Gajim - 2018-07-25

  1. pcrobby Hi! On my Gajim client, there is a red open lock icon at the top of my buddy list. Does anyone happen to know what it means?
  2. pcrobby
  3. Semperverus TLS secured I think?
  4. pcrobby I thought it might be, but on the prosody server's mod_web_admin page, all client connections show as encrypted.
  5. Semperverus I think the color red in this case is poor choice by whoever made that theme. My theme has it as a gold padlock.
  6. Semperverus Urgh, I can't paste my clipboard as an image
  7. Semperverus one second...
  8. Semperverus
  9. pcrobby hmm. I've tried changing my system icons, gajim theme, and gajim iconset, but it stays red. Also, it appears to be a red *open* lock, not closed. Maybe my version of Gajim (Arch, v1.0.3) calls for the wrong icon alltogether?
  10. Semperverus possibly?
  11. pcrobby Oh! Found my issue.
  12. pcrobby I'm running Plasma, so I wasn't actually changing my GTK theme or icon theme.
  13. pcrobby
  14. Semperverus hurray!
  15. pcrobby So it seems papirus icons on plasma give a red lock for some reason. Not sure if that would be papirus's issue or gajim's issue. Well at least now I know not to be scared of this red lock.
  16. pcrobby Thank you for the help!
  17. Semperverus it might also be that gajim references the wrong lock icon in your particular environment, even if your theme has a green locked icon
  18. Semperverus like something feeds it the wrong icon
  19. Semperverus also, you keep leaving and rejoining the chat
  20. pcrobby Yes, sorry. I was restarting Gajim to test the theme/icon changes.
  21. mrDoctorWho wtf happened to http upload?
  22. pcrobby What do you mean? Do you mean because the plugin is not listed in "available" any more?
  23. Semperverus httpupload got integrated into gajim
  24. mrDoctorWho I mean it doesn't seem to work with the recent HEAD
  25. Semperverus stop using the plugin if you're on the latest gajim
  26. mrDoctorWho I don't use it
  27. Semperverus are you on the nightlies?
  28. mrDoctorWho > recent HEAD
  29. Semperverus oh stop that
  30. Semperverus im trying to be helpful
  31. mrDoctorWho stop answering your questions?
  32. Semperverus greentexting at me sarcastically
  33. lovetox mrDoctorWho, you can run -l gajim.c.m.discovery=DEBUG and see if the service is correctly discovered
  34. mrDoctorWho lovetox, it doesnt' seem to be discovered
  35. lovetox so what does it say, there must be an error
  36. mrDoctorWho there are several bad requests and service-unavailables, but I can't tell whether they're related to my http upload
  37. lovetox first there is a Request, and if it does not come back with Server item info:
  38. lovetox then it fails
  39. lovetox is it your own server?
  40. mrDoctorWho yes
  41. mrDoctorWho
  42. mrDoctorWho which is the http upload service doesn't seem to be getting discovered
  43. lovetox <iq id='step_02' to='' type='get'> <query xmlns=''/> </iq>
  44. lovetox can you execute this query in the xml console
  45. lovetox and post the response
  46. mrDoctorWho sure
  47. lovetox though converty the gt
  48. lovetox to >
  49. lovetox or maybe it shows it only for me that way in converse
  50. lovetox <iq id='step_02' to='' type='get'><query xmlns=''/&gt; </iq>
  51. lovetox damn
  52. mrDoctorWho yeah, gajim has this weird escaping behaviour
  53. mrDoctorWho ok, this is funny
  54. mrDoctorWho did I send it?
  55. lovetox no
  56. mrDoctorWho weird
  57. mrDoctorWho I pressed Enter and the text disappeared from the input box
  58. mrDoctorWho <!-- Incoming Wed 25 Jul 2018 12:49:07 PM +07 --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="step_02" type="error" to="" from=""> <error type="cancel"> <remote-server-not-found xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas" /> <text xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas">Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: closed</text> </error> </iq>
  59. mrDoctorWho I'm curious how Conversations does it, then
  60. mrDoctorWho and where did it go
  61. lovetox who says Conversations did it today?
