Gajim - 2018-07-26

  1. nifker any way to upload to http-upload when using a self-signed cert in gajim?
  2. lovetox nifker, yes
  3. nifker lovetox: and how?
  4. lovetox in advanced config options there is a setting verify_httpupload
  5. lovetox but in general this is a bad idea
  6. lovetox its ok to have a self signed cert for your xmpp connection
  7. lovetox but you upload to a http server thats open to the world
  8. lovetox every browser will show a warning for this file
  9. lovetox or potentially make it hard to even view it
  10. nifker yh but its possible to add the cert to the browser - any way another question, can I open http-uploaded omemo-encrypted files?
  11. lovetox yes it honors the same setting
  12. nifker I just tested it and it basically works but recently a mate sent me with conversations an image and it was a pure browser link and couldnt view this in the browser bc of the encryption
  13. lovetox yes you have to click the link in Gajim with the omemo plugin enabled
  14. lovetox it has to be downloaded, decrypted then opened
  15. lovetox you cant copy the link
  16. concerto lovetox: gajim seems to go for a toss if I paste many lines into the message box
  17. lovetox also if the decryption goes wrong, gajim will just open the link in the browser
  18. lovetox whats a toss concerto
  19. concerto as it becomes unusable
  20. concerto as in, it becomes unusable
  21. nifker in my test the link had a aesgcm at the beginning but e.g. this one doesnt
  22. lovetox yeah its still encrypted
  23. lovetox as you can see on the #123123123..
  24. concerto lovetox: re: OMEMO messages not being decrypted from MAM/offline messages in Gajim, here's some logs -
  25. lovetox concerto and in what room was the problem?
  26. lovetox in this
  27. concerto lovetox: yeah
  28. lovetox there was nothing wrong, you only received duplicates we already have
  29. lovetox it might be that the bug is, that there is a message printed
  30. lovetox for each duplicate
  31. lovetox i have to check this, but from the logs, you dont actually miss messages, and there was not even a decryption tried
  32. lovetox but i think i get now the problem
  33. concerto But...the messages appear in scrollback as well as in history as "This message was encrypted with OMEMO and could not be decrypted."
  34. lovetox yes the message should be dropped because its a duplicated, but it seems we process it anyway and save it
  35. lovetox which is a bug if thats really the thing here
  36. lovetox i will check this in the evening
  37. lovetox as you know you cant decrypt a message twice
  38. concerto Okay, thanks ^^
  39. asterix, Hey. You can add OMEMO to the main client. Adding an OMEMO plug-in causes many difficulties. The presence of OMEMO encryption, a strong component for Gajim advertising.
  40. zinid Please no, let it be a plug-in
  41. zuglufttier, it might be added in the future once all the OMEMO stuff is more simple to use.
  42. zinid, I understand that this is difficult, but it must be done. Encryption should not be mandatory, but its inclusion should be simple. I often talk to users. All of them express the opinion that the plug-in setting is complicated. Many users use XMPP, only because of OMEMO. 30%
  43. XMPP does not have a future, like an instant messenger, unless there is e2e encryption
  44. zuglufttier, don't worry. These things take a lot of time.
  45. zuglufttier But it will come eventually.
  46. zuglufttier However, Windows users have no problems. And those are the majority.
  47. zuglufttier If the omemo plugin does not work for you, talk to the package maintainer.
  48. The problem is installing the plug-in it's not pressing one button. On Linux, installing the plugin is hell for new users
  49. zuglufttier On linux it's easy if the package maintainer did it right.
  50. flatpak no support OMEMO. Gajim in reposotory debian is bug, terrible.
  51. The official repository Gajim does not contain the plugin
  52. zinid > zinid, I understand that this is difficult, but it must be done Must? I don't think so > Many users use XMPP, only because of OMEMO Too bad for them and too bad for XMPP
  53. zinid, offer an alternative solution
  54. zuglufttier, then fix it :D
  55. zinid no OMEMO is a good solution
  56. zinid The main strength of XMPP (and the reason I started using it 15 years ago) is not hyped e2ee shit
  57. zuglufttier It's federation and self hosting for me.
  58. zinid zuglufttier: 👍
  59. zuglufttier Apart from that, OMEMO is working pretty good for me with normal users, that don't install a new client every two weeks.
  60. I believe that there should be e2e encryption, but it should be disabled by default. The installation of e2e encryption should be simple.
  61. zinid, Describe the problems with omemo
  62. zinid you already described it
  63. zinid, I wrote that people can not OMEMO plugin, so they leave the jabber in telegram and etc
  64. zinid That's okay, let them stay silo'ed
  65. zinid I'm not a great evangelist of XMPP, a person should voluntary choose it
  66. zuglufttier Yep. I setup a server for me and some friends + family. I installed most clients by hand and they seem to be pretty happy with the solution.
