Gajim - 2018-08-31

  1. lovetox unclechu, this is fixed in beta
  2. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *527762f7* < > Fix missing attribute
  3. lovetox thanks Zash, should work now
  4. bot John Doe created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9318: < Emoji window error >
  5. bot John Doe modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9318: < Emoji window mouse pointer bug >
  6. concerto Emoji window * mouse pointer bug
  7. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9318: < Emoji window mouse pointer bug >
  8. concerto did it already ;)
  9. concerto <disregard this>
  10. Maranda Hmmm I think the room should be discoed after being configured for the first time
  11. Maranda on creation
  12. Maranda that is
  13. Maranda .
  14. lovetox does a configuration not send a 104?
  15. Maranda lovetox: we have a bad problem
  16. Maranda MUC on master is broken broken
  17. lovetox pull recent commit
  18. lovetox i fixed it this morning i hope
  19. Maranda Dont have the build chain there
  20. concerto
  21. concerto
  22. lovetox concerto what version of gajim are you using?
  23. concerto v1.0.99+d57bfcbca / gajim-default-nightly, 20180827-1
  24. lovetox then im not sure about your history window change
  25. lovetox the date picker is hidden
  26. lovetox the search bar not
  27. Maranda lovetox: sends 104
  28. lovetox hm dont have gajim here, have to take a look at home
  29. lovetox Maranda then we should disco on receiving a 104
  30. concerto lovetox: the previous/next day arrows are currently _in_ the date picker - C-h -> click on date picker -> click left/right button. I'm suggesting moving them to the left of the search bar and the right of the date picker - C-h -> click left/right button.
  31. lovetox how can something be on the left of the searchbar but at the same time to the right of the date picker
  32. lovetox if the date picker is not even shown
  33. concerto (Of course, depends on whether most people use next day/previous day as frequently as I do.)
  34. concerto lovetox: current layout - <space> [search bar] [date button] <space> [overflow menu] suggesting - <space> [previous day button] [search bar] [date button] [next day button] <space> [overflow menu]
  35. Daniel concerto, the calendar popup doesn't close after changing the day, does it?
  36. Daniel Your second point is already discussed in #9060, have a look
  37. Daniel concerto, that these two buttons change the date is not obvious at all
  38. lovetox depends do we show the date in the search bar? i can remember something like that
  39. concerto Daniel: you're right, it's not obvious. But if you don't need the calendar, it just takes up space among what you're looking - becomes a visual distraction. And I rarely need the calendar, but often need the previous/next day button. (you rarely remember the exact date, and you think, "maybe it was this day...okay, maybe the one before that..." - so you use those buttons a lot)
  40. concerto Daniel: you're right, it's not obvious. But I rarely need the calendar, but often need the previous/next day button. (you rarely remember the exact date, and you think, "maybe it was this day...okay, maybe the one before that..." - so you use those buttons a lot)
  41. concerto And every time you use them you open the calendar again :P
  42. lovetox maybe we should name the buttons "next day" "previous day" then it would be obvious
  43. concerto Actually, it might not be a problem. Arrows by themselves don't say "next day"/"previous day". But when you're looking at e.g. message history, or say a webcomic, it becomes obvious what arrows do - left is old, right is new. (ingrained in us from the time of cassette players, bless 'em ^^)
  44. concerto Actually, come to think of it, it might not be a problem. Arrows by themselves don't say "next day"/"previous day". But when you're looking at e.g. message history, or say a webcomic, it becomes obvious what arrows do - left is old, right is new. (ingrained in us from the time of cassette players, bless 'em ^^)
  45. concerto Plus, - when you gray out the right arrow on the last date, the message above is reinforced - this isn't a touchscreen, we have tooltips ;) tooltips can say "previous day", "next day".
  46. concerto Plus, - when you gray out the right arrow on the latest date (and for consistency, the left arrow on the first date), the message above is reinforced - this isn't a touchscreen, we have tooltips ;) tooltips can say "previous day", "next day".
  47. Daniel Sounds valid and we have the space for it. I wonder how Sophie thinks about it.
  48. concerto Thanks for considering it. Make Jabber Great Again 💪 😄
  49. Daniel So you're proposing a MR? :D
  50. concerto lol, I have no knowledge of Python
  51. Daniel Beginners task?
  52. concerto Ah, damn it all *downloads Gajim sources*
  53. lovetox hehe 🙂 nah i look into it today should be not hard to do
  54. concerto 🤔
  55. concerto Daniel: so what branch? 😁
  56. concerto (I've literally never touched Python code before, though.)
