Gajim - 2018-07-30

  1. tuxayo That would be interesting. I like Gajim and these info would help to look forward to future versions 🙂
  2. Link Mauve ValdikSS, tuxayo, you can start by testing master, it already contains everything that’s been developed since 1.0 got released.
  3. neophytex how to make Russian in the program? The environment variables are done.
  4. neophytex
  5. concerto
  6. concerto gajim-default-nightly v20180730-1
  7. concerto I think I've reported it in the past, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or simply unimplemented
  8. lovetox neophytex, does not work in Gajim 1.0.3, will be working in Gajim 1.1
  9. lovetox concerto, gajim.plugin_system.preview: Incorrect oob data found
  10. lovetox means this is just a link that someone posted not something someone uploaded
  11. concerto lovetox: it was sent from Conversations
  12. lovetox maybe i broke something
  13. lovetox i have to test it
  14. lovetox will do in the evening
  15. neophytex lovetox: Thank you
  16. concerto why would the link be 😉
  17. debacle lovetox, regarding the empty XML console in Gajim master: Will there be a new nbxmpp release soon? Or shall I just package the master for Debian experimental? (Gajim master is in Debian experimental anyway, so it is easy to add.)
  18. lovetox i can do release in the evening
  19. tuxayo > ValdikSS, tuxayo, you can start by testing master, it already contains everything that’s been developed since 1.0 got released. Link Mauve: thanks, I might try that, at least to catch bugs with the OMEMO plugin
  20. debacle lovetox, the new release is still compatible with Gajim 1.0.3, right?
  21. lovetox yes
  22. lovetox of course, we dont break the API, its also compatible with gajim 0.16
  23. debacle Great!
  24. bjoern Hey all, since some time (I don't really know when the problem appeared) the option "View" -> "Show offline contacts" is grayed out. I'm using gajim 1.0.3 on Debian sid. Is this a known issue? Server/Client related?
  25. lovetox hm weird, no i dont know about this, but to be honest i didnt use it myself for some time so i will look in the evening if i can reproduce the problem
  26. asterix hmm I don't see any reason to gey thet menuentry ...
  27. asterix for me it's not grey (last git version)
  28. lovetox asterix it could be by accident if the attached action name is invalid or non existent, but im not recalling changing anything in that area
  29. bjoern lovetox, thanks for looking into it
  30. bjoern btw, I first tried to create a bug report. But if I try to register a account on your gitlab instance I get a 502 "Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond."
  31. lovetox even now? seems pretty fast now
  32. bjoern let me try again
  33. asterix this happen during the next seconds after I restart gitlab, but except at that moment, I never saw that
  34. bjoern yes, still happen. Maybe because if the recaptcha?
  35. asterix indeed ...
  36. tuxayo Hi, does anyone know how to create a group chat and have admin rights? The idea it to create a two person private group chat (and enable OMEMO later). Just like the main conversation with someone but focused on one topic.
  37. asterix tuxayo, just join it
  38. tuxayo asterix, join group chat → fill "Room" field with "testDiversa" → join → can't do anything in "Manage Room"
  39. asterix which server did you set?
  40. tuxayo, the default
  41. asterix I can't tet I don't have an account on that server, and I'm not allowed to create a room there
  42. tuxayo Found
  43. tuxayo asterix, I can create those broken room by putting an upper case letter in the name
  44. tuxayo Even with that. The group that I created doesn't include my phone client (Conversations)
  45. asterix each client has to join the room, yes
  46. tuxayo ow ><
  47. tuxayo Then I'm trying to eat soup with a fork.
  48. tuxayo Then the other solution that I've found is to create the group from Conversations. So there is not known way to do that in Gajim? I recapitulate: There is an OMEMO chat between two people that have multiple devices. And they want to create another chat with the same usage properties to focus on topic. (like stuff related to a project)
  49. Zash Send invites
  50. tuxayo Zash: So I invite myself? Roster → myself → invite → nothing show on other devices
  51. Zash I'd expect that to work
  52. Zash It'd be weird if clients automatically join and bookmark (with autojoin set) any room they are invited to by contacts, but not by one self
  53. tuxayo Zash: even if that work, that's not the kind of things very easy for non-tech-savvy. So I hope to find something else.
