Gajim - 2018-07-13

  1. zinid lovetox, updating adwaita helped, no segfault
  2. zinid but now gajim is consuming 100% cpu and is hanging
  3. lovetox good, just out of interest, did you install gajim from the debian repos?
  4. zinid lovetox, yes
  5. zinid ah, seems like it started working again
  6. lovetox there are some processes which are not totally async yet
  7. lovetox if it happens constantly tell me
  8. zinid ah, no, 100% cpu again
  9. zinid wtf...
  10. lovetox open xml console
  11. zinid how?
  12. lovetox look if we receive anything
  13. lovetox account menu -> advanced -> xml console
  14. zinid I mean it doesn't respond
  15. lovetox thats bad
  16. zinid seems like it is receiving all MAM archives from my last login (several month ago)
  17. zinid this is ridiculous
  18. zinid also it seems like you're processing I/O and GUI in the same thread... sigh
  19. lovetox thats pretty normal
  20. zinid locking gui is normal?
  21. lovetox no, that is processed in one thread
  22. zinid yes, that leads to GUI locks
  23. lovetox only if its wrong implemented
  24. lovetox you can schedule execution time
  25. zinid well right now it's wrong implemented 😛
  26. lovetox so only execute gui stuff if nothing more importantly is happening
  27. lovetox i guess so 🙂
  28. zinid damn, this is slow...
  29. zinid I restarted it and it is synching again something consuming 100% cpu
  30. lovetox you cant abort a sync
  31. lovetox im not sure what you are syncing there though
  32. lovetox did you autojoin some mucs with mam?
  33. zinid ah, it's now finally decided to sync ejabberd@ conference
  34. lovetox yeah im in the process of making this better with mucs
  35. lovetox snyc everything is not really good with mucs
  36. lovetox but if we do it in a different way it gets much more complex if the user wants to download history later
  37. lovetox and the MAM xep is not really prepared for that
  38. lovetox see discussion in jdev for the last 2 days
  39. zinid actually the reason it's dead slow is that because it's constantly rendering every 20 messages or so
  40. zinid that's why this need thread separation, with queueing you can accumulate more and render at batch
  41. lovetox as i said, you can also schedule things in one thread
  42. lovetox to render something you have to use the GTK thread
  43. zinid how?
  44. lovetox you can tell it to render it later or with low priority
  45. lovetox just execute something the like of render(x, "when there is low cpu")
  46. lovetox but i dont think the bottleneck is rendering
  47. lovetox could also be the Database
  48. zinid still in the same thread? 🙂
  49. lovetox of course you know how complex multithreaded database stuff is ^^^
  50. zinid nah, not complex for me 😉
  51. zinid but that's my specialization, well...
  52. lovetox the solution is, only request mam on demand
  53. lovetox and not at start
  54. lovetox i definitly think its the database
  55. lovetox for every mam message there is a deduplication query
  56. lovetox if your db is not indexed for whatever reason, this is slow as hell depending on how big it is
  57. zinid
  58. zinid oops, sorry for mixing output (that was received during working `top`)
  59. lovetox nice
  60. lovetox <x xmlns="jabber❌delay" stamp="20180611T06:04:11" />
  61. lovetox this is wrong
  62. zinid sorry, after another Gajim restart I cannot see previous history of this room
  63. zinid and I lost that log message ;)
  64. lovetox CTRL + H
  65. lovetox you lost a log message?
  66. lovetox how does that work
  67. zinid I lost a message I posted here, I meant
  68. zinid I closed the console
  69. zinid yeah, Ctrl+H helped
  70. lovetox ok this is interesting stanza
  71. zinid what's wrong with jabber:x:delay?
  72. lovetox 1. it says mam:tmp
  73. zinid yeah, it's deprecated, but <delay> is there
  74. lovetox which gajim does not support
  75. lovetox so why would that count as mam message
  76. zinid I don't understand
  77. zinid mam:tmp?
