Gajim - 2018-08-05

  1. Daniel why is this translatable?
  2. lovetox yes this should be removed
  3. lovetox Maranda, not that i need it
  4. lovetox but <item jid="" name="Toggle last-message-sender in Push Notifications" node="change_push_last_sender" />
  5. lovetox if i want execute a command for this i get no response from server
  6. lovetox so i guess this causes some exception on the server
  7. Maranda lovetox: let me check, I can't fix it now
  8. Maranda Though
  9. Maranda Aug 05 12:52:43 Aug 05 12:52:43 mod_c2s error Traceback[c2s]: /usr/lib/metronome/core/loggingmanager.lua:243: bad argument #3 to 'format' (string expected, got nil): stack traceback: - - stupid one too
  10. Maranda lovetox: or not so stupid but
  11. Maranda lovetox: you actually found an inexplicable (yet) shenanigan in DM/storagemanager gratz
  12. lovetox hm but i remember this worked 2 months ago
  13. lovetox Maranda i found another minor issue
  14. lovetox if i query a groupchat config
  15. lovetox i get this
  16. lovetox <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="form"> <title>Configuration for</title> <instructions>Configuration for</instructions>
  17. lovetox i would argue that it makes not much sense to duplicate that string
  18. lovetox this means all clients will show this doubled
  19. lovetox you could do somethign like "Fill out this Configuration form"
  20. lovetox or just remove the instructions
  21. lovetox its not a mandatory element, and inside a groupchat config form it probably is self evident what it is for
  22. pep. 08/05/2018 14:42:58 (E) gajim.c.m.software_version Error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/common/modules/", line 58, in _result_received client_info, os_info = self._extract_info(stanza) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/common/modules/", line 74, in _extract_info name = query.getTag('name').getData() AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getData'
  23. lovetox yes pep this is a error in poezio
  24. lovetox it has been reported
  25. pep. Ah, ok yes I remember
  26. pep. I need to update
  27. pep. Also "Invalid timestamp received: 2018-03-16T17:42:13.448+0000", is this really invalid?
  28. pep. Is it the +0000 instead of Z?
  29. lovetox yes
  30. lovetox if someone would want to use that
  31. lovetox it at least has to be +00:00
  32. pep. I see
  33. lovetox the ":" is mandatory
  34. Zash > either "Z" for UTC or "(+|-)hh:mm" for a specific time zone sayeth
  35. pep. yeah so ":"
  36. Maranda lovetox: yeah it works it's that something in storagemanager broke and it's an issue that I never managed to track down
  37. Armael hya. I just installed the latest version of gajim on a windows machine (which was previously running 0.16.3), and the interface language does not seem to be autodetected anymore
  38. Daniel Armael, this will be fixed in the next version, it's a known bug
  39. Armael I saw "I want to be able to choose the language of Gajim" and followed the instructions but it didn't work
  40. Armael ah, cool
  41. Armael is there a workaround or should I just roll back to 0.16.* ?
  42. lovetox you can use nightly
  43. lovetox
  44. Armael ok
  45. lovetox almost everything is translated but some menus are not
  46. Armael other question: how can I remove all gajim-related info from a windows installation? (e.g. account credentials, history, ...)
  47. lovetox delete %APPDATA%/Gajim
  48. Armael ok thanks
  49. aldehoff How can I manually add the OMEMO fingerprint of a contact to Gajim v0.16.6?
  50. aldehoff For some reason he can read messages sent from Conversations, but not those sent from Gajim.
  51. lovetox you cant, if his fingerprint is not in Gajim this means for some reason he doesnt have it published vorrectly
  52. aldehoff lovetox: Weird. I'll check the server side...
  53. lovetox you can also check your logs with -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  54. aldehoff thx, problem solved by restarting gajim
  55. Maranda lovetox, or not, stupid bug.
  56. Maranda lovetox, I'm not sure *how it worked 2 months ago*
  57. Maranda lovetox, luckily is nowhere related to what I thought it to be, I just had missed a piece of the exception on my phone.
  58. Maranda lovetox, fixed.
  59. Maranda Now on to the other, was it instructions overlapping the description?
  60. Maranda on muc config?
  61. lovetox no, you have the same string for Title and instructions
  62. lovetox can confirm that it works now the push thing
  63. Maranda lovetox, yes I meant that
  64. lovetox yeah i would suggest removing the instructions text
  65. Maranda I'll just change it
  66. Maranda lovetox, and sorted too now off.
  67. sergio Hi, somebody knows how to install python3-axolotl on fedora 28?
  68. lovetox with pip
  69. sergio I used to do that but recently, fedora 28 updates to the latest version of gajim (1.0.3) and then I dont know how to install python-axolotl package for python 3
  70. sergio I test with pip3 install python-axolotl
  71. sergio Oh, sorry I missed some dependencies
  72. sergio if someone needs it you have to install: dnf install python3-devel gcc automake python3-pip python3 redhat-rpm-config
  73. sergio and then: pip3 install python-axolotl
  74. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  75. lovetox Maranda, another easy fix
  76. lovetox if i use directory search on your server
  77. lovetox it says this in the instructions inised the dataform
  78. lovetox <instructions>This let's you browse the User Directory, your client MUST support Data Forms.</instructions>
  79. lovetox if a client does not support dataforms, he cant read that
  80. lovetox you should move this Instrcution text outside of the dataform
  81. lovetox and provide a real or no instruction text inside the dataform
  82. Maranda lovetox, or just remove the last bit.
  83. lovetox
  84. lovetox the text is useful, but just in the wrong place
  85. lovetox im going to bed, have a good night
  86. Maranda lovetox, actually that implementation won't work without dataforms
  87. Maranda but I got what you mean, fixing.
  88. Maranda
  89. Maranda and fixed, thanks.
  90. Daniel Hm, I don't want to be picky here but shouldn't it be 'your client is required to support' and 'This form lets you' , Maranda?
  91. Maranda Possibly, english is not my strong point
  92. Maranda Daniel, there you go, *turns off coding mode*
  93. Daniel 😊