Gajim - 2018-08-01

  1. Maranda lovetox, they're saved
  2. concerto Daniel‎: > can that be made into a single field? Ideally adding a copy button to copy all of that in one click? :) > Y tho? If you meant to ask me - so that it's easier to copy for bug reports.
  3. concerto The easier the information is to get, the more likely it is that people include it.
  4. bot sfalkon created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9270: < Gajim is not build from git master: TypeError: '>=' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'str' >
  5. Daniel concerto, thanks, now I see why
  6. concerto ^^
  7. Daniel lovetox, your last commit, does it also handle this case?
  8. lovetox no, but this sounds weird, i test this with a server that has register disabled
  9. lovetox if server doesnt support register the dialog would not hang
  10. Daniel Ok, I asked for logs in that issue.
  11. Daniel Hm, there won't be logs it seems.
  12. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework History Dialog
  13. lovetox We can test that ourself, many servers dont allow registration
  14. bot Kadircan Özdemir created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9271: < kkk >
  15. mimi89999
  16. mimi89999 Is it a known issue?
  17. devmule hello! Is there a gajim v1 plugin system documentation?
  18. asterix is back
  19. asterix devmule, the best doc is read the other plugins
  20. asterix there is also a wiki page listing events and arguments, but may not be uptodate
  21. asterix mimi89999, no I don't think so. Do you know how to reproduce?
  22. devmule asterix, it is buthurt anyway, how can i add an icon to contact like in client_icons ? :)
  23. asterix copy clients_icon code ;)
  24. mimi89999 asterix: Not yet.
  25. devmule asterix, it is funny) but im not that level
  26. asterix I don't under what you want then, it's easier that start from scratch
  27. devmule actually it is not) clients_icon is hard could you give me an example how to add one type icon for every contact?
  28. bot Sophie Herold proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework InvitationReceivedDialog
  29. lovetox mimi89999, this is in messagewindow branch?
  30. mimi89999 Yes
  31. lovetox k will have a look
  32. lovetox devmule its the only plugin that adds icons to the roster
  33. lovetox you dont need to study the whole plugin just the events it catches to add a icon
  34. lovetox Maranda, could you find the MAM problem?
  35. lovetox i assume i have no mam because if i send a message to my own barejid, the message i receive has no stanza-id
  36. Maranda 🤔
  37. Maranda Have a xml dump?
  38. lovetox you want a stanza without a stanza-id?!
  39. lovetox what do you gonna find out from that
  40. Maranda something, never mind.
  41. Maranda lovetox, the dialog to create a stanza type in the xml console doesn't work btw
  42. Maranda I press "Message" and nothing happens
  43. lovetox true that seems broken thanks
  44. Maranda lovetox, there the culprit
  45. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9272: < Timestamps (date) for messages from history become obsolete in at most 24 hours. >
  46. Maranda 🤔 🤔 🤔
  47. Maranda interesting
  48. Maranda
  49. Maranda so I guess it's only for that single corner case...
  50. Maranda tests.
  51. Maranda lovetox, I'll have to think on how to properly fix it.
  52. lovetox k :)
  53. lovetox no hurry, just something i noticed
  54. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9271: < Error in roster: 'GC_Contact' object has no attribute 'get_shown_groups' >
  55. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9271: < Error in roster: 'GC_Contact' object has no attribute 'get_shown_groups' >
  56. Maranda thinking done, commiting.
  57. lovetox Maranda, self messaging is a trick thing :)
  58. lovetox Maranda, self messaging is a tricky thing :)
  59. Maranda not it's just that pre-event only is fired, and perhaps that corner case isn't addressed Metronome thinks it's an outbound message (which it is) and doesn't append.
  60. Maranda <!-- Outgoing 01/08/2018 18:04:00 --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" type="chat" id="test"> <body>.</body> </message> <!-- Incoming 01/08/2018 18:04:01 --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" id="test" type="chat" xml:lang="it" from=""> <body>.</body> <stanza-id id="d53a4543-d20d-4bf1-a1cc-93a06eafdfb1" xmlns="urn:xmpp:sid:0" /> </message>
  61. Maranda lovetox, there you go
  62. lovetox if i recall correctly the problem was not only the
  63. lovetox the message simply was not in the archive
  64. lovetox is it now on the server?
  65. lovetox can i test?
  66. Maranda yes
  67. Maranda lovetox, oh right
  68. Maranda lovetox, no nm, it should work
  69. Maranda
  70. Maranda lovetox, works
  71. lovetox am Maranda, you strip the origin-id node
  72. lovetox you are not allowed to do that
  73. Maranda it's stripped?
  74. Maranda it's not supposed to be
  75. lovetox yes its not in the MAM forwarded message, although i added it to the outgoing message
  76. lovetox maybe you strip everything with namespace urn:xmpp:sid:0?