  62. lovetox smartphone app dont restart often, this could be cached from a time where it worked
  63. mrDoctorWho I just restarted it
  64. lovetox i dont know, you are the second person who reports that, but with a different error
  65. lovetox i cant see what gajim is doing wrong here, we send a IQ disco to exactly the subdomain where the component is hosted
  66. lovetox like says
  67. lovetox so maybe discuss this with prosody people
  68. mrDoctorWho yeah, thank you anyways
  69. lovetox please tell me if you find something out
  70. mrDoctorWho sure
  71. mrDoctorWho so I reverted 15 commits back and guess what
  72. mrDoctorWho it works now
  73. mrDoctorWho (undiscoverable item is still there, I'll take care of it later)
  74. mrDoctorWho (undiscoverable item issue is still there, I'll take care of it later)
  75. mrDoctorWho I'll try to find the exact commit that caused this
  76. mrDoctorWho lovetox, 07c87a4194baafc557f43b64c657e9ff2b87c7b5 caused this behaviour
  77. lovetox i know
  78. mrDoctorWho :D
  79. mrDoctorWho so... you still need more information?
  80. lovetox but we still need that query
  81. mrDoctorWho the query that should be there or the one that suddenly causes http upload to work?
  82. lovetox <iq from='romeo@montague.tld/garden' id='step_01' to='' type='get'> <query xmlns=''/> </iq>
  83. lovetox execute this and send me the result
  84. lovetox - the wrong from
  85. mrDoctorWho I'm pretty sure that it'll answer only with conference
  86. mrDoctorWho let me check
  87. mrDoctorWho <!-- Incoming Wed 25 Jul 2018 01:09:06 PM +07 --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="step_01" type="result" to="" from=""> <query xmlns=""> <item jid="" /> </query> </iq>
  88. lovetox so what now it doesnt even announce the upload service anymore?
  89. mrDoctorWho the thing is I don't have it defined as a component :D
  90. mrDoctorWho I have no idea how it works now
  91. lovetox you can look into xml console
  92. zinid lovetox: yeah, you kinda need to disco#info the server jid itself too
  93. lovetox then go off/online
  94. lovetox and search for httpupload
  95. lovetox zinid, thats not what the xep says
  96. zinid lovetox: I know, just saying
  97. zinid Prosody guys are special snowflakes
  98. mrDoctorWho I'd say the same for ejabberd guys
  99. zinid mrDoctorWho: for example?
  100. mrDoctorWho zinid, the only one I could recall is sending invite messages with type "normal" while the standard says they shouldn't have a type
  101. mrDoctorWho or it was for announcements
  102. mrDoctorWho I think it was announcements
  103. mrDoctorWho it was quite a long time ago
  104. zinid mrDoctorWho: that's probably a bug, feel free to report it
  105. lovetox no type means we should assume normal, ejabbered does that often that it makes things explicit to make it easier for client devs 😃
  106. zinid mrDoctorWho: and Prosody guys don't consider this a bug, they are just special snowflakes
  107. mrDoctorWho zinid, I don't consider this a bug nasty bug
  108. mrDoctorWho big nasty*
  109. mrDoctorWho <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="Gajim_d2cb9c60-3ddd-4aa8-af33-40d393a766bf" type="result" to="" from=""> <query xmlns=""> <identity type="im" name="Prosody" category="server" /> <identity type="file" name="HTTP File Upload" category="store" />
  110. mrDoctorWho no mention of drop.helldev at all
  111. zinid mrDoctorWho: but there is a difference, we fix bugs where Prosody think it's okay to ignore the standard
  112. mrDoctorWho zinid, you guys have a commercial version, you're forced to care about your software
  113. lovetox mrDoctorWho, please report that to prosody, or the one who maintains the httpupload mod
  114. mrDoctorWho lovetox, wait, that's probably my misconfiguration. I'm just trying to figure out how it worked before in gajim and still works in conversations
  115. zinid > no type means we should assume normal, ejabbered does that often that it makes things explicit to make it easier for client devs 😃 That's what the RFC says
  116. zinid and ejabberd has a special encoder which drops default values during XML encoding
  117. mrDoctorWho prosody guys are still not that special as openfire
  118. mrDoctorWho they have this component killer, which kills the components for short inactivity
  119. mrDoctorWho (while ejabberd does for heavy activity)
  120. zinid mrDoctorWho, when the component doesn't read the buffer, yes
  121. zinid what other alternative? To eat up whole RAM for the component buffer?
  122. mrDoctorWho zinid, I'm pretty sure it's the other way around, the component sends a lot of data and being killed for that
  123. zinid no
  124. mrDoctorWho hmm, dunno, from my point was looking like that
  125. zinid what ejabberd version?
