Gajim - 2018-08-28

  1. lovetox Wilfred, for the plugin to work the player has to use dbus: /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2
  2. lovetox and provide the info there
  3. lovetox i dont know what spotify uses, but if you find out we could add it
  4. lovetox hm spotify should use this
  5. luweitest what is the difference between "chat message" and "single message"? I see "single message" has a subject, but that subject is not shown on received part.
  6. lovetox Its exactly that a message with a subject, like a email
  7. lovetox you can ignore it, its just something the standard defines is possible, and Gajim provides the technical means to send such a message
  8. lovetox most clients will just fuse the subject and message, and show it as a normal chat message
  9. luweitest if Gajim receives such a "single message", will it displays in the chat window, or in a separate window?
  10. lovetox default separate, but you can configure this in ACE, there is a value called something like "treat message as" and if you set it to "chat" then also single messages are displayed like chat messages
  11. luweitest I have an gateway contact to twitter, which normally shows new timeline update as chat message, but a while a go it do not show in the chat window, but shows a exclamation mark on roaster, with Gajim's window title show "[7]", and if I double click it, it pops out a "single message" window, the title number decreases by one, and it only stopped until I double-clicked 7 times
  12. lovetox yes then set the config value i just told you to "chat"
  13. luweitest OK, thanks
  14. luweitest cannot uninstall plugins. Is this because I am using portable version?
  15. luweitest the uninstall button is grey
  16. Daniel Have you actually clicked on one plugin? So it's highlighted?
  17. luweitest Daniel: Yes I even ticked one
  18. Daniel Ticking is _not_ the important part here, as it activates/deactivates the plugin. But I think there sometimes was an issuebwith uninstalling a plugin, I remember. You can always manually delete a plugin you have installed.
  19. lovetox i think that was buggy in 0.16
  20. Daniel luweitest, I don't remember, why is it that you can't use a current Gajim version?
  21. luweitest Daniel, my mainly used computer runs winxp, while another win7 computer cannot run 1.0 (just hangs)
  22. luweitest so I assume I could just go to Gajim\UserData\Plugins and delete the folder manually
  23. Daniel Yep, that will delete the plugin.
  24. Daniel Win XP, thats ancient :D
  25. Daniel 17(!) years!
  26. Daniel Did you try logging to a file with your Win7 machine?
  27. luweitest Daniel: Yes, I tried that your suggest, but nothing is logged.
  28. Daniel lovetox, does Gajim increase verbosity when supplied with -vvv ?
  29. lovetox nop
  30. Daniel So -v in gajim-debug.exe is the maximum verbosity possible? Or should luweitest debug with a propper debugger?
  31. lovetox no thats the maximum
  32. lovetox he should make sure no plugins are installed
  33. luweitest lovetox: I don't see any plugins. Actually even userdata folder is not created
  34. debacle Are anti_spam and roster_tweaks compatible with Gajim 1.1.0? I did not test, just saw that they only say "min_gajim_version: 0.16.11".
  35. asterix 0.16.11 was dev version that became 1.0
  36. asterix So 0.16.11 means 1.0
  37. debacle Yes, both seem to work well with 1.0 - but what about 1.1.0 (dev)?
  38. asterix It shoul work too, but I didn't test
  39. luweitest E:\green\Gajim\bin>Gajim-Debug.exe -v Logger gajim level set to 10 Logger nbxmpp level set to 20 Then it hangs endlessly
  40. lovetox luweitest i remember, yeah i should build a debug build for you
  41. luweitest well maybe when you are very free of time :)
  42. luweitest That win7 machine I don't use it often
  43. _3am_ when will OTR ??????
  44. Daniel In the past
  45. _3am_ gajim die for me
  46. debacle You're welcome!
  47. vanitasvitae :D
  48. vanitasvitae OTR already die
  49. jh I haven't gotten an image preview with the url preview plugin for a long time. I work with omeme. The links start with aesgcm:// and can be opened with a click. The plugin is active. The size fits too. Is it the server? I have the problem under W10 and kubuntu..
  50. Daniel Which Gajim version are you using?
  51. lovetox its not the server, start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.preview=DEBUG
  52. lovetox and send a link
  53. jh under ubuntu?
  54. lovetox wherever its easier for you
  55. jh lovetox:
  56. lovetox Not accepted mime type
  57. lovetox 'application/octet-stream'
  58. lovetox seems your httpserver does not flag this as an image
  59. jh Okay, I'll have it checked. Thanks.
  60. Daniel asterix, when there's time: The topic of this room states "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?", but it should be "Has anyone [...]" as anyone is singular. *ducksandrunsaway*
  61. asterix Arg .. didn't have time to fix that
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