Gajim - 2018-07-19

  1. lovetox swlkr the dependencys are mentioned on the omemo wiki page
  2. Link Mauve 19/07/18 11:27:53 (W) gajim.c.m.entity_time Wrong timezone defintion: 2018-07-19T09:27:52.869337
  3. Link Mauve In this warning, it’d be useful to have the JID of the emitter.
  4. Link Mauve Also, in the disco window, clicking on Subscribe closes the disco window, which is unlike every other button there, and thus inconsistent.
  5. Link Mauve Also, when I set Emoticons to font-emoticons, plain text ones such as :) or :o don’t get translated to emoji anymore.
  6. Link Mauve I think I prefer that, but it seems surprising.
  7. Link Mauve I find the Noto emoji much nicer looking than the ones provided with Gajim, btw.
  8. pep. I had that one comment not so long ago, "<3" doesn't get translated to what it gets translated normally on other clients (which is, heart emoji. Apparently in gajim it gets translated to heart eyes)
  9. pep. Is that a font issue?
  10. zinid Link Mauve, ha, that's why we have `validate_stream` for ejabberd :)
  11. Link Mauve zinid, for trying to find client bugs, to report them?
  12. Link Mauve I’ve been wanting to have that for quite a while, but only did it in the form of a “client”.
  13. zinid Link Mauve, yeah, mostly for developers, so they don't send shit during development
  14. Link Mauve That’s great.
  15. Link Mauve I really should setup Ejabberd locally, to test on more than just Prosody.
  16. zinid and I actually use this option in "production" (lol) on my home mega server
  17. Link Mauve How does it get reported, btw?
  18. zinid it will send you error stanza with a description text
  19. Link Mauve Nice.
  20. Link Mauve How well does it handle pure client XEPs?
  21. Link Mauve (I guess “not at all”.)
  22. zinid
  23. zinid
  24. Link Mauve Also does it give an error when you use unknown attributes/children?
  25. zinid but yeah, some clients tags will not be recognized and thus accepted
  26. zinid no ;)
  27. Link Mauve Hmm, so no Jingle for instance, that’s something I’d really like to have (and have in xmpp-parsers already).
  28. zinid I can add Jingle if you like
  29. Link Mauve I’d like to. :)
  30. zinid sure, no problem
  31. Link Mauve Jingle and (for now) 260, 261 and 234, which are the ones I’m implementing.
  32. zinid ok, got it
  33. Link Mauve In the meantime I’ll deploy Ejabberd on localhost, finally!
  34. zinid use master if possible
  35. Link Mauve Sure.
  36. zinid it has more sane default config, we we-wrote it
  37. Link Mauve 18.06 is too old? That would avoid having to compile it myself.
  38. zinid nah, it's fine
  39. zinid but then take the config from the git
  40. Link Mauve Uh, isn’t mod_mam now part of Ejabberd proper? If so should be removed from AUR.
  41. Link Mauve Ok.
  42. zinid
  43. zinid yes, mod_mam is a part of ejabberd since 2016 or so
  44. Link Mauve There, asked for its removal.
  45. lovetox Link Mauve, its not practical to pass the full stanza or jid, to every little sub function/method that executes some validation, just for the potential warning message. You can always see the context if you enable debug logging
  46. lovetox but i will look at that specific module if i maybe just forgot it
  47. zinid Link Mauve, if you have any problems with ejabberd installation it's better to move our discussion to ejabberd@
  48. Link Mauve Sure, I’m in need of food first though.
  49. Link Mauve I’m there, I’ll ping you if I need anything, thanks! :)
  50. zuglufttier
  51. zuglufttier Dear God: "A demo app for libpurple has been drafted and an XMPP conversation has been established between the demo app and Dino. For encryption, an OMEMO conversation running with libpurple and the Lurch plugin was established." Can't we do anything? :D
  52. zinid nothing works but OMEMO
  53. zuglufttier This is awful since the librem phone will get a matrix client, or at least it is planned.
  54. zak > Can't we do anything? :D Write to them.
  55. zinid > The Librem 5 matrix chat rooms have really exploded with lots of fantastic feedback and questions
  56. zinid who cares what will librem phone have? :) it won't have users
  57. zuglufttier I care if there will be a small community that won't die within one year.
  58. zuglufttier We need gajim on that phone.
  59. zinid > won't die within one year you're optimistic
  60. zuglufttier Yes... The development boards will not ship as planned ;)
  61. Link Mauve They have money, but OpenMoko had money too.
  62. Link Mauve Nokia had money too.
  63. Link Mauve Canonical had money too.
  64. Link Mauve Mozilla had money too.
  65. zuglufttier It's only about software.
  66. Link Mauve Microsoft had money too.
  67. zuglufttier Usable software.
  68. Link Mauve No.
  69. zinid and huge marketing
  70. zuglufttier And an open system.
  71. Link Mauve It’s never about software.
  72. zinid and contracts with vendors
  73. Link Mauve It’s always about power.
  74. Link Mauve If you don’t have as much power as Google has, you can’t compete with them.
  75. zuglufttier If it will run the linux kernel without any blobs, then there will be a very small user base.