  67. zuglufttier And this is how it will work now and in the future.
  68. zuglufttier On a very small scale.
  69. zinid zuglufttier: same here, no complaints from my wife (thanks to conversations)
  70. zinid, Very sorry. XMPP can become the best messenger in the world
  71. zinid sorry for what? I don't think XMPP will become a thing, I would personally switch to something better if it existed
  72. We need simple encryption, videocalls and a beautiful and simple design. It's all.
  73. zinid encryption can't be simple
  74. zinid And you can always work on all these
  75. zinid What we really need is to bitch less and do some work
  76. I want to do better, but I'm alone. I do not have money and programming, I'm not strong.I support the server, as well as I can do it.
  77. zinid I've heard that we need x,y and z many times, tired already
  78. concerto >> Many users use XMPP, only because of OMEMO >Too bad for them and too bad for XMPP Ha xD
  79. zinid there are a ton of other work, fuck, even simple promotion if xmpp on Twitter and debating with those who spreads bullshit about xmpp is already useful work, because this is a part of marketing. And what do I see? I see yet another bullshit post on Twitter about xmpp and *ZERO* answers
  80. zinid So you need money to reply on Twitter?
  81. zinid Your arguments are pathetic
  82. zinid, I'm engaged in promoting XMPP. Some organizations are ready to support me, if the server becomes larger.
  83. zinid This is also a wrong direction
  84. zinid But do whatever you feel right
  85. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9264: < user account login issue >
  86. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9219: < Flatpak install on Ubuntu 16.04 does not work >
  87. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9250: < Gajim Freezes/ unresponsive >
  88. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9152: < Gajim aborts on load if gnome-keyring isn’t launched >
  89. lovetox concerto, nico : i can reproduce the mam problem
  90. lovetox i try to fix it tonight
  91. nico How did you manage to? Just to cross check the situation.
  92. concerto \o/
  93. lovetox i before tested in a room where only normal muc history was activated
  94. lovetox not MAM
  95. lovetox so i thought this works
  96. nico ahh ok yeah thats the point 🙂 is it fixable ?
  97. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *7ad6a28e* < > Fix event name
  98. lovetox should be fixed concerto nico ^
  99. concerto lovetox: awesome, thanks! :D
  100. nico lovetox, sweet, thank you 🙂
  101. lovetox thanks for betatesting master branch and reporting :)
  102. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #191: < RosterTweaksPlugin allow sorting contacts by last-message datetime >
  103. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #335: < major Omemo MAM catchup issue >
  104. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #335: < major Omemo MAM catchup issue >
  105. concerto lovetox: is it related to the "Group chat <address> does not exist" problem?
  106. concerto lovetox: is it related to the "Group chat <address> does not exist" popup problem?
  107. lovetox nope
  108. lovetox but if this is reproduceable, just open xml console
  109. lovetox and join a groupchat
  110. zuglufttier What is "gajim.c.m.caps Received Caps from unknown contact"?
  111. lovetox do you maybe experience this not on fresh start, rather on when gajim disconnects and comes back online?
  112. concerto lovetox: it happens with private MUCs. I log in and get that popup for each of them I'm in.
  113. lovetox yeah then please, start gajim with -v wait until message popsup
  114. lovetox and send it to me
  115. concerto on it
  116. lovetox zuglufttier, hm something Gajim internal, we received a presence and its not in our contacts
  117. lovetox it shouldnt happen, but its also nothing tragic
  118. zuglufttier Ah, thank you.
  119. lovetox i guess it will be fixed down the way sometime
  120. zuglufttier Those "unknown contacts" are my accounts.
  121. lovetox yeah you mean presences from your other jids
  122. lovetox other resources
  123. zuglufttier There are no other resources online at the moment.
  124. lovetox yeah we get a resource back from own server
  125. lovetox we dont add ourself to the contacts, thats why gajim doesnt find it
  126. lovetox i have to supress the warning for this case
  127. zuglufttier Ah, yes, that makes sense ;)
  128. lovetox because of the new modular design, we now have much more useful debug output
  129. lovetox and it shows much more weird stuff
  130. zuglufttier I already noticed. But that's a good thing.
  131. zuglufttier I also get some "Computed and retrieved caps hash differ. Ignoring caps of contact".
  132. zuglufttier Those are from people in public MUCs.
  133. lovetox yes it seems some clients out there compute the hash wrong
  134. zuglufttier And from one MUC itself.
