Gajim - 2018-07-12

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  4. lovetox Zash we have shortcuts see help -> Shortcuts
  5. marmistrz geez, flatpak sucks so much. Today it appeared that the flatpak applications can't cleanly exit at system shutdown, they're just killed after 2 minutes of usual systemd hard-kill timeout
  6. marmistrz and I was wondering why the (non-technical) user was complaining about long shutdown times
  7. lovetox Flatpak in general or Gajim?
  8. lovetox If there is a shutdown dbus event we could probably catch it and exit the application
  9. marmistrz seems flatpak in general:
  10. marmistrz watchdog doesn't help here
  11. marmistrz and it works just fine on Arch Linux, w/o flatpak, so it's not the gajim's fault
  12. stp Where have the Windows snapshots gone? None to found on
  13. lovetox yes broken currently, i have to check the build server today
  14. stp lovetox‎, Ok, I'll have a look in the coming days then. Thanks!
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  18. lovetox zuglufttier, i can reproduce the bookmarks problem
  19. zuglufttier Oh, that's good but not for gajim ;)
  20. zuglufttier lovetox, if you can fix it, I will test it!
  21. lovetox hm looks bad i think i drop bookmark support from gajim
  22. lovetox 😎
  23. Zash no code = no bugs
  24. deavmi True
  25. deavmi > no code = no bugs What are those rays that can flip bits called again?
  26. deavmi Somethin rays
  27. Zash Cosmic
  28. deavmi Ah
  29. deavmi Was about to say. If you design the simplest processor that jad one instruction and made a program run on it
  30. deavmi Other factors could bug it
  31. deavmi So no codr is really the only way to have no bugs
  32. deavmi Unless the program's objective it to simply run and do something
  33. deavmi Lol. But that is do general.
  34. deavmi * so
  35. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  36. lovetox should be fixed again zuglufttier
  37. Daniel lovetox, did your commit change anything regarding this issue?
  38. zinid anybody interested in fixing all these?
  39. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9058: < TypeError when trying to add a group chat with bookmark option enabled >
  40. lovetox yes thanks
  41. lovetox zinid, do you have a keyring provide installed?
  42. lovetox like gnome keyring, or something like that
  43. lovetox seems like we are not able to check your keyring for a password, gajim doesnt handle this gracefully, its kind of required that you use some kind of keyring
  44. lovetox or disable the saving password checkbox
  45. lovetox and put in the pass on every start
  46. zinid I just press 'dismiss' button
  47. zinid I cannot disable anything because gajim segfaults a bit later
  48. lovetox ok so you dont want to grant access is this correct?
  49. lovetox there is a config file in /.config/gajim
  50. lovetox there is a key, "savepass"
  51. lovetox try to set it to false
  52. zinid Okay
  53. zinid A bit later, something with interwebz on my computer
  54. chili Hey lovetox: How do I get gajim to remember my window size on startup?
  55. Daniel chili it normally does, which window are you talking about?
  56. chili Chat Window and Roster Window
  57. lovetox we usually do this, but could be buggy depending on the setup, hidpi montior, or multiple monitors
  58. chili I use Wayland Ubuntu Linux
  59. chili It neither remembers my window position nor the sizes
  60. chili hidpi
  61. chili can I help with that issue?
  62. lovetox hm let me look
  63. zinid Fuck, my ISP got cancer again, at the same time as yesterday
  64. chili If you tell me how to help you with that issue, I am willing to be tester or maybe I can provide logs etc
  65. lovetox so do have the roster in a standalone window
  66. chili Jup. My roster window is separate from the chat/muc window
  67. chili (muc member list is embedded within the chat/muc window)
  68. chili my contact list is in a separate window
  69. lovetox hm zinid, the segfault is not because of the pass forget that
  70. lovetox we handle that exception
  71. lovetox i just print it to the log and it looks wild
  72. zinid lovetox: yeah, segfault is in gtk tree view
  73. zinid Or something
  74. lovetox do you use metacontacts?
  75. lovetox nah that seems like a problem with the textview
  76. zinid Whom are you asking? 😁
  77. lovetox you
  78. zinid Ah, or textview
  79. lovetox so you get this segfault on every gajim start?
  80. zinid lovetox: yes
  81. lovetox what version of gajim?
