Gajim - 2018-08-27

  1. luweitest I seem to observed opposite. When I opened Gajim today i noticed several history messages from Gajim room, which is much less than Conversations on phone. Is it because Gajim does not load messages that have been read on another device?
  2. luweitest Cannot delete an contact item ( that is erroneously added: Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 1751, in on_response_ok File "src\", line 3692, in on_ok File "src\common\", line 2274, in unsubscribe AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'delItem'
  3. lovetox luweitest, gajim 0.16 does not support mam in muc
  4. lovetox so it only gets about 20 messages from the server
  5. lovetox on join
  6. luweitest lovetox, oh that explains.
  7. luweitest I added a contact: , and it appears in a group named Transports. What is this group supposed to do?
  8. luweitest "remote-server-not-found" appears under the contact.
  9. Link Mauve “21:38:00 Daniel> lovetox, this FR is the same thing the plugin does right? Could be closed then 21:38:05 Daniel>”, no, this one is about adding an (e.g.) HTTP link in an XHTML-IM message so that it can be displayed by other clients, not about sending a data: URI in the XHTML-IM.
  10. Link Mauve Oh, he isn’t here right now.
  11. Link Mauve “21:46:28 lovetox> where do i even get stickers ?”, on LINE!
  12. Link Mauve (14361256.png)
  13. Link Mauve “21:57:33 lovetox> debacle, if you send a image, and 100 people dont have it, it would mean you have to transfer the picture to 100 people 21:57:39 lovetox> it is then very inefficient”, not with server-side caching.
  14. Link Mauve In that case you only have to transfer once.
  15. lovetox yeah that would be a good idea
  16. Link Mauve “22:24:35 Maranda> I suppose you could use XHTML for stickers in MUCs and link to an URL or something anyways”, that’s exactly what BoB is.
  17. lovetox you mean the muc server caches?
  18. Link Mauve Except the URI is a cid: URI, like in email, referencing an attachment.
  19. lovetox im not sure how this would work
  20. lovetox it needs time to transfer the image once, what do the other users do in that time ? just wait?
  21. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, but it doesn’t take more time for the server to download it from you and then to answer every other participant’s download request, than for it to just relay it.
  22. Link Mauve Also, both the user’s server and the MUC service could cache each BoB file.
  23. lovetox yeah but this sounds like a weird flow, would the server deliver my message before he downloaded the image, or after?
  24. lovetox because if he delivers before, this causes 100 clients to send IQs instantly
  25. Link Mauve Before of course.
  26. Link Mauve And what is the issue with that?
  27. lovetox the server can deliver the IQs
  28. lovetox because then it would be useless, and my client would start 100 transfers
  29. lovetox *cant
  30. Link Mauve It can pause each of these iqs, send a single one to you, wait for the reply, and then answer all 100 at once.
  31. Link Mauve It won’t be any slower than transferring all 100.
  32. Link Mauve And will definitely be faster.
  33. Link Mauve Such a plugin would be trivial to write, I already did a very similar one answering disco#info on the behalf of c2s users.
  34. lovetox yeah i believe you, if the IQs are stalled, yeah that could work
  35. Link Mauve As long as you have caps published, this module will cache it and reply with the correct disco#info if remote entities ask with the correct 'node'.
  36. Link Mauve Maybe I’ll write that today, but first I need a breakfast!
  37. Maranda mod_muc_bob
  38. Link Mauve Daniel: “21:38:00 Daniel> lovetox, this FR is the same thing the plugin does right? Could be closed then 21:38:05 Daniel>”, no, this one is about adding an (e.g.) HTTP link in an XHTML-IM message so that it can be displayed by other clients, not about sending a data: URI in the XHTML-IM.
  39. lovetox Link Mauve, you know this room has MAM 🙂
  40. marmistrz More python fun:
  41. marmistrz
  42. Daniel Link Mauve, ok, but I think lovetox closed that one for the right reasons anyway ;)
  43. lovetox marmistrz, this is solved in Gajim 1.10
  44. lovetox 1.1.0
  45. Link Mauve lovetox, not everyone reads all of the backlog.
  46. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #7190: < Add ability to save images sent via XHTML (XEP-0071) >
  47. Daniel Link Mauve, rest assured, I do
  48. Maranda Daniel, eeeevery single bit of it :O?
  49. bot Ilia Draga created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9313: < No tray-icon in Wayland-session >
  50. Maranda picks some random sentence from the start of the the archive and questions Daniel :P
  51. mikaela You need a Markov bot
  52. Maranda :P
  53. marmistrz thx ;)
  54. Daniel Sometimes I skip Maranda's monologues :D
  55. bot Ilia Draga closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9313: < No tray-icon in Wayland-session >
  56. Daniel Link Mauve, aren't you using Gajim in a wayland env? Does it have a tray icon there?
  57. Maranda Daniel, awwwwwww
  58. Link Mauve Daniel, yes; no.
  59. lovetox Link Mauve, and do you know the reason?
  60. lovetox i guess it depends on the desktop
  61. pep. Because he had no systray :p
  62. lovetox wayland itself does not mean anything or
  63. pep. Has*
  64. Link Mauve Yes, Xembed doesn’t exist on Wayland.
  65. lovetox wayland can also be used with ubuntu and it has a try there
  66. Link Mauve Only for X11 application, right?
  67. Link Mauve Those don’t use Wayland.
  68. lovetox We support the appindicator api
  69. lovetox via plugin
  70. marmistrz a little offtop: how can I use biboumi with a registered nick? Some freenode channels deny unregistered users
  71. marmistrz (I think I learned about biboumi on this MUC)
  72. SouL marmistrz, there is even a MUC for Biboumi
  73. lovetox In gajim i think you can define commands that are executed on connecting
  74. lovetox via adhoc command
  75. lovetox in service discovery window maybe or right click on account row
  76. lovetox and there you would have to specify your registration data
  77. marmistrz SouL, Thanks, I'll ask on the biboumi muc; lovetox: it looks that the ad hoc commands do not include authentication
  78. lovetox did you try in the service discovery window?
