Gajim - 2018-07-27

  1. bot singpolyma created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9266: < Error when starting Gajim >
  2. Zatalyz hello :) I modified my movim account in "configure services" with gajim, but I would like to reset everything. Is there a way to reset the default options?
  3. asterix lovetox: have you tested with server that don't support roster for example? I know it has to be handled.
  4. asterix Zatalyz: not sur there are _default_ value anywhere.
  5. Zatalyz :s
  6. Zatalyz I ask to Movim for initial value and I change everything manually ?
  7. asterix If they don't have a reset button, yes probably. They know the default value. They can provide a reset button.
  8. Daniel asterix, there is a code comment about that case I remember seeing yesterday
  9. Daniel About servers not supporting roster
  10. lovetox asterix, nbxmpp needs a option to run without roster because its a lib, that can be used for bots or whatever, how would you use Gajim without a roster? how do you send a message? Using Gajim only for the XML Console? i dont really see that anyone would use Gajim in that way
  11. lovetox Yes you could use the single message window, but i really question that anyone uses Gajim with a server without roster
  12. lovetox But i will try, i dont think i enforced having a roster, if the roster request fails, you just have an empty roster in gajim
  13. concerto Gajim refuses to start after I update it. This has been happening to me the last three or four times I updated it. Usually, I have to delete `/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/data/style/gajim.css` to make it work...but why's this happening?
  14. lovetox as always without having a error in a log i cant say much
  15. concerto gajim-default-nightly v20180727-1 on Debian
  16. concerto lovetox: ``` /home/anon/bin/gajim: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable /home/anon/bin/gajim: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable /home/anon/bin/gajim: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable /home/anon/bin/gajim: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable /home/anon/bin/gajim: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable ```
  17. lovetox thats not a gajim error
  18. lovetox ..
  19. lovetox this is not gajim logging
  20. lovetox
  21. concerto lovetox: that might have been a name conflict (I have Gajim installed system-wide and had a script called `gajim` in ~/bin/), but when I fixed that I now get -
  22. lovetox thats fixable let me check
  23. lovetox probably you set some not allowed value for color somewhere
  24. lovetox yeah hard to find out..
  25. lovetox go to the conifg file
  26. lovetox and check all color entrys
  27. lovetox or delete them
  28. lovetox that resets them
  29. lovetox its some background color
  30. concerto Yeah, was just gonna try that 🙂
  31. Link Mauve lovetox, anonymous connection is a common way to use XMPP without a roster.
  32. Link Mauve There are many other reasons you may want to configure a server without roster support, for example as a privacy feature.
  33. lovetox so without roster support on server there is no subscription?
  34. Link Mauve Correct.
  35. Link Mauve Aside from that, it’s XMPP alright.
  36. lovetox if i register anonymous there is no roster?
  37. lovetox what has this to do with anonymous
  38. lovetox the jid is anonymous, not the contacts i chat with
  39. Link Mauve In most deployments you will get an empty roster, not no roster, but I know at least some deployments where it isn’t the case and the roster server module is actually disabled.
  40. Link Mauve And sure, you can still chat with people if you know their JID, just not add them to your roster.
  41. asterix No rosterserver side doesn't mean you can't add contact in your local graphical roster
  42. asterix It's our "not in roster" group
  43. lovetox k, yeah seems easy enough, just dont quit on a error on roster request
  44. lovetox we have our internal roster and save it also to db and load it from there
  45. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9266: < Error when starting Gajim >
  46. mimi89999 I got another Python segfault today.
  47. apollo13 Python directly or a C extension?
  48. concerto
  49. mimi89999 apollo13: No clue. Changed to Python3.7. Let's see.
  50. mimi89999 If it segfaults again, I will run Python in gdb.
  51. Link Mauve mimi89999, if you’re running systemd, `coredumpctl gdb` should give you the traceback.
  52. Link Mauve If you don’t have the debug symbols, you may want to install them too.
  53. mimi89999 The avatar mismatches appear quite often.
  54. lovetox concerto delete the httpupload plugin
  55. Daniel Hm, haven't I added a version check for http_upload plugin (before it was deleted) which should have prevented concerto's error?
  56. mimi89999_2 I have the backtreace.
  57. mimi89999_2
  58. mimi89999_2 lovetox
  59. andrey.g I've got the segfault in the same function and it seems at the same moment as mimi89999.
  60. mimi89999 andrey.g: What rooms are you in?
  61. Link Mauve lovetox, asterix, it seems users are still seeing XEP-0016 support in the latest release, is this expected?
  62. Link Mauve Their server supports 0191.
  63. andrey.g mimi89999‎, the last message was from And it contained HTML.
  64. Link Mauve mimi89999, install debug symbols for glib and gtk3.
  65. Link Mauve Also for python if you want.
  66. mimi89999_2 Here is a link <a href="">Example</a> to test HTML
  67. mimi89999 No crash
  68. mimi89999_2 Like in conversations MUC. <>
  69. Daniel could this be related?
  70. andrey.g After restart I see that last message has been successfully arrived. But I guess it wasn't exactly the same (byte for byte).
