Gajim - 2018-08-21

  1. luweitest When i use "send image via http upload" and the image is sent, Gajim shows "[IMG: Error loading image]" followed by a underscore character, which links to the image. Is it supposed to show the image inline?
  2. Daniel luweitest, if you have UrlImagePreview plugin installed it should be displayed inline, yes
  3. luweitest Daniel, the plugin is installed and activated. I think the "Error loading image" message is brought by it.
  4. Daniel Searching the codebase I don't see this string in the plugin, it's from Gajim itself.
  5. Daniel lovetox, can this be closed with release of Gajim 1.1? Using Flatpak extensions for plugins could also be mentioned in the changelog :)
  6. luweitest If I deactivate the UrlImagePreview plugin, the link will not be shown, only a blank message line.
  7. luweitest I tested in private chat. The previous one was in group chat.
  8. Daniel The link should be shown if the plugin is deactivated.
  9. lovetox Daniel luweitest uses Gajim 0.16
  10. luweitest another 0.16 specific bug?
  11. lovetox do you use a proxy luweitest?
  12. luweitest yes, lovetox , http proxy
  13. lovetox yes seems the problem is in the plugin and related to the proxy
  14. lovetox but thats not going to help you much
  15. luweitest OK, I will test it in the evening when I got home, where no proxy is needed.
  16. meaz I've just updated prosody to the last trunk version. In gajim, I don't see avatars in the list of participants anymore:
  17. meaz
  18. meaz as you can see, the avatar does exist in the information window
  19. Maranda meaz, it means Gajim / Prosody doesn't add a the hash of the photo in the presence
  20. Maranda so you can't see it there.
  21. meaz Maranda‎, so is that more a prosody error?
  22. Maranda servers like ejabberd and Metronome inject the avatar hash into presences as long as the <photo /> element isn't empty.
  23. Maranda meaz, it's not an error just a feature missing
  24. meaz ok thanks Maranda‎ I'm going to contact prosody dev then
  25. Maranda meaz, I think there was some module to inject hashes into presences from prosody-modules
  26. meaz Maranda‎, it is just a recent problem because two days ago I didn't have that problem (before i updated)
  27. Maranda or not, I can't find it
  28. Maranda meaz, 🤷‍♂️
  29. meaz thanks anyway Maranda‎
  30. lovetox 1. what client is the contact using?
  31. lovetox if its conversations, its a server issue, because conversations depends on the servermodule to distribute avatars in MUC
  32. lovetox if its Gajim its a client issue
  33. meaz lovetox‎, it is the same with all contacts, as you can see even mine
  34. lovetox and what Gajim version are you using?
  35. meaz he uses chatsecure, I use gajim and conversations
  36. meaz lovetox, 1.0.3+0ab9d1210
  37. lovetox then start Gajim with -l gajim.avatars=DEBUG
  38. lovetox sorry gajim.avatar=DEBUG
  39. lovetox then join the channel
  40. meaz lovetox‎, how I do that?
  41. lovetox and look at debug output if we receive the photos
  42. lovetox on which OS are you?
  43. meaz debian stretch
  44. meaz I use the terminal?
  45. lovetox just type into console, gajim -l gajim.avatar=DEBUG
  46. meaz Ok I'm trying now
  47. meaz lovetox, just restarted gajim. It does seem to get avatars from my prosody server.
  48. meaz lovetox, here are the logs:
  49. Maranda lovetox, hmmm
  50. meaz just tested in dino: I do see those avatars. So probably a gajim issue.
  51. Maranda chema has left due to an error (recipient unavailable) ‎[09:23:19] ‎‎chema‎ (**) è ora Non in linea ‎[09:42:42] ‎‎chema‎ (**) si è unito alla conversazione di gruppo
  52. Maranda lovetox, shouldn't the second parting message not be there after a kick, and also the kick message should have a timestamp?
  53. Maranda lovetox, shouldn't the second parting message not be there after a kick, and also the kick message have a timestamp?
  54. rom1dep testing 1.0.99 on windows64, still endlessly backloging but so far it looks very decent! It's too bad messagewindow isn't making it in this release
  55. lovetox meaz i dont see any contacts of yours in this log
  56. lovetox so seems they dont advertise their avatar
  57. lovetox Maranda, cant say right now, must test at home
  58. meaz lovetox, "seems they dont advertise their avatar": what does it mean? Before I updated trunk and changed mod_vcard with mod_profile, I did see their avatar. They're not tech-saavy at all, so I know they haven't changed anything.