  54. Zash tuxayo: Most clients should follow the autojoin flag (eventually...). And some can automatically invite the contacts you selected.
  55. tuxayo The hidden goal is to find how to get most people out of WhatApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc
  56. tuxayo At least have something objectively usable as an alternative. The network effet is another thing.
  57. Zash "objectively usable" .. huh
  58. asterix Gajim hase a convert to groupchat feature that does that
  59. asterix that's "invite contacts" in chat window
  60. asterix it creates a temporary room and invite ppl in it
  61. Zash I'm of the opinion that network effect is the only thing that actually matters.
  62. tuxayo Zash: I should find a better wording for what I want to convey.
  63. Zash I *hate* how Skype works fwiw, and y'all adopting that behavior annoys me.
  64. tuxayo > Zash‎: I'm of the opinion that network effect is the only thing that actually matters. No (about the *only*), for example (exagerated) one must have something else better than IRC before trying to get people out of the mainstream non-libre communication tools
  65. Zash tuxayo: alternatively, marketing is the only thing that matters, and only until you've built enough network effect
  66. Zash shiny features are marketing
  67. Zash OMEMO is marketing
  68. mimi89999 OMEMO is great!
  69. tuxayo Zash not having to blindly trust the server isn't markting
  70. Zash tuxayo: I trust my server
  71. Zash Might be biased, as a server dev
  72. tuxayo Zash what should non-tech-savvy people do?
  73. tuxayo We are not relevant
  74. tuxayo As for the general societal issue cause by evil digital tools
  75. Zash tuxayo: I know that if you phrase it as "an alternative to Skype/WhatsApp/etc", you've already lost
  76. Zash Marketing lesson 1: Do positive marketing. Tell people about how great your thing is. Don't talk about how bad your competitors are.
  77. Zash All you're doing then is marketing the competitors
  78. Zash And I've found that if you try to tell people to switch, the will stubbornly refuse forever
  79. Zash And they'll find tiny differences and claim that's the most important feature and XMPP can never be a serious alternative until it has that
  80. tuxayo Zash > if you phrase it as "an alternative to Skype/WhatsApp/etc", you've already lost I'm phrasing that here to ask a question. Not as an argument to present for most people
  81. tuxayo > And they'll find tiny differences and claim that's the most important feature and XMPP can never be a serious alternative until it has that Not always, it's fairly doable to make some poeple switch to Signal although it's far from perfect
  82. mimi89999 *some*
  83. Zash Because marketing
  84. tuxayo Please detail
  85. Zash Signal == PRIVATE!! SECURE!!
  86. tuxayo Zash: The people that I switched to Signal didn't read that.
  87. Zash Or they get conviced by their friends (ie the overlap between network effect and marketing)
  88. tuxayo ^^
  89. mimi89999 The typical reply is "your thing doesn't even have stickers and doesn't do VoIP"
  90. Zash Anyways, I've found that I'm much happier if I just ignore all that and concentrate on making XMPP better.
  91. mimi89999 People also don't feel the need to use something that is private and secure. They want either to use what "everybody" is using or what the cool people are using.
  92. tuxayo Zash: That's why I want to use XMPP ^^
  93. mimi89999 Hey! Who doesn't want to be cool?
  94. Zash I value control
  95. tuxayo *I precisely want to use XMPP
  96. Zash With Signal, Moxie has all the control, while I would have none
  97. Zash With XMPP, I can have some control over which server I use, which client I use etc.
  98. tuxayo That's why I want to be able to propose XMPP instead of Signal
  99. Zash The one Signal user I know would just ask "hurr durr is there encrypton???" and then refuse
  100. mimi89999 Yes! There is!
  101. asterix issue creation now works
  102. tuxayo > mimi89999‎: *some* Having ~45 contacts over ~620 on Signal makes me really happy and hopeful. I'm greatful for that, but wants to go futher and with even better tools like XMPP.
  103. Zash I have zero contacts on Signal.... I don't have Signal.
  104. tuxayo > Zash‎: Because marketing Because also there is a minimal feature set that make it usable instead or in complement of other apps.