  71. andrey.g Daniel‎, looks very similary.
  72. Link Mauve Did you fix the limit of 64 SAN in a single certificate, btw?
  73. Link Mauve I can’t find the bug report anymore.
  74. lovetox 64 SAN?
  75. lovetox we need privacy lists for invisible state
  76. lovetox and i see no problem having privacy lists and blocking command side by side
  77. lovetox users dont have to deal with privacy lists if they dont want to
  78. lovetox and before you quote me the invisble command xep
  79. lovetox no server implements that
  80. lovetox Link Mauve,
  81. Link Mauve Yes?
  82. Link Mauve lovetox, basically, a few years ago our mega-certificate at JabberFR was cut off after 64 entries, forcing us to split it up.
  83. Zash lovetox: But there's a red X. People will go to great lengths to turn them into green checkmarks
  84. Link Mauve But that’s a pain to maintain.
  85. lovetox im not aware that we cut of anything, a certificate is parsed by openssl
  86. lovetox and its either valid or not
  87. lovetox which is also determined by pyopenssl
  88. lovetox the only thing we do with a cert is allowing the user to save it if its self signed
  89. lovetox that saving could be a point of failure, but otherwise i wouldnt know where we should have a problem
  90. lovetox Zash, i understand that, i hope someone develops a invisbile command mod for prosody, then im happy to remove privacylists
  91. lovetox and i think the server info window is deep enough in the menus, so not every users sees it
  92. Link Mauve lovetox, do you see users using invisibility much anymore?
  93. lovetox but i need that for support requests, i need a easy way that a user can tell me what runs on the server
  94. Link Mauve It was a thing back when MSN was all the rage, but nowadays everyone expects everyone to be online all the time.
  95. Link Mauve AIUI.
  96. lovetox yes i agree, but it doesnt hurt to have it, whats your problem with it?
  97. lovetox you talk like it causes problems
  98. lovetox i mean other then telling a server admin that he doesnt need it
  99. Link Mauve The main problem is making users think they should use privacy lists.
  100. lovetox why would a user think that?
  101. Link Mauve There is a red cross!!!1!eleven
  102. Zash :x: !!!
  103. lovetox yeah thats between a user and his server operator
  104. Link Mauve Didn’t work this time.
  105. Link Mauve lovetox, and you as a client are encouraging this pointless talk.
  106. Link Mauve Better add a red cross for invisible command. :p
  107. lovetox then you will be happy that i added security labels to the server info window
  108. lovetox this is in the advanced menu, not normal user will go there
  109. Link Mauve For all of your military users.
  110. Zash lovetox: Its pretty deep in Conversations too, doesn't stop them
  111. Zash Btw, how does Gajim decide what icon to use for a host in the disco browser?
  112. lovetox probably category
  113. Zash What if there's many?
  114. lovetox i dont know
  115. Zash We've got a user who didn't like that their host got a proxy icon instead of a bulb, because proxy65 is enabled on the host instead of a subdomain/component
  116. lovetox so i guess lets remove the service discovery window
  117. lovetox :D
  118. Daniel mimi89999 feel free to add your logs to the issue I mentioned, maybe it helps sometime!
  119. lovetox if he cares enough he can report a bug
  120. Zash lovetox: I half-seriously asked if they'd rather have a custom icon there, but they didn't
  121. MattJ I'm running Gajim 1.0.3 with flatpak. It's using 100% CPU and making my laptop hot (and heat is not currently desirable). Known issue, or how should I debug?
  122. MattJ I'm using it for local testing, and so the target server (on localhost) goes up/down a lot, and maybe it's related to reconnects (not sure)
  123. lovetox vanilla install, or did you change any settings
  124. MattJ I don't think I changed anything, except adding two accounts
  125. MattJ Would it pick up config from non-flatpak Gajim installations?
  126. MattJ I used an older Gajim in the past, installed via apt
  127. lovetox and i guess we are not spammed with stanzas in the xml conosle?
  128. MattJ Doesn't seem so
  129. Zash or downloading archives?
  130. MattJ Looks like it continues even when all accounts are offline
  131. lovetox i dont think you can debug a flatpak install
  132. lovetox was there a reason you used flatpak? does your system not suport Gtk 3.22+?
  133. MattJ Something like that
  134. MattJ Hmm
  135. Daniel What about custom icons in the roster window? There was this high cpu load bug..
  136. lovetox only other idea i have is, there was a long time ago someone who reported massive proxy65 related activity
  137. lovetox Daniel, yes but MattJ said he didnt change any settings
  138. MattJ Got a log
  139. MattJ It's spamming this:
  140. MattJ I'll try to get the start
  141. lovetox whitespaces?