  78. zinid I see only <archived/> tag within that namespace
  79. lovetox its an ancient version of the mam xep
  80. lovetox yeah why it is htere i ask myself
  81. lovetox means server uses mam:tmp or not
  82. zinid <archived xmlns="urn:xmpp:mam:tmp" by="" id="1528698684924459" /> <stanza-id xmlns="urn:xmpp:sid:0" by="" id="1528698684924459" />
  83. zinid looks legit to me
  84. lovetox its legit, just that gajim does not request to mam:tmp archives
  85. lovetox so why do you even get that message i ask myself
  86. zinid but it should ignore that
  87. lovetox it should not get it
  88. lovetox not ignore it
  89. zinid what? ejabberd tags *all* messages with that tag
  90. zinid it appends both archived and stanza-id to all messages
  91. zinid I still don't understand what you mean ;)
  92. lovetox but this is a forwarded and result
  93. lovetox or i dont have the full stanza
  94. lovetox can you check the pastebin it looks like 2 half messags are fused together
  95. lovetox what i have is that
  96. lovetox
  97. lovetox no forwarded and result open tag
  98. zinid I think they are just somehow lost during printing
  99. zinid because of `top` interruption or so
  100. lovetox hm ok then lets check only delays and see if everything is alright
  101. zinid > Received MAM message with invalid user timestamp: 2018-06-11T06:04:11.896+0000
  102. zinid and here it is: <delay xmlns="urn:xmpp:delay" stamp="2018-06-11T06:04:11.896+0000" />
  103. zinid maybe Gajim doesn't support non-Z timestamps?
  104. lovetox yes because its invalid
  105. lovetox The Time Zone Definition is optional; if included, it MUST be either UTC (denoted by addition of the character 'Z' to the end of the string) or some offset from UTC (denoted by addition of '[+|-]' [7] and 'hh:mm' to the end of the string)
  106. zinid ah, right
  107. zinid well, that's yaxim ;)
  108. zinid (I think so, because Georg)
  109. lovetox we dont have a offset here, we have UTC so it must be Z, or if we interpret this more open and allow a offset of 0, then it must be 00:00
  110. zinid ok, then it's a correct behaviour
  111. lovetox hm still its only the user delay
  112. zinid here is what ejabberd thinks: > try xmpp:decode(El) catch _:{_, Reason} -> io:format("~s~n", [xmpp:format_error(Reason)]) end. Bad value of attribute 'stamp' in tag <delay/> qualified by namespace 'urn:xmpp:delay'
  113. lovetox gajim should not ignore the message, just ignore this timestamp and take the one from mam
  114. lovetox do you want to tell Ge0rG or should i 😃
  115. zinid lovetox, please do ;)
  116. zinid I prefer not to talk to him without extreme necessity :D
  117. bot Jan created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9242: < TypeError: bytes or integer address expected instead of str instance >
  118. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework Plugins Dialog
  119. Link Mauve chili, lovetox, the concept of applications knowing their own position has been removed with Wayland (and was deprecated before), it’s perfectly normal and a security feature. Compositors can store and restore position for individual windows though, but that will never be something applications have to care about.
  120. lovetox great news 🙂
  121. lovetox so i just have to find a way to recognize that we are on wayland
  122. Link Mauve Why?
  123. lovetox and disable the position saving
  124. Link Mauve Any attempt at setting position of your window will not have any effect, so you can just not worry about it.
  125. Link Mauve The only case where you can is for windows which are positioned relative to a parent.
  126. lovetox that would be nice, but seems not to be true
  127. lovetox moving a window to a position seems to put it into the left corner
  128. lovetox so not exactly ignored
  129. Link Mauve But there is no way in Wayland to do a request for a position setting, are you sure?
  130. lovetox i didnt test it, but chili reported window is often in the left corner
  131. lovetox could be another problem not related to gajim though
  132. lovetox it was just my assumption
  133. lovetox i have to install wayland and test
  134. lovetox but we are only talking about position, what about size?
  135. lovetox should i store that?