  76. zuglufttier And that on will stay.
  77. zuglufttier And that one will stay.
  78. zinid Link Mauve, well M$ also had power, but seems like their management still sucks
  79. Link Mauve Ten years ago, I was running the Linux kernel without any blobs on my phone.
  80. zinid there was Balmer, hehe
  81. Link Mauve There was a very small userbase, who mostly moved on to more recent Android phones.
  82. zuglufttier Link Mauve, but?
  83. Link Mauve The end.
  84. zinid what's the primary language gui toolking for librem?
  85. zuglufttier lovetox, would you be interested in this? Maybe they can send you a development board!
  86. zuglufttier zinid, don't know, both KDE and Gnome are working on this.
  87. lovetox not really sorry
  88. Link Mauve Ten years ago I was running Gajim on my phone.
  89. zinid zuglufttier, but how this will work on a mobile device, UX wise?
  90. Link Mauve I never used it though, because touch screens suck for writing text.
  91. zinid does kde/gnome has support for mobile screens?
  92. zuglufttier zinid,
  93. zinid are there moar screenshots?
  94. zuglufttier No, not for the Purism.
  95. Link Mauve zuglufttier, oh also, I forgot SailfishOS, which also has its niche of users who will move to Android once they’re done with it.
  96. zinid I want to see how a typical desktop application from gnome/kde will look at mobile screen ;)
  97. zuglufttier You will need special applications.
  98. zinid and that sucks
  99. zuglufttier Yes.
  100. zuglufttier
  101. zuglufttier There you have some. Convergence is planned, though. Meaning, if you attach a big screen plus mouse and keyboard to the phone, you will get a standard desktop.
  102. zinid What is Ubuntu touch? A mobile Linux?
  103. zuglufttier Yes, with tablets and phones in mind.
  104. Link Mauve Yet another Android userland.
  105. zuglufttier But only a few, old devices are supported.
  106. Link Mauve Just like FirefoxOS before it.
  107. Link Mauve Or SailfishOS before it.
  108. zuglufttier And that's the difference with the Librem phone.
  109. Zash Phones are all terrible, except the N900
  110. zuglufttier The Librem will be awful to use because everything has to be rewritten, redesigned and tested. But we'll see.
  111. zinid Yeah, I'm skeptical 🤔
  112. zuglufttier I'm optimistic that basic tasks like phone, sms, contacts, camera etc will be pretty OK to use.
  113. zinid Nothing that I use 😁
  114. zuglufttier Yep.
  115. zuglufttier But it can run ssh and a terminal.
  116. zinid Yeah...
  117. zinid But I won't be able to use Uber most likely
  118. zuglufttier Doesn't that work in a browser?
  119. zinid Browsers are shit
  120. zuglufttier Yeah but you can write a web app.
  121. Zash Anyone try FirefoxOS?
  122. zuglufttier Only saw it once live.
  123. zinid Ok, everything starting with "web" is shit 😁
  124. Zash I have one, cheap crap hardware. OS could be usable but kinda meh
  125. Zash Jolla is very nice tho
  126. mdosch > Jolla is very nice tho The OS was. But using so many android apps destroyed the nice ux for me. Also there was no phone to buy when I needed a new one so I'm back to android. 🤬🤮
  127. zuglufttier This fits in the discussion:
  128. Zash Maybe the EU Google thing will help
  129. LordVan gnn
  130. LordVan I just got a cheap chinese android phone now as backup/replacement phone (Doogee BL5000) but yes i would prefer something jolla/sailfish/.. but the choices are limited and/or hard to get / expensive
  131. LordVan anyway
  132. LordVan why i am here
  133. LordVan where did the auto-join conference thing go in gajim 1.0.x?
  134. LordVan (I can see the bookmarks)
  135. lovetox In the bookmark windows
  136. LordVan ah that was in the main menu
  137. LordVan thanks
  138. lovetox hm Link Mauve
  139. lovetox we request entity time only when retriving a vcard
  140. lovetox so which vcard did you look at?
  141. Link Mauve Heh, mine, from poezio. ^^'
  142. lovetox :D
  143. lovetox still not fixed?
  144. Link Mauve I thought I did.
  145. lovetox i think i reported this on the tracker a year ago
  146. Link Mauve 19/07/18 17:11:43 (E) gajim.c.m.software_version Error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/common/modules/", line 58, in _result_received client_info, os_info = self._extract_info(stanza) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/common/modules/", line 74, in _extract_info name = query.getTag('name').getData() AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getData'
  147. Link Mauve This is when I iq:version pep.’s JID.
  148. pep. Sorry
  149. lovetox hm is name not a required attr
  150. Link Mauve It is.
  151. lovetox is this catched and displayed in the console or do you get a popup?
  152. lovetox ah it must be catched
  153. lovetox otherwise it would not say Error
  154. lovetox so im fine with this :)
  155. Link Mauve I queried the informations from Right click > Information.
  156. lovetox yeah its vcard
  157. lovetox what does pep use?