  57. lovetox leave it concerto, i look into it
  58. concerto lovetox: thanks ^^
  59. concerto lovetox: okay, thanks ^^
  60. bot Parstion modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9315: < Create own custom emoticon set >
  61. bot private created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9319: < Adding last status time to contact view >
  62. lovetox Daniel did we not have a issue about Stickers
  63. lovetox how movim uses it and Gajim should have support
  64. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9315: < Support for Stickers >
  65. nico Since some days Conversations now supports dynamically updating the bookmark ( eg. room title and so on ) for room occupants. I feel like this feature is small but enhances the over all user experience a lot.
  66. lovetox what does that mean nico?
  67. nico If you have a muc room in your roster the title of the room is represented with its name in the roster. If that title changes due to what ever, Gajim will not update the bookmark and update the title in the roster.
  68. nico
  69. lovetox oh k thanks
  70. lovetox yes its on the list to display the title the muc has set
  71. MattJ Ugh, that seems weird
  72. lovetox MattJ, does prosody send some status message if the title changes?
  73. MattJ lovetox, but that issue is not about the title, but the subject
  74. MattJ So if Gajim set it to the title, and Conversations set it to the subject, they would constantly be fighting with each other :)
  75. MattJ and what if I set it to something custom in a different client?
  76. lovetox hm im not suggesting to adjust a bookmark
  77. lovetox i dont know why i should store a title in the bookmark, if the muc supplys the title on disco
  78. MattJ Ok, it looks like Conversations only does it if the bookmark name matched the previous subject
  79. nico whoops yeah I think I said title it the subject line
  80. MattJ Which is sensible
  81. lovetox ok i think all around gajim can improve on title/subject display mechanics in general, i will look into what makes sense
  82. nico sweet thank you
  83. private Up to gajim 0.16.9 it was possible to see the time since a contact changed the status to offline. I find it quite useful to see when a contact was "online".
  84. pod i know it is not a gajim issue but i recently updated my ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and now i cannot access my Plugins any more (the tab is gone) and also only a few icons and smileys are working. any insights what might be the problem?
  85. MattJ Just sounds like you have an older version of Gajim - what version is it?
  86. MattJ If you had Gajim installed from a non-Ubuntu repository, those often get disabled when you upgrade
  87. lovetox it sounds like you updated Gajim but not the plugins
  88. lovetox depending on what plugins you want you can search the debian repo with "gajim-"
  89. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  90. lovetox nico i looked into what conversation does, and it seems not clear to me what do you want me to do here
  91. lovetox first we create a MUC, it has neither a subject nor a title
  92. lovetox i add a bookmark, and have to set a title for the bookmark, so i set the roomname, like room123
  93. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9315: < Support for Stickers >
  94. lovetox now a user sets a subject in the room or sets a room title
  95. lovetox how and why should this affect the bookmark title?
  96. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #274: < [preview] support "stickers" sent by Movim (XEP-0231: Bits of Binary, BoB) >
  97. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #341: < [Feature Request] Voice Recording/ Audio embedded Player >
  98. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework Contact Info Dialog
  99. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9319: < Add last status time to contact view >
  100. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9319: < Add last status time to contact view >
  101. pod mattj, lovetox: sorry i had a work emergency it is version 1.0.1
  102. lovetox yes look for the plugins you want in your distributions repo
  103. lovetox you have to install it from there
  104. lovetox in 16.04 plugins were not beeing packaged, thats why they didnt autoupdate
  105. pod ok, will have a looksie, thx
  106. pod lovetox, you've been right, that was it - installing via apt worked and after a couple of restarts i had everything back to normal - the icons though - still missing
  107. lovetox icons, you mean emojis?
  108. lovetox you should install a color emoji font
  109. lovetox fonts-noto-color-emoji
  110. lovetox Maranda, we already disco the muc on a 104
  111. lovetox what setting is not updated?
  112. Maranda only the avatar
  113. lovetox hm what has it to do with the muc config?
  114. Maranda the option is still greyed out
  115. lovetox its in vcard
  116. Maranda lovetox, it's upload muc avatar
  117. Maranda when I create the room it's greyed out and I need to rejoin it to get it to be usable
  118. lovetox hmm
  119. Link Mauve Maranda, lovetox, speaking of 104 and of MUC avatars, please implement the XEP I just proposed:
  120. lovetox let me have a look
  121. Maranda lovetox, I'm not sure why that happens I suppose it has to do with room locking.
  122. Link Mauve It replaces the presence hack with a 104.
  123. lovetox i think it has to do with affiliation
  124. lovetox maybe you get the affiliation after the room config
  125. Maranda lovetox, hmm I don't think so, I have no knowledge could you easily verify that the room isn't bouncing the iq or something because of the lock?