  136. Link Mauve Initial position is a compositor thing, on Weston for instance every window will be open at a random position, taking into account its initial width and height to place it fully inside the output.
  137. Link Mauve Size yes, most likely.
  138. Link Mauve On GNOME (which is probably what most of your users use), no idea what the positioning algorithm is.
  139. lovetox maybe i remove the position storing completly but i would have to test what X, Windows, Mac does
  140. Link Mauve Speaking of size, your messagewindow branch doesn’t store the width of the MUC participants list.
  141. lovetox hm k i look into it
  142. lovetox but this has one of my biggest grieves
  143. lovetox *been
  144. lovetox i really would want to make it a fixed width
  145. lovetox and you can hide and show it
  146. Link Mauve lovetox, that would be nice too, but the current default size is too narrow, most participants don’t have their name displayed in full.
  147. Link Mauve When I enable the Local account, I get this warning in the console: 13/07/18 12:50:17 (W) gajim.gtkgui_helpers Could not determine scale factor
  148. lovetox are you on wayland?
  149. lovetox this is probably because your displaymanager does not support monitor = display.get_primary_monitor()
  150. lovetox which returns None, and so we can not determine the scale of that monitor
  151. lovetox but we use this for now only when adding icons to notifications
  152. lovetox so if you are on hidpi the icons are probably wrong sized
  153. lovetox we fallback to scale of 1
  154. lovetox in that case
  155. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, I’ve been on Wayland for many years now.
  156. Link Mauve I haven’t used Gajim’s gtk3 branch on anything else but Wayland.
  157. lovetox ok there is a issue open for this at GTK
  158. lovetox get_primary_monitor() return 0 on wayland
  159. Link Mauve But yes, there is no concept of primary monitor.
  160. lovetox i read that yesterday
  161. Link Mauve You should only care about which monitor the window is currently displayed on.
  162. Link Mauve This has probably been removed from gtk4, fyi.
  163. lovetox not in that case though
  164. lovetox because its not about a window
  165. lovetox we want to issue a notification
  166. lovetox system
  167. lovetox i cant know the monitor the system will display notifications
  168. Link Mauve Last time I tried Gajim on gtk4, python-gi didn’t support gtk4 so I didn’t go further.
  169. lovetox but i need the scale
  170. lovetox i should probably ask the GTK guys what to do in this situation
  171. lovetox but it seems under wayland you can configure a monitor as primary
  172. lovetox so maybe you are wrong 🙂
  173. lovetox
  174. Link Mauve lovetox, you can’t use GNotification instead of drawing yourself?
  175. lovetox this is for gnotification
  176. lovetox but we still have to supply a icon and scale
  177. lovetox
  178. lovetox issue says its unimplemented
  179. Link Mauve Oh, I see.
  180. Link Mauve Can’t you pass a vector image instead?
  181. lovetox Generally icons can be passed by name, and gtk searches then for the correct scaled one itself, and even scales it if necessary
  182. lovetox but this is missing for notification, we cant pass the icon by name
  183. lovetox we have to pass a Gio.Icon
  184. lovetox and pixbuf is a instance of Gio.Icon
  185. lovetox this probably makes sense somehow
  186. lovetox because notifications can also be displayed if the application is already closed
  187. lovetox thats why they pass the data of a specific scaled icon
  188. lovetox and not something that has to be determined if the app is closed at a later point
  189. lovetox but im just assuming here
  190. Link Mauve lovetox,
  191. Link Mauve Also, there is nothing saying that a notification will be only displayed on the “primary” screen, or on it at all.
  192. lovetox I will test with that Class
  193. lovetox though that does not make too much sense
  194. lovetox i can add mutliple names to this ThemedIcon
  195. lovetox how does the notification know which to choose?
  196. Link Mauve I don’t know, I’ve never used it, just checked which classes implement Gio.Icon you could use.
  197. Link Mauve might be useful too.
  198. lovetox hm how did you look this up
  199. Link Mauve Here:
  200. lovetox ah
  201. lovetox im an idiot
  202. lovetox yeah i didnt see it and wondered
  203. lovetox thats actually nice, that you can also set fallbacks in this ThemedIcon
  204. nico I just noticed that Gajim can install and use the regex filter plugin but restarting gajim is not working when the plugin is installed.