  126. zinid not in the new versions at least
  127. mrDoctorWho the old ones, 2.xx, maybe 13.xx
  128. mrDoctorWho probably 13, if it stands for 2013
  129. zinid oh yeah
  130. zinid or in 0.8.x :)
  131. mrDoctorWho no
  132. mrDoctorWho that time I was developing my first component and was quite sad about ejabberd killing it
  133. zinid whatever, that's not true now
  134. mrDoctorWho that's good to hear
  135. zinid I just suggest before spreading information about ejabberd double check the new version
  136. zinid ejabberd has been fully rewritten, I tired to say that
  137. mrDoctorWho oh that 16.09 version is still the best for me
  138. mrDoctorWho I guess it's the one before the heavy rewrite
  139. zinid yes
  140. mrDoctorWho still can't get around writing modules for the newer version
  141. zinid and regarding announcements, can you point to the place where it says that "normal" should be explicitly set?
  142. zinid that sounds like an RFC violation
  143. mrDoctorWho it should not be set, but ejabberd does it
  144. zinid no, it doesn't
  145. zinid in new version there is a new encoder, I already said that
  146. mrDoctorWho I have to point out that it was 2.11
  147. zinid ah, ok, so my argument is still valid: Prosody is a special snowflake
  148. mrDoctorWho snowflakes are nice
  149. zinid yeah, because every developer should learn all Prosody surprises
  150. zinid like when you should not set from/to in bind packet (where RFC doesn't says that) or when you need to guess where to disco#info
  151. zinid and developers don't consider these as bugs, you just need to test again Prosody always
  152. zinid *against
  153. lovetox zinid, i consider it a bug
  154. zinid of course it's a bug
  155. zinid unless the XEP is fixed
  156. zinid I think we need to fix a lot of XEPs for this
  157. zinid to "fix", I would say
  158. lovetox but im pretty sure this does not affect all prosody versions
  159. lovetox i tested this on which runs nightly and httpupload works
  160. zinid dunno, I personally tried only 0.10.2
  161. lovetox it could also be just the module at fault, or configuration
  162. lovetox either way, tell me if you find out mrDoctorWho 🙂
  163. zinid by default the service runs on server's JID
  164. mrDoctorWho lovetox, sure
  165. zinid at least in 0.10.2
  166. mrDoctorWho zinid might be right
  167. zinid I'm personally OK to disco#info the server's JID itself, but this should be described by the standard
  168. mrDoctorWho yeah, so the server itself is the http upload service
  169. zinid I see how this feature is useful in some use cases
  170. zinid for example when your domain is from dyndns and you cannot afford subdomains
  171. mrDoctorWho
  172. lovetox Gajim discos the info of the server
  173. lovetox but i dont pass it to the httpupload module
  174. lovetox but this is a one-liner
  175. lovetox and so we accept the things again that are not right ... 😃
  176. zinid XMPP FTW
  177. SaltyBones lovetox: how do I pass config directory with the new launch script?
  178. Holger zinid, lovetox: I'm not awake yet, how does it violate what XEP (0363?) to announce some feature on the main domain?
  179. lovetox A user’s server SHOULD include any known entities that provide such services into its service discovery items.
  180. Holger And yes I think it depends on configuration. > The module can be added as a new Component definition: [...] Alternatively it can be added to modules_enabled like other modules.
  181. Holger lovetox: Hm yeah, thanks.
  182. lovetox it also makes sense, i disco items the server, and it gives me the services it offers
  183. lovetox lol MUC xep
  184. lovetox An entity often discovers a MUC service by sending a Service Discovery items ("disco#items") request to its own server.
  185. lovetox it often discovers it ?
  186. lovetox and if not there where should it search ^^
  187. zinid you should search recursively!
  188. zinid all pubsub nodes for example
  189. zinid there can be a muc service!
  190. Holger Would it be legal to list the main domain as an (upload) <item/> in the disco#items list of the main domain?
  191. Holger Would make loop detection sucky I guess.
  192. Holger Okay I'll buy it makes sense to just enforce separate JID.
  193. Holger When inviting someone into a room via right-click on the roster entry, why should I choose a resource?
  194. Holger Seems for members-only rooms, Prosody then adds just that resource to the members list.
  195. zinid oh, you're using prosody now :)
  196. Holger A Gajim user invited me to a Prosody room and my other client was refused to join.
  197. Holger ... until he explicitly added my bare JID to the members list.
  198. Holger zinid: Seems we also add the full JID to the members list but then only look at the bare JID while checking authorization.