  158. Link Mauve No, it’s iq:version.
  159. lovetox ah yeah, we request this with the vcard
  160. lovetox pep.,
  161. pep. !
  162. lovetox what client are you joined here?
  163. pep. poezio and conversations
  164. Link Mauve I see a third one.
  165. pep. movim?
  166. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *5ed9768b* < > Add JID to log output
  167. pep. No I'm not logged in movim
  168. lovetox
  169. lovetox this resource which client is it
  170. lovetox its not conversations or dino
  171. pep. ah dino
  172. lovetox as it seems
  173. pep. poezio/conversations/dino
  174. lovetox dino has
  175. lovetox so again poezio
  176. pep. yeah, that one is poezio
  177. lovetox seems this is poezio bug day :)
  178. pep. I thought I did update
  179. pep. bug?
  180. lovetox it returns to a iq:version
  181. Link Mauve Probably not, it looks like it’s the “hide any identifying information” option.
  182. lovetox <iq xmlns="jabber:client" to="" type="result" id="6afe50 7e-3d06-44cf-9e60-86600d9ebb55" from="pep"><query xmlns="jabber:iq:version" /></iq>
  183. pep. Link Mauve, yeah that is set
  184. lovetox still Link Mauve it should then return an error iq not just result or?
  185. Link Mauve Maybe yeah.
  186. Link Mauve Thanks for the issue.
  187. lovetox Link Mauve, you added a commit in poezio
  188. lovetox Stop making classes inherit from object.
  189. Link Mauve Yup.
  190. lovetox is this not necessary anymore, its implied?
  191. Link Mauve Correct, since Python 3.0.
  192. lovetox k nice
  193. Link Mauve Inheriting from object was a hack to allow for new-style classes around Python 2.3 or so, old-style classes still being the default.
  194. Link Mauve py3k did away with the concept of old-style classes altogether.
  195. lovetox do you have an idea why gajim would look for a addresses tag
  196. lovetox on a message
  197. lovetox but only accept it if the message comes from our bare jid?
  198. Link Mauve XEP-0033?
  199. lovetox makes not much sense to me
  200. lovetox we only parse the ofrom
  201. lovetox but only if the message comes from our bare jid
  202. lovetox ofrom is only used with muc i think
  203. lovetox it says: # Be sure it comes from one of our resource, else ignore address element
  204. Link Mauve “4.6.7 Address type='ofrom' This address type is used by Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045) [5] services. If a room is non-anonymous, the service MAY include an Extended Stanza Addressing (XEP-0033) [16] element that notes the original full JID of the sender by means of the "ofrom" address type”
  205. Link Mauve … why?
  206. lovetox yeah but this was not implemented, because muc messages come never from one of our resources
  207. lovetox ..
  208. lovetox Link Mauve, what was that deprecated XEP building on adhoc commands?
  209. lovetox with forwarding messages or something
  210. stp
  211. Link Mauve lovetox, XEP-0146.
  212. Link Mauve stp, what is that in a format that can be read by most software?
  213. lovetox thanks
  214. stp Sorry, the splitsecond I clicked on a buddy Conversations moved this MUC to that spot.
  215. lovetox so ofrom is also used in 0146
  216. stp Link Mauve: that picture is webp
  217. Link Mauve stp, I can see that, but none of my browsers can decode that.
  218. Link Mauve Only Google shit can.
  219. stp Link Mauve: webp is made by Google, but isn't it a royalty free format and it's only a matter of time?
  220. stp Link Mauve: ...matter of time until more widespread support.
  221. Link Mauve In the meantime, only Google software can read this Google format.
  222. Daniel I thought I looked up webp support in python libs some time ago.. Was positive I think, but not sure
  223. stp Link Mauve: That picture originates from a Telegram sticker pack though so it's not Google only. Conversations shows the picture fine too as does my non-Google gallery app.
  224. stp Telegram said the choose webp for their sticker feature for performance reasons btw.
  225. Daniel Maybe it's decoded by google's media framework?
  226. lovetox pillow has webp support
  227. Daniel There it is :) thanks!
  228. lovetox but GTK for example does not
  229. Link Mauve stp, all of these are using your Google-provided image decoding library, right?
  230. Link Mauve Because of your Google operating system.
  231. lovetox generally we only need pillow because conversations used to upload avatars in webp
  232. lovetox but i think they stopped with that practice
  233. stp Link Mauve: I don't know, since another Gallery app on the same device can't display the webp files. The device runs CM12 (Android 5.1.1)
  234. stp But interesting to know that webp software support seems to be far more thin than I thought until know. I usually use PNG anyway.
  235. lovetox its not widespread at all
  236. lovetox and it exists for quite a while now
  237. lovetox i think the point where it could have catched on, is over
  238. stp ok, I didn't know that.
  239. Daniel So mp4 support for animated stickers as a successor for gifs? Have seen mp4 on lots of sites
  240. Link Mauve webm. o/
  241. Link Mauve H.264 being quite terrible with its licensing would hinder most free software wanting to implement that.
  242. andrey.g I'm wondering why these few lines of trivial code didn't make into the upstream gdk-pixbuf, so that all gtk based programs would get webp support...
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