  142. lovetox really weird, why would the server sends us that
  143. lovetox hmm
  144. lovetox always the same
  145. lovetox read timeout removed for fd 18
  146. lovetox this seems some endlessloop in nbxmpp
  147. lovetox for some reason
  148. lovetox you could test to remove the account you have added now
  149. lovetox and take some other account from another server, and see if the same thing happens there
  150. MattJ It happens when the server crashes after <starttls>
  151. MattJ The server is not running while Gajim is at 100%
  152. lovetox so while we are connecting the server crashes
  153. MattJ So don't believe "state == CONNECTED"
  154. MattJ Yeah
  155. MattJ
  156. MattJ It's possible that the server sent "proceed" before the crash, but it doesn't seem like Gajim received it if so
  157. lovetox ok thanks thats good info, i add a issue to nbxmpp
  158. MattJ I guess the workaround is to fix this crash :)
  159. bot Philipp Hörist created an issue in _python-nbxmpp_ < >: #55: < Endlessloop if server crashes while negotiating TLS >
  160. lovetox yeah i guess this doesnt happen too often, but if this can cause a endlessloop, there are potentially other things that also can
  161. andrey.g IIRC I had similar issue with nbxmpp when I shutdown network service and restart it again. nbxmpp seems not to catch up this and still tried to use the same fd.
  162. MattJ lovetox, if you need me to provide a server that shows this behaviour, let me know
  163. lovetox k thanks
  164. mimi89999 Daniel: I didn't have debug symbols and I don't have the exact content of the message that caused the crash.
  165. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  166. opal i'm not blaming gajim for this, it's a dependency causing it to crash. but has anyone had issues with libgtk3 causing gajim to crash?
  167. opal i'm on a musl system
  168. lovetox whats the error?
  169. lovetox GTK is the UI framework we use so its the most important dependency that draws everything
  170. opal it's a segfault and i need to install gtk3-dbg if thats available on my system
  171. opal havent had an issue so far with other programs using gtk3, that im aware of
  172. opal ok debug package is available, i'll see what happens on next crash
  173. zuglufttier opal, which version of gajim?
  174. zuglufttier You can always try a nightly.
  175. opal 1.0.1 with gtk+3.22.30
  176. opal if i remember correctly there's a later stable out
  177. zuglufttier 1.0.3 is the last release.
  178. lovetox it probably doesnt change anything
  179. lovetox just get the debug output
  180. lovetox then we can probably narrow it down
  181. opal will do
  182. zuglufttier The gtk version is not a problem in general as well. Because that's what is used in arch linux.
  183. opal what does it being used in arch have to do with it?
  184. opal usually the issues on my system are because everything is compiled against musl-libc
  185. opal i will check gtk issue trackers for any musl-related issues
  186. andrey.g opal‎, did Gajim crash today 1 or 2 times?
  187. opal its been doing it once in a while all this week
  188. opal i did do a system upgrade recently so maybe the gtk version bumped up and has a bug
  189. opal i should keep upgrade logs so i see exactly what is upgraded... i dont already >.>
  190. andrey.g Some user in Conversations MUC sends messages from Pidgin that are formatted in XHTML-IM. I've got already a second crash today.
  191. opal does it produce a core dump?
  192. opal if so, use gdb to analyse it and check where the backtrace ends
  193. andrey.g Coredumping was not enabled. But it seems one could trigger the bug with Pidgin and writing using XHTML-IM.
  194. lovetox andrey.g, i saw this issue and i think it should be fixable from gajim
  195. lovetox but had not time until now
  196. Daniel lovetox, sorry to bother you, but what does 'maschine' stand for in 'connect_maschine' (your recent commit)?
  197. lovetox haha used the german word ^^
  198. lovetox yeah meant "machine"
  199. lovetox i fix that later
  200. Daniel Ha, I got confused and thought you meant something totally different
  201. Daniel andrey.g, I referenced a similar issue (symptoms look the same)
  202. andrey.g Daniel, thanks, this matches very well!
  203. andrey.g lovetox‎, OK.
  204. mrDoctorWho how can I debug plasma freezing after gajim launch?
  205. concerto lovetox: I don't have the HTTP Upload plugin - atleast, it doesn't show up in the plugins list.
  206. concerto lovetox: should I try deleting `~/.local/share/gajim/plugin/httpupload` ?
  207. mimi89999
  208. mimi89999 It happened again
  209. mimi89999 andrey.g: That person is luweitest‎
  210. nifker what python-axolotl version do I need for OMEMO?
  211. nifker I got the latest version :/
  212. nifker ok
  213. nifker needed python3-axolotl
  214. andrey.g mimi89999‎, yeah, I know, it is that I'm not sure about policy of mention people's nicknames ;)
  215. lovetox mrDoctorWho, maybe a keyring issue
  216. lovetox make sure your keyring is unlocked or upgrade to newest python3-keyring version