Gajim - 2018-07-18

  1. zinid 18.07.2018 11:35:34 (W) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Unknown stanza: error
  2. zinid this error prevents Gajim to login, it just hangs
  3. LordVan Hi.
  4. LordVan is it normal that gajim (on windows) crashes when one upgrades from 0.16.8 -> 1.0.3 until a new profile is created?
  5. LordVan (seems to not like logs either)
  6. lovetox No, we would need debug output to determine whats wrong
  7. lovetox zinid, yes i added more debug output in nbxmpp master
  8. lovetox to get to the bottom which stanza it is we dont expect here
  9. lovetox although zinid, if you log with -l .nbxmpp=DEBUG it probably shows the stanza in the logs
  10. zinid lovetox, not sure, I cannot reproduce that easily
  11. zinid so probably useless
  12. LordVan lovetox, i couldn't it immediately crashed
  13. LordVan i have the traceback
  14. LordVan
  15. LordVan
  16. LordVan 1st is on startup
  17. LordVan 2nd is on start of plugin manager
  18. LordVan when i managed to get to it
  19. LordVan it basically crashes when trying to load logs.db
  20. LordVan cuz theformat change dquite a bit
  21. LordVan (i compared sqlite schemas)
  22. LordVan Could it be gajim 1.0.X cannot copy the old history and convert schemas?
  23. lovetox yes we have a migration
  24. lovetox which seems to have failed for you
  25. lovetox if you have access to the db with something like a sqlite browser then you could check the user_version pragma
  26. lovetox and tell me what it says
  27. LordVan i know my way around sqlite ocmmand line
  28. LordVan hang on i check
  29. lovetox hm shit
  30. lovetox it seems we forgot one column in the migration
  31. LordVan ooo
  32. LordVan that sucks
  33. lovetox i can give you the sql query that adds it
  34. LordVan then i loose my history since the update though ?
  35. LordVan well not a lot anyway ig uess
  36. lovetox no why?
  37. lovetox we just add a column
  38. lovetox to the db
  39. LordVan well i had to create a new profile as i could not start gajim at all
  40. LordVan so i have empty history now on working gajim
  41. LordVan the old one is in the bakcup folder i made before
  42. lovetox what do you mean with profile?
  43. LordVan .gajim equivalent on windows
  44. LordVan i had to move the whole config in Appdata/Roaming
  45. LordVan to get gajim to start at all
  46. lovetox you can execute this ALTER TABLE roster_entry ADD COLUMN "avatar_sha" TEXT
  47. lovetox on the backup
  48. LordVan done
  49. LordVan so now just close gaim, copy old db into the new profile again i assume and it should work?
  50. lovetox no
  51. lovetox you have to copy the whole roaming/gajim folder
  52. LordVan ok i shall rename them both
  53. LordVan if i am not back fast it failed ^^
  54. LordVan looks good
  55. LordVan :)
  56. LordVan and due to server history i also got the last few messges back
  57. LordVan though It would be good to put a warning on the page and make a new release asap ^^
  58. lovetox yes, but windows builds are broken right now sadly, so we cannot make a other windows realse until python 3.7.1 is released 😕
  59. LordVan you could proviede a shell-script or batch file to fix the DB easily
  60. lovetox but it only affects people that have < 0.16.8
  61. LordVan if sqlite3 command line is installed
  62. LordVan O.o what happened?
  63. lovetox there was a 0.16.9 quite a long time
  64. LordVan I had 0.16.8
  65. LordVan i forgot to upgrade ^^
  66. LordVan so if I had upgraded to 0.16.9 first it'd have been ok?
  67. lovetox yes but that was not possible because we dont have the 0.16.9 installer anymore
  68. lovetox 🙂
  69. LordVan is not an installer?
  70. lovetox ok we still have it 😃
  71. LordVan then someone should quickly head to the download page and put a big fat warning there to upgrade to 0.16.9 *before* 1.0.X ;)
  72. lovetox yeah will tell asterix in the evening 🙂
  73. LordVan when you say windows builds are broken you mean you can't edit the installer scripts either, to warn the user ?
  74. lovetox means we cant generate a installer right now
  75. LordVan what happened?
  76. lovetox build server supports only python 3.7 and some packages broke with 3.7
  77. LordVan that .. is silly in manyways
  78. LordVan ^^
  79. LordVan have i mentioned that I hate windows btw? ^^
  80. LordVan btw is it just me or is the (nice) new interface a bit sluggish on windows?
  81. LordVan (like some other gtk+ programs too)
  82. lovetox hm its not as fast as on linux, but i dont know about sluggish
  83. lovetox network is generally much slower on the windows version
  84. lovetox but not the UI itself
  85. LordVan maybe because of my long roster (i have the FB contacts in there through spectrum gw)
  86. lovetox definitly, roster is not very performant
  87. LordVan also i have some roster plugins
  88. LordVan maybe i will try to disable them
  89. LordVan ah wait
  90. LordVan seems some are disabled
  91. LordVan guess i leave chatstate in roster dactivated
  92. LordVan not too important anyway
  93. LordVan same for clients icons
  94. Milouse Hello all
  95. Milouse I would like to know if anyone reach to install Gajim in anything else than english on windows 10
  96. lovetox yes Milouse this is a bug which is already fixed
  97. lovetox next version of Gajim will include translations
  98. Milouse I followed the explanation of the wiki, adding a new environment variable LANG with the value fr or fr_FR but without success :(
  99. Milouse Oh
  100. Milouse ok
  101. Milouse thanks lovetox
  102. lovetox can you point me to the wiki page you used
  103. lovetox this is outdated, you dont need a wiki
  104. Milouse yes, this one :
  105. Milouse the point « I want to be able to choose the language of Gajim »
  106. Milouse So you are telling me the next version will be automatically in french on windows, without any configuration ?
  107. Milouse nice
  108. lovetox yes
  109. Milouse because it's not for me but for a friend I recently push to xmpp to talk to me xD
  110. lovetox this article is for when you want to change the language to something your system is not already configured
  111. Milouse ok ! Thank you very much for your help!
  112. LordVan by the way I don'T see an otr plugin anymore is that removed?
  113. LordVan ah i just read the wiki about it
  114. LordVan nm me asking before looking
  115. LordVan btw
  116. LordVan talking about windows build pain in the a** ..
  117. LordVan has anyone tried building with cygwin before
  118. LordVan would be easy to use cygwin setup then to install it ;)
  119. lovetox we use msys2
  120. lovetox which is mingw
  121. LordVan yes i know
  122. LordVan but isntalling extra python modules.. with cygwin works a lot better imho
  123. LordVan and wouldn't need an installer just the package file for cygwin
  124. LordVan i think most deps are probably arleady in cygwin too
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  128. LordVan about that bug that just got reported
  129. LordVan i can move it fine from one screen to another - 1.0.3
  130. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9250: < Gajim Freezes/ unresponsive >
  131. lovetox Yes this seems like a GTK bug, still have to find out what it is and report it to Gnome
  132. lovetox hm LordVan i looked again and i just missed it, we do the correct migration
  133. lovetox really weird issue
  134. bluemoon wow I see the 2 months of chat log if back. Its not problem it only takes about 5 mins to load :P
  135. Daniel bluemoon, you are not the only one and this is already on the list ;)
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  145. swlkr I get omemo running on freebsd simply with "pip-3.6 install python-axolotl" maybe this is one for the wiki.