  77. lovetox you should only strip stanza-id with by attr set to user bare jid
  78. lovetox only server is allowed to set that
  79. Maranda lovetox, no I just strip every element which is not a body or marker as long as not told otherwise, that code is from when origin-id wasn't a thing yet
  80. Maranda opens #396
  81. lovetox but why
  82. lovetox thats a bit against the spirit of xmpp
  83. lovetox your server becomes useless if you are not constantly patching it and allowing new nodes
  84. Maranda Less junk in the archive I don't store stanzas
  85. Maranda I don't need to patch anything
  86. Maranda you can allow element via a configured whitelist
  87. Maranda elements*
  88. lovetox of course if add now a tag <lovetox> this is toally legal, but it would be stripped from the archive
  89. Maranda but if origin-id is mandatory I'll just store that
  90. Maranda yes it will.
  91. lovetox is there not a rule against that
  92. Maranda hm no?
  93. lovetox im sure it says somewhere in the RFC server has to route messages untouched
  94. Maranda hm no?
  95. lovetox so say i write a xep
  96. lovetox then i have to write every admin of a metronom server personally and tell them to add the new node to its whitelist?
  97. lovetox you dont think thats somehow annoying
  98. Maranda lovetox a client could arbitrarily add an infinite number of elements to a message stanza upto the parser limit... ;)
  99. lovetox yeah and? thats what stanza sizes are for
  100. Maranda And I just won't process that information, it's not needed and I have decent (Lua) reasons to not do that.
  101. lovetox whats with <encrypted>?
  102. lovetox is that on your whitelist?
  103. Maranda lovetox, hm no?
  104. lovetox so no encryption on your server or what?
  105. Maranda lovetox, nope MAM implementation just checks for OTR/esession junk and doesn't store those messages (no way to decrypt through MAM) and OMEMO just does work...?
  106. Maranda next question?
  107. Holger lovetox: 0313 unfortunately says this: > The entire original stanza SHOULD be stored, but at a minimum only the <body/> tag MUST be preserved (ie. the server might, at its discretion, strip certain extensions from messages before storage).
  108. lovetox why would you care if omemo works with MAM or not
  109. Holger I totally agree that this sucks.
  110. Maranda Holger, thank you.
  111. Holger One of all those SHOULDs that render our XEPs useless.
  112. lovetox no, just the servers who strip the stuff the user actually wanted to transmit
  113. Holger Maranda: I'm all for breaking OMEMO :-) But not for breaking everything.
  114. Maranda Holger, I'm not breaking anything key problem.
  115. lovetox The thing is that you define whats junk and what is not, making it impossible for the client to transmit the data he wants to
  116. Holger lovetox: Well the XEP permits this behavior, so you can't rely on the server not stripping stuff, which sucks. These missing guarantees everywhere can be security-relevant.
  117. lovetox its bascially a super strict, you are only allowed to transmit what i say use case
  118. lovetox i guess there is a use for that somewhere
  119. Maranda yes I do, I have the right to and in the case the user wants that information he can just configure so, and in the case that extension becomes very popular, then I can patch the code.
  120. lovetox i would have seen that as a feature the admin can activate
  121. lovetox but not as default
  122. Maranda That's how it works.
  123. Maranda The developer decides the correct defaults, at most he gets feedback from the users but ultimately it's the developer choice.
  124. lovetox hm nobody is taking your right to write your software the way you want to
  125. lovetox i just question if it makes much sense
  126. lovetox personally as an admin i would not want to monitor xeps and popularity and question my users constantly if they maybe wnat to use some of them
  127. lovetox seems like a lot of work, and what do i gain
  128. lovetox ?
  129. lovetox 2 GB less storage space used?
  130. Maranda lovetox, it does make sense to how my MAM implementation is concepted as I told you, to make it performant in certant areas (e.g. searching through the archive) I had to make certain choices one is to not store the stanza objects. So if I didn't strip every element it would become a big bourden to just process messages, as i'd need to deserialize and re-serialize all those elements.
  131. lovetox hm, i guess you have reasons, i just was suprised
  132. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework History Dialog
  133. lovetox so fyi, origin-id is used by clients for deduping, because we dont get the archive id on sent out messages, we set the origin-id
  134. Maranda lovetox, problem about origin-id is that XEP-359 says that origin-id MUST be preserved but MAM says naught about it.
  135. Maranda so I didn't think about preserving that.
  136. lovetox i didnt say you are not allowed to strip because of 0359
  137. lovetox i said it because i believed you have to leave messages untouched
  138. lovetox :)
  139. lovetox but yeah 0359 is also a reason ^^
  140. Daniel What do you guys think about an informal translation in addition to formal translation? With the ability to select for example 'German (formal)' or 'German (informal)' in preferences? Language settings in preferences would also be a nice addition in general.
  141. lovetox whats the difference between formal and informal?
  142. Maranda lovetox, well i found a few other things that needed to be corrected anyways
  143. Daniel For example Du/Sie in german
  144. Daniel I saw this in some other apps/programms and I think it could reduce the barrier between user and computer in some cases ;)
  145. lovetox i would need an example, i dont think we use Sie or Du anywhere
  146. lovetox eh maybe somewhere
  147. Daniel,target
  148. lovetox and why would you use formal over informal?