  135. lovetox or gajim does it wrong, but if gajim would make it wrong, we would receive this for every contact or not?
  136. lovetox so once i get to it, i have to take one of these things and hash it myself to see whats up with it
  137. zuglufttier If somethings breaks before that, I will tell you ;)
  138. mimi89999 lovetox: Will you update the message window branch as well?
  139. lovetox yes but you gain nothing from it aside from bugs, i didnt implement anything new just refactor code
  140. lovetox so lets wait a bit with that
  141. mimi89999 OK
  142. nico lovetox, I can confirm the problem seems to be fixed 🙂 thank you
  143. keepwatchingme Hey, i would say a last commit solve my problem of http_upload module in the nightly. 😸 ping lovetox
  144. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *db77fa1a* < > Add roster implementation to Gajim
  145. nifker I get this error when starting gajim on debian 9
  146. nifker maybe you lovetox: :)
  147. lovetox_ yeah nifker, sorry but cant do anything about it, this is a 2 year old Gajim version
  148. nifker oh really
  149. mdosch nifker, maybe you want to use gajim from debian backports
  150. mdosch has gajim pinned to backports by apt-pinning
  151. mdosch
  152. lovetox_ he tried that yesterday but didnt get emojis to work
  153. mdosch lovetox_, the colored won't work as something is too old in debian debacle told me
  154. lovetox_ ah yeah i had a solution for this
  155. mdosch would be interested
  156. lovetox_ nifker, you can download and put it into python3.6\site-packages\gajim\data\emoticons
  157. lovetox_ then you can choose them in preference
  158. mdosch lovetox_, am not nifker but will try that too 😅
  159. nifker already got it from
  160. nifker but I cant enable OMEMO plugin ;(
  161. nifker oh
  162. lovetox_ install it also from backports
  163. lovetox_ that install all deps
  164. lovetox_
  165. nifker and then I have propably run into broken deps or other similar stuff
  166. lovetox_ why? backports is called backports because its backported or not?
  167. lovetox_ you can also just take the list of the deps
  168. lovetox_ and install them from stable
  169. lovetox_ Link Mauve, if you have time you could shortly run HEAD, with your 300+ accs, just to see if the new roster impl works
  170. Link Mauve lovetox_, something which would probably help a lot would be not to spawn tens of mpv processes at the same time.
  171. Link Mauve That is, either to have a timer for that, or to play sound directly inside of Gajim.
  172. Link Mauve I think gtk4 has support for that.
  173. Link Mauve Otherwise, it was slow but I’m not entirely sure why.
  174. lovetox_ yeah i did nothing about speed
  175. lovetox_ its just about downloading from server and displaying
  176. lovetox_ groups etc..
  177. lovetox_ but i gather from your answer no tracebacks
  178. Link Mauve No, there were still a bunch of warnings, but no traceback.
  179. Link Mauve Quite a lot of “26/07/18 21:40:38 (W) gajim.gtkgui_helpers Could not determine scale factor”.
  180. lovetox_ yeah wayland thing
  181. lovetox_ but we fallback to scale 1
  182. lovetox_ but i will work on speed in the next days
  183. zuglufttier Developers on drugs are the best developers.
  184. Daniel :D
  185. lovetox_ :D
  186. ivucica 👈😊🚬👌
  187. Daniel Roster and speed also reminds me of
  188. Daniel And off course
  189. Daniel of course*
  190. Holger lovetox_: I guess you solely depend on the stanza ID for dedup, at least when the server announces mam:2 support?
  191. lovetox_ yes
  192. lovetox_ Holger,
  193. Holger k, thanks.
  194. Daniel lovetox_ did the new roster implementation change something about this issue?
  195. lovetox_ no
  196. lovetox_ this probably didnt fix anything
  197. lovetox_ i just ported the roster that was previously in nbxmpp
  198. Daniel I see! Thanks :)
  199. asterix lovetox_: you moved code from nbxnpp to Gajim?
  200. lovetox_ yes the roster
  201. lovetox_ i didnt delete it from nbxmpp if thats your question
  202. lovetox_ we just dont use it anymore
  203. asterix Why that?
  204. asterix Why duplicate things in nbxmpp and Gajim?
  205. lovetox_ its the only module that has nothing to do with connecting to a xmpp server that we use in nbxmpp, i just find it not good written, and its only about 200 lines
  206. asterix Hmmm not sure what the benefit is. I was rather in the mood to move more things to nbxmpp, but ... why not ...
  207. asterix GN
  208. lovetox_ yeah i originally thought about that, but then i look at nbxmpp, with its Plugins and constantly monkey patching methods into classes
  209. lovetox_ and its just complicated for no reason