  79. Daniel marmistrz, regarding offline messages: this one is six years old
  80. Link Mauve debacle: “21:55:40 debacle> does BoB work in MUC anyway?”, of course.
  81. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #7123: < Allow sending messages while being disconnected (offline) >
  82. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #7123: < Allow sending messages while being disconnected (offline) >
  83. luweitest dd a new account, when connect to
  84. luweitest Adding a new account, Gajim prompts that the cert is self-assigned, and I click "ignore" , then it did not connect.
  85. luweitest Should I click "add cert as trusted" instead? What should I do to reverse my selection?
  86. lovetox yes you should add the cert to trusted certs
  87. lovetox in advanced config editor, there is a setting with "ignore" in it
  88. lovetox something about ssl
  89. lovetox clear it
  90. luweitest I thought " ignore" is to ignore the error and just connect...
  91. luweitest find "ignore_ssl_errors" under account, type is "Text" , Value is empty
  92. Maranda hmmm Gajim is complaining my server doesn't support Security Labels :O
  93. lovetox luweitest, it exactly means that
  94. Maranda heads to look the xep up
  95. lovetox but also that we dont have anymore in Gajim 1.0
  96. luweitest But it did not connect, lovetox
  97. lovetox Maranda, im pretty sure it does not complain
  98. luweitest I tried deleting the account and adding again, but the cert warning do not pop up again.
  99. lovetox no idea why luweitest
  100. Maranda lovetox, there's a biiiiiiig red cross that wasn't there before though it's hurting :P
  101. lovetox then i guess you should go and implement security labels ^^
  102. lovetox although no one uses that :D
  103. lovetox im not even sure it works in gajim
  104. Maranda lovetox, implementing the labels is piss easy though they'd need some "ACDF" mechanisms after or they're useless :P
  105. luweitest lovetox, yes "ignore" will connect too. It's just because the server I am testing is too slow.
  106. anmibe Hi, how to save omemo encrypted messages in chat history? The option in the gajim preferences is already set, but after leaving and restarting gajim everything is lost. Gajim 1.0.1 on Linux Mint 19 (Tara)
  107. Daniel anmibe, did you check your preferences in the accounts window?
  108. Daniel Also, you can check in every conversation window when you're opening the history, there is also a setting for storing logs
  109. anmibe I’m talking about omemo messages, unencrypted messages are saved in history. Well, in the account window I don't see any special preference3s for omemo or encrypted messages (just the PGP-Key).
  110. anmibe Ah wait, the option in the chat history window wasn't checked.
  111. anmibe I'll try, but if it is, its strange behaviour to save unencrypted message.
  112. Daniel I don't know how the global/per contact preferences interfere with each other
  113. Feuerwächter Ok, now it works. Obviously the option in the chat history was missing. thx
  114. lovetox btw Link Mauve i looked into gpgme
  115. lovetox i even made it work on windows
  116. lovetox but the released version cant export or import keys (python bindings)
  117. lovetox it was added in master though
  118. lovetox but waiting for a release
  119. treaki rom1dep:
  120. rom1dep treaki:
  121. unclechu since gajim 1.x changing font size in "preferences"->"style" (with disabled "system front" checkbox) doesn't have any effect. is this known issue?
  122. lovetox this is gone in Gajim 1.1.0
  123. lovetox we moved it to the theming window, and refactored the code
  124. lovetox so please try with beta or wait for Gajim 1.1.0 release
  125. unclechu lovetox, thanks for the info!
  126. 9adf5372a7 Good evening
  127. 9adf5372a7 I was searching the internet for a (safe) way to use gajim with tor but all I could find were reports about DNS leaks, security issues with libjingle and UPnP. Were there any (recent) changes regarding these problems ?
  128. treaki 9adf5372a7: set up two vms, one the Tor router, one the app vm, put the app vm behind the gateway with no other ways to reach out
  129. lovetox 9adf5372a7, no, instead of setting up Gajim with Tor, you should use a system that routes all internet traffic over Tor
  130. treaki 9adf5372a7: is a project for that if you dont want to do it on your own
  131. lovetox instead of hoping that every application is securly build so it doesnt leak anything
  132. lovetox Gajims focus is not security
  133. 9adf5372a7 > Gajims focus is not security Sad to hear that and quit hard to understand but thank you anyways for the help :)
  134. asterix That doesn't mean we don't care. But we prefer spending time on implementing new things than find a way to route all DNS queries over Tor
  135. 9adf5372a7 I get you there but "Gajims focus is not security" sounded somehow general and not like I used to know the project
  136. 9adf5372a7 But since it seems like a pain in the ass to just get it working with Tor I will drop my idea. I was used to the simple feature Conversations for Android offers with Orbot.
  137. jjrh I think the point is more that doing Tor 'right' is very difficult, and maintaining that part and making sure it's secure going forward requires someone dedicated to that effort.
  138. jjrh So you're probably better off doing something like what lovetox mentioned and use something that has made it it's explicit purpose to route all the traffic through tor.
  139. jjrh Probably a docker container out there that one can use to stick applications that you want secured behind tor.
  140. Wilfred When I'm playing music using spotify and gnome knows this and shows me controls for it, I still can't use the plugin now listen, it complains about no music playing
  141. Wilfred It does pick it up from clementine