  199. zinid mebbi
  200. zinid not my fault :)
  201. Holger > Affiliations are granted, revoked, and maintained based on the user's bare JID
  202. Holger zinid: Well the end result is fine :-)
  203. Holger While it isn't with Prosody.
  204. zinid fixing mod_muc is impossible anyway :)
  205. Holger Anyway I still think Gajim shouldn't ask for the resource and just use the bare JID for invitations.
  206. lovetox yes Holger
  207. lovetox its coming soon !
  208. Holger \o/
  209. Holger lovetox: Just fix EVERYTHING. TODAY!
  210. SouL does the XMPP dance
  211. lovetox also Gajim does not add the contact to the memberlist before the invite, if we do a direct invite
  212. lovetox Holger what really is sucky is the ejabbered echo service
  213. lovetox if you try to disco it, it discos you back ^^
  214. Holger Yeah, I know.
  215. Holger We should just ditch that module IMO.
  216. zinid Holger, feel free to just remove it
  217. zinid I already removed it from the default config
  218. Holger lovetox: You could use ...
  219. lovetox the problem is that it is invalid
  220. lovetox you send a iq get to the echo service
  221. lovetox it sends you the same iq with the same iq back
  222. lovetox expected is a result or error type
  223. Holger zinid: I'm afraid of making French people angry! I think we have it as an example in the dev docs or so?
  224. lovetox you cannot answer a get iq with a get iq
  225. zinid Holger, the module is a terrible example
  226. Holger is an anxious person.
  227. zinid ok, I'll ditch it myself
  228. Holger zinid: Sure.
  229. Holger Er.
  230. Holger lovetox: Sure.
  231. Holger zinid: \o/
  232. Link Mauve “08:16:13 zinid> mrDoctorWho: and Prosody guys don't consider this a bug, they are just special snowflakes”, the XEP doesn’t say an HTTP File Upload service must be on a specific subdomain, it just says how to discover one.
  233. Link Mauve Having it on the same domain as the user sounds just as correct as on another domain to me.
  234. Link Mauve I’d say it’s like PubSub, where 0060 only talks about a subdomain, and then PEP uses it on a user JID.
  235. Holger Well lovetox convinced me that it is at least fishy.
  236. Link Mauve Heck, HTTP File Upload could even be done on a user JID, even on a resource.
  237. Holger It's not about the JID as such. Is about how close the client can follow "3. Discovering Support".
  238. Holger That section tells you to query the disco#items from the main domain to get a list of "known entities that provide such services".
  239. Holger ... as the first step.
  240. Link Mauve “A user’s server SHOULD include any known entities that provide such services into its service discovery items.”, could it be a requirement to indicate itself in this case?
  241. Holger That's what I asked above. Maybe legal, who knows. But fishy.
  242. Link Mauve This is a special snowflake XEP, if any. ^^'
  243. Holger Does the disco XEP make clear and unambigous statements about this?
  244. lovetox if a service runs on a user acc, its ok to discover it via disco items on the user jid
  245. lovetox but if a service runs on the domain, then it should be in the items
  246. lovetox of that domain
  247. lovetox and not in the info
  248. lovetox if we say that info and items does not mean anything anymore, and everyone can just announce anything on any jid and disco or items ...
  249. Link Mauve lovetox, but in many cases the admin doesn’t want or need a special domain just for file upload.
  250. lovetox and a item that has main domain is illegal?
  251. Holger Link Mauve: Well the vast majority only offers file upload to local users and hence doesn't need a DNS entry for that.
  252. Link Mauve It seems a bit weird.
  253. Link Mauve There is another precedent, which was probably copy/pasted into 0363: 0065.
  254. Link Mauve Holger, they still would, because of the HTTP implications.
  255. Holger Huh?
  256. Link Mauve Most HTTP libraries will require an AAAA or similar record, in order to reach the fake upload component.
  257. Holger The XMPP service can use the JID "" and return URLs such as "" just fine, no?
  258. Link Mauve So it needs full setup, including certificates and such.
  259. lovetox hm nothing to lose sleep over, every client has to info the domain anyway, so just have to pass the disco to the upload module
  260. Link Mauve Holger, ah, then it requires way more specific configuration.
  261. Holger Link Mauve: Sounds like you're talking about some Prosody-specifics there :-)
  262. Holger Link Mauve: In ejabberd users would normally not specify such service JIDs at all and just stick to the default.
  263. Link Mauve Maybe a mention that the proxy65 or HTTP File Upload service could be found on the user’s domain would be useful.