  205. Daniel nico, start gajim with logs an file an issue :)
  206. nico Daniel, can I just pipe the debug output into a file or do I need to set up something special?
  207. lovetox yeah start with -l gajim.plugins_system=DEBUG
  208. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework Plugins Dialog
  209. pvoigt I know that Gajim should support MAM and MAM-MUC. Do I have to explicitly activate these options or are they always on?
  210. lovetox MAM-muc has to be supported by the specific muc you are joined
  211. lovetox you can see if mam is activated for single chat under accounts -> advanced -> serverinfo
  212. pvoigt Sorry, forgot to mention: I am connected to a Prosody server that I am maintaining.
  213. lovetox and then also under accounts -> advanced -> archiving preference, check if the default combobox is set to always
  214. pvoigt lovetox, under Accounts I do not have advanced. My Gajim version is 1.0.3+0ab9d1210
  215. lovetox menu accounts
  216. lovetox not gajim -> accounts
  217. lovetox its maybe at the top of the roster
  218. lovetox we really have to change this h,,
  219. pvoigt lovetox, ah, thanks, found it. It's active.
  220. lovetox yeah so check the archiving preferences also
  221. lovetox if its on always
  222. lovetox and if thats also true, should work
  223. pvoigt lovetox, I conclude that Gajim activates it, if the server offers MAM.
  224. lovetox we use it if server has mam
  225. lovetox there is nothing to activate
  226. pvoigt OK, is this true for MAM-MUC as well?
  227. lovetox we have no GUI to check if the server supports it for a specific muc
  228. lovetox there is also a room config option
  229. lovetox where you might have to enable the logging
  230. lovetox depends on what is the default on your server
  231. lovetox you can start gajim with -l gajim.c.message_archiving=DEBUG
  232. lovetox then you get log output what muc and server are queried for mam messages
  233. pvoigt OK, will check it later on. Could you please answer one more question.
  234. pvoigt Long time ago I enabled message carbons under advanced preferences of Gajim. Is this still the way to go? Im am in the process of explaining the usage to some of my colleagues.
  235. lovetox no
  236. lovetox there is really nothing to configure for your colleagues except for minor UI settings if they prefer
  237. lovetox you dont have to activated or deactivated xmpp specific protokolls
  238. lovetox just make sure you configure your server with good defaults
  239. pvoigt OK, seems Gajim usage has become more user friendly ;-)
  240. pvoigt lovetox, thanks a lot.
  241. lovetox np, one of this defaults is that MAM is always on for users, and also that new created MUCs have mam activated
  242. lovetox im sure prosody people will help you with that
  243. pvoigt lovetox, mam and mam-muc are already active with my Prodody server.
  244. lovetox also play maybe with the gajim window settings
  245. lovetox its maybe nicer for some of your colleagues to use one window mode
  246. lovetox pvoigt, yeah but its a difference if the mam module on your server is activated
  247. lovetox or if its also configured so that it archives all messages from all users
  248. lovetox a server admin could set it so that no message is archived by default
  249. lovetox only if the user specifically activates it via archiving preference window
  250. lovetox the same for muc, you could go for a default that no muc has mam activated
  251. pvoigt Hm, I just went with the defaults of these two MAM modules. Maybe I should check the settings once more.
  252. lovetox and that people who create mucs must activated it in the room config
  253. lovetox yes thats what i mean, check the settings
  254. lovetox specially with archiving, im not sure the default config of that module is, activate for everyone and archvie everything
  255. lovetox because this maybe a privacy issue for some people
  256. pvoigt ...and things are currently ease, because I am the only one who can create new rooms. But this might change in the future :-)
  257. pvoigt Currently Gajim does not offer to change MAM-MUC settings of existing rooms. Does this mean, I have to re-create all rooms with MAM-MUC on?
