Gajim - 2018-08-10

  1. Zash > Could not resolve host: No DNS record of the requested type for '_xmppconnect.' That seems like an odd thing to do
  2. lovetox hm yes saw this also
  3. lovetox hm this is probably because you run the server locally without domain
  4. lovetox but locally we will not get dns anyway
  5. lovetox so it doesnt really matter that the wrong domain is here queried
  6. apollo13 does anyone know what the problem on debian with python3-protobuf/axolotl is? is there an open ticket?
  7. apollo13 cause I cannot install py3.7 and gajim at the same time
  8. lovetox how do you install gajim?
  9. apollo13 lovetox, apt from experimental
  10. lovetox then tallk to the package manager if it causes problems, not much i can do about it
  11. apollo13 I am aware of that, I was merely asking if there are known tickets in the debian bugtracker
  12. apollo13 ah needed to force an install of a few dependencies from experimental
  13. Link Mauve Hi, on 1.0.3 what could still cause this kind of issue?
  14. Link Mauve This user has all of their bookmarks failing to join, with no information how to debug anything.
  15. lovetox yes interesting, could not track it down until now what causes this
  16. lovetox i guess on a restart he joins all channels normally?
  17. Link Mauve Asking.
  18. lovetox hm but should not be hard to reproduce for me, i think it happens if you set the status to offline, and then online again or something like that
  19. lovetox i look into it
  20. nifker is here somebody who worked with lighttpd that can help me?
  21. mikaela Hi, sorry to ask about again, but a new question: which branch has it fixed so I can attempt making a dev version flatpak for me and hopefully getting rid of it? I just spent too long time trying to find one specific MUC to type a short message. Also, do you have plans for CTRL - K which is apparently popular (Slack, Discord, Nheko)?
  22. lovetox why do you need long to search a muc
  23. lovetox do you know about CTRL + N?
  24. lovetox and what does CTRL + K on slack?
  25. lovetox why do you have to use flatpak?
  26. lovetox that is the branch
  27. lovetox and in the flatpak folder is the readme
  28. mikaela I need to search for MUC, because they don't fit my screen and I don't internalize that fact that not all of them are visible. I didn't know CTRL + N, CTRL + K on other apps opens a window allowing you to seek channels, users on them, etc. for messaging quickly. Thanks, I started cloning gajim/gajim, but I guess that is fine as I can just git remote-add or something.
  29. mikaela How do I verify that I am running the right version? is what I get when I run "flatpak run org.gajim.Gajim", mostly everything is grayed out including Quit button and Gajim won't connect any account even when setting the account as available. If I run "LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 flatpak run org.gajim.Gajim", it will behave normally including #8632, so I don't think it worked. "flatpak --user list" includes "org.gajim.Gajim/x86_64/master".
  30. mikaela I also don't necessarily need to use flatpak, but thought that it would be the easiest way and wouldn't involve messing around with existing configuration as I have been using flathub version this far. I do have to start going to sleep, but I hope I will see the logs somehow tomorrow. Good night
  31. lovetox no i think this is the correct version
  32. lovetox atleast its master
  33. lovetox im not sure if you are in the correct branch
  34. lovetox the errors are because of the locale problem
  35. lovetox did you check out "git checkout messagewindow"
  36. lovetox before building?
  37. mikaela ``` git remote add lovetox ... git fetch --all git checkout lovetox/messagewindow ``` And on warning about detached HEAD, I decided to just in case `git checkout -b messagewindow`
  38. lovetox yes
  39. lovetox you should see, if you are on the correct branch if you open a chatwindow
  40. lovetox it looks very different
  41. lovetox hm oh wait let me check what the flatpak file says
  42. mikaela I have that master installed locally and flathub version globally and when I specified the version, it ran with same issue, but I wasn't enough awake to run it with LC_ALL and or check any chatwindows
  43. lovetox hm no this will not work anway
  44. lovetox after checking out the branch you have to adjust the org.gajim.Gajim.json
  45. lovetox last few lines it has the git repo where it downloads the source
  46. lovetox you i try to find how we can define a certain branch
  47. lovetox mikaela, i added a commit to the branch that should fix the build
  48. lovetox please try again if you have tiem
  49. mikaela Thanks, tomorrow