Gajim - 2018-08-22

  1. dirk Hello. I recently updated Gajim on Debian to 1.1.0 and I seem to be having an issue with plugins. When I try to download a plugin in the GUI using the installer, I receive the error: "module '' has no attribute 'PLUGINS_DIRS'". Has anyone seen this error before?
  2. fiete I got the same error and hence downgraded gajim
  3. lovetox hm yeah seems to be a old debian package
  4. lovetox you should update the plugin_installer itself
  5. lovetox does it not show up wit a new version in the plugins dialog?
  6. dirk I am presently on version 0.20.4
  7. dirk for the plugin_installer
  8. dirk And it isn't showing up with a new version or anything for me
  9. lovetox yeah thats the latest
  10. lovetox the you should be able to upgrade
  11. dirk Well I just installed the gajim-nightly package and that issue goes away. So I imagine it has been fixed
  12. dirk Well maybe not. Looks like the gajim-nightly is still 1.0.3
  13. lovetox It depends from where you install Gajim
  14. lovetox as said, the Debian plugininstaller package is old and will cause that error
  15. lovetox i dont know if you ever used that
  16. lovetox i would try updating to 1.1.0 beta from the debian experimental repo
  17. lovetox and see if the problem still is there
  18. lovetox debacle: please update the gajim-plugininstaller package to the most recent version
  19. lovetox the current version in the repos is not compatible with gajim 1.1.0 beta
  20. lovetox also all the other plugins, should be updated to most recent version
  21. asterix Yes, nightly build has a problem. Will look asap
  22. debacle OK, plugininstaller ist 0.20.4-1 in Debian unstable (dauert normalerweise ein paar Stunden bis es verfügbar ist)
  23. lovetox Danke debacle
  24. fiete Debacle: what are your suggestions? Install the plugins via apt or via plugin manager inside gajim?
  25. lovetox via apt, some plugins have dependencys that the plugin installer cant install
  26. lovetox except you need one of the plugins that is not in apt, then your only chance is the plugin-installer
  27. fiete ok thanks. I use for example gajim-omemo via apt to get the python deps
  28. debacle
  29. Daniel asterix, what's the threshold for making a paste out of a lengthy message? Sometimes it seems a bit low.
  30. Daniel For this room I mean
  31. debacle When I make a contact request (or answer to one), the default is "Allow this contact to view my status". IMHO, for privacy reasons, the default of the box should be unchecked. Also, nowadays we are always online anyway, aren't we? :~)
  32. fiete :-D at least with one device
  33. Daniel debacle, default should be what most users would want to be set automatically. Imagine all these users not being able to see each others status, not knowing why because they didn't care at the time. For advanced users we have this checkbox.
  34. lovetox it has even more implications, we write "status" but its about subscription
  35. lovetox and subscription has way more implications then just seeing status
  36. lovetox some things like OMEMO just plain stop working without subscription
  37. Link Mauve My suggestion would be to remove this checkbox instead.
  38. lovetox yes i just thought the same
  39. Link Mauve Any “[ ] Break The Expected Workflow” checkbox is bad for users.
  40. debacle Ah, OK, this checkbox has a misleading text then!
  41. Daniel Sounds like a good idea to renove that checkbox then.
  42. asterix Daniel: I'll check and increase it. No spammers here. But I'm on the beach right now
  43. Daniel Well, enjoy! :)
  44. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework Contact Info Dialog
  45. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework Contact Info Dialog
  46. Daniel lovetox, and the ToDo page should not be separate pages I think. Could you evaluate the one I linked? Maybe the two can be merged somehow?
  47. Daniel asterix, the attachments on this page are missing, should it be kept?
  48. asterix I can probably get them from the old trac if needed.
  49. asterix But they are outdated. I can attach the one I use. But is it really needed?
  50. lovetox if you dont need it there, no
  51. lovetox i deleted it
  52. Daniel Thank you both
  53. Daniel Ah nice, you revisited the todo list! :)
  54. Maranda lovetox, could you add a bit more helpful text for receiving a <gone /> error to your presence when joining muc?
  55. lovetox whats a gone error
  56. Maranda current: [18:21:59] ‎Error None:
  57. Maranda lovetox, 4.3.2
  58. Maranda Else, if the contact has moved temporarily or permanently to another address, then the server SHOULD return a presence stanza of type "error" with a stanza error condition of <redirect/> (temporary) or <gone/> (permanent) that includes the new address of the contact.
  59. Maranda lovetox, it could be really used to tell somebody a muc room has moved
  60. bot kelly grant created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9304: < programming error >
  61. lovetox this talks about contacts
  62. lovetox we disco mucs before we join
  63. Maranda lovetox, but doesn't otherwise forbid the usage
  64. lovetox if the muc does not exist and we cant create the room, this should be reflected in the disco
  65. Maranda it's just a text change
  66. Maranda lovetox, the server will reject the joining presence with a <gone /> error
  67. lovetox and what does it do on disco?
  68. Maranda there's nothing on disco the room doesn't exist :)
  69. lovetox then why cant i create a room with that jid?