  258. lovetox of course we offer to change it
  259. lovetox join a muc, and click the hamburger menu
  260. lovetox there is a room config option
  261. Zash That'd need to be provided by the server tho?
  262. lovetox yes, does prosody not?
  263. pvoigt Yes, but under room config there is nothing mam related.
  264. lovetox maybe prosody doesnt support disabling it per room
  265. Zash No released version includes support yet, so you'd have to add a community module or run trunk.
  266. Zash An option should be added then tho.
  267. pvoigt Probably means, all rooms have mam-muc enabled if the module is loaded.
  268. lovetox yes pvoigt
  269. pvoigt Thank you very much.
  270. Zash If you configure it to archive all rooms then it doesn't add the option.
  271. lovetox Zash just so i know, what is the default setting for per user archive?
  272. lovetox always?
  273. Zash lovetox: yes.
  274. lovetox k thanks
  275. Zash configurable on the serve tho
  276. Zash and there's a way to have it enabled when a client does something MAM related, like a query or fetch the preferences
  277. pvoigt
  278. lovetox thats even nicer
  279. pvoigt Seems, I have to make options more specific. Thanks, lovetox and Zash.
  280. pvoigt It's hard to understand the defaults from this very short Prosody documentation.
  281. softize Hi! I heard Gajim has end-to-end-encryption named "OMEMO". Is that only for 1:1 chats or does that also work for MUC/multi-user-chat/conferencerooms like this one here? If not: Do you know of any other technology to use end-to-end-encryption in a multi-user-chat/conferenceroom?
  282. lovetox it works for private mucs
  283. lovetox it makes no sense to e2e encrypt a big public support chat
  284. lovetox all participants of this chat have to be in your roster
  285. lovetox then create a new chat, and ivnite them
  286. lovetox and activate omemo
  287. softize Perfect! That's exactly what we need. We are a group of about 15 people and want to e2e chat with each other privately. Perfect match, then. Thanks a lot.
  288. f1refly I think there's plugins for the muc server that allows omemo chats where not all other participants are in your roster
  289. lovetox that works only with conversations
  290. lovetox softize, its not as easy as it sounds, make sure to have a look at the fingerprint window, and make sure to trust all fingerprints of participants
  291. lovetox it works, but is not as userfriendly to get to work as it could be
  292. zinid ha, I cannot upload an image: "Server returned insecure transport"
  293. zinid whatever:
  294. zinid and received the error again, hehe
  295. zinid is it a know bug?
  296. zinid *known
  297. lovetox the traceback, no, can you reproduce it?
  298. lovetox insecure transport means you should set up https
  299. zinid lovetox, no, it just happened two times suddenly
  300. zinid lovetox, I don't think I need https
  301. lovetox if you want to use httpupload with gajim you will need it
  302. zinid but why?
  303. lovetox because it has secure in its name
  304. lovetox and secure is good
  305. zinid but I don't have that threat model
  306. zinid securing everyting for the sake of security is not good IMO
  307. lovetox you did setup a certificate for the xmpp connection did you?
  308. zinid that's different
  309. zinid I cannot use sendfile(2) with https
  310. zinid thus my server can be easily dos'ed, that's my threat model
  311. zinid and I don't use TLS on some of my other clients (tkabberd and psi)
  312. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9242: < TypeError: bytes or integer address expected instead of str instance >
  313. lovetox open a issue about a advanced config switch that allows to deactivate it, if i have time i will add it
  314. lovetox would be interesting if previous to that error something is in the console
  315. lovetox some exception or warning
  316. lovetox i can fix it, but i dont like to fix things when im not understanding why they happen
  317. bot Evgeny Khramtsov created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9243: < Do not always require HTTPS for an HTTP Upload service >
  318. zinid lovetox, you just said and it happened again :)
  319. lovetox you dont have some roster adjusting plugins installed do you?