  126. lovetox wait i check it out
  127. Maranda lovetox, hmm I don't think so, I have no Gajim code knowledge could you easily verify that the room isn't bouncing the iq or something because of the lock?
  128. lovetox yes Link Mauve
  129. Maranda Link Mauve, more than me and lovetox you should get ejabberd devs to implement it, I try to pair with that, doing otherwise will give issues.
  130. Maranda and also Conversations.
  131. Maranda lovetox, I guess it's possible that when locked I'm bouncing the disco#info IQ but I'm not sure.
  132. lovetox no i get it
  133. lovetox gajim discos before join
  134. lovetox this disco results in "not-found"
  135. lovetox but gajim wants to find vcard-temp
  136. Maranda That's cause the room is not there yet
  137. lovetox so in reality i have to disco after the room creation again
  138. Maranda yeah
  139. Maranda lovetox, you could hook to status 201 in self presence but beware that Prosody versions beside trunk automagically always give out instant rooms so that won't be there.
  140. Maranda lovetox, you could hook to status 201 in self presence but beware that Prosody versions beside trunk automagically always give out instant rooms so that won't be there, in that case
  141. lovetox nah i just disco after getting the response from setting the config
  142. lovetox should not be a problem
  143. Maranda ok
  144. Maranda makes sense
  145. lovetox damn
  146. lovetox it would be nice if servers send a 104 after inital config
  147. lovetox but sadly they dont
  148. Maranda lovetox, I won't in the case the config isn't changed
  149. Maranda (you shouldn't in that case, afair)
  150. lovetox yes, but how do i know whats an inital config and what not
  151. Maranda 🤷‍♂️ as I mentioned above the server SHOULD tell you when a room gets created with status 201
  152. Maranda you could hook to that, and send a disco#info request right after a first config form is submitted but I dunno how ugly is that.
  153. Maranda (also with Prosody > 0.11 that won't work?)
  154. lovetox ah i know, i just look if i have already a disco result from this muc, if not it must be a new one
  155. concerto o/
  156. concerto Just upgraded to the current default-nightly
  157. concerto 1.0.99+7743c11a5 / gajim-default-nightly, 20180831-1 And when I send messages to any MUC, the message window doesn't display them. They _are_ sent, though - Conversations displays them, others reply to them...
  158. asterix Fixed this morning
  159. concerto Ah 😃
  160. concerto What's with this 'file does not exist' error when selecting a file to send via the HTTP Upload file picker?
  161. f1refly No idea
  162. f1refly Probably a permission error?
  163. concerto Hm, lemme try get some logs
  164. concerto Funny, and now it just works :\
  165. concerto
  166. concerto ^ debug logs
  167. lovetox so seems it is triggered if you select multiple files?
  168. concerto I selected only one
  169. lovetox system?
  170. concerto lovetox: Debian
  171. lovetox with gnome?
  172. concerto XFCE
  173. lovetox do you see a nativ xcfe file chooser or a gnome one?
  174. lovetox weird stuff
  175. lovetox i can try if i can reproduce it on ubuntu
  176. concerto lovetox: it's the GNOME one, AFAICT
  177. Daniel lovetox, another (short) list of wiki pages from the plugins repo. These can go I think
  178. lovetox k thanks will look later
  179. bot Ivan Vučica created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9320: < Dependency on cssutils handled differently than other deps >
  180. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9320: < Dependency on cssutils handled differently than other deps >
  181. ivucica Should I get a notification bell on Gajim when 7d old MUC MAM messages are being synced? ;)
  182. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9013: < In Contact Information, timestamp is incorrectly formatted into the GMT timezone >
  183. ivucica Although actually I'm not sure why it's going on.
  184. lovetox if you are mentioned yes
  185. ivucica lovetox: even for ancient messages that are just being caught up on?
  186. ivucica Anyway, I just get random bell sounds, tbh. Can't actually identify where they're coming from.
  187. ivucica Too much noise on XML console when it happens, and it's too random.
  188. lovetox how should gajim know if you read the messages on another device or not?
  189. lovetox you could also be on holiday and not joined the muc for 7 days
  190. lovetox the solution for that is
  191. lovetox not pull the history at all
  192. lovetox only on request of the user, like with scrolling
  193. ivucica That would be ideal, yes :) But, a quick hack could be, when pulling in history, don't ring at all.
  194. ivucica Or don't ring if the mention is >1d old.
  195. lovetox you mean just disable sound on mam catchup
  196. ivucica Yeah
  197. ivucica However, having said this, I actually don't think it's happening.
