Gajim - 2018-07-11

  1. Citizen Zibb Looks like I missed out on one busy day
  2. Daniel Oh, the last days were all pretty busy!
  3. CatMan hi, all
  4. CatMan can't find nightly builds for win at website. it's normally?
  5. lovetox yeah broken currently
  6. lovetox because build server was updated to python3.7
  7. lovetox should be fine in a few days
  8. CatMan ok. thanks
  9. Zash Hm, Gajim shows an (error, cancel, gone, "some message") error as > Error None: "some message"
  10. lovetox please post the exact stanza you are sending
  11. Zash Tracebacks!
  12. Zash SEND(405): <presence from='' type='error' to='' id='gajim_muc_123265a6-ef70-4033-9334-5be531327bf9_67e69e'><error type='cancel'><gone xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>xmpp:long-long-time-ago@far-far-away.galaxy.invalid?join</gone><text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>Nuke it from orbit, it&apos;s the only way to be sure!</text></error></presence>
  13. Zash SEND(405): <presence from='room/' type='error' to='...' id='random'><error type='cancel'><gone xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>xmpp:long-long-time-ago@far-far-away.galaxy.invalid?join</gone><text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>Nuke it from orbit, it&apos;s the only way to be sure!</text></error></presence>
  14. Zash when quitting
  15. Zash 6d96005d5502c6e11178924ac9f1f1b1099ac1f3
  16. Zash Tracebacks, tracebacks everywhere
  17. Zash only pidgin is ok
  18. Zash lovetox: Does that stanza help?
  19. Zash standard error (cancel, gone, ...) construct in reply to join
  20. lovetox yes thanks
  21. Zash latest prosody trunk does that now
  22. Zash I kinda liked that it said Destroyed when repying with what I posted to the list.
  23. lovetox but this presence comes from the muc jid
  24. lovetox because it says <presence from='room/'
  25. lovetox what does the /n mean?
  26. Zash lovetox:
  27. Zash lovetox: Reply with the 'to' of the join stanza
  28. lovetox what nickname?
  29. Zash lovetox: Whatever you tried to join with
  30. lovetox ah k
  31. lovetox i get it
  32. Zash Hm, maybe it makes sense to say that the room is gone, instead of the full room jid with nickname... but then it's not a reply
  33. Zash .. and it gets weird
  34. Daniel Zash, for both tracebacks there is no open issue on gitlab yet
  35. Zash Daniel: And they come from me trying to test something else, so I'm not entirely sure what triggered them
  36. Daniel Ah I see!
  37. Zash I think one happened when I closed an incompletely joined room tab. The error sounded like it lost it somehow and errored when trying to close it
  38. lovetox yes, this seems like a error that happens in some inbetween state
  39. lovetox although if you can reproduce it, iam interested
  40. Zash And it was probably incomplete because of some variant of the error I replied with
  41. Zash 2018-07-11T12:01:06Z socket debug server.lua: accepted new client connection from ::1:52522 to 5222 2018-07-11T12:01:06Z c2s56127be5d6f0 info Client connected 2018-07-11T12:01:07Z c2s56127be5d6f0 debug RECV(240): ^V^C^A^@<EB>^A^@^@<E7>^C^Cʀ<B9><FF>^Bӹ<FC><8F>...garbage
  42. Zash y u do this
  43. Zash wat
  44. Zash
  45. Daniel Looks quite nice!
  46. Daniel Do you read this RTL?
  47. zuglufttier Is there something special I need to do to remove bookmarks?
  48. zuglufttier I get rejoined every time to the removed MUCs.
  49. zuglufttier After a restart of gajim.
  50. Daniel Try Bookmarks manager in Gajim's main menu
  51. zuglufttier I did ;)
  52. Daniel And when you remove it there it shows up again on restarting gajim?
  53. zuglufttier Yes.
  54. Daniel What do the logs say?
  55. zuglufttier Nothing apparently.
  56. Daniel But somewhere it seems to fail
  57. zuglufttier Seems so ;) I tried the version from git.
  58. asterix What does XML console says when you remove the bookmark from Gajim ?
  59. zuglufttier I'll have a look...
  60. zuglufttier The XML console said nothing... Maybe something is broken on my system!
  61. zuglufttier I tried gajim 1.0.3 and there it is working!
  62. zuglufttier So, something with my version from git is broken.