  320. zinid lovetox, no
  321. zinid opened XML console
  322. zinid let's wait
  323. lovetox its probably a presence, the problem seems we cant determine the status which results into wanting to add None as a image
  324. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9243: < Do not always require HTTPS for an HTTP Upload service >
  325. lovetox did you change the icon set that is beeing used in gajim preferences?
  326. lovetox zinid,
  327. zinid lovetox, ah yes
  328. lovetox to what exactly?
  329. zinid but it didn't have any effect :)
  330. zinid just a second
  331. zinid font-emoticons
  332. lovetox no thats not what i meant
  333. zinid ah, sorry
  334. lovetox under Style
  335. lovetox for State symbols
  336. zinid no, there is the default
  337. lovetox so dcraven?
  338. zinid yep
  339. lovetox the emoticon switch is for the emoticon button
  340. lovetox and it certainly had an effect
  341. zinid really? okay
  342. lovetox just maybe not obvious for you if the emoticon is drawn by your font, or a png we load
  343. lovetox either way, font is better if your system supports it
  344. zinid okay :)
  345. zinid is it possible to configure Gajim to render avatars directly in groupchat window in front of the text message? Like in Conversations or other IM clients
  346. lovetox no sorry
  347. lovetox but its on the list to make the textview a bit more modern
  348. zinid is this something considered?
  349. zinid ah, good
  350. zinid the only drawback I see in Gajim in comparison to Dino, hehe
  351. zinid but Dino is totally unusable, it's slow as shit
  352. lovetox imagine if not every dev made their own client and instead most of them work on one
  353. lovetox i hope dino gets further developed sometime, or else the energy that flowed into the project is wasted
  354. zinid what energy? so far seems like only donations are getting streamed into the project ;)
  355. Daniel Everyone grows with a project, so even when the project is gone, it's not all energy wasted
  356. lovetox yes Daniel, but i meant for xmpp :D
  357. Daniel Yes, fragmentation fragmentation
  358. lovetox zinid, do you have the console open?
  359. lovetox i think if you experience this traceback again there has to be something in the log
  360. zinid no, only XML console
  361. zinid you want me to restart in the shell console?
  362. zinid btw, no error so far
  363. zinid fucking heisenbug
  364. lovetox is a show element on every presence in a muc mandatory?
  365. lovetox no it seems it is not
  366. Zash I would guess not
  367. zinid show is not mandatory I think
  368. pvoigt Could anybody please tell me how I can change the advanced options "muc_restore_lines" and "muc_restore_timeout". I can only reset them to defaults but I am not able to enter custom values.
  369. lovetox you dont need them
  370. lovetox they are not relevant if you use mam
  371. lovetox but you should be able to adjust them
  372. lovetox write something into the field and press enter
  373. pvoigt Hm, I am unable to change them. If I select them using the filter option neither double click nor right click open any entry field.
  374. lovetox just select it and press backspace
  375. lovetox press into the value field with your mouse
  376. lovetox and delete the text
  377. pvoigt Oh, sorry, yes, mouse click into the value field works. And you are right: If mam is configured they are not needed. Thank you again :-)
  378. zinid lovetox, I have the console full of these:
  379. zinid not sure if it's related
  380. lovetox hm definitly not good :/
  381. zinid according to server logs there are no reconnections or something
  382. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *45635736* < > Fix error if session is None
  383. zinid $ .... | grep Gajim 2018-07-13 15:42:48.935 [info] <0.11443.1>@ejabberd_c2s:process_terminated:270 (tls|<0.11443.1>) Closing c2s session for Stream reset by peer 2018-07-13 15:43:02.054 [info] <0.13197.1>@ejabberd_c2s:bind:402 (tls|<0.13197.1>) Opened c2s session for
  384. zinid but that was done intentionally to restart Gajim inside the shell console
  385. zinid is it only me receiving so many tracebacks? :)
  386. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *28aada12* < > Fix it better
  387. zinid am I the special snowflake?
  388. lovetox i definitly dont receive them, but the problem is, gajim can be used in so many ways, my setup is probably different thats why i never encounter the errors, and i fixed everything in my setup obviously
  389. Milouse hello
  390. lovetox hi
  391. Milouse I was wondering if there is a special preference, which allow to hide the « presence status » message in chat window?