  264. Holger (Which is upload.$domain, but nobody cares because it's never exposed to users.)
  265. Link Mauve Holger, in Prosody too.
  266. Holger So what specific configuration are you talking about?
  267. Holger Specifying the HTTP URL?
  268. Link Mauve Well, either “just add the http_upload module to the list and everything works as is”, or “add an http_upload component and require the HTTP certificate to match that”.
  269. Link Mauve There is no automated fake subdomain creation in Prosody.
  270. Link Mauve Holger, yes, if you want to serve HTTP at, you most likely will need nginx configuration, as well as to tell Prosody to advertise this URL to clients.
  271. Holger Ok whatever :-) It would be good if that disco stuff was specified unambiguously.
  272. Link Mauve “08:35:55 zinid> by default the service runs on server's JID 08:36:06 zinid> at least in 0.10.2”, that’s actually wrong, there is no “by default” because 0.10.2 doesn’t ship any form of XEP-0363 support. And like I just said, this is a matter of configuration on which virtual host you expose it.
  273. Link Mauve Holger, +1.
  274. zinid yeah, THIS IS WRONG
  275. zinid by default I mean without explicit configuration
  276. zinid very wrong, yeah
  277. Link Mauve zinid, without configuration, you just don’t get this feature so everything is fine. :)
  278. zinid Link Mauve, I mean without explicit module configuration of course
  279. Link Mauve Unlike Ejabberd’s, Prosody’s configuration of modules is always per-virtual host.
  280. Link Mauve You don’t configure which virtual hosts to use for each module, you configure which modules to load on every listed virtual host.
  281. Link Mauve So automatically creating a fake virtual host isn’t something a module could do.
  282. zinid so what's wrong in what I said? Or you just want to distract me playing with words? I'm in no mood for this, sorry
  283. Link Mauve zinid, you’d rather prefer Prosody would explode telling to the admin they should configure the module beforehand?
  284. Link Mauve Or something?
  285. Link Mauve Also, nothing prevents this configuration.
  286. zinid Link Mauve, I wonder how ejabberd does that? Probably majic
  287. Link Mauve Just some vague text overriding what disco is usually about.
  288. Link Mauve Dunno, I haven’t looked at your code yet.
  289. zinid of course, you cannot read Erlang
  290. Link Mauve I actually happen to be able to. :p
  291. Link Mauve Never wrote any big project in it though.
  292. Holger I still don't get that "fake virtual host" thing. Services such as HTTP upload or MUC or whatever are addressed using a JID. This JID is configurable by the user, but ejabberd assigns a default, e.g. "upload.$domain" for HTTP upload. That's not a virtual host.
  293. Holger In the special case of HTTP upload, there's also a HTTP URL. You sound like it complicates things if the domain part of the URL doesn't happen to match the service JID. But that would be Prosody-specific complications, not something in the nature of things.
  294. concerto lovetox: I upgraded to v20180724-1. I still get "group chat <address> does not exist" for many MUCs, and the OMEMO issue still persists.
  295. concerto Am I in the wrong room? zinid , here of all places? xD
  296. concerto Not sure if this was sent - lovetox: I upgraded to v20180724-1. I still get "group chat <address> does not exist" for many MUCs, and the OMEMO issue still persists.
  297. concerto In the meantime I've disabled OMEMO on my phone, so atleast I get back my own messages.
  298. concerto In the meantime I've disabled OMEMO on my phone, so atleast I get back my own messages without decryption issues.
  299. concerto In the meantime I disabled OMEMO on my phone, so now I atleast get back my own messages without decryption issues.
  300. zuglufttier > I upgraded to v20180724-1. I still get "group chat <address> does not exist" for many MUCs, and the OMEMO issue still persists. concerto, are you sure this is not about your server? I have no problems with gajim regarding MUCs.
  301. zuglufttier And OMEMO works as good as it's possible ;)
  302. concerto > And OMEMO works as good as it's possible ;) I lol'd :P
  303. concerto I'll try to see if it's something server-related
  304. concerto Conversations isn't having any problems, though
  305. zuglufttier OMEMO is working very good for me actually, if you find out that 95% of the problems are untrusted keys or users that never are online.
  306. zinid concerto, wut?
  307. concerto zuglufttier: no, that's not the case here.
  308. concerto zuglufttier: no, neither of those is the case here.
  309. zuglufttier Try as server with a clean installation of gajim and if the problem persists, we will be able to debug this.