  198. Zash Or avoid all that until the mam queries are all done?
  199. Zash I for one ain't going to read a month of logs from some random busy room I haven't been in for a month.
  200. ivucica Looks like the Twitch IRC is causing it.
  201. ivucica It's not actually ringing on catchup as-is, please disregard.
  202. lovetox it would if you are mentioned
  203. ivucica I am being mentioned and it's not ringing.
  204. lovetox but yes the chance that you are mentioned 50 times is low
  205. ivucica Hah, over 7 days? :)
  206. ivucica I have ~10 OSes and clients that I use here-and-there.
  207. lovetox actually i dont know the what we do on mam catchup, i just knwo personally it did not annoy me
  208. lovetox :D
  209. ivucica I have Gajim on at least 4 OSes :)
  210. lovetox Zash dynamic MAM loading (backpaging) is not trivial, as we discussed many times
  211. ivucica So even if I was using just Gajim, it's non-trivial for one of them to not get used for 7d.
  212. ivucica So, anyway, it's not bugging me, Twitch IRC is:
  213. lovetox but yeah its on the list
  214. ivucica ‎> [20:34:32] ‎Mode #ivucica [+o ivucica] by jtv ‎> [20:36:22] ‎Mode #ivucica [-o ivucica] by jtv ‎> [20:38:10] ‎Mode #ivucica [+o ivucica] by jtv > ‎[20:40:21] ‎Mode #ivucica [-o ivucica] by jtv
  215. ivucica Mystery solved
  216. lovetox and that causes Gajim to ring?
  217. ivucica Yep
  218. lovetox because its a highlight
  219. ivucica Except it's green
  220. lovetox yeah because we dont format status messages
  221. lovetox but seems the highlight notify triggers still
  222. lovetox weird :D
  223. ivucica <message xmlns="jabber:client" id="28ef2814-62f6-4fce-a758-52b426314d27" type="groupchat" to="x@y.z/GajimMBP" from="#ivucica@twitch.y.z"> <body>Mode #ivucica [+o ivucica] by jtv</body> <stanza-id id="e2441176-20ef-41d3-bfe7-d1c75baea404" by="#ivucica@twitch.y.z" xmlns="urn:xmpp:sid:0" /> </message>
  224. ivucica I mean it's, uh, sorta appropriate, no complaint about Gajim actually.
  225. ivucica Actually, one complaint.
  226. ivucica It triggers the ring, but doesn't highlight the tab, or queue anything into "Show all pending events"
  227. ivucica That's why it was hard to track.
  228. ivucica Especially when the channel is minimized.
  229. ivucica Eh, *shrug*
  230. lovetox because its a status message from the muc
  231. lovetox should not tirgger a notification in my opinion at all
  232. ivucica I don't mind that
  233. ivucica I mean, I don't mind it triggering or not triggering
  234. lovetox depends how many status message you get with your name in it ^^
  235. ivucica I would slightly prefer if it didn't, but I can understand automation by the component saying "Hey, ivucica, you need to respond in 5min or be kicked out"
  236. ivucica Well, usually not many with my name in it. If someone changes my op status (like Twitch is doing all the time), then I care.
  237. ivucica I just wish it was consistent, I suppose? If it's creating a notification sound, then highlight should happen, and "pending event" should be created?
  238. ivucica MUC MAM is actually behaving the opposite, I suppose. Pending event, highlight, but no sound.
  239. ivucica Not sure how to phrase that for a bug.
  240. ivucica ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  241. ivucica Time to figure out what to do for food and maybe to go sleep. o/
  242. lovetox Maranda, it seems after receiving 201 state, its fine to disco
  243. lovetox and your server does not return disco info errors while the room is locked
  244. Maranda lovetox, it doesn't?
  245. lovetox not in my tests
  246. Maranda I wonder if there's some exception
  247. lovetox why would you? i already joined the room, it exists
  248. lovetox it makes sense that the room applies a default config
  249. lovetox until the user overrides it
  250. lovetox you have to have this default config available anyway, because you have to send it as form to the user
  251. lovetox after a 201 i request the room config
  252. lovetox so the room exists and is configured already in some way
  253. lovetox otherwise it could not return me the default config
  254. lovetox but yeah under this assumption it makes not too much sense that you destroy the room when i cancel the config form
  255. lovetox nah it makes sense
  256. lovetox but i also understand why other server dont do that, because the muc is already fully configured, it does not depend on the user submitting the form
  257. lovetox but then they cant lift the room lock
  258. lovetox ...