  392. lovetox yes, advanced config editor
  393. Milouse the green « toto as joined » or « toto has left… »
  394. lovetox print_status_in_muc
  395. Milouse thanks
  396. Milouse hence the name, it doesn't work for 1 to 1 chat?
  397. Milouse ok the « print_status_in_chats » must be the one
  398. lovetox yes
  399. Milouse I just found the « print_xxx » options family
  400. Milouse I don't know why I didn't notice them before
  401. Milouse exactly what I was looking for to lighten my chat windows
  402. Milouse thanks a lot !
  403. lovetox =)
  404. lovetox Zash, if i get a message without from, it must be from server
  405. lovetox server ensures that or not?
  406. Zash Correct
  407. Zash Anything received from a client will get a 'from' added and sending something on s2s without 'from' (or 'to') is illegal.
  408. Zash So, only your local server can send you a stanza without 'from'
  409. lovetox k thanks
  410. Zash I would consider it equivalent to from="yourjid@server" ie your own bare JID
  411. Zash IIRC that's apparently false according to the RFCs but whatever
  412. lovetox hm but i do this,
  413. lovetox what is false about it?
  414. lovetox prosody sends often messages without from
  415. lovetox if i dont assume its from my bare jid, what should i do?
  416. Zash lovetox: It's "from the server" somehow
  417. zinid > prosody sends often messages without from very inconvenient btw
  418. lovetox yes, i often developed something assuming from is always set
  419. lovetox worked until i connected to prosody server ^^
  420. zinid lovetox, yeah, I used to develop assuming both from and to are always set (ejabberd guarantees that)
  421. zinid then I started to work with a client library... oh well :)
  422. lovetox yeah thats why i dont develop against ejabbered anymore
  423. lovetox you implemented too many "nice for the developer to have" stuff
  424. zinid lovetox, lolwut?
  425. lovetox means if i develop against it, it probably doesnt work in the wild
  426. zinid I don't think this is true
  427. lovetox because other servers do the absolut minimum they are required
  428. zinid but please don't start how it was bad a decade ago
  429. lovetox i was not a critic, its just when you develop in xmpp world assuming others do sane stuff, you most of the fail hard
  430. zinid lovetox, so you resorted to stick to another server instead of checking implementations agains many servers? Nice :D
  431. lovetox *time
  432. Zash Hm, can the "Manage room" submenu be disabled if all sub-items in it are disabled?
  433. lovetox hmm theoretically yes i could look into this
  434. lovetox maybe even hiding it?
  435. Zash Hm, what do UI guidelines say about hiding things?
  436. lovetox i have no clue, im not really a UI guideline guy
  437. lovetox but probably we shouldnt
  438. Zash Might be weird that options appear and dissapear without explanation
  439. Zash In this case, I don't have any privileges so there's nothing I can do in that menu and it feels like a waste to have clicked it
  440. Zash Explaining why various things are disable, eg in a tooltip, could be nice too
  441. lovetox not it start to be work
  442. lovetox now it start to be work
  443. lovetox joke aside, i would wish this was possible, this menu cant have tooltips, simply a missing feature of GTK
  444. Zash Okay then. A bit meh on their part then.
  445. zinid I must be blind, cannot find how to enable smile substitution into emoji
  446. lovetox it is enabled by default
  447. zinid :/
  448. zinid do you see this as an emoji?
  449. lovetox yes
  450. zinid ha, but not me :D
  451. lovetox ah, let me check, could be because you use font emoticons
  452. zinid wait, so it converts into emoji before sending my message or converts recevied messages?