  310. Link Mauve lovetox, zinid, Holger,
  311. Link Mauve zuglufttier, this server is very expensive compared to other comparable services.
  312. zuglufttier It's free for the first six months and we can be pretty sure that the setup is alright.
  313. zuglufttier It's just for testing.
  314. mrDoctorWho lovetox, can you fix that http upload thingy please?
  315. lovetox yes in the evening when im home
  316. mrDoctorWho great, thanks!
  317. lovetox concerto, without logs i will not be able to fix that
  318. lovetox i have no problem joining rooms or using omemo currently
  319. lovetox log with -v when you start the client, and join rooms, and send me the log
  320. cuc hm any known issue with gajim on debian testing?
  321. cuc i have problems with joining gajim and conversions muc
  322. cuc but it works with the same gajim version on debian stable
  323. cuc (same account etc)
  324. cuc it joins but i cannot type anything and memberlist is empty
  325. cuc and i can see whats written :)
  326. cuc hm ok nothing todo with testing
  327. cuc seems my gajim settings are b0rked
  328. cuc starting from scratch everything works.. hrrm wtf
  329. Holger The hoster of the Conversations MUC service had networking issues for a few minutes, maybe you had bad luck and ran into those.
  330. cuc hm but its the same here...
  331. Holger Ah, then I dunno.
  332. cuc if i move my old profile to .{local/share,cache,config}/gajim-b0rked and start over
  333. cuc everything works as expected
  334. cuc hm is it worth opening an issue for this or just move on?
  335. lovetox if you can supply logs, or reproduce yes
  336. lovetox otherwise no
  337. lovetox mrDoctorWho, does not announce httpupload
  338. lovetox neither with items disco nor info disco
  339. lovetox where is it now available?
  340. lovetox or is it on the user account?
  341. cuc lovetox, ok. gajim -v -l debug is enough?
  342. lovetox yes
  343. lovetox send it to me via pm
  344. cuc k
  345. cuc uh oh
  346. cuc thank you lovetox
  347. cuc writing from my b0rked gajim client ;)
  348. cuc all fixed
  349. lovetox i really have to add a check after db migration
  350. lovetox if it really was sucessful
  351. lovetox it happens to often that it doesnt work
  352. cuc :)
  353. lovetox concerto, i can join all mucs from current git master
  354. lovetox so really interested in these logs if you can produce them
  355. opal having a few issues with muc: 1. one room i have saved, i don't want to have on autojoin, but it keeps joining me on client restart 2. someone else is having trouble persisting their nickname change across restarts (they used /nick newnickname and it still chooses the old nickname they had)
  356. lovetox both probably solveable over the bookmark window
  357. lovetox opal
  358. lovetox disable autojoin there, and set the nick
  359. opal ok thanks
  360. opal i was looking at "join group chats" and thought that was the bookmark list lol
  361. lovetox i hat nbxmpp so much, it constantly monkey patches methods into objects
  362. lovetox i look at this for 2 years, and i still dont know the order in what things are called
  363. lovetox omfg i just found that nbxmpp calls a Gajim specific method once lol
  364. lovetox nice library
  365. mdosch >Jul 25 19:11:14 c2s86bd590 warn The client says it handled 26 new stanzas, but we only sent 8 :) gajim/stretch-backports,stretch-backports,now 1.0.3-1~bpo9+1 prosody trunk ab3488ee3ca5
  366. mdosch Who is counting wrong? 😁
  367. lovetox probably gajim if i look at the smacks impl in nbxmpp
  368. lovetox im wondering how this even works
  369. mdosch ^^
  370. mrDoctorWho lovetox, it does when the user logs in
  371. lovetox where now? disco info to
  372. lovetox can you give me an account on that server
  373. mrDoctorWho I think you had one
  374. mrDoctorWho wait a second
  375. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *cf580c62* < > Discover httpupload also on the user domain
  376. lovetox there mrDoctorWho
  377. mrDoctorWho lovetox, thanks a lot!
  378. Zash AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'savev'
  379. Zash Typo'd `save`?
  380. pitfd can someone be of any help with OMEMO not updating and no Emoticons pack available in latest Gajim (System: Debian)
  381. pitfd ?
  382. pitfd I have 0.16.8 running with no problems on this machine and installed the latest version on a laptop for friends of mine
  383. pitfd should I downgrade?
  384. Daniel Zash, searching the codebase I can only see .savev in connection with pixbuf, which is legit. What's the full traceback?