  105. Zash All my friends are on IRC
  106. Zash which makes them reachable via XMPP through biboumi
  107. tuxayo > ‎Zash‎: I have zero contacts on Signal.... I don't have Signal. What's the point in the discussion?
  108. Zash no point
  109. tuxayo Zash: Thanks for your time, I'm still getting some value from the discussion :)
  110. Zash I'm trying to get up and relocate before it rains
  111. tuxayo Zash: good luck!
  112. mimi89999 I'm more and more convinced that if one day we get stickers in Conversations, there will be some 200 other cool features missing.
  113. Zash XMPP doesn't detect cats on your keyboard and communicate this to your contacts, XMPP clearly isn't ready yet
  114. tuxayo > mimi89999‎: The typical reply is "your thing doesn't even have stickers and doesn't do VoIP" That's way better than "it doesn't have offline messaging and multidevice". That's not the same level of motivation needed to accept this that lack of stickers are VoIP (my plan is to use
  115. tuxayo s/this that/this than
  116. tuxayo I have to go, thanks for your time all. BTW, ‎mimi89999‎, thanks for your involvement for better communication tools, that's not the first time I see your nickname and it was a good surprise to find you here :D
  117. mimi89999 LibreSignal?
  118. lovetox tuxayo just for your info, at the moment best way is to create the groupchats on conversations
  119. lovetox and invite the people you want
  120. lovetox your other Resource (Gajim) will join automatically on the next restart
  121. tuxayo mimi89999, I think it was there ^^
  122. tuxayo lovetox, thanks I'll do that. But fear that new clients won't join the groups. (that's not a big deal) But mostly will try find if there is a way to not get the room name and description listed publicly. Because they are meaningful and might be private-desirable (and it's not obviouly in Conversations and Gajim that they end up public) "Alice - Bob: Ponies video sharing" - hum ^^"
  123. tuxayo 🐎 🦄
  124. youssefallalix Hey guys! I'm new here, what's going on?
  125. Daniel What are you interested in? ;)
  126. CatMan hi all
  127. CatMan i have some problem with OMEMO.. maybe it's bug?
  128. mimi89999 CatMan: What problem?
  129. CatMan mimi89999‎, look.. i will show you screenshot
  130. vanitasvitae lovetox, can we some time test OX again?
  131. Daniel What's OX?
  132. CatMan
  133. CatMan mimi89999‎, yuo see it?
  134. vanitasvitae Daniel, OpenPGP for XMPP
  135. CatMan mimi89999‎, i received this message at Conversations till not send somebody from him
  136. CatMan mimi89999‎, Gajim don't encrypt message for Conversations. because think that i use only one client at my side
  137. CatMan mimi89999‎, when i send somebody, all new messages will be encrypted for Conversations too
  138. mimi89999 CatMan: Click on the shield that is next to the input textbox and see if all device fingerprints are trusted.
  139. CatMan yes. all.
  140. mimi89999 Is the fingerprint of Conversations present there?
  141. mimi89999 CatMan: Did you trust your Conversations fingerprint in Gajim? You can do it in the plugin settings.
  142. CatMan mimi89999‎, yes, sure
  143. CatMan mimi89999‎, all fields Trust = True
  144. mimi89999 Can you inspect the stanzas?
  145. Moarc hi
  146. mimi89999 CatMan: Did the Conversation user restore Conversation from a backup at some point?
  147. mimi89999 Hello Moarc
  148. Moarc my brother's been using Gajim on Windows 8.1 and the same issue has occurred twice: all the settings were reset, with the history DB and OMEMO keys remaining intact
  149. CatMan mimi89999‎, no. just fresh installation
  150. Moarc has this been reported before? any idea as to what might be causing this?
  151. CatMan no
  152. lovetox CatMan, are you sure that all fingerprints are trusted, in the fingerprint window there is a second tab called Own Devices
  153. lovetox you have to check if the fingerprint of the device which cant read the messages, is under the trusted fingerprints in Gajim
  154. CatMan lovetox‎, yes. sure
  155. CatMan can show you screens if you need it
  156. CatMan all fields of Trust = True
  157. lovetox no
  158. lovetox and if the device that cant receive messages, writes a message
  159. lovetox can you read it?