  453. lovetox it doesnt alter your message
  454. lovetox its just a displaying thing
  455. lovetox and in both directions
  456. zinid argh
  457. zinid ok, nevermind
  458. lovetox zinid im pretty sure now that it is a db issue with freezing when syncing much
  459. lovetox especially if with mam:1
  460. lovetox duplicate is expensive on that
  461. zinid okay :)
  462. zinid lovetox, I can help you reproducing, if you need somehow configured server let me know
  463. lovetox i refactor the mam code just now, and i see many db querys for a single message, so i will optimize that and we see if then its still a issue, but thanks for the offer
  464. zinid ah, whatever, I know how to populate database on my server to reproduce it
  465. zinid so let me know when you have the supposed fix, I can try it
  466. zinid any idea why I always receive this at startup:
  467. zinid is this some pubsub message?
  468. zinid I can look through the XML console
  469. Zash Looks like a pubsub thing yes
  470. lovetox unsubscribe from that node
  471. lovetox right click the account row in the roster
  472. lovetox ah no
  473. lovetox accounts -> discover services
  474. lovetox then select pubsub service, browse
  475. lovetox and see if you are subscribed somewhere
  476. bot Evgeny Khramtsov created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9244: < Unhandled exceptions are raised at startup >
  477. lovetox this is already removed in master
  478. Zash What's removed?
  479. bot Evgeny Khramtsov modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9244: < Unhandled exceptions are raised at startup >
  480. lovetox atom entry popups
  481. Zash Nice
  482. zinid lovetox, what to do to stop them from showing? :)
  483. lovetox see what ive written ^
  484. zinid ah, sorry
  485. zinid I didn't bother to read! :D
  486. zinid nah, I see no subscriptions
  487. lovetox hmm then i dont know where this is coming from
  488. lovetox you have to look at xml console at start
  489. zinid ok, nevermind
  490. lovetox should be something from pubsub
  491. lovetox something with atom namespace
  492. zinid I will just ditch whole pubsub db :P
  493. lovetox or that
  494. lovetox when you wrote 1000 lines of code and start the first time the client hmmm
  495. zinid
  496. zinid the culprit
  497. zinid seems like movim's shit
  498. lovetox yeah but its weird that you can unsubscribe from that
  499. lovetox does your server maybe not support browsing pubsub?
  500. lovetox *cant
  501. zinid no idea :)
  502. Zash Microblogging stuff in PEP?
  503. zinid Zash, movim anyone? :)
  504. Zash zinid: Yeah, that's what it does, right?
  505. zinid seems so
  506. zinid it's hard to say what it does :) It has some sophisticated architecture of xmpp servers and some "pods"
  507. zinid oh, new crap :)
  508. zinid
  509. zinid ah, right
  510. zinid that's because I sent a stanza from the XML console
  511. lovetox yes this is fixed in master though
  512. zinid good
  513. zinid recall me please how to get rid of that keyring window?
  514. zinid you told me this can be configured or some such
  515. lovetox accounts -> login -> savepass : no
  516. lovetox but then you have to put in your pass everytime
  517. lovetox or you just let gajim use your keyring
  518. zinid I found 'use_keyring' option
  519. zinid it's active
  520. lovetox there is only use the keyring, or put your pass into everytime
  521. lovetox thats your option
  522. zinid but I don't want to type passwords everywhere :/
  523. lovetox ithen let gajim use your keyring
  524. zinid wtf is keyring/
  525. zinid ?
  526. lovetox your systems password safe
  527. lovetox where apps store users passwords
  528. zinid I already have pwsafe :)
  529. lovetox yeah but gajim cant use that
  530. lovetox so dont dismiss the popup
  531. lovetox put in your password
  532. lovetox so gajim can save your xmpp pass into your systems pwsafe
  533. zinid that worked, thanks
  534. zinid I just thought it was asking me about password to my keyring stuff :)
  535. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9244: < Unhandled exceptions are raised at startup >
  536. Semperverus hi there! does anyone know how to get gajim to stop being blurry when being dragged from a 4k monitor to a 1080p one, in windows?
  537. Semperverus loving the new update so far
  538. Semperverus nevermind! I figured it out :D
  539. Semperverus this looks much better now
  540. Semperverus
  541. Semperverus that fixes it
  542. Semperverus also apparently i upload to my server instead of gajim's