  385. Daniel pitfd, by latest Gajim you mean 1.0.3?
  386. pitfd @Daniel: yes
  387. Zash
  388. Daniel pitfd, emoticons pack is not available in 1.0.3, but it has full support for emoticons
  389. Daniel What do you mean by OMEMO not updating?
  390. pitfd the emoticons which are there - really ugly (sorry)
  391. Zash Tried to save my own avatar to disk. Got an error and that traceback
  392. Daniel Zash, ok I probably can't help with that, but it's not a typo as far as I can see
  393. Daniel pitfd, do you see colored ones or b/w?
  394. pitfd only b/w
  395. pitfd @Daniel: get message that newer version of omemo is available, open Plugins, do update
  396. pitfd close gajim, start again, have a look ---> newest verision not installed
  397. pitfd if I click on the emoticon-icon grey background with black emoticons and some jibberish in between
  398. Daniel You can choose the type of emoticons displayed within gajim. There is also a debian package for colored emoticons 'fonts-noto-color-emoji' I think? It's mentioned here quite a lot, that one brings you colored emoticons
  399. Daniel I'm not sure about the package name, lovetox knows
  400. pitfd tried to find it via synaptic - it's not there
  401. Daniel So from which omemo version do you try to update?
  402. Daniel Searching noto-emoticons should yield some results
  403. Daniel Try 'noto', maybe that helps
  404. pitfd @Daniel: did find a *.deb file, installed it ---> how do I activate?
  405. pitfd did not find anything in preferences
  406. lovetox what debian version?
  407. pitfd stretch
  408. pitfd to be more precise, i am running solydx which is based on Debian stretch
  409. lovetox fonts-noto-color-emoji
  410. lovetox its in the recommended dependency list of gajim in the debian package
  411. lovetox did you upgrade with apt?
  412. pitfd no installed it with gdebi
  413. lovetox does this use the debian repo as source?
  414. pitfd
  415. pitfd could it be, that these font do not have anything to do with gajim - omg
  416. lovetox not directly, but emojis are glyphs of a font
  417. lovetox so if you want to see them, you have to install a font on your system that supports them
  418. pitfd they are installed in usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto/
  419. pitfd filename: NotoColorEmoji.ttf
  420. lovetox it would be easier for all of us, if you would use the debian repo and the stable packages that are hosted there
  421. lovetox also plugins are in the debian repo
  422. lovetox
  423. Zash hm, looks like avatar is None all the way from the start
  424. pitfd when I look into the debian repo through Synaptic I see that fonts-noto-color-emoji are installed
  425. pitfd so I have no clue, what I did wrong?
  426. lovetox dont know, maybe you have to somehow activate the font on your system
  427. lovetox you can ask debian support
  428. lovetox Zash from where did you try to save it?
  429. lovetox works for me
  430. lovetox from the chatwindow?
  431. lovetox and what version of gajim
  432. Zash lovetox: from my own profile. fetched from git recently
  433. lovetox hm works for me
  434. Daniel lovetox, thanks for taking over :)
  435. lovetox Zash, you mean Accounts -> Profile?
  436. Zash lovetox: yes
  437. lovetox then i really doubt that it is recent git
  438. lovetox this does not use the method in the traceback anymore
  439. Zash since when?
  440. lovetox ok wait
  441. Zash looks like I'm on f903470130959aeeef9fa9a74674699765a237a0
  442. pitfd to what version should I downgrade (with support for emoticons pack)?
  443. lovetox 0.16.x
  444. pitfd thx
  445. lovetox Zash, hm yes there is no None, check, but weird that it does not find your avatar
  446. Zash
  447. Zash it says NoneType in all those
  448. lovetox yes i lookup the avatar sha
  449. lovetox and it seems this is already not found
  450. lovetox so you never did set the avatar on Gajim right?
  451. Zash There's an avatar set. Setting it to another works, but trying to save it casues the same thing.
  452. Zash I was going to run an avatar through optipng and update it when I found this.
  453. lovetox so you are saying you set an avatar in gajim, then try to save it, and it fails?
  454. Zash lovetox: to be clear, I open my profile, right click on the avatar that's shown and 'Save as'
  455. lovetox yeah ok, but did you try to set a avatar on gajim?
  456. lovetox i did that now 3 times, choose png, upload avatar, save it
  457. lovetox do you use a png?