  160. CatMan not correctly understand you
  161. lovetox do you receive the message the other way around
  162. CatMan you mean when i sent OMEMO message from Conversations to Gajim of my friend? yes - he can read it and my second client (Gajim) can read it
  163. CatMan from Conversations - All messages readeble
  164. CatMan from gajim - something like active client encryption
  165. CatMan not for all connected
  166. lovetox then go to the plugin config, and delete the fingerprint of the device where encryption fails
  167. lovetox then restart gajim, and write a message again, trust the fingerprint again
  168. CatMan there is no fails. all of fingerprints is True and active is green
  169. lovetox yes it fails, otherwise you would see the messages in conversations
  170. lovetox get the fingerprint, delete it in the config window
  171. lovetox its the only option you have
  172. CatMan at my laptop (now i'm from PC) i was does it and no happened. i was delete ALL fingerprints and add it again. and is no result.
  173. lovetox lol..
  174. CatMan you think? =)
  175. lovetox i tell you delelte ONE fingerprint, the one it doesnt work with
  176. lovetox you go and delete everything
  177. lovetox yeah no shit nothing will work anymore
  178. CatMan why? now i have all needed fingers at plugin
  179. lovetox but do you have the one it is not working with
  180. lovetox do you understand that a fingerprint is the name of a device?
  181. lovetox do you know the name of the device where you have problem with?
  182. lovetox why would it solve anything to delete the names of other devices where it works without problem?
  183. CatMan it worked same with ALL of my contacts
  184. CatMan when i use only Gajim<->Gajim it worked fine. Conversations<->Conversations = fine.
  185. CatMan but if i use 2 connections (Conversations+Gajim) - if worked BAD at all of time
  186. lovetox im not sure why you start now to describe the problem again
  187. CatMan at Conversations side i saw only "this message not encrypted for this device"
  188. CatMan till i send some message from Conversations
  189. CatMan i just tell you that the problem not with one contact
  190. CatMan its problem when i use 2 connections
  191. lovetox maybe a problem with conversations then
  192. CatMan maybe.. but omemo plugin was updated several times. till this time Conversations was not updated.
  193. lovetox so gather log output
  194. lovetox -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  195. CatMan just a sec...
  196. lovetox but log, while you are sending a message which causes the problem
  197. CatMan look.. when i send omemo from conversations, my friend receive it, but my Gajim was not receive it
  198. CatMan carbons not worked?
  199. CatMan wnere i can see log?
  200. lovetox on what system are you?
  201. CatMan Win64
  202. lovetox then you have to start Gajim-Debug.exe
  203. CatMan with your line?
  204. lovetox yes
  205. CatMan look
  206. CatMan 30.07.2018 19:09:02 (D) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: --------------- 30.07.2018 19:09:02 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: OMEMO message does not contain our device key
  207. CatMan first - from Gajim
  208. CatMan second from Conversations
  209. lovetox yes conversations did not encrypt to Gajim
  210. CatMan all of it - my account. 2 connections
  211. lovetox you have to look in conversations if the fingerprint from Gajim is there
  212. CatMan yes. at Conversations i see "another devices" with green icon but low contrast
  213. CatMan ant fingerprint of Gajim
  214. CatMan and
  215. lovetox if its the correct fingerprint
  216. lovetox then Conversations should encrypt to that device
  217. lovetox if it does not you have to ask conversations devs
  218. CatMan yes correct. but like grayed.. like not active
  219. lovetox then restart conversations maybe
  220. lovetox and look if its still greyed out
  221. CatMan after reconnect it's ok.. green and have not problem
  222. CatMan so.. you think that is problem of conversations?
  223. lovetox probably hard to say dont know what things happend
  224. lovetox point is, next time analyze it better
  225. lovetox check if the fingerprint is exactly the same
  226. lovetox check if it is green = active
  227. lovetox grey = inactive
  228. lovetox do it from both devices, and then only delete the fingerprint of that one device where things dont work
  229. lovetox not go and click wild everywhere reset and delete
  230. lovetox makes things only worse
  231. CatMan now all is ok. but i think after several reconnect (mobile internet) happened same
  232. CatMan lovetox‎, thank you
  233. lovetox np
  234. rom1dep lovetox: it's getting very hard to merge lovetox/message_window on top of default/master /o\
  235. lovetox yes i do it today
  236. rom1dep lovetox: I didn't mean it that way :)
  237. rom1dep more like "wowh, the rate of change is high, keep up with the good work!"
