Gajim - 2018-08-09

  1. bot Yuomu Clownpaku created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #339: < [preview] Gajim crashes trying to create preview for image with specific name. Warning! Profanity! >
  2. bot Yuomu Clownpaku modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #339: < [preview] Gajim crashes trying to create preview for image with specific name. Warning! Profanity! >
  3. bot Yuomu Clownpaku modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #339: < [preview] Gajim crashes trying to create preview for image with specific name. Warning! Profanity! >
  4. growingupagain > growingupagain: app.connections[account].get_module('Presence').subscribe lovetox, AttributeError connection object has attribute get_module
  5. lovetox are you developing on master?
  6. lovetox you will have to look into Gajim sources, you can develop a plugin for groupchat without some indepth knowledge of Gajim
  7. lovetox *cant
  8. growingupagain It is a bit hard for the most parts of gajim
  9. growingupagain Well when i get message to one of my jid, i need to send subscribtion request from this jid Hiw can i get this jid account?
  10. Daniel lovetox, do you have an idea about this issue? Not sure how to label this one
  11. lovetox As Bug GUI daniel
  12. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9281: < AttributeError: 'ActionOption' object has no attribute 'action' >
  13. rom1dep wowh, this new history window is neat, until one needs to actually find something through it. Is it planned to bring back (double-)clicking on the result hit to bring back the context?
  14. zuglufttier rom1dep, the context is already in the bottom window?
  15. zuglufttier Can you do a screenshot?
  16. rom1dep zuglufttier: try to search something, this brings up a table view which was previously invisible
  17. rom1dep bottom half doesn't change
  18. zuglufttier
  19. rom1dep clicking on items in the view doesn't update the bottom
  20. zuglufttier This is how it's looking for me.
  21. zuglufttier In the messagewindow branch!
  22. zuglufttier And I can click through the results, the bottom screen will change accordingly.
  23. rom1dep
  24. rom1dep not for me
  25. rom1dep I'm on the messagewindow branch
  26. zuglufttier Looks like you are broken.
  27. rom1dep zuglufttier: messagewindow as well?
  28. zuglufttier Yes.
  29. zuglufttier Nothing in the console?
  30. rom1dep ``` Traceback (most recent call last): File "gajim/gajim/gtk/", line 713, in on_results_treeview_cursor_changed month = gtk_month(gtk_m) TypeError: 'int' object is not callable ```
  31. lovetox yeah hm, wait we fixed that 2 days ago
  32. lovetox it probably is not in the branch yet
  33. lovetox but you can cherry-pick the commit i think
  34. lovetox
  35. lovetox interesting why it works for zuglufttier though 😃
  36. zuglufttier Wait, I'll check if I use the current stuff...
  37. rom1dep 2 days is probably this session's uptime
  38. zuglufttier Looks like I'm using up to date things as well.
  39. lovetox no actually it is in messagewindow branch
  40. lovetox just update rom1dep
  41. rom1dep currently on a6543b70d1dfac45990bcff96101616313b0b659 Fix hotkeys and move tab_listbox to gtk folder hold on…
  42. rom1dep pulling gave me a6543b70d1dfac45990bcff96101616313b0b659 Fix hotkeys and move tab_listbox to gtk folder
  43. rom1dep dc26c5dca8dcc0210d42152883967079072711c3 remove some stuff* (ECPY) according to that's the lastest
  44. lovetox so you have that commit, and still get that error
  45. lovetox then i will look into it
  46. rom1dep yes indeed
  47. lovetox rom1dep, are you sure you didnt create some weird merge state
  48. lovetox can you really reset to the current state
  49. lovetox this error makes no sense to me
  50. lovetox this error makes only sense if the patch was not applied
  51. rom1dep I checked it, yeah. Alternative explanation is that I'm running a previous checkout and updated the working copy since then, which isn't impossible
  52. rom1dep let me kill & restart
  53. rom1dep ok, seems to be scrolling this time, sorry for the noise!
  54. Daniel :D
  55. Daniel Looks like we've got a honeybadger here, rom1dep!
  56. rom1dep Daniel: honeybadger? :)
  57. Daniel The crazy nastyass honeybadger? Do you know him?
  58. zuglufttier Shht. Don't make him mad!
  59. rom1dep I must be missing the reference there 😁
  60. Daniel Yes you are, look him up ;)
  61. rom1dep wowh, surprisingly good ^^
  62. Daniel asterix, there are wiki pages with spam, like this one: I'd delete pages but I don't have the rights to do so
  63. lovetox i deleted it
  64. Daniel Thank you!
  65. Daniel There are some really outdated pages in the wiki. Some are missing images and aren't of any use anymore. Should I make a list of them to discuss whether to keep them or not? Should I mark them somehow?
  66. lovetox List would be good
  67. Daniel While browsing through wiki pages I found this one, lovetox, still of any use right now with the dark css values?
  68. Daniel List is being composed ;)
  69. lovetox ah i think the ones i chosen now are ok
  70. lovetox so this can go
  71. Daniel Alright!
  72. Daniel lovetox, for now this is the list
  73. sd hello
  74. sd i was pushed today to install OMEMO vesion 2.6.0 but i can not see any info about new version at official page
  75. sd please confirm
  76. sd
  77. sd hello?
  78. sd any one can tell me please?
  79. Daniel There is a new version, you can check on gitlab
  80. sd can you give me link please? i can't find it
  81. Daniel
  82. sd ty!
  83. sd its big step from 2.5.x to .2.6, why no annonce?
  84. sd thanks anyway. less parannoya ;)
  85. lovetox Ok Daniel everything cleard up now
  86. lovetox no sd, just a UI change in fingerprint window
  87. Daniel lovetox, thank you!
  88. sd i see it now
  89. sd ty!
  90. lovetox sd i updated the page