  59. lovetox it means if you join the channel, the avatar hash should be in the presence that we receive from the participants
  60. lovetox you can test this in the XML console
  61. lovetox if there is no avatar hash, your server does not inject it
  62. meaz how to a recognise an avatar has lovetox ? What is the message I should look for?
  63. lovetox Presence
  64. lovetox a long hash
  65. lovetox <presence from=''> <x xmlns='vcard-temp❌update'> <photo>01b87fcd030b72895ff8e88db57ec525450f000d</photo> </x> </presence>
  66. meaz lovetox, I had nothing. So I created a test user and set an avatar. I could see it in the participants list and the xml console I got <photo>. So I tried to change my own avatar (not the test user one) as I wasn't able to see it. ANd now I see it too! Is that possible that an avatar set before with mod_vcard is incompatible with my trunk update and change from mod_vcard to mod_profile? Don't know if I'm being very clear here!
  67. lovetox I dont know what these mods exactly do, Gajim will only display an avatar if we receive a presence with a photo hash
  68. lovetox if you catch a presence with a photo hash, and Gajim doesnt display the avatar thats a Gajim bug, everything else not
  69. meaz ok so I guess it's prosody then. Thanks a lot lovetox
  70. lovetox you can easily monitor with the logging command i gave you, from which contacts you receive what hash
  71. lovetox you dont necessarily have to look into the xml console
  72. Maranda meaz, or more simply when you changed from mod_vcard to mod_profile it happened you had no avatar set?
  73. Maranda (with mod_profile?)
  74. meaz I did have an avatar when I had mod_vcard. Then I changed to mod_profile. I'm still able to see people avatars in the information windows. Just not displaying in the participant list
  75. Maranda meaz, but you didn't with mod_profile...?
  76. Maranda meaz, but you (possibly) didn't with mod_profile...?
  77. meaz When I set an avatar since I changed to mod_profile, I do see it.
  78. Zash Try opening your profile and saving it, that should re-publish all the chained stuff
  79. devmule is there anything to save the data into contact?
  80. devmule like additional_info save data into mesages
  81. lovetox for what? this would not be saved to a db, so it would only be valid for the current session
  82. lovetox so you can save this data also yourself in some contact: value dict
  83. Link Mauve lovetox, speaking of avatars, could you add a check for XEP-0398’s urn:xmpp:pep-vcard-conversion:0 feature and disable setting any vcard-temp:x:update in your presence?
  84. lovetox But why Link Mauve?
  85. lovetox The XEP0398 must be designed so it does not break clients that use 0153
  86. lovetox its only useful for clients that dont support 0513
  87. lovetox *0153
  88. lovetox hm no thats wrong
  89. bot andrey kazantsev created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9302: < Unreadable conversations using OneStepBack gtk theme >
  90. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9302: < Unreadable conversations using OneStepBack gtk theme >
  91. bot andrey kazantsev modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9302: < Unreadable conversations using OneStepBack gtk theme >
  92. lovetox It seems complicated to add, because it not true that i can just not add the hash if the server supports 0398
  93. lovetox hm no i can leave it out, i just have to resend presence on vcard update
  94. lovetox hm, yeah i think about it
  95. Link Mauve lovetox, the main reason is to remove a few useless presence changes, and to make all presence stanzas smaller.
  96. Link Mauve There should be no downside since you know the server will add it.
  97. Maranda I think most implementations of 398 will just override whatever (at least mine does and ejabberd as well) is set so that check seems off
  98. lovetox yeah i still get warnings about contacts that have wrong avatar hashes published
  99. lovetox you can see often 1 or 2 persons if you join a chat like Gajim or Prosody
  100. lovetox i think thats faulty vcard modules server side
  101. Zash Does Gajim do something if it sees its own avatar hash change?
  102. lovetox if the avatar hash is not known, i download the vcard
  103. Maranda is sure he calculates the hash right…. now at least :P
  104. Maranda I think I did forget to decode from base64 once or something
  105. Zash lovetox: I saw some real weirdness where two clients somehow got into a loop, fetching vcard and sending presence.
  106. Zash lovetox: Oh, didn't you mention the possibility of multiple avatars in a vcard? Did you do anything to deal with that?