  63. zuglufttier I'll report if I get something to work with ;)
  64. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *0afd5811* < > Update windows build to python 3.7
  65. lovetox zuglufttier‎ on git you can log with gajim.c.m.bookmarks=DEBUG
  66. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *aaab5f17* < > Remove whitespace char from groupchat label
  67. bot Ave Ozkal created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9241: < Use gender neutral pronouns >
  68. aiti
  69. aiti Not sure why it put that into a paste, it was just a message :|
  70. Zash Over the character limit I guess
  71. aiti All the OMEMO keys are trusted across all the devices, really not sure what is going on
  72. lovetox then find out the fingerprint from this device
  73. lovetox and delete the fingerprint from the omemo config window
  74. lovetox afterwards write a message to the contact when he is online, and make sure he replies from that device
  75. aiti I think I missed some messages, ironically. [6:10:12 PM] is the first reply I see
  76. lovetox no thats correct
  77. aiti oh, okay
  78. aiti so delete the OMEMO keys and re-add them basically
  79. lovetox not keys
  80. lovetox THE key
  81. aiti er, fingerpritns
  82. lovetox please dont delete multiple keys/fingerprints
  83. aiti okay
  84. lovetox you have a problem with one single device, so find out its fingerprint
  85. lovetox if its gajim, the "own" fingerprint is also in the config, or the usual fingerprint window in the chat
  86. lovetox after you delete the fingerprint, restart gajim before you write a message to that contact
  87. aiti User A has devices X, Y, Z; user B has devices T U V, X sends a message and U V receive, then X sends another message and TUV all receive
  88. aiti but I will try removing the fingerprints
  89. aiti as they happen
  90. aiti it's been very inconsistent
  91. lovetox it can seem inconsistent if they have so many devices
  92. lovetox because you never know on which device they are
  93. lovetox when they write the message
  94. aiti I do because we explicitly tested for it
  95. lovetox i suspect one session is broken with one device
  96. lovetox and you didnt find it?
  97. lovetox is this a MUC problem, or are we talking about single chat also?
  98. aiti the example I have from a single chat has been consistent
  99. aiti the examples I have from a MUC have been inconsistent
  100. aiti Messages separated by <30 seconds from Device A have both been received and not received by Device T within a MUC
  101. aiti ie, they can see the first message but not the second in a series of messages
  102. aiti I will try re-fingerprinting the devices that are having trouble though
  103. aiti and see if it continues
  104. lovetox hm are you sure the messages did not have the same text
  105. lovetox ?
  106. aiti yeah
  107. aiti this is a bullshitting chatroom so I send like, a link, and then some comments on it - for example
  108. lovetox yeah but make sure the message text is not repeating in a certain timeframe
  109. lovetox because deduplication is not trivial
  110. aiti Yeah, no, it's not repeating in these instances
  111. lovetox if you send 2 times "ok" within 5 seconds, chances are high that it gets detected as duplicate
  112. lovetox it depends on the muc though
  113. aiti no this would be like message a and message B is "hahah look at this"
  114. lovetox kk
  115. lovetox hm .. no if you receive encrypted messages
  116. lovetox i would not suggest deleting the fingerprint
  117. lovetox omemo either works, or it doesnt
  118. lovetox its unlikely that the problem is omemo then
  119. lovetox what i would do is repeat your test
  120. lovetox but on the device that misses the messages
  121. lovetox enable logging
  122. lovetox with gajim .v
  123. lovetox with gajim -v
  124. aiti so launch with c:\program files\gajim\bin\gajim.exe -v
  125. aiti for example?
  126. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  127. aiti 1.03 across all the gajim installations connecting to the server
  128. lovetox there is a gajim-debug.exe
  129. aiti I made them all upgrade to it from a skittles of 1.01 and 1.02 when we all started having the problem
  130. lovetox installed
  131. aiti Ah okay
  132. lovetox you can start it from console with -v
  133. lovetox if you want to redirect to a file you have to google the command, but its possible
  134. aiti does gajim-debug give the output in a copypastable format?
  135. lovetox in the console window
  136. aiti okay
  137. lovetox wait i look up the command
  138. aiti I should have one of the problem machines physically in my control in a few days so I can try some experimentation with debug
  139. lovetox gajim-debug.exe >"C:\gajim-debug.log" 2>&1
  140. lovetox gajim-debug.exe -v >"C:\gajim-debug.log" 2>&1
  141. aiti Awesome
  142. aiti I'll try that in a few days when I have hands on a problem machine
  143. lovetox k
  144. Zash 3e4cf4a07d3ba872e2fbaa98cf472649d5cac429 seems to have broken the XML console
  145. Zash Also, are there no shortcut keys in menus? Is that a GTK3 thing or wat
  146. bot Ave Ozkal proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Change to gender-neutral alternatives of pronouns
  147. bot Ave Ozkal updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Change to gender-neutral alternatives of pronouns
  148. andrey.g Zash‎, regarding XML Consoledid have you updated python-nbxmpp to the latest git master?
  149. andrey.g Zash‎, regarding XML Console have you updated python-nbxmpp to the latest git master?
  150. Zash hm 849176b..d022a92
  151. Zash andrey.g: yeah, now it works again
  152. andrey.g And even better: SM handling will be performed automatically.