  259. lovetox either way i disco now on 201
  260. lovetox solves the probem
  261. MattJ The primary purpose of the room lock is to prevent race conditions where e.g. you want to make a hidden members-only room
  262. MattJ If the defaults are not what you want, you could have people see/join the room before it is configured properly, and that's a small security issue
  263. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *be96422a* < > Disco the room after it has been created
  264. lovetox MattJ, so why does prosody not destroy the room if i cancel the config
  265. lovetox i guess you have a timeout
  266. lovetox after which you destroy
  267. MattJ Does Prosody even know if you cancel the config?
  268. lovetox of course, dataform action=cancel
  269. lovetox If the room owner cancels the initial configuration, the service MUST destroy the room, making sure to send unavailable presence to the room owner (see the "Destroying a Room" use case for protocol details).
  270. lovetox seems like issue time ^^
  271. MattJ Go for it
  272. MattJ Looks like we don't do much but respond to the stanza
  273. MattJ which is fine for the normal config case, but not for locked rooms (apparently)
  274. Zash lovetox: In trunk, after the room locking timeout, the room is simply unlocked with whatever default config.
  275. Zash In 0.10.x however it is destroyed after the timeout.
  276. lovetox ah k i tested with which is on trunk i guess
  277. Zash But room locking is not enabled by default in 0.10.x, so you are unlikely to see this in the wild.
  278. Zash While it is enabled in trunk.
  279. lovetox what if i leave a locked room
  280. lovetox will it let me in again?
  281. Zash Good question. I would guess that it gets destroyed on account of not having been configured to be persistent yet.
  282. lovetox ah yeah ..
  283. lovetox so its not really a problem
  284. lovetox if i leave its destroyed, if i dont leave its unlocked after X minutes
  285. Zash But if the admin for some reason configured the server to make all rooms default to be persistent, then I think it'll let you in again because you are the owner.
  286. Zash Or?
  287. lovetox yeah i dont really care what the server does , i never run into a problem with whatever the servers do right now
  288. lovetox so lets talk about this if there is an actual problem :)
  289. lovetox but either way, if i as the owner cancel the inital form
  290. lovetox i dont think there is much value in keeping the room alive
  291. Zash Looks like if the room is persistent when it is created (and locked), you won't be able to re-enter if you leave without configuring it.
  292. Zash Until it unlocks itself.
  293. Zash Way into "well don't do that then" territory, but if it can be done, eventually someone will do it.
  294. Zash But yeah, not wort worrying about right now.
  295. Zash Mostly all this locking stuff is awkward for clients that don't unlock the room, and try to invite someone before the lock times out. The invitee would just get told that there's nothing to see here, move along.
  296. Maranda lovetox, code exception, if it doesn't bounce iqs with an error :)
  297. Maranda (aka traceback)
  298. lovetox no i just get the disco result
  299. lovetox i didnt mean i get nothing
  300. lovetox just test with current master
  301. Maranda lovetox, when it's locked?
  302. lovetox you can set the avatar now even before submitting the config form
  303. Maranda Ahhh okay got it, well you're not supposed to I guess.
  304. lovetox as i said it makes sense
  305. lovetox you send a 201, which means room is created
  306. lovetox from a created room i expect that i can disco it
  307. Maranda lovetox, so what did you find that isn't right? Sorry failing to catch that, a bit tired
  308. lovetox everything is right !
  309. lovetox dont change anything :)
  310. lovetox i just want to inform you, that a room that is locked can be discoed, and yields a normal disco result
  311. lovetox which is a good and expected thing
  312. Maranda Oh ok XD
  313. Maranda lovetox, though I'm not sure if I should allow setting an avatar on a non-persistent room
  314. lovetox doesnt hurt anyone
  315. lovetox you can just return a error on setting the avatar
  316. lovetox but please dont remove vcard-temp from disco info
  317. Maranda yeah when :destroy() gets called the vcard will go as well anyways
  318. lovetox still my fix is not good enough hm
  319. lovetox i still dont disco after inital config
  320. lovetox because server does not see this as a change and doesnt send a 104
  321. lovetox have to fix that
  322. lovetox but tomorrow
  323. Maranda lovetox, well you get to change something to actually see a 104
  324. lovetox ahhh
  325. lovetox k nice
  326. lovetox ahh i never changed something ^^
  327. Maranda (aka any configuration option)
  328. lovetox and assumed i never get a 104 on inital
  329. Maranda else configuration is not changed :P
  330. lovetox then everything is fine
  331. Maranda no no
  332. Maranda you get something just need an actual config change in the form.
  333. Maranda Metronome doesn't return a 104 if you request an instant room, or you don't change anything in the initial config.