  82. lovetox chili, give me a moment i come back to you
  83. zinid lovetox: Debian one, 1.0.3-1
  84. chili lovetox, take your time. I have no pressure :)
  85. lovetox zinid do you have adwaita icon theme installed?
  86. zinid Let me try to type the core dump slogan 😁
  87. lovetox no i think the issue is we want to add a icon to the textview
  88. lovetox it is None, textview segfaults
  89. lovetox 'document-edit-symbolic'
  90. zinid _gtk_text_btree_get_chars_changed_stamp
  91. zinid Pfiew
  92. lovetox we require this icon on your system
  93. lovetox it comes with adwaita-icon-theme
  94. lovetox could you check if it is there?
  95. zinid Yes, 3.14.0-2
  96. lovetox 12.07.2018 23:16:59 (E) gajim.gtkgui_helpers Unable to load icon document-edit-symbolic: pygi-error: unknown error (0)
  97. lovetox thats the problem
  98. lovetox you miss this icon on your system it seems
  99. lovetox or you use a icon theme that doesnt have proper fallbacks
  100. zinid Yeah, but segfault? 🤔
  101. lovetox thats a GTK issue, i cant hinder gtk to segfault, its about correcting a message
  102. lovetox i can resort to another icon, but it could also not be there
  103. lovetox can you do a system search if this icon is present
  104. lovetox would really interest me
  105. zinid Do waht? I don't understand 😁
  106. lovetox search for a file named "document-edit-symbolic"
  107. zinid Ah
  108. lovetox oh wait stop that
  109. lovetox 3.14.0-2
  110. lovetox this is absolutly ancient
  111. lovetox like 2014 released
  112. lovetox please update it
  113. zinid Okay
  114. zinid lovetox: can't you check version numbers then?
  115. zinid I mean at compile time or runtime?
  116. lovetox no i can add the version to the required dependencys, and tell the maintainer to update the package in debian
  117. zinid lovetox: 👍
  118. lovetox what debian are we talking
  119. lovetox debian 8?
  120. Zash Debian 9/stable has 3.22.0
  121. lovetox and it has adwaita 3.14
  122. lovetox lol
  123. zinid lovetox: nah, it's some crappy semi-updated sid
  124. lovetox Package: adwaita-icon-theme (3.22.0-1+deb9u1)
  125. lovetox thats in stable
  126. zinid lovetox: thanks
  127. lovetox but thanks, indeed we dont have it in our dependency list
  128. lovetox i will add it
  129. zinid Whatever, it's better to prevent startup than segfault
  130. zinid Just ranting a bit 😁
  131. zinid Yeah, keeping the dependency list correct is important, we learnt that hard in ejabberd 😀
  132. lovetox soo chili, so what happens exactly
  133. lovetox you make the roster bigger
  134. lovetox then exit gajim, and then its somewhere different and has different size?
  135. chili Everytime I restart Gajim I have small windows
  136. chili It does not seem to be a scaling issue, though: They are often positioned in the bottom left corner of the screen
  137. lovetox can you go to the advanced config editor and look for a value
  138. lovetox save-roster-position
  139. lovetox look if its set to True
  140. chili Value Activated; Type Boolean
  141. lovetox k
  142. lovetox can you run gajim from source and set some print statements if i tell you where?
  143. chili jup.
  144. chili Second instance?
  145. chili I use it currently.
  146. chili what shall I do?
  147. chili Just pull the repo from master?
  148. lovetox yes
  149. chili ok. 1 sec
  150. lovetox then change into the dir
  151. lovetox and do ./
  152. lovetox to start a second instance
  153. lovetox you have to add the command "-p test" for example
  154. lovetox test beeing some profile name that you want
  155. lovetox but you can really name it test it does not matter
  156. chili it immediately fails with "Gajim needs python-nbxmpp >= 0.6.6 to run. Quitting..." do I need some special environment?
  157. chili It already runs atm from apt package
  158. lovetox from where do you run gajim?
  159. lovetox flatpak?
  160. chili no just ubuntu apt package
  161. lovetox are we talking about Gajim 1.0.x?