  458. Zash png or jpg, same traceback
  459. Zash updating it and saving it to the server works fine
  460. Zash but not saving it localy
  461. Zash Not from the profile editor at least. Works from the Info dialogs
  462. lovetox ok thats now really weird
  463. Zash verily
  464. lovetox uh this window uses a fallback and just passes on the downloaded pixbuf, instead of loading it from hd with the sha
  465. lovetox what you could do is log with gajim -l gajim.c.m.vcard=DEBUG
  466. lovetox this should show you the sha that is announced by gajim for your avatar
  467. lovetox then you could look in the gajim user dir folder if that sha file is there
  468. Zash 2018-07-25 22:59:53 (I) gajim.c.m.vcard Received own vcard, avatar sha is: 5f77ded820c4760d7aff3bd89207b4a8a80f916a
  469. lovetox .local/share/gajim
  470. lovetox should have a avatar folder
  471. lovetox the file should be in there
  472. Zash ~$ file .cache/gajim/avatars/5f77ded820c4760d7aff3bd89207b4a8a80f916a .cache/gajim/avatars/5f77ded820c4760d7aff3bd89207b4a8a80f916a: PNG image data, 68 x 74, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced
  473. lovetox ah yeah cache
  474. lovetox of course
  475. lovetox ok avatar sha is there ok
  476. lovetox so now add debug output in
  477. lovetox on_PHOTO_button_press_event()
  478. lovetox especially interested in the sha var
  479. Zash Hm, which logger did that go into?
  480. lovetox ah add print()
  481. lovetox because you have still the logger set to vcard module
  482. lovetox print() will ignore logger settings and always print to conosle
  483. Zash Uh, there was a message with "Expect: None" but it scrolled away (and my terminal doesn't have a scroll buffer)
  484. lovetox i think i found the problem
  485. lovetox i just wonder why it works for me
  486. Zash 2018-07-25 23:08:29 (I) gajim.c.m.vcard Request: (this test account), expected sha: None
  487. lovetox can you check in ACE the "avatar_sha"
  488. lovetox it should contain your sha
  489. Zash
  490. Zash says 'sha is None'
  491. lovetox yeah i thought so, i will pull the sha from somewhere else
  492. Zash lovetox: avatar_sha looks correct
  493. lovetox k then i will pull it from config
  494. Zash ie the 5f777ded one from above
  495. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *313b913a* < > Dont get own avatar_sha from contacts
  496. lovetox Zash ^
  497. Zash lovetox: great, it works, thanks
  498. lovetox i wanted to remove that often, always thinking, who wants to save his avatar...
  499. lovetox :D
  500. lovetox because most clients compress the avatar when uploading
  501. lovetox so you never get the original
  502. Zash oh no
  503. Zash I've been applying optimizations and special compression
  504. lovetox hm let me check what gajim does
  505. Zash I also manually set my current vcard with an xml console
  506. lovetox if your avatar is smaller then 200x200 and its a png
  507. lovetox gajim takes it as is and uploads it
  508. Zash My current one is a 1 KB JPEG
  509. zinid Zash: seems like you have a collection of rat avatars 😁
  510. zinid Or 🐁
  511. lovetox i never see your avatar because your nick starts with Z
  512. lovetox and its always last in chats :D
  513. Zash hah
  514. Zash But it shows moderators at the top
  515. Zash So, I should be visible in eg the Prosody room
  516. Zash zinid: `mouse2`?
  517. zinid lovetox: decent clients render avatars in chat window 😝
  518. zinid Zash: you are visible in Conversations for sure
  519. Zash derp
  520. Zash lovetox: you sure it doesn't recompress?
  521. Zash the 128×128 2.4KB avatar I made for a test account is 6.4KB when saved back from gajim
  522. lovetox not intentionally, but i guess reading it into a pixbuf, then saving it with gtk method, does something with it
  523. lovetox someone wrote me a PM about MAM
  524. lovetox my client crashed, now i dont know who it was :)
  525. nico it was me
  526. nico should I resend it ?
  527. lovetox no, but what is the problem with MAM?
  528. lovetox i recall you having a problem with omemo
  529. nico you remember the mam muc issue where the messages are not decrypting properly when starting?
  530. lovetox you should first turn off omemo, and see if the problem still persists
  531. lovetox did you upgrade omemo?
  532. lovetox what version do you use?
  533. nico it is not that the messages are not recieved. it is just the messages coming from mam when connecting that are not decryptable
  534. lovetox if thats so, then it must be in the logs
  535. lovetox send me the logs so i can analyze it
  536. nico like yesterday 😀
  537. nico can you reopen the pm tab with my account in here or should I resend them?