Gajim - 2018-08-03

  1. growingupagain
  2. lovetox growingupagain, hm dont know you have to provide log output
  3. lovetox with gajim -v
  4. lovetox it has nothing to do with your plugin
  5. lovetox oh it has to do with your plugin
  6. lovetox i thought about a DB error
  7. lovetox are you trying to install your plugin via install button?
  8. lovetox you have to zip it and provide a manifest.ini, look at other plugins
  9. lovetox here you can see how the archive should be organized
  10. lovetox
  11. growingupagain thank you, lovetox)
  12. lovetox though for developing you can just put the files in the plugin folder rather then installing
  13. lovetox except you just wanted to test if installing works
  14. growingupagain > though for developing you can just put the files in the plugin folder rather then installing this is great idea! thank you) I tried for a week, and all i had to do was just ask)
  15. lovetox normally i put my developing files into the plugin folder, and if i change something in code you just have to restart Gajim
  16. lovetox you cant do a full code reload with enablind/disabling plugin in the the pluginmanager, remember that
  17. luweitest Are the group chats in the bookmark added by xmpp server?
  18. growingupagain
  19. zuglufttier lovetox, here's some inspiration for gajim: Those are mockups from the messaging app for the purism mobile phone.
  20. lovetox growingupagain, your question has nothing to do with Gajim
  21. lovetox if you want to learn about GTK here is a good starting point
  22. lovetox zuglufttier, nothing new looks like dino or telegram or whatsapp or all the other messengers
  23. Daniel The way your messagewindow branch is going looks quite nice
  24. zuglufttier lovetox, when is there anything really *new*? ;-) Some parts, like the room config may be of interest anyhow.
  25. zuglufttier I quite like the subdued colors of the text, a bit on the grey side.
  26. Daniel Yeah me too!
  27. zuglufttier Apart from that, messagewindow is already looking very good!
  28. lovetox zuglufttier, i rework the forms like room config or registration soon
  29. Daniel Would string matching for the room config forms be an option? To be able to translate them? They are standardized right?
  30. Daniel The prosody-case, you remember?
  31. debacle
  32. growingupagain lovetox‎, i mean i dont know how handlers work. it need to do smth when message recieved)
  33. lovetox you did it right
  34. growingupagain but it doesnt work ))
  35. lovetox did you activate the plugin in the plugin manager?
  36. growingupagain yep
  37. lovetox this handler is for received messages
  38. lovetox so you have to send a message from some other device
  39. lovetox put a print statement in the callback
  40. lovetox to see if it is executed
  41. lovetox or your logging should be enough that you put there
  42. lovetox is the callback executed or not?
  43. growingupagain i dont know, where can i see it?
  44. stp debacle‎, Do you run Windows or Linux on it?
  45. debakle
  46. lovetox growingupagain: gajim -v
  47. lovetox or gajim -l gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG
  48. stp debakle: ?
  49. lovetox its the russian twin of debacle
  50. stp lovetox‎, So better to not click it?
  51. lovetox if you are scared of a .jpg link i think you have a bad time on the internet 😃
  52. mdosch Wasch persona? Like in a car wash?
  53. growingupagain lovetox‎, it is not executed
  54. lovetox test other events
  55. stp lovetox‎, :-D
  56. lovetox
  57. lovetox i cant test you plugin right now, but in the evening
  58. lovetox are you sure your plugin is activated?
  59. lovetox add a print statement into the init to see if it is called
  60. debacle stp, I bought the Ubuntu version, but replaced it with Debian (buster/testing) :~)
  61. debacle stp, lovetox, hm, there is someone who just has a 'k' in the nick instead of a 'c'
  62. stp debacle‎, I didn't even know you could buy those devices with Ubuntu pre-installed. Interesting! So which desktop environment are you running on Debian?
  63. bot Sophie Herold proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework Preferences Dialog
  64. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework InvitationReceivedDialog
  65. debacle I bought it at which have both versions. I'm playing with both XFCE and Gnome, both are bad in their own ways.
  66. debacle stp, I bought it at which have both versions. I'm playing with both XFCE and Gnome, both are bad in their own ways.
  67. stp debacle‎, And only Gajim is too small and other software scales well?
  68. bot Sophie Herold proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Align vcard dialog labels with profile dialog
  69. Daniel mdosch, yes, precisely like that
  70. mdosch damn, and I still take the effort to shower myself :-/
  71. debacle stp, Gajim is by far not the only program that has difficulties with small screens, or worse, small screens with high resolution. Some do it better, some worse, Gajim is probably average in this respect. Dino, with its very simple UI is much better on that small machine, btw.
  72. lovetox you simply cant design a application that is nice on big screens and small screens
  73. lovetox it will always look like a smartphone app just bigger
  74. lovetox only chance is to make to views, one reduced and one for desktop
  75. lovetox only chance is to make two views, one reduced and one for desktop
  76. zuglufttier It works for web pages, though.
  77. lovetox not really, most websites are made to be very simple
  78. lovetox and many websites have a mobile and desktop view
  79. Zash UI/UX is hard
  80. MattJ Yeah, pretty much all modern CSS frameworks work on break-points, e.g. with rules like: if screen is "small" hide this stuff
  81. zuglufttier Isn't that possible in GTK?
  82. MattJ It's probably as easy as just having a totally different interface
  83. zuglufttier I think it is CSS after all? Because there it is just a few lines to add, no need for a framework.
  84. debacle zuglufttier, you might want to take a look at libhandy:
  85. debacle it is a GTK+ extension library to make applications "responsive"
  86. Daniel lovetox, regarding default avatars and coloring in messagewindow branch, XEP 0392 seems very helpful
  87. pep. It is indeed. Some people complain though that it doesn't fit their application theme, which can be true
  88. pep. (conversations and movim, that I know of)
  89. stp Is there any way to disable the window blinking while there are unread messages? (Gajim nightly on Windows)
  90. Daniel pep. but you can adjust it to a given color palette right?
  91. pep. I'm not sure, don't know the details
  92. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9278: < Broken display of delivery receipt ack for LMC message >
  93. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9278: < Broken display of delivery receipt ack for LMC message >
  94. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9278: < Delivery receipt is displayed twice for corrected messages >
  95. Zash
  96. Zash This looks kinda funky :)
  97. Daniel What's this?
  98. Zash A dataform in an ad-hoc command
  99. Zash From this
  100. Daniel Ah I see, yes this looks quite nice. I don't think we should change that, very good UX.
  101. Daniel Do you feel all this free space to the upper right?
  102. Zash If anything I think the jid-multi field could be a bit smaller
  103. Zash ~5 characters wide is such a waste of space
  104. Zash :P
  105. Daniel I see you are like-minded.
  106. ivucica Zash: <3 that dmeo
  107. ivucica demo*