport for Debian stable.
  151. lovetox i didnt try, but 1.0 is years old
  152. debacle true, 2013, 1.0.2 is relatively recent, 2017.
  153. lovetox i think they just forgot to put the most current into debian 9
  154. debacle where is it used, i.e. where would I see when it does not work as expected?
  155. lovetox Gajim theming in preferences
  156. lovetox just set some colors and font
  157. lovetox and look if you get tracebacks
  158. lovetox we would still have to edit because it enforces 1.0.2
  159. debacle If I don't see any problems, I would patch that just for Debian stable, it's probably good for Gajim to keep it enforced :~)
  160. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  161. debacle Two observations: 1. In Debian backports the list of MUCs to join is not sorted alphabetically, while it is sorted in Debian unstable/testing (both Gajim 1.1.0 beta1). 2. The 1.1.0 Debian package is 6 MB in download size, 1.0.3 had only 2.8 MB, probably because of noto.png (2.4 MB), (~ 1 MB), and twemoji.png (~ 1 MB).
  162. debacle About 1.: My fault! There is no locale set in my chroot, so there is no sorting, of course.
  163. debacle About 2.: Maybe I will put the pngs in a separate package, that will be recommended, i.e. installed by default. But users who don't want/need it can opt out easily.
  164. lovetox i wouldnt do that
  165. lovetox include the pngs in backbports
  166. lovetox and leave it out in unstable
  167. lovetox backports has no suppot for color fonts
  168. lovetox there will never be a user in backports who dont want to have colored emojis :)
  169. lovetox and comeon 6 mb are you kidding :D
  170. debacle Yes, 6 MB is not much nowadays. Half a photo.
  171. debacle And everyone wants colour emoji, of course. (Myself excluded, but I'm strange.)
  172. Zash Maybe a plugin like the one that translates emoji into :stuff_like_this:, like the one that exists for poezio? :)
  173. Zash lovetox: did you say it gajim was still supposed to resend presence after updating avatar/vcard?
  174. lovetox yes, thats what the xep says
  175. lovetox see the list answer from daniel from today why
  176. Zash doesn't appear to be doing so
  177. lovetox
  178. Zash Hm
  179. lovetox does it for me
  180. Zash
  181. lovetox i see no option that gajim does not send a presence
  182. lovetox after publish
  183. lovetox you use the profile window right?
  184. Zash yes
  185. Zash 1.0.99+be6c2d4f7a49 GTK+ Version: 3.22.11 PyGObject Version: 3.22.0 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.6.7
  186. lovetox the sha from one publish to the next has to be different of course
  187. lovetox just delete the photo click OK
  188. lovetox add one again etc
  189. Zash Not seeing any presence being sent
  190. lovetox log with gajim.c.m.vcard=DEBUG
  191. lovetox do you see a publish log line after hitting ok in the profile window?
  192. lovetox i hope your server announces XEP-0398
  193. lovetox please check in the serverinfo window
  194. Zash Hm, it's supposed to
  195. Zash Oh, wait, on the bare JID?
  196. lovetox omg not that again
  197. Zash indeed
  198. lovetox xep says MUST announce on account
  199. Zash Yeah, now it works RECV(262): <presence
  200. Zash -module:add_feature("urn:xmpp:pep-vcard-conversion:0"); +module:hook("account-disco-info", function (event) + event.reply:tag("feature", { var = "urn:xmpp:pep-vcard-conversion:0" }):up(); +end);
  201. Zash It irks me that the presence fiddlery isn't a separate feature
  202. Zash lovetox: thanks for helping find a bug in this thing
  203. lovetox nice :)
  204. debacle Zash, such a plugin (that translates emoji into :stuff_like_this:) would be very helpful for me, because I'm emoji-illiterate.
  205. debacle poezio is written in Python, so it should be possible to share some code...
  206. lovetox i can show it as a tooltip if you hover the emoji
  207. lovetox we do this already in the chooser
  208. debacle nice, lovetox!
  209. debacle Some emojis are not easy to identify. (And to interpret! What is the emotion behind half a kiwi?)
  210. lovetox they are called emoji
  211. lovetox but obviously are not all for emotions
  212. Daniel But it doesn't work the other way round, right? :smile: wouldn't be converted to an emoji, would it?
  213. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: music_track_listener: don't hard code media players