  162. lovetox check if apt has a newer version of python3-nbxmpp
  163. chili
  164. lovetox otherwise you can install it with "pip3 install nbxmpp"
  165. chili chris@herbox:~$ apt list *python3-nbxmpp* Listing... Done python3-nbxmpp/bionic,bionic,now 0.6.4-1 all [installed,automatic]
  166. chili already there...
  167. lovetox yeah thats too low
  168. lovetox we need 0.6.6
  169. lovetox just install it from pip
  170. chili ahh. okay. I C
  171. chili 1 sec
  172. chili Ah. python3-pip
  173. chili :D
  174. lovetox yes
  175. chili srry. just installed it for python 2.8
  176. chili 2.7
  177. chili srry
  178. chili dislikes dual install of python2.7 and python3 :D
  179. chili okay now starts, and quits.
  180. chili nothing happens. I think it checks if gajim is running already?
  181. lovetox ./ -p test
  182. chili okay so far so good
  183. chili okay. I logged in into test
  184. chili resize and quit.
  185. lovetox wait i push a commit that adds logging
  186. chili okay
  187. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *c225ae70* < > Add debug logging for saving roster position
  188. lovetox do a git pull
  189. lovetox then start gajim with following cmds
  190. lovetox ./ -p test -l gajim.roster=gajim.gtkgui_helpers=DEBUG
  191. lovetox if i would take a bet i say its a wayland issue
  192. lovetox but lets see if we can get around it
  193. lovetox as is thought 0, 0 is not good
  194. chili okay.
  195. chili shall I close gajim now and pm you the rest of the log?
  196. lovetox yes
  197. lovetox hm no sorry cant help there, wayland is just way to experimental and doesnt support all the ways Gtk offers so we get the screen size
  198. lovetox there are a ton of issues open about all kind of resize, size stuff on wayland
  199. chili okay
  200. lovetox i would not use it with GTK applications
  201. chili so there is a wayland problem in gtk and no problem in gajim?
  202. lovetox wayland is new
  203. chili I know. I program for it :P
  204. lovetox and it doesnt offer all the APIs that Gtk uses
  205. chili not wayland itself, but experiments
  206. chili okay
  207. lovetox something like get_root_origin() should get us the x, y coordinates
  208. chili so wayland needs to provide more features.
  209. lovetox but under wayland it just reports 0, 0 because this is not implemented by wayland
  210. lovetox yes bascially that, or GTK maybe has to adapt to the APIs wayland supports
  211. chili maybe we could find a graceful workaround?
  212. lovetox but that will not happen in GTK3 probably
  213. chili you need that position for finding the origin?
  214. chili so maybe just let the user move it at the first start
  215. lovetox i need the size of your screen
  216. lovetox then i need the position the roster window is at
  217. lovetox if i request size of your screen it says 0,0
  218. lovetox if i request position of the window, it says 0,0
  219. chili but could we assume that the resolution and monitor size stays the same between restarts?
  220. lovetox probably but if i can get the size of your screen
  221. chili so even if we don't know the resolution and position, we can assume that the stay constant between restarts (only workaround if no useful information could be retrieved)?
  222. lovetox i dont think we can assume i can get the resolution
  223. lovetox you can disable save-roster-position
  224. chili can you get the current size of the window?
  225. lovetox then gajim will at least start in the middle
  226. lovetox always
  227. lovetox i would have to install wayland sometime and look around for methods to use
  228. chili oh okay. so setting and getting window sizes does not work gtk wayland?
  229. chili okay
  230. lovetox setting seems to work
  231. chili thanks anyway! If you need me sometime for debugging wayland or similar, just PM me.
  232. lovetox as you said its in the left corner
  233. lovetox which would be 0,0
  234. lovetox next ubuntu i install will be wayland, then i ping you if i find something out
  235. chili I just thought that under wayland we could just use the current window position and size
  236. chili freezing the old setting and restoring it is better than nothing. :P
  237. chili so if reading and writing window position and dimension is no problem, this would be a suitable workaround for me: I always use the same setup
  238. chili :D
  239. chili Thanks for your time, lovetox! :)
  240. lovetox np
  241. lovetox chili, we cant get window size and position
  242. lovetox we can set one, but that doesnt help us
  243. lovetox but you can disable save-roster-position
  244. lovetox then gajim will start not in the left corner
  245. lovetox it will start in the middle
  246. chili lovetox: oh okay. now I understand. that is the problem
  247. chili I will do so. Thank you for your help :)
  248. chili lovetox: Just tried it. Now the window opens on the right edge of the screen :P
  249. chili But everything okay. I will just reposition it as I did the last months :P
  250. chili I wonder: how does gtk calculate the position of subcontrols as the muc-nick-list-width, if it does not know its own width?
