Gajim - 2018-07-28

  1. zinid damn, I'm tired to enter password into that stupid window on gajim startup
  2. concerto tired * of entering the Me too...silly dance with the password manager. And I hate pop-up windows 😔
  3. zuglufttier If you don't have many passwords in the keyring: Start seahorse, delete everything. Then login again and start gajim, enter passwords and you should be done ;)
  4. zuglufttier And: "For GDM and LightDM, note the keyring must be named login to be automatically unlocked."
  5. zuglufttier From:
  6. zuglufttier However, I do run into problems now and then...
  7. zuglufttier If all fails, disable the keyring :D
  8. zuglufttier Gajim will save the passwords in plain text in the config file then.
  9. mrDoctorWho I don't think it's the keyring issue
  10. mrDoctorWho but I'll check that, thanks
  11. zinid zuglufttier: how to disable keyring?
  12. zuglufttier zinid, depending on what you are using but if it's something like Gnome, you can try to remove gnome-keyring.
  13. zuglufttier And libsecret.
  14. zuglufttier But those may be dependencies of your desktop environment.
  15. zuglufttier Or other programs ;)
  16. zinid yeah, deinstalling gnome-keyring helped, thanks
  17. rom1dep zinid: Wait, why would you want to disable keyring?
  18. zinid rom1dep: I don't want to fill in passwords all the time
  19. rom1dep zinid: which is exactly what a keyring is for, it stores your passwords behind a "master" password and pass it on to the apps as long as it is unlocked, so virtually you have to enter the password once for all apps for the entire session...
  20. zinid rom1dep, but I don't need that
  21. zinid it's used by Gajim only
  22. zinid and don't start the rant again, like you don't know me
  23. lovetox hm im not sure how it is in Gajim 1.0.3
  24. lovetox but keyring is must in master
  25. lovetox and if you dont need it, just set the keyring to automatically unlock on start of your system
  26. rom1dep zinid: haha, no, just curious that the solution is actually the problem here 🙂
  27. lovetox ah seems to be true
  28. lovetox you have to name your keyring "Login"
  29. lovetox then it is automatically unlocked and you never have to put in the password
  30. lovetox at least in seahorse
  31. zinid lovetox, point is I don't even use gnome
  32. zinid gajim is gnome only?
  33. lovetox keyring has nothing to do with gnome
  34. lovetox i dont even use linux, but you seem less to know about it then me
  35. zinid well, I deinstalled gnome-keyring exactly ;)
  36. lovetox mac, window also have a keyring
  37. lovetox every OS has a keyring
  38. zinid so?
  39. lovetox so configure it the way you like it
  40. zinid you mean configure gnome-keyring?
  41. lovetox if your desktop ships that, then yes
  42. zinid I actually first time faced this keyring shit only when installed Gajim
  43. lovetox yeah man you got it, Gajim invented keyrings
  44. zinid nice sarcasm, yeah
  45. lovetox millions of people use keyrings with macosx and windows everyday, 99% of people dont even know they exist, because the desktop designers make it so people dont get bothered with it
  46. lovetox you use a desktop where designers thought the users might want to have more strict rules with keyring
  47. lovetox not Gajims fault
  48. zinid well, it is
  49. zinid Gajim assumes there are no systems without keyrings which is obviously wrong
  50. lovetox No we dont assume that, thats why we have a dependency list
  51. zinid so I can build it without keyring?
  52. lovetox You need all dependencys installed to run it
  53. lovetox thats why its called dependency
  54. lovetox it DEPENDS on something
  55. zinid wut?
  56. zinid LMAO
  57. zinid so you don't assume keyring exist, you just depend on it?
  58. lovetox yes thats way it works
  59. lovetox yes thats the way it works
  60. zinid logic bitch
  61. zuglufttier I also run a very low profile setup with spectrwm and ran into this some time ago. I switched to lightdm as login manager because it is able to unlock the keyring automatically. Before that, I just autostarted X on login.
  62. zuglufttier Or typed startx.
  63. lovetox zinid: i looked it up, plaintext storage is still supported in Gajim, either deinstall keyring, or set in ACE use_keyring=False
  64. zuglufttier Actually, the keyring is a very useful feature.
  65. zuglufttier It just happens to be a bit complicated if you don't user one of the big desktops.
  66. lovetox i thought we removed the plaintext storage, but we didnt in fact
  67. lovetox what i want to remvoe is the automatic fallback to plaintext if keyring is not there
  68. lovetox so the user should actively decide: yes i want to have my password stored in plaintext on my harddisk
  69. zuglufttier Yes, automatic is problematic.
  70. rom1dep > Or typed startx. Wowh, vintage
  71. rom1dep I'm not sure my distro should let me do that anymore
  72. zuglufttier Of course it will. Maybe you have to install a package like xorg-xinit.
  73. lovetox Link Mauve, seems i found the bottle neck on the roster, its only slow the first time when getting it from the server
  74. lovetox if you restart after first start it should be fast
  75. lovetox but problem is not the server, problem is we do some things differently when getting it from server, i look into that
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  79. rom1dep zuglufttier: perhaps not with xorg being "sandboxed" in fedora these days
  80. bot Sophie Herold proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework History Dialog
  81. nifker how does the tic tac toe plugin work? :O XD
  82. Link Mauve nifker, by exchanging a custom payload with your contacts.
  83. Link Mauve Is there something more specific you want to know?
  84. Link Mauve Very long ago, I wrote a Jingle version of that, in another client (now dead).
  85. nifker but how do I exchange this custom payload? as there is only the checkbox
  86. Link Mauve Think of it like other features your client does for you, such as telling me when you’re typing a message, exchanging OMEMO keys, fetching avatars, joining a room, or the many other things which aren’t just chatting. :)
  87. Link Mauve If you want to see how the protocol works first hand, go into Accounts > Advanced > XML Console.
  88. Link Mauve This is a text representation of what goes in the wire between your client and your server.
  89. Link Mauve Try to enable this console, and then play a game of tic tac toe with one of your contacts, you’ll see exactly how it told them which case you played, etc.
  90. nifker ah ok
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