  149. Daniel It was formal all the way before I started translating, so I continued. But I'm open to changes
  150. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework History Dialog
  151. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework History Dialog
  152. Daniel And there's this for the language settings in preferences I was mentioning:
  153. Daniel I don't know if I would ditch formal translation completely though.
  154. Daniel asterix, what do you think? French would also be affected. How are you handling this?
  155. Maranda hm
  156. Maranda hmm
  157. Maranda hmmm
  158. Maranda eyes lovetox
  159. Maranda
  160. Maranda 🤔 🤔 🤔
  161. lovetox looks good
  162. Maranda to me it looks like something is overlapping there.
  163. Maranda thinks that maybe it's why he stripped that.
  164. Maranda lovetox, so.
  165. Maranda lovetox, there's clients that send message stanzas with a not matching stanza id and origin-id?
  166. Maranda or without an id?
  167. lovetox stanza id is set by the server
  168. lovetox origin by the client
  169. lovetox originally the problem why origin exist is
  170. lovetox that MUCs were allowed to not not preserve the message-id
  171. lovetox so a client had no way of tracking its own message
  172. Maranda ah right, servers overriding stanza ids, ookay.
  173. lovetox you mean message id
  174. Maranda messages are stanzas too last I checked :P
  175. lovetox yeah but in that certain context we are speaking the distinction matters
  176. lovetox but there is also another use
  177. lovetox nah actually thats it
  178. lovetox deduping in muc
  179. Maranda Hm no servers can override ids for all routable payloads indistinctively afair in so many contextes that it's pointless to make a distinction.
  180. lovetox because it makes less sense to dedupe with origin-id in muc, and message id in 1:1
  181. lovetox clients just dedup always with origin-id
  182. lovetox although its not necessary strictly in 1:1
  183. lovetox No as much as i know servers are not allowed to rewrite the message id
  184. lovetox this was only in MUC the case
  185. lovetox Xeps like Receipts would not work anymore
  186. lovetox in that case
  187. lovetox but it seems they recently changed the MUC xep
  188. lovetox so its not allowed there now anymore
  189. Maranda Hm yes they can to be honest, in clustering rewriting of ids is not uncommon at all... for all routable payloads
  190. Maranda they could rewrite back and forth with the client not noticing it.
  191. Holger > The server or component MAY add a <stanza-id/> element. In that case, it MUST preserve the content of the <origin-id/> element. Does that mean a server that doesn't add a <stanza-id/> may strip the origin ID? :-)
  192. Maranda Holger, 🤷‍♂
  193. Daniel Searching for 'You' in translatable strings returned ~500 strings. Minus ones where 'you' is included in another word. asterix seems to use formal translations as well for french translations.
  194. lovetox I just think we should decide on one
  195. lovetox is really someone going to switch ? would anybody even expect that he has influence on this in an application
  196. Nothing4You uh
  197. Nothing4You was there something changed recently causing the OMEMO plugin to no longer work?
  198. Nothing4You it's telling me it can't import MessageReceivedEvent
  199. lovetox depends on what gajim version and plugin version you use
  200. Nothing4You i just updated to latest master
  201. lovetox then you have to also update all plugins to latest
  202. Nothing4You omemo is 2.5.14 according to plugin installer
  203. Nothing4You which it says is latest
  204. lovetox then restart gajim
  205. lovetox always after a plugin update
  206. Nothing4You ah, didn't know that
  207. Nothing4You will do that later, thanks
  208. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9272: < Timestamps (date) for messages from history become obsolete in at most 24 hours. >
  209. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9270: < Gajim is not build from git master: TypeError: '>=' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'str' >
  210. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9060: < Meta: Message/conversation appearance >
  211. ivucica If you want to stress-test Gajim's MUC, try joining #freenode on with 2000+ participants. (I used Biboumi as the IRC transport.) Let me tell you, not only does it take a while, but it makes the UI lag noticeably. Fun! :)
  212. Zash That project to expose an XMPP s2s interface to freenode never went anywhere, did it?
  213. ivucica Zash: is there an ircs2s <-> xmpps2s bridge?
  214. ivucica Hah, apparently there is no standard irc s2s anyway.
  215. Zash ivucica: I think there was talk about XMPP support in the Freenode IRC server, possibly as a GSoC project, but I don't remember exactly and it seems it didn't happen
  216. ivucica Eh, tried a quick search to find a mention of it. Nothing coming up.
  217. ivucica Anytime I run into this HackerNews post I am annoyed
  218. ivucica "IRC just needs to be patched up to get presence and it'll be as useful as XMPP" >.<
  219. ivucica Anyway, good night :)
  220. Zash ivucica: Didn't help that that post got linked every time there was any mention of XMPP for a few years after that
  221. Zash I feel aproximately like that about IRC. If you look closely enough at anything, you'll see all the warts.
  222. Zash > Just compare to - where the latter isn't even the full story. Aaaah yeah, link to an obsolete RFC for IRC. If you you read it and try to implement something from it, it won't work.