  107. lovetox yes Zash that can happen if a user has multiple photos in his vcard
  108. lovetox its not defined anywhere which one we should choose for avatar
  109. lovetox i remember fixing something about it
  110. Zash It's also possible with PEP avatars to configure the nodes to allow >1 items, which would be a similar situation
  111. lovetox in this case you would have to download all avatars i guess
  112. lovetox and look if the hash is under them
  113. lovetox still if someone publishes just a wrong hash what would happen?
  114. lovetox i download, see that its a wrong hash, what should i do now?
  115. lovetox i broadcast again the old hash
  116. lovetox nah i would have to correct that hash
  117. lovetox not send the old hash
  118. Zash I wonder how far the future of only having PEP avatars is :)
  119. Maranda lovetox, if the server supports xep-398 hash correction would be done server side.
  120. Zash What if there are multiple avatars and the server picks the hash of a different one
  121. Zash Hilarity ensues!
  122. Maranda as it will be the server calculating the hash before injecting
  123. Zash I'm moving towards just reading the item id of the avatar:metadata node
  124. lovetox the whole 0153 thing is based on the assumption that there is only one photo i think
  125. lovetox they just forgot that there can be multiple
  126. Maranda Zash, I'm not sure that's a case I ever seen happening, I'm not even sure my implementation in mod_vcard does support saving vcards with multiple photo elements
  127. lovetox Maranda, its totally fine with the vcard standard
  128. Maranda Or more likely I'm not sure I added a check to prevent that.
  129. Zash N, FN and like VERION can only be there once
  130. Zash Everything else, 0 or more times!
  131. Maranda lovetox, conversion only supports one photo to be converted back and forth from pep so I should check that if that's a possibility.
  132. lovetox the problem is, its nowhere written how to choose a avatar if there are multiple
  133. Zash `<{vcard-temp:update}x><photo>hexhex</photo><photo>hexhex</photo></x>` mouhahhaah
  134. Maranda is starting to dislike SEMVER with passion why on heaven I even thought about it.
  135. Maranda 🤦‍♂️ 🙅‍♂️
  136. lovetox no gajim does do nothing about multiple photo elements
  137. lovetox it just picks the later one
  138. lovetox the whole vcard impl in gajim does not honor the count of items
  139. lovetox we allow for adr, tel, email to be multiple
  140. lovetox rest only one
  141. perlator Having set notify_on_sign[in|out] = False I do still see these messages. What should I do?
  142. asterix perlator: those messages are messages, not notifications
  143. perlator perlator: Set this: print_status_in_muc: none :)
  144. asterix for presence messages, you can configure that in bookmark window for windows, and in advanced configuration editor for other MUCs
  145. asterix indeed, and print_status_in_chat for chats
  146. perlator If I hoover with the mouse over my nickname in the list, I see jabber-id and xmpp ressource. How to make this hidden?
  147. concerto Maranda: what? Why'd you dislike SemVer?
  148. Zash perlator: close your eyes
  149. Zash perlator: Only you, asterix and bot would see it
  150. Zash ←info asterix
  151. perlator On some members I see their jabber-id. So where to enable/disable this?
  152. perlator ... for my account
  153. Maranda concerto, it just doesn't work for Metronome. If I add a new module now I noticed I'd have to bump the minor version.
  154. Maranda I also release "builds" too often.
  155. concerto Are modules part of the public API? 🤔
  156. Zash You need more versions
  157. Zash One version for the Module API
  158. Zash Versions for each module
  159. Zash Versions for the core
  160. Zash Versions for util
  161. Maranda rolls eyes.
  162. concerto Thought that's how literally every extensible program did it
  163. concerto (I know Emacs, Gajim and Firefox do it.)
  164. Maranda I guess I'll go for an artistical license on how to interpret SemVer
  165. concerto (Hey, even XMPP :>)
  166. Maranda or rather "artistical interpretation"
  167. Maranda I'll take in account only the actual API or I'll go crazy
  168. concerto I'll * use/employ * artistic license [...]
  169. concerto hehe
  170. Orbit Gajim 1.0.99 newest nightly - Win - portable when someone is online with two or more devices you can see the"name" in the roster and at the end of the name you normally can see the number of devices like "name (2)" But sometimes you can't see it
  171. concerto Maranda: Maybe tell the SemVer people about it :D
  172. Maranda lovetox, problem about multiple photo elements solved... it just can't happen now in Metronome :P
  173. Maranda aka it will throw an error if someone attempts setting such vcard.
  174. Orbit If several devices are online, but no fingerprint has been exchanged with one of the devices, the dialog for confirming the fingerprint (OMEMO) usually appears. Now the message "recipient unavailable" appears. I have no idea if that's always the case.