  251. lovetox hm height and width is actually different issue
  252. lovetox i just read in the docs
  253. lovetox The reliability of this function depends on the windowing system currently in use. Some windowing systems, such as Wayland, do not support a global coordinate system, and thus the position of the window will always be (0, 0)
  254. lovetox chili,
  255. Zash Is it someone elses responsibility to remember that in Wayland?
  256. lovetox In practice, saving the window position should not be left to applications, as they lack enough knowledge of the windowing system and the window manager state to effectively do so. The appropriate way to implement saving the window position is to use a platform-specific protocol, wherever that is available.
  257. Zash It rearranged a bunch of responsibilities IIRC
  258. lovetox So disable saving-roster-position, and install some wayland app that does that
  259. lovetox so this settles that
  260. Zash Hm, I have the weirdest bug
  261. Zash Setting an avatar, it just freezes in the middle
  262. Zash Or not freeze, it stops sending data
  263. lovetox someone reported that
  264. lovetox how big is the avatar?
  265. Zash 2018-07-12T22:05:10Z c2s55a51e7aec80 debug RECV(16384): <iq set ... half of a big avatar 2018-07-12T22:06:06Z c2s55a51e7aec80 debug RECV(16384): s6T874WVyR...=</BINVAL> etc </iq>
  266. lovetox i think it maybe has to do with size
  267. Zash oh
  268. Zash 3 packets
  269. Zash 2018-07-12T22:06:06Z c2s55a51e7aec80 debug RECV(4529):
  270. lovetox i guess you testing muc avatar?
  271. Zash No, normal vcard
  272. lovetox and it just stops
  273. lovetox oh oh
  274. Zash IIRC this only happens on the loopback device
  275. lovetox whats a loopback device?
  276. Zash And last time I noticed this and looked with wireshark, it looked like Gajim just sat there. Nothing off with TCP
  277. Zash lovetox: localhost
  278. lovetox i can try if i can reproduce it
  279. Zash server and client are both on my laptop and connect via or something
  280. lovetox and the avatar is not completly uploaded?
  281. lovetox is something missing?
  282. Zash It sends half the <iq> stanza
  283. Zash or thereabout
  284. Zash Hm, how can I show you how it looks in wireshark?
  285. lovetox please dont, i didnt write nbxmpp, and im not that good with that low level tcp/socket stuff
  286. Zash
  287. lovetox im happy that i works most of the time and dont touch it
  288. Zash The *weirdest* bug
  289. Zash Is Gajim converting the avatar?
  290. lovetox hm resizing
  291. lovetox wait i check if we convert
  292. Zash I tried setting a very small SVG image as avatar and I saw in the Prosody log a base64'd PNG
  293. lovetox yes png
  294. lovetox we convert
  295. lovetox although yes we could allow svg
  296. lovetox im not sure though the xep allows it
  297. Zash How do you feel about setting multiple?
  298. Zash Wait did we have this discussion already?
  299. Zash One can publish multiple variants per xep 84, if the PEP service supports multiple items.
  300. lovetox but we dont use xep84
  301. lovetox to publish
  302. Zash Right
  303. lovetox yes we could allow svg
  304. lovetox xep doesnt say we must use png
  305. lovetox theoretically you can set multiple photo elements in a vcard
  306. Zash Theoretically
  307. lovetox but you can only publish one with 0153
  308. lovetox its madness
  309. lovetox because i have to download the avatar before sending 0153 presence
  310. lovetox if there are multiple photos, itsnot defined anywhere which to take
  311. lovetox but why are you playing with that?
  312. lovetox whats you goal? test avatar conversion?
  313. lovetox whats you goal? test avatar conversion on the server?
  314. Zash I've gotten side-tracked, I'm looking at the plugin I use for keeping vcard and avatar in sync.
  315. Zash And I also wonder if I've broken PEP in Prosody
  316. lovetox i hope not, have to go to bed, n8