  70. Maranda I added it when a room gets destroyed and a new jid to join is supplied.
  71. lovetox yes you talk about tombstones
  72. MattJ Relying on disco is a race condition anyway:
  73. MattJ Someone could create a members-only room after you check disco, then you try to join but get an error
  74. Maranda short tombstone (i don't like the name) in my case only limited when a room gets destroyed and new jid is supplied lovetox.
  75. Maranda but yes
  76. lovetox so is the expected behaviour not to join that new adress
  77. lovetox instead of showing an error?
  78. Maranda the expected behaviour would be to join it or at least show some helpful message and let the user decide
  79. lovetox yes maybe a info that the room moved and question if you want to join it
  80. Maranda Like room has move to a new jid:
  81. Maranda Like room has moved to a new address:
  82. lovetox could you add a issue for that, then i will check sometime how much i have to change to make this work
  83. Maranda Room has moved to a new address:
  84. Maranda rather
  85. Maranda lovetox, ok
  86. lovetox thanks
  87. Maranda will do it later I have to try to jet to the gym :/
  88. Maranda bbl
  89. MattJ lovetox, not a pop-up, please :)
  90. lovetox whats your idea?
  91. lovetox i can also handle it automatically
  92. lovetox just join the other channel and change bookmark
  93. lovetox and post a status message to the channel once join is done
  94. MattJ I was thinking about the case of having multiple online clients
  95. lovetox im not sure i understand how that plays a role?
  96. MattJ I was thinking you might resolve the issue and join the new chat from a new client, and your Gajim will still have a pop-up open
  97. MattJ What does Gajim do currently when a room is destroyed?
  98. lovetox not sure, but i think we post a status message to the chat thats it
  99. MattJ Maybe it could share the same code, I think that's a reasonable behaviour - "This room has been destroyed" or "This room has moved to X" (hopefully X is clickable)
  100. lovetox but is there a usecase where the user would not want to join that muc?
  101. lovetox i dont see one
  102. MattJ Maybe not
  103. lovetox i think i try the automatic thing
  104. MattJ If they were in or joining, and it moved, I think autojoining the new one is reasonable
  105. lovetox join the channel exchange the bookmarks
  106. lovetox then other clients dont even get the problem
  107. lovetox only the first client
  108. Maranda lovetox: i get error 422 when I try to login using github on 🤔?¿
  109. lovetox maybe asterix can check that later
  110. perlator > ‎MattJ‎: What does Gajim do currently when a room is destroyed?
  111. perlator hmm, have a problem currently with a destroyed room
  112. perlator I unsubscribed it, but it apears again and again in Gajim
  113. Daniel perlator, did you check in the bookmarks window? Autojoin?
  114. perlator bookmarks window? what's that?
  115. Daniel Gajim's main menu > Bookmarks
  116. Daniel It holds your group chats
  117. perlator have german gui
  118. perlator saved group chats?
  119. perlator I deleted it there, but it is still in the left windo
  120. perlator when i disconnect it, close gajim , next time it is there again.
  121. Daniel Gespeicherte Gruppenchats, genau. Did you restart gajim after deleting it there?
  122. concerto speaking of pop-ups
  123. perlator will do right now ... coming back ... :)
  124. concerto wouldn't it be nicer to have the password field appear within the Gajim window itself (e.g. like keepassxc does for the master password, can make a little screecast if required), rather than as a pop-up?
  125. concerto When logging in, wouldn't it be nicer to have the password field appear within the Gajim window itself (e.g. like keepassxc does for the master password, can make a little screecast if required), rather than as a pop-up?
  126. lovetox thats impossible concerto
  127. concerto lovetox: wat...why?
  128. lovetox are you talking about unlocking your keyring?
  129. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9304: < programming error >
  130. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9304: < Error in parse_http_message, KeyError: 'Content-Length' >
  131. bot Marco Cirillo created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9305: < Display a more proper description when a MUC service returns a <gone /> error reporting the room was moved during a join >
  132. Maranda now I needed to do something too...
  133. Maranda aka validating the provided jid, currently you could supply some bogus jid which is not pretty.
  134. lovetox its probably a lot to ask, but maybe if its easy you could try to make it impossible to link two dead mucs to each other
  135. lovetox Maranda,
  136. concerto lovetox: the password prompt you get when you login and haven't asked Gajim to save your password. I'm talking about doing away with the popup, and putting the password form within the Gajim window itself.
  137. Maranda lovetox, it's easy if the muc is served by the same Metronome instance otherwise it's impossible
  138. lovetox ah ja forget that
  139. concerto Can't send images here, for some reason, so here's an example of what I'm talking about -
  140. lovetox where concerto? in the roster? and what if you have multiple accounts
  141. lovetox why are you not saving your password btw?
  142. Maranda I wonder if I should limit this only to persistent rooms
  143. Maranda mumbles.
  144. Maranda thinks.... yes.
  145. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9305: < Display a more proper description when a MUC service returns a <gone /> error reporting the room was moved during a join >