  175. luweitest lovetox, I tested with no proxy, yes, image preview works: the link text shows first, then replaced by image preview. But, when the image preview plugin is de-activated, Gajim still shows blank message line.
  176. luweitest The message containing the image link could be seen in the history, though.
  177. Link Mauve lovetox, how do you set the dark theme on Windows?
  178. lovetox bit complicated Link Mauve, you have to edit a ini file deep in the tree, i plan on adding a switch for it
  179. lovetox tell your user to wait for it 🙂
  180. Link Mauve Ok.
  181. concerto Speaking of WIndows...does Gajim have auto-update (on Windows) yet? o.o
  182. Daniel concerto, no it does not. There is an issue for that ;)
  183. Link Mauve lovetox, I have a counter-proposal to the current advertising mechanism for MUC avatars which I’ll submit to the XSF editor shortly:
  184. Link Mauve The main difference is the usage of the standard disco#info mechanism for advertising the avatar hash, rather than a 0153 presence from the MUC itself.
  185. Zash What if
  186. Zash PEP-on-MUC
  187. Link Mauve Why not.
  188. Maranda Link Mauve: problem you have to poll
  189. lovetox no Maranda
  190. lovetox MUC advertises change with status code 104
  191. lovetox at which point you do a disco and discover the new hash
  192. Maranda 🤔
  193. lovetox yeah looks good Link Mauve
  194. Maranda 😆
  195. Maranda Problem 2 there's no xep yet?
  196. Link Mauve lovetox, I even included your pet peeve of having more than one avatar. ^^
  197. Maranda So what's being edited exactly?
  198. Maranda (beside current implementations)
  199. lovetox i saw, its just that its possible so the xep should mention how to handle it :)
  200. Link Mauve Maranda, what do you mean there is no XEP yet?
  201. Link Mauve This is a ProtoXEP I will send in a bit.
  202. Maranda Link Mauve: aka *you're going to submit a xep* nm 😆
  203. Link Mauve That’s exactly what I said in my first message.
  204. Link Mauve Zash, reusing 0084 would have the benefit of having more useful metadata.
  205. Maranda Link Mauve: I'm mentally looping on my flower pick game with multiplexing for outgoing s2s streams sorry 😜
  206. Link Mauve But this one mostly standardises the current practice.
  207. Link Mauve Zash, Holger, how done would be PEP on MUC in your respective servers?
  208. funnypanda hi guys :) I'm using dismail because my main chat account at is down. I checked status and it's unreachable. Does someone know how to contact them to give a heads up?
  209. Maranda PEP on muc sounds clunky, and then for what, just the avatar only?
  210. Link Mauve Maranda, and maybe other things in the future.
  211. Link Mauve The main benefit would be that no avatar-specific code would have to be written.
  212. Maranda There's MIX for the future and we or at least I don't like the current outcome of it
  213. pep. funnypanda, ask on maybe? I don't know
  214. funnypanda thanks. who owns that email may I ask?
  215. Maranda Link Mauve: with the disadvantage of having to implement something untrivial like PEP, on something that notoriously doesn't scale already like MUC.. Just for Avatars (for now)
  216. pep. funnypanda, what email?
  217. Maranda Did I miss anything? 😉
  218. pep. funnypanda, ah,, might be better on gajim ;)
  219. funnypanda cool thx. It was a group haha x)
  220. funnypanda I'm still on the learning curve for xmpp
  221. Link Mauve Maranda, is there a server which doesn’t already have both MUC and PEP support?
  222. Maranda Link Mauve: coughs about actual PEP support I could actually say a thing or two (for now) ☺️, then the problem would be moving it to cope together with MUC?
  223. Link Mauve I’m not sure I understand the first part of your sentence.
  224. Maranda Good
  225. Maranda For example just implenting the mechanism to handle filtering of notifications and discovering of interested recipients in a MUC (because with full pep and not some hack you need it) kind of worries me.
  226. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *fb4c5a23* < > Call link() on correct object *a087486e* < > Windows: Fix gstreamer/farstream plugin paths
  227. Daniel asterix, I tried to compile a feature list for the website: comments welcome
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