  238. Zash do you believe in quantity over quality?
  239. rom1dep Zash: I don't see an issue encouraging hard workers
  240. Zash :P
  241. lovetox i think he is jealous
  242. lovetox you could also find nice words for him from time to time rom1dep
  243. rom1dep right now at work I see no quality, no quantity, neither a hard working spirit, let me retrieve some faith, please ^^
  244. concerto lovetox: any luck with the HTTP Upload/link preview problem?
  245. concerto lovetox: any luck with the HTTP Upload/link preview/OOB problem?
  246. lovetox i sent 2 from my other gajim worked
  247. lovetox do you experience this on every httpupload from conversations?
  248. lovetox i just try to boot my old smartphone to try conversations
  249. concerto lovetox: hm, I'll try to reproduce it
  250. lovetox messagewindow branch is up to date, rom1dep mimi89999, but also that means you probably encounter now some new bugs :)
  251. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *7ac81552* < > Fix Windows build
  252. Link Mauve What is still missing before it can go into master?
  253. rom1dep lovetox: oh yeah, new bugs 😋
  254. lovetox some cleanup Link Mauve, for example it deals not well with one window per chat mode
  255. mimi89999 Works great.
  256. lovetox so i want to remove that mode
  257. mimi89999 Only getting warnings about hash mismatch.
  258. Link Mauve Ok.
  259. lovetox mimi89999, ignore it, it seems just many devices announce wrong hashes
  260. mimi89999 OK.
  261. mimi89999 What are caps?
  262. lovetox capabilities of other clients
  263. lovetox they tell us what they can do
  264. mimi89999 30/07/2018 20:31:06 (W) gajim.c.m.caps Received Caps from unknown contact 30/07/2018 20:31:06 (W) gajim.c.m.caps Received Caps from unknown contact
  265. lovetox yes we dont need caps from ourself
  266. mimi89999 Traceback (most recent call last):
  267. concerto
  268. concerto To reproduce, send an unencrypted image from Conversations to Gajim.
  269. concerto You won't get an image preview and the link you get instead will open in a browser instead of downloading it and opening it with the default program.
  270. lovetox thx concerto i will check this with conversations
  271. lovetox mimi89999, i guess you cant reproduce which message that was?
  272. mimi89999 No
  273. mimi89999 lovetox: Happens sometimes when sending a message to a contact.
  274. lovetox really, please start gajim with -v
  275. lovetox so i get the actual message
  276. mimi89999 lovetox: I understand now. It is my server from the domain sending me warnings about plaintext messages.
  277. lovetox can you post me such message
  278. mimi89999 <!-- Incoming lun. 30 juil. 2018 21:23:58 CEST --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" type="headline" from=""> <body>For security reasons, OMEMO encryption is STRONGLY recommended for conversations on this server.</body> </message>
  279. mimi89999 lovetox:
  280. lovetox mimi89999, added a commit to messagewindow
  281. lovetox should fix the problem
  282. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *85bc3896* < > Handle messages without 'to' correctly
  283. mimi89999 Thanks
  284. zinid > For security reasons, OMEMO encryption is STRONGLY recommended for conversations on this server LMAO
  285. Zash zinid: the perfect server for you ;)
  286. lovetox concerto, can you open the xml console and upload something from conversations
  287. lovetox i tried and i dont have that problem
  288. mimi89999 Mod e2e policy 😉
  289. Daniel lovetox, didn't your commit 'MAM: Request from last received stanza-id' fix #9222 sufficiently? Can this be closed?
  290. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9222: < On (re)starting Gajim, all MUC messages since last join are fetched again >
  291. lovetox yes thanks
  292. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9175: < Single character "." does not get printed >
  293. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9045: < "Log conversation history" + "In date search" + "desync'ed" are not good >
  294. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #336: < [plugin_installer] Update GUI >